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Fork the Giant is a member of "No Respect". He is the first opponent of the trio to challenge Mantaro Kinniku. He is a murderous, personified forklift from planet Doboku, and his first victim was a nagging boss.


Fork the Giant appears first in Kinnikuman Nisei, as a member of "No Respect". He was arrested for his various crimes, but given a chance at release should he be able to defeat Mantaro Kinniku, and is thus his first opponent in the "Fire of Inner Strength Challenge". He thrives off hatred and appears to lack many redeeming qualities, but is ultimately defeated by Mantaro and sent back to jail for his various crimes.

Until he was fifteen-years old, he worked as a mine worker, but clashed with his boss and murdered him, after which he fled the scene and was not found for some time. He also murdered 650 Muscle Planet soldiers. Five years previous to his match with Mantaro, he met Bone Cold and Hanzo, forming No Respect. [1]



Before the events of "Kinnikuman Nisei", Fork the Giant was just a worker in planet Doboku, were he was continuously exploited by his boss, until the point where he slaps, killing him in rage. He then escaped and became one of the most wanted criminals.

Kinnikuman Nisei

Burning Inner Strength Arc

Fork the Giant breaks out from Abarashi Prison Museum. [2] We're introduced to Fork the Giant properly inside Abarashi prison, where Seiuchin is barely restraining him with chains, and this job is given to Seiuchin as the Hokkaido protector. [1] It is revealed he killed 650 people, along with his boss when he worked in the mines, and five years ago he formed the group No Respect.

He attacks Seiuchin, but is distracted by a familiar voice, and this saves Seiuchin from his "Pinned Insect" attack. [3] It is revealed that No Respect also have a lantern, made of ice, and Fork the Giant is at full power. When Mantaro runs away, Fork the Giant threatens to murder Seiuchin in his place. [3] At a ring holding 2,083 people, the Mantaro vs. Fork the Giant match finally begins. [4] It is a cage match, with both their lanterns above them ready to be claimed. They fight in earnest, with Fork the Giant having the upper-hand, until Mantaro performs a "Jumping Cross Arm Hold". [5]

It is after a series of attacks, including "Disaster Tank" and "Dangerous Fork-Lift", that Fork the Giant tries psychological tactics, as he convinces Mantaro that his opponents hate him, and he points to Check Mate in the west entrance as proof. [6] He shows off for Checkmate, who observes the match, and throws Mantaro through the steel bars, at which point he takes one of the bars and tries to beat Mantaro with it, but Checkmate stops him. [7] Checkmate cheers Mantaro onward, enough to inspire Mantaro to take Fork the Giant into a "Romero Special", but Fork the Giant breaks off his arms to break the hold and willingly dismembers himself. [8] Mantaro wins the match with a "Muscle Millennium" attack. Fork the Giant realises the error of his was and smashes his lantern after his defeat. [8]

This marks the final appearance of Fork the Giant.


Disaster Tank

  • Transforms into a tank to attack in a ramming style

Dangerous Fork-Lift

  • Transforms into a fork-lift to impale his enemy

Three-Way Dance Impact

  • Slams opponent onto two blades from chest, then onto blade from leg

Career Record


  • No Respect #1

Win/Loss Record (Singles)

  • 0 Unnamed Boss
  • 0 650 people
  • X Mantaro (Muscle Millennium)



  • Based off a submission by Yoshikazu Kitatani


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