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General Devil (悪魔将軍 - Akuma Shogun) was originally Goldman, who often fought with his younger brother Silverman. He was placed - in soul form - inside the Golden Mask, where he later became the leader of the Devil Chojin.


The leader of the Seven Devil Chojin and the Six Devil Knights. His true identity is that of the former first Perfect Origin, Goldman, known as the God of Battle (戦いの神, Tatakai no Kami). He frequently quarrelled with his younger brother Silverman and the two eventually engaged in a sword battle, a battle which ended with the two of them simultaneously beheading each other. His soul was placed inside the Golden Mask (黄金のマスク, Ōgon no Masuku) and many years later aligned himself with Satan and became General Devil.

Due to his actions, he is seen as the main antagonist of the Golden Mask Arc and the antagonist of the overall series


General Devil is always seen as a merciless, brutal and ruthless figure, caring only for his ambitions, to the point were his underlings are just mere tools for him to use at please, like when he used the Six Devil Knights as his physical body. He doesn't seems to care about his followers, and doesn't tolerate failiure, executing the ones that fails him and come back alive, like with Ashuraman, after he was defeated by Kinnikuman.


General Devil

In this form, General Devil has long blond hair. He wears a silver helmet, with three horns and red eyes. The rest of his armour is also silver in colour, with red arm-pieces and shin-pads, and a blue-and-yellow insignia on his chest.


In this form, Goldman wears a gold mask that covers his entire face. He wears nothing except a gold-coloured tunic, which stops above mid-thigh, and ankle-high golden-coloured shoes. It is unknown if he also has long hair, or any hair. He has pale-coloured skin.



The two brothers, despite their different ways of thinking, have some kind of mutual respect, despite been also rivals. In his days as Goldman, General Devil was the one who openned the eyes to Silverman, and given him the idea to start a new faction.

The Man

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He and Painman have a friendly rivality about what was more powerful, Painman's chushion material, or Goldman's Diamond Power.


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Althought General Devil doesn't show any affection nor respect for his followers, he has said in different ocasions that he considers Sunshine like his succesor, and the both of them spend time together during the fights at Yggrasil.


With his finishing move, Hell's Nine Point Seal, he attacks the nine vital points of the Chojin body. His trademark Hell's Guillotine is part of this, attacking the neck. He obtains his flesh body when the Devil Knights unite underneath his mask. He has the ability to freely alter the hardness of his body, from a Chōjin Hardness (超人硬度, Chōjin Kōdo) level of 10 (the highest in the Chojin world), known as Diamond Body (ダイヤモンドボディ), to Chojin Hardness 0, Snake Body (スネークボディ).Coupled with the fact that no body exists within his armour, there are very few techniques that can actually harm him. His weak spot is his head, because he shows signs of pain when he got hit in the head during his fights with Buffaloman and Kinnikuman.



General Devil is the living spirit of Goldman, which possesses the Gold Mask. He forms a team of the Six Devil Knights, where a tournament is created to eliminate all Justice Chojin, but - after a long battle against Kinnikuman - General Devil is defeated and his spirit is appeased. He returns to his mask, where he merges with the Silver Mask


Goldman was the brother of Silverman. [2]

Goldman was known as the "God of War" and the master of grappling techniques, and the opposite of his peaceful brother, who was the expert at counter-attacks. A young boy one day asks which of them is stronger, which causes them to fight. The conflict is so severe that it damages multiple people and places, forcing the Justiceman to intervene and mediate their fight. [2]

Justiceman presents them with two swords to settle the fight, but they both decapitate one another and their heads are taken by Justiceman to the Kinniku Clan. They both transformed - over time - into the Silver and Gold masks that could be worn and utilised by others. [2] Goldman made a bargain with Satan for a body with which he would kill Justice Chojin. As General Devil, he became leader of the Akuma Knights (Asuraman, Sunshine, The Ninja, Junkman, Planetman, Sneagator, and a revived Buffaloman).

Golden Mask Arc

General Devil first appears as the Golden Mask. [3]

He shrinks the exit inside Warsman's body, to prevent Kinnikuman and his friends - who are growing to their regular size - from leaving in time so as not to tear Warsman apart. He steals forth the power of the Devil Chojin that worked underneath him during the tournament, and announces himself as their leader. [3] Geronimo attacks General Devil, but General Devil retaliates with a Double-Arm Suplex. [4] He then uses a Spin Double Arm, and finishes with a Hell's Guillotine. This kills Geronimo, and inspires the others to distract General Devil by attacking him at once. [4]

General Devil escapes from Warsman's body, along with Asuraman. [5] Kinnikuman escapes and uses his Fire of Inner Strength, as he attempts to tackle General Devil, but he is struck by a Hell's Guillotine. [6] It is revealed General Devil cannot absorb his Fire of Inner Strength and injures his knee. General Devil and Asuraman go through a door to their next venue, while Kinnikuman lingers behind due to fear, but - despite his hesitation - Buffaloman holds the door open for him and allows him to carry onward. [6]

Buffaloman, on his arrival, shakes hands with General Devil; General Devil resurrected him to act as an adviser for the upcoming match. [7] After Asuraman loses in his match against Kinnikuman, he is shunned by General Devil and decapitated by him. [8] Buffaloman is thus persuaded to join the Justice Chojin, as he rejects such levels of cruelty, and holds General Devil about his waist, so that Kinnikuman may have a chance to use his Kinniku Driver. [8] General Devil attempts a Hell Super Express. [9]

This is reversed by Buffaloman, and the fight between the two allows Kinnikuman time to train with Terryman in an attempt to perfect the Kinniku Driver using logs in a nearby parkland. Buffaloman attempts a Special Hurricane Mixer, but General Devil reveals his body can feel no pain. Kinnikuman perfects his Kinniku Driver. [9] Buffaloman impales General Devil with his long horns, while Terryman warns Kinnikuman about the fatal flaw with the Kinniku Driver, and Kinnikuman manages to correct the one flaw. [10]

Kinnikuman returns and carries Buffaloman to the infirmary, after General Devil defeats Buffaloman. [2] Kinnikuman learns - in the process - that General Devil is actually Goldman. Kinnikuman returns to the ring and throws the silver mask above the ring, along with General Devil and the gold mask, and and it is decided that the winner of the match will take both masks. Kinnikuman begins the match with a German Suplex, and General Devil attacks with a chair, causing a referee to be needed. [2]

Mongolman agrees to referee the match. [11]

Kinnikuman tries to attack General Devil several times, but his skin is torn open and every time his Kinniku Driver fails. General Devil attempts a Skull Crush, but Kinnikuman counters by bashing him against the corner-post of the ring. This is followed by Kinnikuman reversing an attempted Hell's Guillotine. [11] General Devil gains the upper-hand with a Hell Windmill, and Kinnikuman - after thrown out the ring - makes it back in time for the count. [12] Kinnikuman is then hit by a Human Bullet Dive Bomb.

Kinnikuman uses a Sideways Kinniku-Buster. This strikes General Devil against a far wall, where the chest-plate of his armour breaks away and reveals he is lacking a physical body. [12] Kinnikuman attempts a Bear-Hug, but General Devil breaks free and the pieces of his body turn back into the Six Devil Knights, and General Devil reverses a Sideways Kinniku-Buster to harm Kinnikuman. [13]

After using his Muscle Curtain, after exchanging a series of blows, Kinnikuman witnesses General Devil harden his body to level seven. General Devil turns his arms into swords, and Robin Mask tosses his armour for Kinnikuman to use, but General Devil goes to Hardness Level 10. [13] He splits open Robin Mask's armour and attacks at Kinnikuman, and Kinnikuman attempts a Muscle Curtain Attack. [14]

Kinnikuman manages to scratch General Devil's body. This is followed by a Burning Megaton Punch, which opens the crack in General Devil's armour, and his body shatters into millions of diamonds, as Kinnikuman retrieves the Golden Mask. The diamond pieces destroy the Golden Mask, and it is revealed the the real Golden Mask was underneath General Devil's fake mask all along. It was a part of his head. [14] This triggers Kinnikuman into donning the Silver Mask, so that the two masks can communicate. [15]

General Devil - now revealed to be Goldman - reveals he felt humiliated by Silverman, while they were still alive, and was given power by Satan, who granted him control over the Six Devil Knights. [16] To gain the upper hand, General Devil places the ring on the bodies of Kinnikuman's Justice Chojin friends, and each attacks upon the canvas thus causes them pain. General Devil uses a Burning Bridge. [15]

The ring is transformed, as General Devil starts to sweat, and his sweat turns the canvas into a diamond. [17] After a series of serious blows, Kinnikuman turns the tides and uses the diamond canvas against General Devil, and forces his Hardness Level back to normal. [18] The Friendship Power exhibited by Kinnikuman, and the Justice Chojin beneath the ring, causes the Gold Mask to reject the armour gifted by Satan. [18] This causes a body to appear. [19] Kinnikuman then uses his Fire of Inner Strength .

General Devil seals all Kinnikuman's vital points and uses a Hell Guillotine. [19]

Kinnikuman stops the move, while the spirits of his friends come to his defence. [20] The Friendship Power weakens him, before he summons the spirits of the Six Devil Knights to rip his limbs away; sacrificing his body means Kinnikuman cannot use any techniques against him. Buffaloman then intervenes to stop him from dismantling and recombining at will. [20] He dons the mask, so that General Devil will have a body, and willingly sacrifices himself to help stop General Devil. [21] Kinnikuman successfully uses the Kinniku Driver.

General Devil - now in his Golden Mask form - asks to be destroyed, but instead the Silver Mask combines with the Golden Mask and become the Perfect Mask. They revive all dead and injured Chojin, and never again will they ever be divided, which means never again can they bring harm on the people. [21]

Kinnikuman (2011)

Perfect Origin Arc


When a group of Perfect Chojin called the Perfect Large Numbers announce their rise to power and attempted to challenge the Justice Chojin who failed to show. General Devil had summoned all of his loyal Devil Chojin to battle them at the designated arenas in order to obtain victory for the Devil Chojin. Before this, the Perfect Mask had split into the Silver Mask and Gold Mask for some reason. And then the Gold Mask had disappeared.

General Devil vs. Mirageman

To ensure a smooth entrance for his minions, General Devil enters Mon Saint Parfait. He mocks weak Chojin for failing to become Perfect Chojin and explains that only those who have attained perfect power may enter. General waxes nostalgia about Mon Saint Parfait and says that it hasn't changed at all. Mon Saint Parfait and its people will end today.

With his might, General Devil parts the sea, revealing the Road to Heaven. Upon opening the door to the Perfect Chojin's palace, a nearby gatekeeper recognizes General Devil's presence. Only a former Perfect Chojin could gain access to Mon Saint Parfait. And thus, General Devil could only be the former Perfect First, Goldman. Despite the greeting, General Devil demands that the greeter stops his tomfoolery.

After saying that he's no longer a Perfect Chojin, General Devil reveals the greeter's name. It's Mirageman. General Devil notes that Mirageman is still the gatekeeper of Mon Saint Parfait. Mirageman wonders why Goldman returned after defecting so long ago. Could it be that General Devil misses the past? General Devil denies that and states that he's only here for what's hidden in Mon Saint Parfait. In fact, General Devil is here to destroy the Chojin Graveyard. Mirageman laughs at General Devil before General Devil interrupts him and says that he's also destroying the Perfect Origin, with the exception of himself and his brother Silverman.

Disappointed in Goldman's motives, Mirageman loathes taking part in such a pointless quarrel. Even though General Devil shares the same feelings, he states that their ideals have diverged. On top of that, his ideals diverged away from Silverman's ideals as well. That's just reality. Mirageman mentions how the leader of the Perfect Origin hates the word "reality". General Devil acknowleges that hatred, but points out that the Perfect Origin's leader started all of this in the first place.

According to Mirageman, a line that should not be crossed has been crossed. And that's why the Perfect Chojin has came into existence. Sadly, the Perfect Chojin world is unable to deal with it. Only the leader of the Perfect Origin could do something about this problem. The leader is the only one who follow this mission sincerely.

As expected by General Devil, nothing's changed around here. Fulfilling "his" whims is the only mission around here. Because of their intolerance of "his" ideals, both Goldman and Silverman defected from the Perfect Origin. Even though Goldman and Silverman could never see eye to eye, Mirageman could see that they're similar in a fashion. In fact, this similarity has brought about this calamity in the first place. General Devil understands that similarity, but points out that "his" ideals are far more deplorable than General Devil's ideals. There's only one suitable ideal by "his" standards. This leader has no other doubts or any other thoughts other than "his" ideal. And that is why General Devil is here to kill the Perfect Origin.

Mirageman sees that General Devil is beyond reason and backflips into an arena. Mirageman beckons General Devil into the arena. With no other option, the leader of the Devil Chojin enters. General Devil is familiar with this arena as he and Mirageman have fought many fights in this arena as friends. And now, they'll fight as enemies. This match will be their last fight!

As long as Mirageman is the gatekeeper of Mon Saint Parfait, he will not let General Devil, the traitor to the Perfect Chojin, pass! Mirageman starts by throwing punches at General Devil, but General Devil dodges them and teleports above Mirageman's arm to stomp it. General Devil follows up with a kick to Mirageman's face. It seems Mirageman hasn't gotten rusty at all. Mirageman retorts that General Devil hasn't gotten rusty at all even as a leader of inferior Chojin. General Devil knows that he wasn't just worshipped in that time.

For Mirageman, the Mirror World is the real one. To defeat General Devil, Mirageman fires off his Mirage Sniper beam and creates a mirror with one of his shoulder spikes. When General Devil opens his eyes, it will be his last. As it turns out, Mirageman has created a reflection of General Devil with the mirror. This is Mirageman's "Mirror of Inner Being" ability. Like General Devil's Nine Point Seal, Mirageman can do the same by attacking various points of the mirror. To demonstrate, Mirageman attacks the legs of General Devil's mirror self and seals off the real deal's legs.

Mirageman tries to finish off General Devil with a Kaledoscope Drill to the chest, aiming for the General Devil's heart. General Devil isn't the only one who can reach Hardness Level 10: Diamond. Mirageman can as well, thanks to his "Mirror of Inner Being". Despite his seeming defeat, General Devil applauds Mirageman for copying Diamond Power, but Mirageman's version is not worthy of being called Diamond Power. Mirageman is simply insulted by General Devil's arrogance and tells him to shut up.

To prove Mirageman wrong, General Devil calmly pulls out Mirageman's arm while it's performing the Kaledoscope Drill and stops it in its tracks. And then, General Devil shows off his version of Diamond Power and slices off Mirageman's arm. This should not be possible! Both Mirageman and General Devil should be at the same level of hardness! General Devil points out that Mirageman hasn't changed at all in terms of strength and skill. This effectively means that Mirageman stayed stagnant while General Devil has improved.

Ending the match, General Devil pulls his finisher technique, the Hell's Guillotine, on Mirageman with the power he obtained after leaving Mon Saint Parfait. General Devil believes that Chojin were meant to develop and change, but the Perfect Origin tried to control the world under the guise of keeping a status quo for Chojin, which is why General Devil defected. The Perfect Chojin ideology is egotistical and it has no meaning to General Devil, so he's here to tell the leader that. Mirageman tells General Devil that defeating the Perfect Origin and its leader is a tall task. Showing confidence, General Devil retorts, "Why else would I come here?" Before passing on, Mirageman states that he harbors no contempt towards General Devil.

Before he enters the depths of Mon Saint Parfait, General Devil pulls out Mirageman's Ice Dumbbell from Mirageman's arm.

General Devil vs. Abyssman

Using the Ice Dumbbell, General Devil shatters Mirageman's illusion and breaks into the Chojin Graveyard. [22]

In the process of turning back the Forbidden Mortar, one of the Graveyard Demons runs to attack General Devil. General Devil sees that this is a disguise and attacks back, at which point Abyssman reveals his true identity, and proceeds to chastise the demons. Abyssman states that he cannot allow General Devil to turn back the mortar, or to destroy the graveyard, and when General Devil derides The Man's principles, an incensed Abyssman challenges him to a battle and takes it to his "Ring of Punishment". [22] The two shake hands, before beginning to fight in earnest. [23]

They exchange a series of equal blows, before Abyssman attempts an Abyss Guardian, but the attack fails to down General Devil, who rises back onto his feet. Abyssman states that he learned a lot from their past together, such as to never turn his back to an enemy, and delivers a barrage of blows to General Devil. General Devil flips over and tries to attack his back again, but an Abyss Guardian blocks him. This is followed by a Graveyard Tackle. [23] This allows Abyssman to set up for his finisher: Abyss Decapitation. [24]

General Devil foils the move at the last second by changing his body, using his diamond power. The technique is not perfect, allowing Abyssman to deliver a series of bloody blows to General Devil. Abyssman tries another Graveyard Tackle, but General Devil avoids the blow and regains the advantage with his Nine Point Seal technique, which causes another wound on Abyssman's back. This also shatters his Abyss Guardian, allowing General Devil to use a Double-Arm Spin-Sault. [24] This is followed with a Double-Knee Crusher. [25]

This move seals all four of Abyssman's limbs, and General Devil finishes with a Hell's Guillotine.

He then takes Abyssman's Fire Dumbbell, leaving his corpse on the ring. [25]


General Devil announces that his Fire Dumbbell belongs to him before correcting himself and calling himself by his original name Goldman. He tells Abyssman's corpse to enjoy himself before approaching the Forbidden Mortar. Afraid of facing off against General Devil, the Graveyard Demons all flee.

General Devil proceeds to rotate the Forbidden Mortar backwards, connecting the surface world to the Chojin Graveyard. To General Devil, life and death of a Chojin should only belong to themselves and the Perfect Chojin controlling that is a grave mistake. The Perfect Chojin have grown arrogant ever since they followed that foolish custom for a 1000 years. The leader of the Perfect Chojin is a monster now. General Devil's mission is to stop the leader and make sure he'll never return.

When he stops, General Devil says that no one will be coming back to life. As cracks appear in the ceiling of the Chojin Graveyard, he tells his elite minions, the Devil Knights, that they can enter. With a dynamic entry, the Devil Knights appear and start attacking. While the Graveyard Demons are occupied, General Devil plunges further into the Chojin Graveyard.


General Devil vs. The Man

General Devil faces Strong the Budo (The Man) at the Ayer's Rock in Australia. [26]

Strong the Budo summons forth a ring from the rocks. [26] It also creates bleachers and a television screen, at which point Strong the Budo throws his sword to where the highest point of the rock would have stood. [27] The match will begin when the sun rises above the sword. This allows Peek-a-Boo, Nemesis and Neptuneman to reach the ring in time, and this is followed by Buffaloman and Sunshine.

Kinnikuman and Meat follow afterwards, where they find the bleachers filled with spectators. Strong the Budo reveals that he once trained General Devil, and the results of the match will determine whose ideals should govern the chojin world: Devil Chojin or Perfect Chojin. Harabote Muscle and Knock arrives to referee. [27]

General Devil and Strong the Budo rush towards each other. [28] General Devil starts with the upper-hand, as he lands a barrage of blows, before slamming him into the canvas. He slams Strong the Budo's head into the stone ring, but Strong the Budo is able to counter with his legs alone. General Devil uses the ropes to counter with a kick, but Strong the Budo uses a Lariat, which enables General Devil to use a corner-post to use a Body Press, only to be countered in turn with a back-flip. The two exchange various attacks. [28]

Strong the Budo appears to finally gain an advantage, stating that his pupil could never surpass him, but General Devil counters once more, but a shoulder-tackle knocks General Devil down at the corner of the ring. [29] General Devil regains his composure and uses a Canadian Destroyer, before using a Daisetsuzan Drop. This is following by a Double Arm-Spin Assault. General Devil attempts a Nine Point Seal, but Strong the Budo deflects it and break free. He proceeds to use a Double Knee Crusher. [29]

After being downed, Strong the Budo starts to absorb General Devil's Chojin Power. [29] Meat reveals that Strong the Budo is seeking to turn General Devil into a human. [30] Strong the Budo uses a Chojin Compressor, but General Devil breaks free and uses a Hell's Guillotine. This is broken by a Hell Neck-Breaker Chop, but General Devil survives the move by using Diamond Hardness. [30]

General Devil goes on to use his Diamond Sword technique. [31] He lands two cuts on Strong the Budo's abdomen, and follows with a Hellish Merry-go-Round, but Strong the Budo stops him by taking a hold of both his swords in his bare hands. Strong the Budo also uses his Chojin Hardness, before raising it to Diamond Level. He follows this with a Flawless Lock-Up Hold. General Devil counters by changing his Hardness Level to Zero, and escapes with a Soft Body. [31] Strong the Budo uses a Budo Rock Crush Claw. [32]

General Devil escapes the move and uses a Skull Crush. In desperation, Strong the Budo bashes his head - with General Devil still around it - against the corner-post. This shakes General Devil loose. Strong the Budo uses a Helmet Breaker, and uses Army Decimate Slam, as both men turn to Diamond Level Hardness. [32][33] This triggers the countdown, as General Devil is downed on the canvas. [33]

He rises on the count of seven, and Strong the Budo tries to steal his power again. [33] General Devil is powered by the desire to overcome his old mentor, something akin to Friendship Power, and seeks to surpass him by finding a Hardness Level beyond Diamond. [34] He changes to Hardness Level 10: Sharp. [34] This is followed by a Lonsdaleite Power. [35] This power allows General Devil to defend against Strong the Budo and cause him damage, despite his own Diamond Power, and General Devil uses a General Discs.

This is followed by a Lonsdaleite Clothesline, which breaks through the diamonds on Strong the Budo. [35] The two exchange a series of blows, until General Devil attempts another Lonsdaleite Clothesline, but Strong the Budo manages to block the attack. [36] General Devil lights up the skies with Lonsdaleite Power, as Strong the Budo uses an Army Decimate Power. The move destroys Strong the Budo's knee, while the Lonsdaleite Power protects General Devil. General Devil continues with a double-arm spin. [36]

General Devil uses his Lonsdaleite Power again to create a new hold. [37] He uses a New Hell's Guillotine, also known as the God's Guillotine, and this destroys Strong the Budo's disguise, revealing his original form as The Man. [37] Strong the Budo congratulates General Devil, before being down for the count. [38] General Devil attempts to kill Strong the Budo in his victory, but Kinnikuman stops him. [38]

Kinnikuman argues that both men have learned the ideals of Justice Chojin, and General Devil killing Strong the Budo - and then himself - would make Psychoman's sacrifice be in vain. [39] He then threatens to fight General Devil, if General Devil continues on his current path. In exchange for saving Strong the Budo's life, General Devil sets down two conditions:

  1. Strong the Budo must never leave the Chojin Graveyard
  2. The Graveyard must abolish the granting of eternal life to chojin. [39]

General Devil leaves with Buffaloman and Sunshine, but warns Kinnikuman that a Devil Chojin will always break their promise, and not to trust the peace treaty. [40] Strong the Budo also leaves, but warns that he will continue his quest to destroy all chojin should Kinnikuman and the others ever pose a threat. He proceeds to leave with Nemesis and the other Perfect Chojin that have survived. [40]

Omega Centauri's Six Spear Arc

(More to Come)

Kinnikuman Nisei

In Kinnikuman Nisei, Ashuraman attempts to revive General Devil. [41]

General Devil emerges from the Demon Amino in the Demon Womb, where he clutches Alexandria Meat's head and appears as a headless entity. [42] Despite the fact that Mantaro Kinniku won his match against the Demon Seed, General Devil refuses to give back Meat's head, and - as Mantaro attempts to attack him to force him to relinquish the head - General Devil counters all attacks. Just as General Devil attempts to use Meat's head for his own, Ashuraman uses his leg (made from General Devil's diamond body) to slice off General Devil's arm and prevent him from using Meat's head before the match time-limit. [42]

It comes to be revealed that General Devil gave Ashuraman back his youth, after Ashuraman pleaded with him to restore his former strength and was on the verge of death. [42][43] General Devil admires Ashuraman's greed, as his motivations were originally selfish, and gives him a chance to apologise for his previous interference, so that he can instead swear allegiance to General Devil . [43] After Ashuraman refuses to submit, General Devil removes his General Stone and reverts him back to his elderly and fail state.

Without Meat's head, and the time-limit over, General Devil crumbles away.

His Diamond Dust of Rebirth revives all fallen Justice Chojin. [43]

Anime Changes

General Devil returns in the Movie Crisis in New York as the main villain, with a new design.



Manga Techniques

Hell's Nine Point Seal (地獄の九所封じ, Jigoku no Kyū Shofūji)

  • Daisetsuzan Drop (大雪山落とし, Daisetsuzan Otoshi)
Part 1 (Back). After knocking his opponent into the air, Devil Shogun jumps up after him and grabs his foot and head while kneeling with one knee on his stomach. Then they just drop to the mat with the opponent's back taking all of the force.
  • Spin Double Arm Sault (スピン・ダブルアーム・ソルト)
Part 2 & 3 (Arms). Devil Shogun grabs his opponent in a double under-hook and spins around rapidly before slamming him onto the mat shoulders and arms first.
  • Hell's Merry-Go-Round (地獄のメリーゴーラウンド, Jigoku no Merii Gō Raundo)
Blades emerge from Devil Shogun's forearms as he somersaults through the air toward his opponent, cutting into them upon contact.
  • Double Knee Crusher (ダブル・ニー・クラッシャー)
Parts 4 & 5 (Legs). Devil Shogun performs a normal knee crusher, except that he slams both of his opponents knees onto his instead of just one.
  • Helmet Splitter (兜割り, Kabuto Wari)
Part 6 (Crown of Head). Devil Shogun grabs his opponent as if he was going to perform a standard front suplex, but instead of releasing his opponent, he slams the crown of their head into the mat.
  • Stomach Crush (ストマック・クラッシュ)
Part 7 (Stomach). While his opponent is face-up on the ground, Devil Shogun performs a standard diving headbutt on his opponent's stomach with the horn on his head.
False Part 8 (Neck).
  • Chojin Compressor (超人圧搾機, Chōjin Assakuki)
False Part 9 (All Parts). Devil Shogun grabs his opponent in a modified full nelson (he places his opponent's hands against the back of their head and holds them there with his own while a normal full nelson is applied). He then jumps onto their back and catches their legs in a scissor hold. Finally, he pulls their arms back, pushes their head forward, and pulls their legs back.
  • Handshake (握手, Akushu)
Part 8 (Hand). Devil Shogun grabs one of his opponent's hands and crushes it with his own.
  • Hell's Guillotine (地獄の断頭台, Jigoku no Dantōdai), a.k.a. Last One (ラストワン)
Part 9 (Neck). After grabbing his opponent (usually in a double under-hook), Devil Shogun spins around rapidly so that the opponent is lifted off of his feet. Then, he releases the hold, sending them skyward, and jumps up after them. From there, he can finish the move by either placing a knee or shin against his opponent's neck as they descend in a guillotine-like position. Causes severe damage to the neck.
  • Kamuy Guillotine (神威の断頭台 Kamui no Dantōdai)
A new and stronger version of Hell's Guillotine. Just as Devil Shogun places his on the opponent's neck, he fortifies the landing by stepping on his main leg's knee and then placing his right arm on the previous leg.
Demonic Shogun Claw (魔のショーグン・クロー, Ma no Shōgun Kurō)
Claws protrude from Devil Shogun's fingertips and he applies a standard Clawhold. He then lifts his opponent over his head and slams them to the ground.
Hell's Super Express (地獄の超特急 Jigoku no Chōtokkyū)
Devil Shogun raises the opponent up and delivers a gorilla press powerslam to the head.

Skull Crush (スカル・クラッシュ)

Devil Shogun implements his Snake Body to wrap his entire body around his opponent's head and squeeze tightly.

Yoga Pose (ヨガポーズ)

Hell's Windmill (地獄風車 Jigoku Fūsha)

  • A rotating Romero Special

Human Bullet Divebombing (肉弾急降下爆撃 Nikudan Kyūkōka Bakugeki)

Diamond Dust (ダイヤモンドダスト)

  • An attack used by breaking down the countless diamonds of his body

Devil Scope (将軍透視 Shōgun Tōshi)

  • X-Ray vision.

Lonsdaleite Power (ロンズデーライト・パワー)

  • An enhanced version of Diamond Power mode. Used against Strong the Budo in their fight.

Lonsdaleite Clothesline (ロンズデーライト・クローズライン)

  • A clothesline attack done with one of his General Discuses

General Discus (ジェネラル・ディスコス)

  • General Devil detaches one of his pauldrons and attaches it to his arm.

Anime Techniques

Empire State Bomber (エンパイヤーステート・ボンバー)

Subway Crash (サブウェイ・クラッシュ)

Smokescreen (煙幕 Enmaku)

Illumination Gold (イルミネーション・ゴールド)

  • A beam of light from his eyes blinds his opponent.

Hell's Musical (地獄のミュージカル)

Career Information



  • Phantom Chojin (幽霊超人, Yūrei Chōjin)
  • Akuma Chojins’ Final Assassin (悪魔超人最後の刺客, Akuma Chōjin Saigo no Shikaku)
  • God of Battle (戦いの神, Tatakai no Kami)
  • General Terror (恐怖の将, Kyōfu no Shō)
  • Evil Charisma (悪のカリスマ, Aku no Karisuma)
  • Perfect First (完璧・壱式)

Win/Loss Record


General Devil



  • Submitted by: "Kobayashi of Tokyo" as Vikingman (バイキングマン).
  • Theme Song: "King of Devil (キング オブ デビル)" by Ichiro Mizuki.


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