The Five Fated Princes (運命の五王子, Unmei no Go Ōji) are five Chojin who are successor-ship candidates for the Planet Kinniku Throne and are being controlled by the Evil Chojin Gods. Because they possess the powers of a god, each one has a Chojin Kyodo of 100,000,000 Power. Ex: Super Phoenix, Zebra, Big Body, Mariposa, Soldier.

Most of the Chojin who compete on the Five Fated Prince's teams are never classified as a specific Chojin. Some exceptions are Team Phoenix's Omegaman Dexia and Mammothman (Perfect Chojin), Team Phoenix's Satan Cross, (Devil Chojin), and the members of the True Team Soldier (Brutal Chojin).

Five Fated Prince Teams

Team Phoenix (God of Intelligence)

They defeated Big Body in the first round and Team Soldier in the second round, and competed with the Team Kinnikuman for the final of the survival match. The teammates wore white outfits until they revealed their true identities.


Battle Records

First Round
First Mammothman O-X
(Powerful Nose Breaker)
Pinchman First
(Nose Fencing)
Leopardon Second
(Ghost Canvas)
Golemman Third

(Lariat Draw)
Cannonballer Fourth
Second Super Phoenix O-X
(Muscle Revenger)
Kinnikuman Big Body Fifth
First Satan Cross O-X
(Advancing Traingle Dreamer)
The Ninja First

Asuraman Second
6-Man Tag Captain Give-Up Match
Mammothman O-X
(Muscle Revenger)
Prisman Brocken Jr.
Super Phoenix Soldier
First Satan Cross X-O
(Flawless Muscle Spark)
Kinnikuman First
Second Prisman
(Both KO)
Ramenman Second
Third Omegaman Dexia O-X
Meat Alexandria Third
(Ω・Catastophe Drop)
Geronimo Fourth
Elimination Roulette Match
Mammothman X-O
(7000 Power Muscle Spark)
Robin Mask
Omegaman Dexia The Samurai
Super Phoenix Kinnikuman

Team Zebra (God of Technique)

Loses to Team Kinnikuman in the semi-finals. The teammates appeared in a striped outfit.


Battle Records

First The Vice No Contest Meat Alexandria First
(Pallo Special)
Second Motorman O-X
Terryman Second
(Camel Clutch)
Ramenman Third
Third Bikeman X-O
(Kowloon castle land)
Fourth Parthenon O-X
Tag Match
Parthenon X-O
(Unfinished Muscle Spark)
Blue Impulse
Kinnikuman Zebra

Team Soldier (God of Brutality) 

Original Members

The original Team Soldier members are the following four:

  • Kinnikuman Soldier - A chojin who was helped by the God of Cruelty. Soldierman fell on a battlefield, and was attacked by Ataru Kinniku during training on Mt. Fuji, along with his teammates. He was defeated by Napalm Stretch and deprived of his mask
  • Heavy Metal
  • The God Shark
  • Woolman
  • Bulldozerman

Team Big Body (God of Strength)

In the first round, the team fought against the Intellect team, and Mammothman and Phoenix lost all members except Cannonballer. Teammate was dressed in a motocross-style helmet and an American football style until he reached the ring.


Battle Record

First Round
First Pinchman X-O Mammothman First
Second Leopardon X-O
Third Golemman X-O
Fourth Cannonballer Draw
Fifth Kinnikuman Big Body X-O Kinnikuman Super Phoenix Fifth

Team Mariposa (God of Flight)

Loses to Kinnikuman Team in the first round. The style when Teammate was summoned was a sombrero poncho. Four people other than Mariposa also revealed themselves before the game started.


Battle Record

First Round
First The Hawkman X-O
(Kinniku Driver)
Kinnikuman First
Second Mister VTR X-O
(Chojin Strangling)
Third Mixer Taitei O-X
(Elbow Drop)
(Back Drop)
Meat Alexandria Second
Fourth King the 100-Ton O-X

(Both KO)
Terryman Fourth
Fifth Kinnikuman Mariposa X-O
(Robin Special)
Robin Mask Fifth

Outside the Five Fated Princes Teams

Chojin Blood Oath Army

Chojin Blood Oath Army (超人血盟軍 Chōjin Ketsumei Gun). They are named after the wrestling stable International Blood Oath Army (国際血盟軍 Kokusai Ketsumei Gun)


Battle Record

First The Ninja X-O Satan Cross First
Second Asuraman Draw
6-Man Tag Captain Give-Up Match
Buffaloman X-O Prisman
Brocken Jr. Mammothman
Kinnikuman Soldier Kinnikuman Super Phoenix

Kinnikuman Team


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