A chojin styled after a hybrid between a cyclops and a moose.


Ganman is one of the original 10 Perfect Chojin, Perfect 7th to be exact. Ganman's eye grants him mystical ability, and his elk horns prove to be a great asset as well.

At first, Ganman is shown to be arrogant and condescending. This is shown in the fact that he considers all inferior chojin to be worthless scum, completely unworthy of being remembered. He has also shown to have a hatred towards Psychoman.

Later on, however, during his fight with Buffaloman, Ganman was depicted as simply being a man who wants a really good fight. Thus, he is very condescending towards those who can't give him that fight. However, he is even more condescending to those who lie to him, revealing that he is a man who truly believes in honesty (despite the fact that he confesses to holding on to one lie before he died). In the end, Ganman does show that he acknowledges those who give him a good fight.


Perfect Origin Arc

Ganman vs. Sneagator

Sneagator shows up, alive and well, during the Devil Knights' invasion of the Chojin Graveyard. He enters a portal that somehow lead to the Leaning Tower of Pisa in Italy. Confused, Sneagator wonders why he was sent there instead of an arena containing one of the Perfect Origin. A voice belonging to a Perfect Origin tells him that the portal doesn't usually lead here and reveals that he was the one who made it in the first place.

A hooded figure rises out of the portal and sneak attacks Sneagator, who asks if he is one of the Perfect Origin. Flinging off his disguise and confirming Sneagator's suspicions, the figure properly introduces himself as "Perfect Seventh" Ganman and orders Sneagator to grovel before him. Ganman follows up with a headbutt and talks down to Sneagator, saying that he's just like any ordinary Chojin, but with the unique trait of being Goldman's pupil.

Insulted, Sneagator asks why that's a big deal. Ganman repeats that Sneagator is a student of Goldman, a disgusting traitor of the Perfect Origin. Goldman left the Perfect Origin millennia ago, so he sent worthless inferior Chojin like Snegator to fight the noble Ganman on his behalf. Ganman's insulted by this, thinking that the Devil Chojin are ankle-biters sent out on a fools' errand. To rub salt on Ganman's wounds, Goldman has decided to wreck the Chojin Graveyard, the sacred home of the Perfect Origin for millions of years.

Ganman will never forgive Goldman at all for being a two-timing, double-crossing bastard. Ever since he saw the future from the day Goldman and Silverman left the Chojin Graveyard, he knew that the Perfect Origin will face those inferior Chojin in combat. Thus, he suggested that the Perfect Origin should purge the inferior Chojin with the help of the Perfect Large Numbers at the Perfect Origin meetings.

Sneagator retorts that the Devil Knights don't need to see the future to know that. General Devil's Seven Devil Chojin are already keeping the Perfect Large Numbers busy. Ganman retorts that the Perfect Origin have been lagging behind because Goldman would always shoot down his advice. Ganman doesn't mind that inferior chojin are staying as inferior chojin, though. There are certain Chojin whose powers go beyond normal inferior chojin. And seeing as Sneagator's one of Goldman's best students, Ganman's been keeping an eye on him because of that potential. Sneagator's honored by that, but Ganman orders him to be silent, for Sneagator is inferior filth. 

Inferior Chojin under supervision are still inferior Chojin because they are mentally undeveloped trash. To that end, Ganman hated The Man's stance of letting worthy irregulars join Perfect Chojin, arguing that all inferior Chojin should be purged instead. Ganman already saw his upcoming fight against Sneagator a long time ago with his Cyclops ability. Keeping the world's status quo is a goal that Perfect Chojin seek to strive for, thus the irregulars must be punished with death. 

Sneagator hates Ganman's smug, self-righteous attitude, adding that all Devil Chojin can't stand that all. He'll enjoy killing Ganman right here and now. Ganman quips that was supposed to be his line and thanks Goldman for connecting the Chojin Graveyard and Earth. The Perfect Origin won't need that tool Mirageman's permission. Ganman reiterates that he came to Italy to purge the irregulars. Sneagator realizes the Perfect Origin are now out and about because of Goldman's actions. Goldman and the Devil Knights' actions of invading the Chojin Graveyard have opened seal to their forbidden door. 

Noting that they don't have to fight behind closed doors, Sneagator announces that the Devil Knights and Perfect Origin can fight in the open instead and goes for a dive kick on Ganman, but Ganman grabs him by one of his legs with ease. Ganman chastises Sneagator for being so eager and approves of the all out war between the Devil Knights and the Perfect Origin. However, the match between Sneagator and Ganman needs a certain arena. Sneagator's current behavior is why he'll be called inferior until the end of time. Ganman orders Snegator to look down in the nearby area, noticing a pair of humans wondering about the sudden seat stands. 

This will be Ganman's first public purge on the surface world because it's exciting to show it to a crowd of humans and inferior Chojin. Sneagator demands to know where's the essential component to their fight, a Chojin wrestling ring. To that question, Ganman throws Sneagator aside and straightens the Leaning Tower, revealing a ring in the back of the tower ready for the rumble. The humans are frightened and confused by that. 

Sneagator asks why straightening the Tower revealed the ring and Ganman fully explains the history of the Leaning Tower. It is a knockoff of the Tour Parfait, the headquarters of the Perfect Origin during their time on Earth eons ago. Tour Parfait was the place Goldman, now known as General Devil, once trained. The ring resurfaced when Ganman recreated the memories of the straight Tour Parfait with the Leaning Tower of Pisa.

Ganman lands in the ring, causing some humans to back away from his intimidating presence. The main reason Ganman came to Italy is to bring back Tour Parfait as the Perfect Origin's headquarters and replace the shattered Chojin Graveyard. However, Sneagator will shatter those dreams in a flash and confronts Ganman in the ring. The humans are now excited to watch since they're not being attacked by the Chojin. Ganman encourages them and warns them not to watch ringside, as he doesn't want any casualties. 

As the human audience for the match gathers, he insults them and puts them in the same boat as the inferior Chojin. Sneagator hates that Ganman enjoys talking to himself. He notices that General Devil did fight in this ring, motivating him to fight Ganman harder. The General Devil's honor is on the line for this match!  

Ganman tells Sneagator that he's powerless here, but Sneagator tells him to shut up with a bite to the arm. Sneagator even announces his title to show that he means business. Ganman flash-steps behind Sneagator to avoid the bite. Sneagator tries biting Ganman again, but Ganman successfully avoids each bite without any trouble. Ganman announces his presence and lariats Sneagator.  

The reason why Ganman can avoid Sneagator's bites is because of his Cyclops ability. He explains how the Cyclops ability works in combat to predict an opponent's movement in detail. While inferior Chojin to make a big show with their moves, Ganman prefers to strike first and gloat later. 

Sneagator ignores that explanation and attempts to gouge Ganman's eye out, but Ganman says that countless Chojin have gone after that point countless times and counters with his Elk Horns, smashing Sneagator into a pulp. Ignoring the Elk Horns is why those inferior shortsighted Chojin have lost to Ganman, completely epitomizing their mindset. Noticing the humans audience's comments, Ganman belittles Sneagator. Upset at Ganman, Sneagator hates him for mocking the bond General Devil and Sneagator share as teacher and student.  

Through sheer determination, a wounded Sneagator forces the Elk Horns open, but Ganman uses his Elk Horn Scissors technique in response, splattering more of Sneagator's blood over the ring. Ganman is in the set up for his finisher, the Elk Horn Compressor, and pulls it off. Luckily, Sneagator already escaped, already changed into his Aliigator Snapping Turtle form. 

Ganman tries his Elk Horn Scissors again, but fails due to the hard shell. The Cyclops ability can't keep up if Sneagator constantly changes. After a quick explanation, Sneagator kicks Ganman in the face and slams into Ganman with his Turtle Kill Shell technique. Sneagator follows up with a bite to his shoulder.  

Still arrogant despite the assault, Ganman points the weakness of Sneagator's current form: his soft underbelly! Ganman takes advantage of this and punches Sneagator real hard in that region. Sneagator quickly sheds that form and wraps around Ganman as a giant python. Ganman quickly slams an already shed Sneagator snake skin in confusion, as Sneagator's already one step ahead of Ganman with his Komodo Dragon form. Sneagator continues the assault on Ganman and goes for a poisonous bite at Ganman's blood. According to an audience member, the Komodo Dragon is the fiercest reptile, eating horse and deer for its meals.  

Ganman knows about the weakness of the Komodo Dragon: a punch right at the mouth. Ganman tells Sneagator not to get ahead of himself and slams a toothless Sneagator into the mat. Relying upon these transformations is admission of natural weakness in Ganman's opinion. Ganman doesn't need to transform as he's fully confident in his original form. Transforming is a dirty tactic in Ganman's book. As Sneagator is a Devil Chojin, he's completely fine with using transformations in combat as dirty tactics is how Devil Chojin fight. 

Sneagator lunges at Ganman, but Ganman goes for a double chop to the neck, slicing into Sneagator's flesh. Tired of Sneagator's transformations, Ganman activates his Cyclops ability on Sneagator, reverting Sneagator back into normal and slamming into the canvas. 

Back in his crocodile form, Sneagator lays dazed on the floor, just as confused as the audience. Irritated with lies, Ganman uses the Cyclops ability, exposing human audience's deceptions as well. Angered by the Cyclops ability abuse, Sneagator tells Ganman off for his cruelty towards humans. Calm as always, Ganman just wants everyone to stop hiding behind their lies. What's so cruel about that? 

Sneagator goes for another skin shed, but Ganman negates it instantly with his Cyclops ability. Ganman thinks that Sneagator's the one who hides behind his lies the most. Ganman orders Sneagator to stop hiding behind those shameful transformations, wanting Sneagator to fight Ganman in his real form, so they can achieve the ideal Perfect Chojin are supposed to keep. Ganman starts slapping Sneagator mercilessly, but Sneagator blocks and counters with a kick to Ganman's head. Ganman didn't feel that kick, thinking it was less than a mere tickle. Ganman counters with a perfect example of a mighty kick comparable to General Devil's kicks. 

Sneagator hates that Ganman thinks of himself as a funny person. Leaking blood from his body, Sneagator stands up, still determined to win. Ganman gets serious by imagining Sneagator as General Devil. As General Devil's student, Sneagator must surpass his teacher! And to do that, Sneagator sheds again but into another crocodile form. Sneagator chucks his shed skin right at Ganman, blinding him. 

Sneagator uses this moment to grapple Ganman's legs with a Boston Crab, getting Ganman's praises for that clever moment. However, Ganman uses his Elk Horn Scissors on a vulnerable Sneagator, saying that Sneagator's plan is just another dirty trick. The monitor connects to the Tottori Sand Dunes in Japan, revealing the surviving combatants against the Perfect Large Numbers. Sneagator asks how the Devil Chojin are doing, having a friendly conversation with Buffaloman on why Sneagator is in Italy instead being in the Graveyard with the other Devil Knights until he notices Springman's decapitated head in Buffaloman's grasp.  

Springman died an honorable death, according to Buffaloman. And so did the others as well. The only survivors are Buffaloman and Black Hole. Seeing as he trained the Seven Devil Chojin, he cannot let himself die, turning into his Tyrannosaurus Foot in a Sneaker form out of pride. Sneagator unties his laces, revealing his true form, and slams Ganman into the Leaning Tower. Seeing as Ganman can't move, he tries his Cyclops on Sneagator, but it fails because Sneagator is in his true form. Meat and Kinnikuman have a chat about the fight Kinnikuman had against Sneagator, concluding that the T-Rex foot is saved as a last resort. Ganman must be crazy strong if Sneagator is forced to use that form.

Sneagator asks if this is what Ganman wanted, to fight in his true form. Ganman laughs at Sneagator, easily breaking out of his grip by flexing. Ganman easily susses out Sneagator's real face with a grapple because the real face is still grieving his students' defeats at the hands of the Perfect Large Numbers. With this knowledge at hand, Ganman painfully slams Sneagator's head on one of the ring's wooden poles. Perfect Chojin only recognize those with skill, ignoring those who die in combat since they lack skill.

Determined to fight even after that attack, Sneagator still attacks in a last-ditch effort. For his trouble, Sneagator gets shredded into pieces by Ganman's Elk Horn Tempest. The audience is shocked by Ganman's brutality. As he's attacked again by Sneagator, Ganman says that Sneagator is a sore loser and finishes him off by kicking him at the monitor screen. After the bell rings, Ganman is declared the winner. Before dying, Sneagator gets praised by Kinnikuman for being strong and delivers a speech to his surviving students, so they can surpass him.


Black Hole and Buffaloman acknowledge this speech as Ganman notices them. Blaming Goldman for ruining the Chojin Graveyard, Ganman decides to stay at Tour Parfait. If they want the Earth Dumbell, they can challenge him at any time. As he phases into the Tour Parfait, Ganman asks the Devil Chojin duo to bring flowers if they accept, because it will be their funeral. Black Hole's about to challenge him until three bright lights shine on Earth. For some reason, Buffaloman notices that Ganman's phasing technique was similar to Grim Reaper's mysterious disappearance during the tag-team match between the Diabolos and the John Does.

Ganman vs. Buffaloman

The fight takes place on the first ring of Yggdrasil. [1]

They begin by clashing horns in a rapid succession, before Ganman slams Buffaloman's head onto the corner-post with a bulldog headlock. [1] Ganman attempts to ram into Buffaloman, but Buffaloman counters with a preemptive kick, and attempts a body-press, which is caught by Ganman in turn. [2] He throws Buffaloman down, before they lock hands centre of the ring, and Ganman attempts a double over-hook suplex; which prompts Buffaloman to state that he cannot lose, as he must avenge Sneagator.

Buffaloman extends one horn, and uses it to pierce into Ganman's right shoulder. [2] This is followed by a Hurricane Devil Sword, as well as a Buffalo Hammer, until Ganman throws Buffaloman out of the ring and forces him to prevent his fall by drilling into the stone ring. [3] Buffaloman drills a tunnel under the ring, which allows him to pierce his horn through the surface for a Devil Shark manoeuvre. It is impossible for Ganman to "read" Buffaloman's moves while he is underground, and Buffaloman knocks him down by targeting his legs.

Ganman begins to dodge the horn by sensing Buffaloman's breathing, and catches the horn in his hands, which he uses to drag Buffaloman out of the ring, before using Elk Horn Scissors. He slams Buffaloman onto the ring, which reduces the size of his horn, and Ganman shines a light down on Buffaloman with his cyclops eye. [3] Buffaloman attempts a Hurricane Mixer, but Ganman catches him by his horns and proceeds to use a brain-buster. [4] It is revealed Buffaloman is holding back his power, and Kinnikuman and General Devil convince him to use his full power once more. [4] Buffaloman breaks out of a Canadian Back-Breaker. [5]

He uses a Reverse Suplex, before struggling evenly with Ganman in the middle of the ring. The two engage in a series of even blows, but the scars on Buffaloman start to reopen as he gains back the Friendship Power of the Justice Chojin, and - after an equal battle - Ganman breaks off one of Buffaloman's horns. [5] Ganman gains the upper-hand, after a series of carefully aimed blows, until Buffaloman punches his own eye so that he is left with one working eye (just like Ganman) in order to create a 'fair' fight. [6]

They lock together evenly again in the ring, until Buffaloman dares Ganman to use his eye power on Chojin Enma. [6] This provokes Ganman to use an Elk Horn Compressor, as he states he will not use his eye power on Chojin Enma due to having faith in him as a person. [7] He follows with an Elk Horn Tempest, but - as the throws Buffaloman - Buffaloman uses his one remaining horn to swing on the corner-post. Buffaloman builds up speed by moving post to post, and uses a new finishing move: Hurricane Giga Blaster. [7]

This completely destroys Ganman's horns. [8] Ganman reveals he has remembered Buffaloman's name, which proves he considers Buffaloman a worthy adversary due to how he forgets all other opponents' names, and hands him his dumbbell. This kills Ganman, who dies upon the canvas. [8]


Elk Horn Scissors

  • Ganman pinches his opponent with his elk horns, squeezing the life out of them. Used as a setup for his Elk Horn Compressor.

Elk Horn Compressor

  • With his opponent still caught between his elk horns, Ganman leaps into the air and places his opponent in an Argentine Backbreaker. He flips upside-down and slams his opponent into the canvas.

Cyclops (真眼(サイクロプス))

  • With this power, Ganman can see into the future and expose his opponent's lies. If they shapeshift, they are immediately reverted back to their default state. If the opponent decides to reveal their true form, this move is ineffective.

Behind Elk Horn Scissors

  • A variant of the Elk Horn Scissors technique used when his opponent has pinned him down.

Elk Horn Tempest

  • Ganman turns his elk horns into a shredder and charges at his opponent.

Real Face Invisible Ink Hold (“本顔”(リアルフェイス)あぶり出し固め Real Face Aburidashi Gatame)

  • A grapple used to determine Sneagator's real face.

Career Record

Win/Loss Record (Singles)


  • Laugh: "Sha-bahaha" (シャバハハ)
  • His name seems to be a pun on the homophones gan (eye) and (rock).
  • Ganman's design changed without explanation during chapters.



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