He is an electric fan chōjin.


Senpuki is a competitor in the Chojin Ittosai, where he enters the preliminaries in an attempt to reach the finals, but - despite knocking down many of his competitors - he is ultimately defeated by Kevin Mask and not seen again. He harnesses the power of wind and seems to have a competitive nature, and defeats Gazelleman.


At Yokohama International Stadium, Fiona arrives at the "Top Choujin Festival". [1] The first test of the preliminary stage is a set of monkey-bars elevated very high, which are greased to make it difficult to stay in place, and during the contest Senpuki starts to blow away most of his competitors in a literal sense. [2] Gazelleman also loses to his power of wind, and is knocked out of the contest. He proceeds to try and knock Kevin Mask from the bars. Kevin Mask flips around and smashes Senpuki against the bars, which breaks the blades of his fan and sends him crashing to the ground instead. [2] 

Career Record

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  • Submitted by: Natsumi Ōno (大野夏実) of Tokyo


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