I might not be the strongest, but I’ve got plenty of moves to make up for it!
— Fiona [1]

Fiona (フィオナ) is a female Justice Chojin from Kinnikuman Nisei ~All Chojin Dai Shingeki~


One of the few female chojin. Nicknamed the Diva from Hell (地獄の妖精(ディーバ)). Fiona is known for using her hair to her advantage, as it can grip and penetrate objects, and she is shown to be determined and refuses to give up in battle. Fiona is able to win the respect of men like Kevin Mask, although she loses first round of the Festival.


At Yokohama International Stadium, Fiona arrives at the "Top Chojin Festival". [2] The first test of the preliminary stage is a set of monkey-bars elevated very high, which are greased to make it difficult to stay in place, and during the competition Scorpion riles Fiona with sexist comments. [3] He grabs her in a Body Scissors attack. As she falls, her braid wraps around the bars and stops her from falling to the ground. Fiona attacks back with a Rolling Savate. [3]

Fiona succeeds in this preliminary match and is one of the eight finalists to compete in the festival. [4] Fiona attacks Mantaro when he flirts with her, and - when allowed to pick her opponent - picks The Doomman. [4] The match takes place on the 8th storey of a department store, where - on entry - she throws her hat at Doomman in mockery of him. [5] Doomman begins by charging at Fiona, but she dodges and aims a kick at his head. [6] This is followed by a painful Stunner.

After delivering a series of punches, she uses the ropes for a Tope Con Giro. When Doomman tries to Power-Bomb her, she counters with a Omoplata, and follows with a Triangle Hold. Fiona even manages to fling him out of the ring using her braid of hair. [6] Doomman finally gets in an attack with his Doom Ball. [7] Fiona uses her braid to drag him out of the Doom Ball, but - as he gains the advantage - she collapses against the ropes and begins to cry. Fiona refuses to stay down, and Doomman uses his four-pronged rotating shoulder-guards to shred her clothes. This causes her to faint.

Kevin Mask takes pity on her and dresses her in his coat, to hide her nudity. [7]


Braid Sensation (ブレイド・センセーション)

Ura Nage

Speech and Quotes


  • "I can tell from just one look at those sneering eyes—that you think a woman like me doesn’t know what she’s doing, challenging a man …" - Fiona [1]

Career Information

Win/Loss Record (Single) 



  • Shout: "Tehaada" (テハーダ)
  • Submitted by: Tomoko Tatsumi (辰巳朋子) of Fukui



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