The brother of Gorizaemon.


Gonta (ゴンタ) is a gorilla Kaiju who tries to attack Bibimba, but is easily defeated by Kinnikuman. He is the brother of Gorizaemon.


Bibimba grows distressed about being unable to please Kinnikuman, so she flees from Beverly Park. [1] Gonta bursts through the street below, where he clasps Bibimba in his hand and holds her hostage. Kinnikuman sees this as a positive turn of events, as he hopes Bibimba will return to Planet Kinniku, and - at this point - the Earth Defence Corp arrive. They fire a canon at Gonta, which misses. [1]

Gonta tosses the canon-ball back at them. It is revealed that Kinnikuman paid Gonta $5 to scare Bibimba, as part of a ruse to send her back to Planet Kinniku, but Bibimba - thinking Kinnikuman is testing her - starts to attack Gonta in self-defence. Kinnikuman then grows to full size and attacks Gonta, until Gonta runs away in tears from the attack, which saves Bibimba. This inspires her to join the Earth Defence Corp, in response to events.


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