The founder of the American Chojin World. 


God Von Erich founded the American Chojin world, and was at one point the Chojin World Champion. He controlled the WSA for 150 years (back then there was only one group), and was the master of Dorlo Flears, Edith Harrison, and Sheik Seijin. After retiring from active service, he began to assist in development counselling.

Erich is an imposing figure, who seems to tower over all others. He seems to have little patience for his students, as he used his Iron Claw Throw on Sheik-seijin for the three chairmen's feuding, and slapped Edith for talking back. Despite this, he seems to like Kinnikuman for his spirit.


American Tour Arc

After the battle between Kinnikuman and Robin Mask, the Chojin Council are chased by Kinnikuman to a remote location. [1] The World Chojin Federation try to steal the championship belt, which creates a free-for-all battle, and God von Erich appears to command them to stop. [1]

It is revealed that he is the creator of the American Chojin World, and ruled this world for about 150 years. He is also the master of Sheik Seijin, Edith Harrison, and Dorlo Flears. He uses his Iron Claw Throw against Sheik Seijin, as he is angry at being brought out or retirement. He then proceeds to slap Edith for speaking out against him. [1]

God von Erich announces a tag tournament to settle the differences between the three groups, as he says that the winner shall rule the American chojin world. He also allows Kinkotsuman and Iwao to enter as representatives of Kaiju. [1] God von Erich is later the person to announce the rules of the tournament, as the tournament begins. [2]

During the first round of the tag tournament, he showed some slight favouritism by telling Kinnikuman how tag matches are fought, being called on it by Edith. [3] God von Erich also announces Ramenman as special referee during the finals, as well as advertises buying volumes of the manga, in a moment of meta humour. [4] After the Machineguns won the tournament, he went back into retirement. [5]


Iron Claw Throw (アイアンクロー投げ)




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