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Hailman (ヘイルマン)is one of the Omega Centauri's Six Spears, a group of assassins sent by Satan.


Hailman is an ice-themed Chojin, who's a member of the Six Spears. His first mission had him attempt to raid Sagrada Familia in Spain. He is interrupted by Teapackman, but easily freezes him to death. When the Fated Princes show up, his opponent is Kinnikuman Mariposa. However, Kinnikuman Mariposa tricks him into setting him aflame by accident. Kinnikuman Mariposa finishes him off with an improved version of the phony Muscle Revenger, the Aztec Cemetery. His spirit would later come back to support his leader in his fight against Kinnikuman Super Phoenix.


Hailman vs. Teapackman

Hailman appears with the Omega Centauri Six Spears at Sagrada Familia.[1]

They attack the training Justice Chojin and announce their decision to kill all chojin on Earth, as well as to retrieve Psychoman's secrets from beneath the Sagrada Familia. [1] [2] Wolfman attacks them in an attempt to stop them, during which they attack him en masse, and Hailman attempts to harm Wolfman, only to be stopped by Teapackman.[3] Teapackman is accompanied by Curry Cook, Benkiman, and Canadianman, and a brief contest is decided between the Justice Chojin and the Six Spears.[4]

Teapackman challenges Hailman on Special Ring C, starting by attempting to strike him with a teabag. [4][5] Teapackman uses a Teabag Whip, but Hailman dodges until he is backed into a corner, at which Teapackman attempts another Teabag Whip, and - when Hailman dodges again - it damages the corner-post. Hailman uses a Blizzard Hand in response, followed by a Freezing Ring, which turns the ring to ice and allows Hailman an advantage, as he slides to cut into Teapackman's chest before Teapackman can use a Teabag whip again. [5]

Hailman jumps into the air, while grabbing the handle of Teapackman's head. He tries to rip off Teapackman's head, at which point Teapackman reveals he specially trained his head and neck after his loss against Warsman. Teapackman swells his neck and manages to throw Hailman in an opposite direction. [5] He delivers a kick to Hailman's abdomen, and spills boiling tea onto the canvas, which freezes into the shape of a slide, before using his teabag as a board to surf upon the iced canvas. [6] He uses the speed to make a powered-up Teabag Whip.

Teapackman proceeds to strangle Hailman with the string of his teabag, using a Deadly Teatime attack. Hailman breaks free from sheer force, and counters with a Reverse Death-Valley Bomb, but - as Teapackman lies bloody on the floor - he grabs at Hailman with a Dragon Screw. A Teabag Whip is attempted again, but a Hail Breath freezes it solid, and Hailman destroys it with a Blizzard Hand. [6] Teapackman melts the ice and attempts to use a Teabag Whip with the remains, but Hailman dodges every blow.[7]

Eventually, the whip strikes Hailman in the face, but - due to it being broken - it delivers no harm. Teapackman tries again and again to use his Teabag Whip, and Hailman counters with a Blizzard Hand and a Freezing Body, which freezes the entirety of Teapackman's body. This prompts Hailman to use a Blizzard Sword, which decapitates Teapackman, and - holding the head high above as a trophy - the match is declared in his favour. [7]


(More to Come)

Hailman vs. Mariposa

At the National Chojin Museum, in Tokyo, Kinnikuman Zebra breaks in after hours with Phoenix, Big Body, and Mariposa. [8] They retrieve their old masks, which were encased as part of an exhibit, and proceed to arive in Barcelona, at the location of the battle between the Justice Chojin and Omega Centauri's Six Spears. [9] They declare themselves envoys of the gods, and - believing the Six Spears to be furthering Satan's plans - they challenge them to fight to the death, while refusing to explain the situation to Kinnikuman. [10]

Phoenix reveals that he has picked five castles for their fights, which are known to the Six Spears. [11] The Four Fated Princes - and Kinnikuman - ascend to the sky, where five ropes appear, to go towards to one of the five castles each. [11] The match with Mariposa takes place at Bran Castle, Romania, against Hailman. [12]

Hailman begins on the offensive with a Blizzard Hand. Mariposa dodges and counters with a Missile Drop-Kick, before landing on Hailman outside of the ring with a La Quebradora, which Hailman counters with a bridge. A Blizzard Lariat follows from Hailman, and this is also followed with another Blizzard Hand. Mariposa kicks away his hand, and pins Hailman to the mat by his arm. [12][13] The move is broken when Hailman uses his other hand to attack with a Blizzard Hand, and proceeds to use a Freezing Ring. [13]

Mariposa attempts another kick, but is stopped by a Hail Breath. This freezes Mariposas's legs together. Hailman uses a Glacier Crash, and then a Blizzard Blade to slice open Mariposa's chest. A second Hail Breath freezes a cylindrical ramp into the ring, and allows Hailman to use a Freeze Screw Lane. Despite being down, Mariposa counters with a Enzuigiri. He uses a Montezuma Defence. [13][14] The flames around Mariposa act like an armour, and Mariposa reveals that he can create flames even without Robin Mask's Analo Staff, by building up friction by spinning against the corner post. [14]

Hailman tries to counter with a Hail Breath, but Mariposa uses a Fire Torch Rocket. The two exchange a series of blows, until Mariposa starts to use headbutts to indent Hailman's forehead, and Mariposa's body starts to melt. Hailman uses his Blizzard Ring Maximum, which rises five ice blocks from the ring, and proceeds to Ice Ring Prison. This traps Mariposa in a block of ice. [14] Mariposa uses is Montezuma Defence, but - being an air-tight space - Mariposa is unable to create flame. [15] Mariposa breaks free and tries to use the corner-posts for friction, but Hailman uses a Hail Breath to freeze the ring itself to stop him from being able to create friction.

Hailman follows with a Blizzard Block Hammer, and - after a series of blows - uses a Blizzard Hand to pierce through Mariposa's right thigh. Mariposa counters with a figure-eight lock, but Hailman is able to turn the attack to his advantage, using an Inverted Indian Death-Lock Face-Lock, and begins to freeze all of Mariposa's body. [15] The sunlight moves through Hailman, whose body acts as a magnifying glass, and Mariposa is finally able to reignite his fire. [16] Mariposa uses a Montezuma Defence, and takes to headbutting Hailman from above.

The headbutt is a repurposed version of his previous attempted Muscle Revenger, which Mariposa calls: Aztec Cemetery. This knocks out Hailman, and the match is rung in Mariposa's favour. [16]


When Super Phoenix attempts to finish off Aristera with a super-powered Muscle Revenger, Lunaight, Hailman and Gear Master's souls appear on Aristera's Omega Hand and channel their Friendship Power into Aristera, giving him the strength to take on Super Phoenix. They tell him to never give up on their hopes before vanishing.


Blizzard Hand

  • Hailman covers his hand in ice. This move can freeze an opponent via touch.

Freezing Ring

  • Hailman freezes the ring by punching it, which gives him an advantage as he's wearing ice skates. There's a variant known as Freezing Ring Maximum where he uses both of his hands to create ice panels, which is used for his Ice Wall Prison technique.

Hail Breath

  • Hailman spews out a stream of fine hail at his foe, causing them to freeze over.

Blizzard Sword

  • Hailman turns his hand into an ice sword and decapitates his foe with it. Used as a finishing technique.

Blizzard Lariat

  • Hailman does a lariat with his Blizzard Sword.

Hail Crash

  • Hailman puts his opponent into a Fireman's Carry and does a backbreaker.

Freeze Screw Lane

  • Hailman creates a spiral path into the air with his Hail Breath. He skates up the path and does a powerful elbow drop on his foe.

Ice Wall Prison

  • Hailman entombs his foe with ice panels, trapping them forever. This also has the benefit of robbing his opponent of oxygen, which he used to remove Mariposa's fiery state.

Blizzard Block Hammer

  • Hailman turns his Blizzard Hand into a block and smacks his opponent with it.

Career Information

Win/Loss Record


  • Laugh: "Kaki Kaki"


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