Tag Team Name: Hell's Bears (ヘルズベアーズ)


A tag-team of Michael and Belmond. The two chojin are later revealed to be Mammothman and Warsman, who formed an alliance when Warsman travelled back to the past and unfroze Mammothman from his icy prison in Alaska. The two manage to work their way through the Ultimate Chojin Tag Tournament, first defeating Team Cosmos, but ultimately break apart when Mammothman betrays Warsman and aligns with Neptuneman.


They first appear before the battle royale event. [1]

A battle royale is announced. [2] They spend a part of the match fighting against the Hell's Carpenters, before turning their attentions against Moaidon. [3] The Jungle Books then attack the Hell's Bears, once the Celebrities are disqualified from the match. [4]

They throw the Hell's Bears at one another, but the Hell's Bears lock arms and counter with kicks to their opponents' faces. Hell's Bear #2 takes Savannah into a Bear Hug, while Hell's Bear #1 clutches Gori Max's and falls upside-down with him. [4] Hell's Bear #2 flips himself and Savannah into a sub-ring, and it is then noticed Gori Max is still descending downward, but now he is directly over Savannah's head. [5]

Their heads collide, which knocks them unconscious, and they are then dragged from the ring. [5] The Hell's Bears then attack Illusions by biting them, but are subjected to a devastating counter. [6] Later, they head into the sub-ring to attack Neptuneman and protect Mantaro Kinniku, but Neptuneman then knocks them both out of the ring. [7]

They win the battle royale is won by default, as all other teams are eliminated, and - in the match-up event - are placed against Team Cosmos in the first round. [8] During the event, the Hell's Bears are attacked by Meteoman, which tears Belmond's costume and rips off his eye in the process. [9]

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  • Submitted by: Hiroshi Matsui of Tokyo as Teddy the Giant (テディ・ザ・ジャイアント)


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