The partner of Savannah.


Gori Max is a tropical-styled Justice Chojin, whose partner is Savannah, and - together - they form the tag-team Jungle Books. They fight in a free-for-all battle royale, until they are defeated by the Hell's Bears at the same time with a Teddy Crusher. They are thus disqualified.


Gori Max is introduced as a competitor. [1]

He is one of many chojin tag-teams that seek to compete in the Ultimate Chojin Tag Tournament, and it is Harabote Muscle that announces the eight finalists will be decided by a battle royale. [2] He is initially attacked by Terryman, as Savannah is attacked by Kinnikuman . [2] When Mars and Jade are attacked by another team, Savannah attacks Barrierfreeman and Gori Max attacks Ilioukhine. [3]

They both attack the Hell's Bears, once the Celebrities are disqualified from the match. [4] They throw the Hell's Bears at one another, but the Hell's Bears lock arms and counter with kicks to their opponents' faces. Hell's Bear #2 takes Savannah into a Bear Hug, while #1 clutches Gori Max's and falls upside-down with him. [4] Hell's Bear #2 flips himself and Savannah into a sub-ring, and it is then noticed Gori Max is still descending downward, but now he is directly over Savannah's head. [5]

Their heads collide, which knocks them unconscious. [5]

They are then dragged from the ring. [5]

Career Record

Win/Loss Record (Tag Teams)


  • Submitted by: Naoyuki Tashiro (32), Osaka [1]


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