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Farewell, Kinnikuman!! (さよなら、キン肉マン!!) is a one-shot chapter that featured in Shonen Jump for the 40th anniversary of Kinnikuman.


Kinnikuman is set to retire, as is necessary for him to become King of Planet Kinniku, but - just as he is set to formally relinquish his role as a wrestler - Robin Mask interferes with the ceremony and challenges him to a rematch from their previous fights. They engage in a long fight, until Kinnikuman realises that Robin is trying to stop him as he does not wish to lose his friend. Kinnikuman gives his resignation letter to Robin, preventing him from resigning, and they cement their friendship once again.


Kinnikuman holds his retirement ceremony at the national stadium. [2]

The stadium is packed with 100,000 spectators. Kinnikuman must retire from wrestling, in order to focus on becoming king of Planet Kinniku, and he is also giving up his two most treasured belts: one from the Chojin Olympics and one from the Tag Tournament. He has formally delivered his resignation letter to Harabote Muscle. The ceremony features a 'ten-bell salute', in which Kinnikuman's ten closest friends ring a bell in the stadium. [2]

After Terryman rings the bell, Warsman starts to laugh. He smashes the bell with his Bear Claw, and barely evades a blow from Brocken Jr., who takes offence at his actions. Robin Mask enters - warning Warsman not to get carried away - and wearing the same mask that was destroyed by Kinnikuman during their match in the 20th Chojin Olympics. He declares the ceremony a farce, before he smashes the bell with his hand and tosses away the mallet. Robin reveals that - as he considers them friends - he takes deep offence that Kinnikuman never told him of his plans to retire. Robin Mask then forces Kinnikuman to engage in a fight, and Robin Mask reveals he never properly lost to Kinnikuman, so he wishes for a rematch. [2]

Buffaloman and Terryman seek to separate them, but Warsman stops them and reveals that Robin Mask is looking for a serious fight and not just starting a random brawl. Robin then uses a Robin Special, and Kinnikuman counters with a Kinniku Driver. They follow then with a Tower Bridge and Kinniku Buster, and exchange a near equal series of blows with one another. Harabote states that he felt the same as Robin when Mayumi Kinniku retired, and he knows thus that Robin is Kinnikuman's true friend. Their friends cheer them on, until Robin collapses against Kinnikuman and starts to cry against him. [2]

Kinnikuman - seeing how much this means to Robin - takes back his resignation letter and hands it to Robin, and he states that he trusts Robin to send the letter on his behalf, but Robin states he will only send the letter once he has bested Kinnikuman in a rematch. The two then fist-bump and cement their friendship, while their friends cheer them on and support their decision. [2]