The Chojin God who gave Super Phoenix his strength.


He first appears to provide Super Phoenix with the strength he needs to compete in the tournament for the Kinniku Throne. He disappears after Super Phoenix's defeat to Kinnikuman in the Survivor Match for the Kinniku Throne arc.

During the True Akuma Chojin arc in the Kinnikuman revival, he finds Phoenixman, breaking a promise to never see him again on the premise that an unknown old accomplice of his is working behind his back and he needs Phoenixman's help dealing with him.


Survivor Match for the Kinniku Throne Arc

The God of Intelligence appears in the Celestial Realm, where - with the other Five Evil Gods - he discusses the upcoming coronation of Kinnikuman. [1] The God of Intelligence has paid special interest to Kinnikuman, and fears that Kinnikuman will one day be able to surpass even the gods with his Fire of Inner Strength. He proposes that they find other children born on the same day as Kinnikuman, and start a tournament for the throne of Planet Kinniku, in hopes that Kinnikuman will fail. [1]

He proceeds to possess Phoenixman, and uses him as his pawn in the upcoming tournament. [1] At the start of Kinniuman's coronation, the Five Evil Gods appear and grant Kinnikuman a white cape. [2] They state that they will only give him their approval to become king, if he is able to stain the cape red with the blood of his upcoming opponents in the tournament that they have arranged. [2]

Later, when Samson falls over a waterfall, the God of Intelligence appears to him and states that he would not be in his predicament if he were instead a Brutal Chojin. [3] The God of Intelligence gifts Samson the 'Satan Cross', which is a larvae that will assimilate with him and restore the use of his legs, and - within three months - this turned Samson into Satan Cross. [3]

(More to Come)

True Akuma Chojin Arc

During the match between Super Phoenix and Omegaman Aristera, Aristera forced Super Phoenix into a corner. Super Phoenix accepted the God of Intelligence's offer and got possessed again. With this god-like strength back again, Super Phoenix managed to place Aristera back on the ropes. This caused Aristera to use Friendship Power out of desperation. As it turned out, he planned for Super Phoenix's possession by the God of Intelligence.

The God of Intelligence reminded Super Phoenix that has the power of a God behind him. Super Phoenix should be able to recover from this. Super Phoenix does another Muscle Revenger, but Aristera was able to reverse that into a modified Omega Catastrophe Drop, the Omega Armageddon Avenger.



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