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The second major arc of Kinnikuman Nisei, in which Mantaro Kinniku must fight with his friends to stay on Earth.


Harabote Muscle decides that Gazelleman, Terry the Kid, Seiuchin, and Mantaro Kinniku have not been working hard. He declares that a new tournament shall be held, which will pit these four against four new graduates from the Hercules Factory. The tournament divides both teams into an A Block and B Block, and whichever team wins will earn the right to stay on Earth, while the losing team must retrain and act as a reserve force. After the rest of his team lose, Mantaro wins against Scarface from the B Block. This earns him and his friends the right to stay on Earth.



After Mantaro had defeated Checkmate and the d.M.p (along with some help of Terry the Kid), peace was restored once again. After which, Mantaro and his group had become apparently lazy and frequently took time off to relax while skipping training. [1] Harabote Muscle had become furious of the absence of the four Hercules Factory graduates and demanded why the four were repeatedly missing. [1] When Harabote found them, he had enough of their antics and had decided to have a tournament between the lazy four graduates (Mantaro Kinniku, Gazelleman, Terry the Kid, and Seiuchin) against the new graduates (Scarface, Jade, Clioneman and Dead Signal). [2]

First Rounds

Gazelleman vs. Jade

Jade will be facing Gazelleman in the first round. Their match is in Yokohama International Stadium, on top of the Hand of Hercules. [3] The tickets for his match are also sold out, due to both wrestlers being popular. During their match Jade humiliates Gazelle for being unfit and a disgrace to his chojin status. This gives Jade the advantage, and he sends many quick blows to Gazelleman, but - in the fray - he drops a memento: a small skull accessory given to him by Brocken Jr. [4] Jade crawls around the arena looking for it, which results in him being attacked and taunted by Gazelleman.

They exchange cold words and break out of holds, until Jade unleashes his Red Rain of Berlin. He defeats Gazelleman by cutting him deep along his midsection. [4] The audience is awed by Jade's surprising move, but Brocken Jr. is angry at Jade for using his best move during the first rounds, because that will give the others a chance to figure out ways to counter it and piece together ideas about Jade's relationship with Brocken Jr. [5]

Seiuchin vs. Clioneman

At the match drawing, Clioneman is pitted against Seiuchin. They battle on the Sole of Hercules, surrounded by a lake. [6] As the fight starts Seiuchin has the advantage until it's revealed that Clioneman was just testing Seichin's strength. He transforms his arm into an ice shield then a sword and pierces Seiuchin's foot. [7] He then sucks him in to his Jelly Body and repeatedly punches himself doing more damage to Seiuchin inside. [8]

Clioneman then jumps skyward and slams Seiuchin's face into the turnbuckle using his XYZ Crash. Seiuchin's mom throws a fish into Clioneman's body allowing Seiuchin to escape. [8] Clione expands his body into his aqua lens and attempts to burn Seiuchin alive. But only sets him on fire when he attempts to burn junior high kids attempting to help Seiuchin who he then tricks to run inside his Jelly Body and punctures him with his vertabreaker. [9] Even though Seiuchin is pretty much beat up, Clioneman jumps skyward again and executes another XYZ Crash. He taunts Seiuchin by saying, "here's the outside world you thirsted for, sir" who he then drops off the Sole of Hercules, being named the winner for this match. [10]

Terry the Kid vs. Scarface

After witnessing Gazelle's defeat against Jade, Kid ties two flags to his arms, one representing Gazelle, the other representing Seiuchin (who lost against Clioneman. Scarface (resembling a mafia-type bouncer), has the upper-hand on Kid, using ropes to tie Terry the Kid. [11] Terry manages to spin loose and send a good kick to Scarface. The two combatants send punches and kicks to each other, with Kid blocking many of Scarface's attacks and thinking strategically, while Scarface sends barrages of attacks. [12] Scarface gets the upper-hand on Terry the Kid and continuously slams him around the arena. Kid manages a few more good hits on Scarface, as his opponent's body parts begin to crack like broken clay, revealing a true form of Scarface. [13]

Scarface explains that he needed to disguise himself to get to where he is now. [14] Kid gets Scarface into a Calf Branding hold, but Scarface breaks free of the move, and uses a much more improved version of Calf Branding that he calls the Buffalo Brander. Kid, petrified with fear, tries to defeat Scarface with a Spinning Toe Hold, but Scarface uses a more improved Spinning Toe Hold on him. Scarface then uses the Ultimate Scar Buster on Terry the Kid, finishing him off. [15]

Mantaro vs. Dead Signal

Mantaro is first matched against Dead Signal. He enters Kawasaki Stadium for the Block B second fight; Mantaro starts strong, but Dead Signal plays a 'Detour' sign, changing his face-plate to a road-signal, and Mantaro is forced to swerve away. [16]

Dead Signal gains the upper-hand, even bringing in weapons to attack Mantaro, but Harabote Muscle rules that the moves are legal due to Dead Signal not leaving the ring during his attacks. [17] Mantaro gains an advantage by learning he can create road-signs in return, which must be obeyed, and he uses his blood to make these signs. [17] Dead Signal releases tar over the ring and turns the surface into concrete, after which the two exchange a series of attacks and Mantaro saves a dog from Dead Signal's wrath and worst attacks. [18] Mantaro defeats Dead Signal with a Butt Buster. [19]


Mantaro vs. Clioneman

On the day of the semi-finals, Clioneman is pitted against Mantaro. Clioneman arrives at the ring in a floating block of ice, from which he breaks out. [20] Their fight begins with the two of them charging at each other. Mantaro goes low and puts Clioneman in a menacing bear hug. Clioneman screams in agony, and then, as if it were an act, he slips out and jumps into the air for a Jelly Body Attack. He opens up his body and falls to engulf Mantaro, but he is repelled and Mantaro reverses suplex him on to the top of his head. [20] It is also revealed that Mantaro is immune to water attacks, due to being unable to swim and a 'land animal'. [20]

Mantaro puts Clioneman in a Scorpion Lock. Clioneman manages to break free and send a drop kick on Mantaro, sending Mantaro flying over the ropes, but his foot gets caught in one. Clioneman morphs his arms into blades and cuts the ropes, sending Mantaro to fall in the water below. [21] Clioneman brings a wet Mantaro into the ring, and Clioneman can now absorb Mantaro due to being wet. [22]

With Mantaro trapped inside Clioneman, Clioneman begins pounding on him, until Mantaro urinates. [22] Disgusted, Clioneman throws Mantaro out of him. Mantaro puts Clioneman in a headlock, launches into the air and slams Clioneman's head into the top of the ring post (Stone Cold Steiner), as Clioneman did to Seiuchin with the XYZ Crash. [22] Clioneman falls into the water. As Mantaro does his victory dance, Clioneman emerges from the water. He has morphed himself into a giant squid, and spears Mantaro in the gut. [22]

Clioneman morphs into his magnifying glass form, and erupts Mantaro in flames. Mantaro jumps into the ocean to douse the flames. [22] As Mantaro returns, he is covered in octopi that strangely look like him, and has the octopi spray ink all over Clioneman's magnifying glass. [23] After Mantaro banters about how smart he is, he sends a strong kick to the lens, breaking it to pieces. Mantaro tells Clioneman that he is going to defeat him and avenge his friends. [23]

Clioneman morphs the shards into sea shells and uses them as projectiles to fire at Mantaro. Clioneman then morphs into a giant jellyfish and uses his tentacles to slam Mantaro around. Clioneman laughs at everyone's attempts to cheer Mantaro on, saying that their support is useless. Clioneman throws Mantaro into the water and freezes it with his breath, trapping Mantaro inside a large chunk of ice. [23] Clioneman sucks the frozen Mantaro into his body, sinking Mantaro into unconsciousness.

Mantaro eventually awakens due to the support from his friends, but Clioneman traps Mantaro with his rib cage. The attack pierces Mantaro's flesh and causes him to bleed, which makes visible all of Clioneman's internal organs. [24] Clioneman decides that he must finish this fight right away, and attempts to do the XYZ Crash. With encouragement from Mantaro's friends, Mantaro gets the strength to break off a piece of Clioneman's ribs and stabs a hole in Clioneman, giving Mantaro a hole to break free. [25]

All of Mantaro's friends and the crowds begin to cheer Mantaro on, giving Mantaro the strength to have the upper hand on Clioneman. Jade attempts to support Clioneman by cheering him on, but Clioneman tells Jade to stop being such a fool, saying that he needs no help. Clioneman attempts another XYZ Crash, but Mantaro reverses the attack into the Iroha Hell Tour, defeating Clioneman. [25] As Clioneman is being taken away on a stretcher, Mantaro says he won because of Friendship. [25] [26]

Jade vs. Scarface

Before Jade's match against Scarface, a cement ring is created, causing Brocken Jr. to experience a panic attack from post-traumatic stress. [27] Jade manages to calm him down, after Meat explains that Brocken Jr had a terrible Concrete Death-Match against Ramenman at the 21st Chojin Olympics that was not only a failed attempt at revenge (Ramenman had killed his father at the last Olympics), but also his very first loss, after 200 victories. [27]

As Jade's match begins, he charges at Scarface and sends him a flurry of kicks. Scar dodges all the attacks and attempts to slam Jade into the cement, but Jade counters and manages to slam his opponent into the cement instead. After a couple of brutal moves used on each other, Jade finds himself in a choke sleeper hold, and begins to lose power, just as he hears a familiar voice coming from the crowd. He sees that it is the couple that gave him free sausage back when he was younger and training with Brocken Jr. [28]

This support gives Jade the power he needs to break out of the hold and slam his foot into Scarface. The match continues on with more brutal moves, as Scar eventually gets the upper-hand once again, this time using psychological warfare: He not only gets the crowd to support his cheating ways on the basis that "The d.M.p won't fight fairly, so it is best to get used to it", but he also convinces Jade that the Anti-Chojin thugs who killed his adoptive parents were hired by Brocken Jr in a plot to make Jade his student. [29] Jade goes mad with rage and even slices Scar's chest with the Red Rain of Berlin. [30]

When Brocken Jr tries to get him to calm down, Jade snaps at him and calls him selfish and unforgivable. He directs his anger towards Scar as if he were the one that killed his parents and tries the Beefcake Hammer, but Scar reverses it into a Beefcake Hammer of his own, causing Jade's helmet to begin to crack. As Jade continues to disobey Brocken Jr, the old couple then tell him that they too once believed that Brocken Jr was too harsh and using Jade to gain the glory he never achieved. But one day they saw Brocken Jr at the grave of Jade's adoptive parents, swearing that he will raise Jade to live out their dying wish. [30]

Jade then apologises to his Lehrer, who is all too ready to forgive him. By now, though, it is too late, and Scarface removes Jade's Red Rain of Berlin by ripping his arm off. Jade, finding himself 'unworthy' to defeat Scarface, gets caught in the Ultimate Scar Buster, and is defeated, also getting his helmet destroyed. Even though Jade now sees Scarface as an enemy, he still wishes him good luck in the finals, for old times' sake. [31]


Scarface is accompanied to the finals by first term graduates Mercury, Namul, Gyro, and Gorgeousman (The Adams did not because he said Mantaro was his friend). [32] As the match gets underway, Mantaro takes advantage until Scarface knocks him out of the ring (he noticed Mantaro was hopped up on adrenaline and wanted to tire him out). As Mantaro gets back in the ring Scarface takes advantage.

He hits Mantaro with a moonsault press but it is ineffective because it just purges Mantaro's system. Mantaro then starts to taunt Scarface by telling him to jump higher and give it all he's got and when Scarface jumps up Mantaro soon follows and locks him in the Kinniku Buster. Scarface pulls his head out and hits Mantaro with a Power Bomb. He says the Kinniku Buster is an incomplete move. [32] Mantaro takes him up in the air again and locks it in tighter but Scarface rotates the move to where Mantaro gets hit with it. [33]

Kevin Mask shows up with Brocken Jr. and reveals Scarface's true name and that he is a member of the d.M.p. Mars then rips the front emblem open to reveal the d.M.p logo. As he leaves the ring Harabote Muscle tells him to get back in the ring and restart the match, as he is in the Muscle League. Mars jumps back in the ring and jumps up high and uses his Swallow Tail. [34] Mantaro rolls out of the way. Mars starts to dominate Mantaro, even taking time to mock Harabote Muscle for signing him to the league.

He goes to finish Mantaro off with the Swallow Tail but Mantaro evades it. When Mantaro gets up he appears knocked out. Brocken Jr. reveals that Jade is helping him through his skull pendant. [35] Mantaro manages to hit Mars with Red Rain of Berlin, hurting Mars. Mars knocks Mantaro down, which knocks the pendant off him and off the platform their wrestling on. [36] Kevin Mask blames himself for his involvement in Mars winning, by teaching him how to reverse the Kinniku Buster for saving him. [36]

Meat comforts him, stating someone would have figured it out eventually and he did Mantaro a favour by teaching Mars the reversal as Mantaro can prove himself a true champion by coming up with a new finisher. Mars tries to hit the Ultimate Scar Buster to finish the match but, acting on instinct alone, Mantaro reverses the technique. [36] Mantaro realises through this that he can make a new finisher to win. Eventually, Mantaro comes up with the Muscle Millennium and successfully hits it on the first try. The move is lethal, finishing Mars, and - as he's being taking away on a stretcher - Mars tells Kevin he will return one day. [37]


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