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Gear Master (ギア マスター) is a chojin in the form of gears. He debuts in Kinnikuman (2011) as an antagonist.


Gear Master is a gear-based chojin and a member of the Omega Centauri's Six Spears. During the Six Spears' invasion of the Sagrada Familia, Gear Master was interrupted by Benkiman. Despite flushing him down his body, Gear Master easily escaped by turning Benkiman's toilet body into gears before crushing Benkiman into a fine pulp with his Genocide Gears.

When the Fated Princes show up, Gear Master's opponent was Kinnikuman Body and their arena was the Forbidden Palace. Gear Master would lose to Kinnikuman Big Body. Later, his spirit would show up again and encourage Omegaman Aristera during his fight against Kinnikuman Super Phoenix.



Gear Master is one of the Omega Centauri's Six Spears sent to Earth by Satan to retrieve Psychoman's secrets from his laboratory underneath the Sagrada Familia.

Gear Master vs. Benkiman

The Omega Centauri's Six Spears invade the Sagarada Familia. [1]

They plan to take the treasure hidden beneath the building, attacking the training Justice Chojin on the rings atop the monument. [2] Gear Master kills one of the training chojin. [2] Wolfman proceeds to attack them in defence, but all six fight against him at once, until Benkiman arrives with Teapackman, Canadianman, and Curry Cook. [3] Benkiman takes Gear Master into a head-lock, before the two factions declare a set of five death matches to determine the victorious group. [3]

Benkiman and Gear Master choose to fight one another on one of the rings, and Gear Master advances on Benkiman. [4] Benkiman attacks with a low leg kick. [4] As they fight on the Special A Ring, Benkiman takes him into an arm-bar. [5] Gear Master counters with a Genocide Gears, but Benkiman counters with a series of elbow blows to the head, before being flung to the corner-post.

Benkiman dodges in time of an oncoming attack, while Gear Master's gears destroy the corner-post. [5] After Benkiman is knocked down, Gear Master attempts a moon-sault, which Benkiman dodges. [6] Benkiman catches Gear Master in a Romero Special, only for Gear Master to break free when the gears on his wrists and ankles cut into Benkiman's flesh, after which he tries to force Benkiman into his Genocide Gears. A Heraldo Spin allows Benkiman to counter the attack, and - attempting to fly overhead - gets caught by Gear Master, who grinds into his body.

In an attempt to free himself, Benkiman sprays Gear Master with water. This washes off the oil from Gear Master's gears, stopping them from properly working and making them stop. [6] Benkiman attacks with a series of middle kicks. [7] This is followed by a one-hand back-breaker, which aggravates the wound on Benkiman's leg, but Benkiman uses Friendship Power too German-suplex Gear Master. Benkiman became more determined and exploited Gear Master's weakness of his gears being precision instruments that need to fit exactly together, leading to Benkiman trying to ruin his gears and jam them with an iron post. Gear Master is thus skewered on the corner-post, but eventually stands and removes the skewer, which he uses the to reactivate his gears and go back on the attack. [7] Gear Master reveals that the Six Spears are not aliens from Omega Centauri, but originally from Earth and are returning to their home-planet. [8]

After Gear Master destroys another corner-post, Benkiman uses his Benki Wash, but this is countered by a Gear Hurricane. Gear Master uses his gears to trap Benkiman in a Boston Crab, and - in desperation - Benkiman rams his heraldo into Gear Master's gears. Benkiman uses his own form of the Fire of Inner Strength to kick at Gear Master's head, as he proceeds to use a Secret Technique: Ant Ball, and finishes with his Benki Flush. [8] Gears start to encompass Benkiman's body, while Gear Master user his gears as a form of propulsion to climb back out of Benkiman.[9] Gear Master runs Benkiman through his Genocide Gears, which leaves Benkiman broken and unable to fight. The match is decided in Gear Master's favour. [9]


Gear Master vs. Big Body

At the National Chojin Museum, in Tokyo, Kinnikuman Big Body breaks in after hours with Phoenix, Zebra, and Mariposa. [10] They retrieve their old masks, which were encased as part of an exhibit, and proceed to arrive in Barcelona, at the location of the battle between the Justice Chojin and Omega Centauri's Six Spears. [11] They declare themselves envoys of the gods, and - believing the Six Spears to be furthering Satan's plans - they challenge them to fight to the death, while refusing to explain the situation to Kinnikuman. [12]

Phoenix reveals that he has picked five castles for their fights, which are known to the Six Spears. [13] The Four Fated Princes - and Kinnikuman - ascend to the sky, where five ropes appear, to go towards to one of the five castles each. [13] Gear Master's opponent is Kinnikuman Big Body, their match is set to take place in China's Forbidden Palace.[14]

Gear Master begins by a series of knee strikes.[15] He attempts to follow with Genocide Gears, but Big Body pushes him back (even as the gears scrape the skin from his hands). This provokes Gear Master to call Big Body a 'fake' and 'weak'; he underestimates Big Body, due to how Big Body was the first Fated Prince to lose the Survivor Match for the Throne. Big Body asserts that he may not be a prince, but he is no fake, as his power is the 'real deal'. He uses a Hip Attack against Gear Master, before lifting him high.[15] Big Body uses a Deadly Drive, followed by a Sunset Flip, and finishes by ending with a punch to Gear Master's face.[16]

Big Body attempts to punch again, but Gear Master dodges and Big Body instead breaks the corner-post. Gear Master fights back with a shoulder-tackle, followed by a Genocide Gear, which damages Big Body's foot. Gear Master goes on the offensive, before headbutting Big Body up into the air, which evokes traumatic memories in Big Body of his match against Phoenixman. Just as Big Body is about to succumb to the attack, he thanks Gear Master and grabs him by his face. He swings Gear Master around, before using his Super Strength Atomic Bomb. Big Body reveals he has recovered from his trauma.[16]

He stops Gear Master's gear with his bare hands, which triggers Gear Master to use Hyper Genocide Mode. This increases the amount of gears around his shoulders.[16] He traps Big Body's hands, which forces Big Body to use a dropkick to escape, but this is followed by a Body Tackle from Gear Master.[17] Big Body reasserts he has super strength, and demonstrates this with a rolling savate, which leads Gear Master to goad him again with accusations of weakness. Gear Master points up to the skies, where he points to the Yellow Emperor's Star.

It is a star that only reveals itself when someone unworthy steps within the palace grounds. In the past, a mirror would hang in the emperor's room and fall on anyone unworthy that attempted to claim the throne, and the Emperor's Star shall do the same above the ring. The presence of the star disconcerts Big Body, and Gear Master gains the upper-hand. Gear Master attempts to use a German Suplex; Big Body counters with a Stop the Gear, but Gear Master counters with a Reverse Genocide Gears, which traps Big Body's head between his gears.[17]

Gear Master uses an Anti-Kythera Beefcake Processor, but Big Body pulls himself out of the gears.[18] He drives Gear Master into the canvas, before dodging an oncoming attack with a kick to the head, and finally goes behind Big Body to use a Crucifix Back-Breaker. Big Body notices that Gear Master is nervous about the Emperor's Star, where Gear Master laments that he was forced to come to Earth due to the Perfect Origin, and that he will not miss his chance to prove his worth and prove that his people are better than the Perfect Origin (who claimed to be like gods).

Gear Master frees himself from Big Body and throw him overhead, and - after Gear Master attempts a Genocide Gear - Big Body counters his moves by using a Super Strength Exploder Suplex. This does not break Gear Master's gears, and Gear Master mocks Big Body, but Big Body states he still has plans.[18] Big Body states he no longer feels fear, as he uses a Super Strength Jet Torpedo.[19] He creates a tornado of yellow sand, which he forms into a ball, and throws it directly into Gear Master's gears. This stops the gears from turning, as Big Body takes him into a clutch and uses a Maple Leaf Clutch on Big Body. This defeats Gear Master, as Knock rings the gong in Big Body's favour.[19]

The crowd cheers for Big Body, and Gear Masters points to the Emperor's Star above.[20] Gear Master is impressed by Big Body, who did his best to fight him valiantly. In the end, when the Emperor's Star of the Forbidden City Palace (set to crush the loser and denounce him as a fraud) falls over the defeated Gear Master, with his last words expresses sadness about his own fate, with Big Body there to ease his last moments. Big Body tries to save him, but is ultimately unable and curses the gods as being unfair.[20]


When Super Phoenix attempted to finish off Aristera with a super-powered Muscle Revenger, Lunaight, Hailman and Gear Master's souls appear on Aristera's Omega Hand and channel their Friendship Power into Aristera, giving him the strength to take on Super Phoenix. They tell him to never give up on their hopes before vanishing.



Genocide Gears

  • Gear Master's body is made of gears, which he can use to grind his foes into dust. They need oil to run, so water can easily wash it away. They can also be clogged with sand. However, he can reactivate them by using a lever on them.

Gear Change, High Speed

  • Gear Master spins his gears more quickly.

Gear Hurricane

  • Gear Master fires a large gale to deflect incoming projectiles.

Gear Materialization

  • Gear Master can cause gears to appear anywhere as he pleases.

Gear Master's Muscle Revenger

  • Gear Master headbutts his opponent into the air multiple times like a soccer ball. Done to intimidate Kinnikuman Big Body. Big Body somehow learned how to break it with a claw-hold.

Gear Change, Hyper Genocide Mode

  • Gear Master's body becomes more gear-like.

Stop the Gear

  • Gear Master halts his gears to prep for a Gear Change.

Reverse Gears

  • Gear Master runs his gears in reverse.

Antikythera Beefcake Processor

  • While pinning his opponent in mid-air behind him, Gear Master attempts to grind his opponent into mulch.

Career Record

Win/Loss Record (Singles)



  • Laugh: "Gishu Gishu"


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