Gorgeousman (ゴージャスマン) is a Justice Chojin.


In the original manga version of Kinnikuman Nisei, when the Legends first announce the Hercules Factory graduates, Mantaro steals Gorgeousman's costume and wears it, saying that Gorgeousman's costume is much cooler than his. An almost nude Gorgeousman appears shortly after, forcing Mantaro to return his clothing. His forearms were horribly injured by Check Mate, but he recovered. He was featured briefly in the first Nisei movie, but lost in an off-screen fight against The Cyborg.


His costume themed after the Confederate States of America flag .The 4Kids dub recoloured his costume to be completely red without the Confederate motif . He is a graduate of the Hercules Factory.


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Patriot Shooter Press

Texas Toaster

Gorgeousman slaps his opponent, leaving burnt grill marks across their face.

Mississippi Masher

Gorgeousman clotheslines his opponent, lifting them up with the clothesline, and follows with an elbow drop to the throat.

Slow Rider

A combo of a Boston Crab using the armpits and a camel clutch.


Gorgeousman tangles his opponent's neck up in the ropes and allows them to hang off of the outside of the ring.

Career Information

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  • He first appears as a fan submission on the cover art for chapter 374 of the original Kinnikuman.
  • Submitted by: Toyoki Takimoto (滝本豊樹) of Kyoto



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