Geronimo (ジェロニモ) is a character from Yudetamago's manga and anime series Kinnikuman and its sequel Kinnikuman Nisei. The Ultimate Muscle dub renamed him Beetlebomb, with his origin being changed from an American Indian to a British man and his voice was based on Ringo Starr. This was one of the most harshly criticised changes Ultimate Muscle made.


Geronimo is a young Native American of the Cherokee tribe who was born a regular human. As a boy his life was saved by a Chojin (later revealed to be the God of the Superman Road) and from then on he yearned to become a Chojin. Because of this he hides the fact that he is human and takes part in the battle against the Devil Knights. During the Five Story Ring battles, he shows that his Chojin Tamashii (超人魂, Superman Spirit) exceeds that of a Chojin by defeating Sunshine in a tremendous victory.

Afterwards he passes the trial of the Superman Road (スーパーマンロード) and becomes a true Chojin, later participating in the Universal Chojin Tag Tournament and the Survivor Match for the Kinniku Throne. In Kinnikuman Nisei, the character Chaos appears to look up to him, as he believes that they are both humans fighting alongside Chojin.


His eyes are partially hidden behind his forelock and he has brown skin.  He is usually seen carrying a tomahawk and a hunting knife with him, but he hardly ever uses them.



Geronimo was born a regular human. [2] He and his sister were orphaned at a young age, later being taken in by Chief Cheyenne (シャイアン酋長, Shaian-shuuchou). [3] One day, when he was young, he was out with his little sister when suddenly a giant boulder came rolling down a hill towards them. At the last second, a chojin came out of nowhere and stopped the boulder. Mirrored later in the series when he stands over two children to stop a rock-slide from crushing them. This moved Geronimo to want to one day be a chojin. He spent the next few years training vigorously and when the chojins of the world gathered to decide the new guardian of the Golden and Silver Masks, Geronimo posed as a chojin and went as well.


Golden Mask Arc

Geronimo is first seen breaking out of his bubble. [4]

A mysterious force (Devil Shogun) has been draining the power of all the Justice Chojin, which forces the Silver Mask to place them inside life-containment bubbles.[5] After Kinnikuman’s fight with Sneagator, Geronimo breaks out of his bubble - fully healed - with his tomahawk. [4] He refuses to let the other speak badly about Kinnikuman, which inspires Wolfman to break free of his bubble in turn. [4]

Wolfman sacrifices his life-force so Kinnikuman can live again. Wolfman asks Geronimo to cut off his top-knot, as a symbol of his friendship for Kinnikuman, because Geronimo was the only one that was willing to defend Kinnikuman and speak in his defence. Geronimo obliges him and cries in response to his death. [4]

Warsman is later knocked unconscious. [6]

It is Geronimo who realises he is still alive, and that they can revive him by shocking his heart. A well opens up that leads to inside Warsman's body, but only five people may enter, and so Geronimo bravely leads the way inside. He goes with Terry, Robin, Brocken Jr. and Kinnikuman into Warsman’s body. [6] A five-tier ring appears, with each ring holding a different opponent. [7] Geronimo fends off The Ninja on the fourth floor, while Kinnikuman climbs the spine to reach the top ring. [7] The Ninja switches places with Sunshine, forcing Geronimo to compete against him. [8] At one point, he skewers the mat with his tomahawks so that Terry - in the ring below - could grab a hold of something during Asuraman’s Asura Buster. [9]

(More to Come)

In his fight with Sunshine, he started off hitting Sunshine with a fury of Tomahawk Chops. But Sunshine then started using his Sand Hell techniques on Geronimo. Geronimo thought he had put an end to it when he chopped Sunshine in half, but instead he found himself trapped inside Sunshine. After forcing his way out of the behemoth, Sunshine began using his most brutal Sand Hell techniques. At one point he even suplexed him in his hell's arch form. Being severely injured after having his gut stabbed by Sunshine’s Hell’s Pyramid technique caused Terryman to realize that Geronimo was a regular human.

Geronimo kept fighting though, and eventually grabbed Sunshines chest and removed the key that controls his Sand Hell techniques. As the key hit the canvas, Sunshine grabbed his head and screamed, causing Geronimo to realise that Sunshine’s weakness was loud noises. He used his trademark Apache War Cry to reduce Sunshine to dust. But before he could finish his heart stopped. He remembered the bravery of the chojin who saved him and his sister and then stuck his hand in his chest and massaged his heart. He then finished off Sunshine with the Apache War Cry.

After this, Devil Shogun made his appearance. Geronimo tried to attack him, but was thrown out of the ring and fell five stories. After Shogun and Asuraman made their escape, the Five Story Ring began to collapse. Geronimo then got beneath it and held it up so that the others could escape. Fortunately, he was flushed out by Warsman’s tears. Near dying, the others tried to each sacrifice a bit of their chojin Power for him, but unfortunately his human body wouldn't accept it. During Kinnikuman’s fight with Shogun, Shogun used his godly powers to bring the other weakened Justice chojins (Harabote, Canadianman, Specialman, etc.) out of their balls and underneath ring, forcing them to hold it up or be crushed. Near the end of the match, Geronimo’s spirit showed up and helped them hold it up. After the ordeal was over, Geronimo was revived by the Perfect Mask.

Dream Tag Tournament

Geronimo is introduced in a comatose state. [2]

He is in a wheelchair, when Terryman announces that he will team with Geronimo. It is revealed that his soul may be 'dead', but his body is alive, and Terryman seeks to resurrect his soul and bring him back to full consciousness in time for the tournament. Geronimo is taken back to his village, where - even in his unconscious state - he manages to defend Terryman from an attack by his people. Chief Cheyenne reveals that Geronimo cannot be revived as a human, but could be revived as a Justice Chojin. [2]

They summon forth the chojin God, while bringing forth the Superhuman Road. [3] Geronimo travels along the road and encounters three different gateways; he breaks through the first with quick thinking and bravery, as he uses his body to allow two children to cross a ravine, and he passes the second by self-sacrifice to save others from a falling boulder. In the last, he is able to distinguish between good and evil, as he kills the image of Chief Cheyenne that threatens the lives of children. Geronimo is thus made a chojin. [3]

Geronimo joins Terryman to form the New Machineguns. [3]

He struggles to control his new power, such as accidentally hitting a child. [10] After navigating a maze to be allocated their placement within the tournament, they are matched against Stray Akuma Chojin Combo. [11] Like the other Justice Chojins, Geronimo’s Friendship Power was stolen by Asuraman and Sunshine. [12] When they go to shake hands with their opponents, they play dirty and strike them with punches, instead. [12] Geronimo initially keeps to the sides, but helps Terryman with a combo move by jumping on his bridge. [13] He is then tagged in to fight against Sunshine. He attacks with a Back-Drop. [13]

Sunshine turns his body into sand and counters with a kick from below, and he then switches out with Terryman. Terryman then climbs on Geronimo's shoulders, so that they can match Asuraman with four arms, and engage with a Tornado Hell Return. [13] During this attack, the dolls of Terryman and Geronimo are scattered on the floor and shattered, which foretells their eventual loss. [14] The match continues in earnest, with both teams exchanging various blows. Geronimo listens to Terryman and makes several counters. [14]

Soon Geronimo and Terryman are greatly injured in a Hell's Combination. [14]

Sunshine attempts a Hell's Pyramid attack, but Geronimo - remembering his key part - tries to remove the key part from his chest to incapacitate him. The key part transforms into a giant pair of rollers, which suck Geronimo's right arm inside and he becomes victim to Sunshine's Cursed Roller. [14] Listening to Terryman, Geronimo sacrifices his right arm in order that he may survive. [15] They then switch places. When Geronimo sees how well Kinnikuman and Terryman work together, even when not teammates, he feels guilty. [15]

Geronimo is then taken into an Asura Buster, and Asuraman holds him hostage, promising to release him only when Terryman lets go of Sunshine. [16] Terryman sacrifices his stars on his arms, as he resigns from the match, but Asuraman still performs his Improved Asura Buster, and this impales Geronimo in his head. [16] When Kinnikuman Great arrives to steal back the box and figures, he and Geronimo are thrown from the ring and forced to hold on for their lives. [17] Geronimo begs Great to let go of him, so that he can save Terryman, and Great lets go to do as he wishes. Kinnikuman catches him and saves his life. [17]

Geronimo would later help Dr. Bombay repair Kinnikuman's severed arm. [18]

Survivor Match for the Kinniku Throne

After the tournament, Geronimo took off on his own and eventually won the Hawaiian Championship Belt from Jesse Maivia. He then made his way to Osaka to compete in the final round of the Survivor Match. On his way there, he runs into an injured Warsman (who had been jumped by Mammothman). He takes Warsman to a hospital and agrees to take his place in the finals. Geronimo went up against The Omegaman. Almost immediately, Omegaman got Geronimo in his deadly Omega Catastrophe Drop technique. But seconds before he hit the ground, a shadowy figure blew the ashes of Kinniku Ataru’s Muscle Prophecy page into the ring, causing Ataru’s spirit to catch Geronimo’s head and act as a cushion.

As the fight continued, Geronimo realised that the figure was Neptuneman. Having drained all of his strength performing his Apache War Cry and Wood Cutter Hand techniques, Geronimo is open to another Omega Catastrophe Drop. Neptuneman (posing as The Samurai) tries to use Ataru’s ashes again, but Geronimo kicks them away. He says that he wishes to defeat the technique himself, but in actuality he was worried that Neptuneman would be noticed by the chojin Enma and be hunted down for the rest of his life.

Because of this sacrifice, Geronimo is defeated. After the match, Super Phoenix burns Geronimo’s Muscle Prophecy page, causing him to disappear like Ataru had. During Kinnikuman's fight with Super Phoenix, when it looked like Super Phoenix would win and take the throne, the souls of Geronimo, Robin Mask, Neptuneman, and Ataru (all of whom had their pages burned) help Kinnikuman regain his stolen Kajiba no Kuso Djikara and win the fight. The four of them were later revived by Kinnikuman's Face Flash.

Kinnikuman Nisei

Geronimo witnesses the legendary match between Kinnikuman and Terryman and later attends Kinnikuman and Bibimba's wedding. In Kinnikuman Nisei he is defeated during the Akugyo chojin invasion and becomes an instructor at the Hercules Factory and acted as the official during the Graduation Matches. He has no known offspring. He later comes to Japan in order to watch the Chojin Olympics: The Resurrection.

Ultimate Chojin Tag Arc

History has been rewritten as the Time Chojin have gone back in time to the Dream chojin Tag Arc conclusion. They almost kill Robin Mask, but he is saved at the last minute by the New Generation. Like the other Legends, Geronimo doesn't trust the New Generation and even attacks Seiuchin with his Apache War Cry. When the Ultimate chojin Tag Tournament is announced, he serves alongside Brocken Jr. as Kinnikuman and Terryman's second.

Before the final first round match, a Reserve Match is announced, with Geronimo and Brocken teaming up as the The Choppers (テガタナーズ Tegatanas) (named so by Terry after the fact that they both have powerful chopping attacks). Their opponent is the Five Disasters, Lightning and Thunder (the Time chojin). They are both reminded of their most traumatic experiences by Thunder's "Legend" Destroying Bell and Brocken is soon knocked out for the majority of the fight. Geronimo is outnumbered and easily dominated by the Five Disasters until the souls of Barrierfreeman and Ilioukhine support him, gaining his trust. He then unleashes a fury of attacks and destroys the "Legend" Destroying Bell with his new Apache Death Scream. In the end, however, he and Brocken are defeated by the Prelude to Justice Crumbling (Brocken is also made a victim of the Death Watch Branding).

Kinnikuman (2011)

(More to Come)


Apache War Cry (アパッチのおたけび or アパッチの雄叫び, Apatchi no Otakebi)
An ancient Apache secret technique, Geronimo screams "U-Ra-Raーーー!!" (ウララーーー!!) at such a great volume it produces a powerful shock-wave that attacks the opponent. It is said to be powerful enough to break an entire mountain.
In the Survivor Match for the Kinniku Throne anime, it's name is changed to Wild War Cry (野生のおたけび, Yasei no Otakebi).
  • Apache Death Scream (アパッチの断末魔, Apatchi no Danmatsuma)
A stronger version of the Apache War Cry. Used to destroy the Jikan chojin's "Legend" Destroying Bell.
Tomahawk Chop (トマホークチョップ)
Geronimo brings both hands together and strikes his opponent with a chop. The name "Tomahawk Chop" is also used to refer to Geronimo's basic chops. In the anime he uses one hand.
Tomahawk Tornado (トマホークトルネード)
Geronimo holds both arms up and spins around violently, creating a small whirlwind that attacks the opponent. In the anime he uses one arm.
Wood Cutter Hand (ウッド・カッター・ハンド)
Used against The Omegaman. A Flying Chop powerful enough to chop down a tree.
Scissors Kick (シザースキック)
Used in the video games Kinnikuman Generations and Kinnikuman Muscle Grand Prix Max.
Hell’s Tornado Return (竜巻地獄返し, Tatsumaki Jigoku Kaeshi)
A tag technique with Terryman. Geronimo jumps onto Terry's shoulders and they both hold all of their arms up to one side. They then throw their arms down to the other side, causing Asuraman's "Hell's Tornado" to turn around and attack him instead.
Sorrowful Rain of Friendship (友情の涙雨, Yuujou no Namida'ame)
A tag technique with Brocken Jr.. As Geronimo performs his Tomhawk Chop, Brocken performs the Red Rain of Berlin. Their hands come together and become englufed in a flame as they strike the opponent.
Flying Body Press
Body Slam
Guillotine Leg Drop
Jumping Back Drop
Flying Elbow Drop

Career Information


  • Hawaii Chojin Heavyweight (5th)
  • 2nd Kinnikuman Popularity Contest (8th Place)
  • 4th Kinnikuman Popularity Contest (16th Place)


  • Team Kinnikuman: Centre Guard (Finals)
  • Hercules Factory Instructor


  • Brave Young Apache (若きアパッチの勇者, Wakaki Apatchi no Yuusha)
  • Real Chojin Wrestler (リアル超人レスラー, Riaru Choujin Resuraa)
  • Wild Fighter (ワイルドファイター)
  • Gero (ジェロ) (Terryman only)

Win/Loss Record (Singles)

Win/Loss Record (Tag)

New Machineguns (Terryman)
The Choppers (Brocken Jr.)
Win/Loss Record (Anime Only)
  • O Hydra Indy (Tomahawk Strike)
  • Δ The Ninjaman (Apache War Cry) (Tag Match with Terryman)
  • O Senshi Chojin (Apache War Cry)



  • Favourite Food: Inari Zushi
  • Theme Song: "Spirit War Cry (魂のおたけび, Tamashii no Otakebi)" by Masatake Ohkura
  • Submitted by: Suzuki of Yokohama
  • He refers to himself in the first person as Ora (オラ) and ends most of his sentences with Zura (~ズラ)
  • He refers to the other Idol Chojins as Senpai (先輩, seniors)
  • In the anime, he speaks with a Tōhoku accent


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