Hell Missionaries (ヘル・ミッショネルズ)


A tag-team of the Perfect Chojin: Neptuneman and Big the Budo. They first join the Universal Chojin Tag Tournament in disguise, where they battle against the Chojin Master/Student Combo, 20 Million Powers, and finally The Machineguns. They ultimately lose in the final round.


Dream Chojin Tag Arc


(More to Come)

First Round

The Chojin Master/Student Combo enter the third ring, where the Hell Missionaries wait for them. [1] Like the other Idol Chojins, Warsman has his Friendship Power stolen by Ashuraman and Sunshine. [2][3] Robin and Warsman work together to battle Big the Budo, until Warsman gets knocked into the ropes, and he rips the ropes to free himself and attempt Tag Formation A, which features Robin Mask taking Warsman into a Tower Bridge and spinning him, so that he may use a Rolling Bear Claw. This allows him to slash at Neptuneman's chest. [1]

Warsman watches the match from the side, as Robin Mask takes the lead. [4] After Neptuneman steals Warsman's Bear Claws, he attempts a Palo Special. Neptuneman counters, before impaling Warsman on his spike, and then using a Nose Dive and a Double Leg Suplex. [4] This knocks off Warsman's mask, causing Robin to come to his defence. [5] Neptuneman reveals he intends to steal Warsman's mask for his collection, but Warsman snatches it back and puts it back over his face. [5]

During the fight, Robin recognised Neptuneman as Quarrelman, the Chojin who had deemed him unworthy years earlier. Robin outed Quarrelman and Quarrelman then revealed his and Budō’s plan to steal the masks of the strongest Chojins and then give them to their minions (thus giving them their powers). Though Robin and Warsman tried their best (Robin even used version 1 of the Robin Special on Budō), they just couldn’t beat the Hell Missionaries and were both unmasked.

The Hell's Missionaries then use a Cross-Bomber. [5]

This knocks off Warsman's mask, allowing Neptuneman to add it to his collection. Warsman is cradled in Robin Mask's arms, while he asks who is laughing at his face, and - as Robin reassures him that no one is laughing - Warsman dies in his mentor's arms and leaves Robin weeping in grief. [5] Warsman's corpse is then tossed from the mountain by Big the Budo, but caught by Kinnikuman Great. [3] Robin is placed down on the ground and his face was fully revealed for the first time. Kinnikuman then gave Robin a towel to put over his face, as the match is declared in favour of the Hell Missionaries.


 During the match-up lottery for the semi-final placements, the 20 Million Powers are matched with the Hell Missionaries. [6] The first match is between the Muscle Brothers and the Stray Devil Chojin Combo, and the 20 Million Powers stay at the edge of the ring to act as spotters. [7] At the end of the match, after the defeat of the Stray Devil Chojin Combo, the Hell Missionaries attack Sunshine, only to be stopped by the 20 Million Powers. [8] They then allow the Hell Missionaries to attack, as the dolls - created by the Stray Devil Chojin to steal the justice chojin Friendship Power scatter, and thus creates animosity between the justice chojin. [9]

 The semi-final match against the Hell Missionaries is a simple barbed-wire cage match, but also a mask-removal death-match in which Mongolman must bet his mask. Buffaloman is thrown into the barbed wire by Neptuneman, who then switches with Mongolman, who is at a disadvantage from being unable to use the rope for his techniques. After being thrown into the screen cage, Mongolman rebounds with a kick. [9]

 After a series of blows, the 20 Million Powers seem to have the upper hand. [10] Mongolman begins to suffer flashbacks within the ring, as the cage reminds him of his match against Warsman, and Buffaloman is unable to tag in, as both of the Hell Missionaries attack him. The spirit of Warsman helps Mongolman. [10] Buffaloman is tagged in and uses a Buffalo Avalanche Drop. [11] He proceeds to attach his Long Horn, and uses a Hurricane Heat. Mongolman is tagged into the match, but subject to a Cross Bomber. [11]

 Neptuneman uses his Magnet Power in retaliation. [12] This heals the wounds of the Hell's Missionaries, and they try continuously to attack with Cross Bombers attacks, only to fail. Due to the Iron Sweat on Mongolman and Buffaloman, they are dragged towards the Hell Missionaries by their magnet power, and they almost defeat the 20 Million Powers with a Magnetic Storm Driver. [12] The 20 Million Powers are then further attacked by a magnetic suplex. [13] They are soon entangled in the magnetic barbed wires, as they regain their Friendship Power, and the Justice Chojin regain their power of friendship overall. [13]

 The iron sweat breaks from Mongoman and Buffaloman, and Buffaloman uses his Longhorn Train. [14] This increases the power of the Hell's Missionaries, who use a Silhouette Body Press, and - after a series of blows - are thrown from the war-cube. The Hell's Missionaries summon thunder to increase their electrical power. [14] Their Lightning Sabre attack renders Buffaloman and Ramenman immobile, and Buffaloman uses a fragment of Iron Sweat to draw Neptuneman away from Mongolman. [13]

 Buffaloman collapses against the mat, defeated by the Light Sabres. [13]

 Mongolman carries Buffaloman on his back, as they try again for a Longhorn Train, but they are defeated by a Magnetic Storm Crash. [13] Neptuneman attempts to unmask Mongolman, but Mongolman continues to fight back, even though his body has been magnetised. [15] Mongolman's mask is then removed by a Cross Bomber. [15] It is revealed that Mongolman was actually Ramenman, who returns to a comatose state and is rendered immobile without his mask. [16] Ramenman reveals that Doctor Bombe created the mask to give him back his mobility and speech, and his mask is removed permanently by Neptuneman. [16]


The match takes place with their competitors surrounding the ring, so no one is allowed escape except through death. [17]

Terryman struggles to keep pace in the match, but Kamehame's spirit tells him that he should try to emulate him less and be his own person, and so he starts to use his own techniques and style again. [18] They begin to work well together as a team, until the cursed canvas comes to life with the spirits of the Seven Akuma Chojin they destroyed in an earlier arc. [19] The Machineguns (still believed to be the Muscle Brothers) start to fail once more, when - after sowing seeds of doubt about Kinnikuman Great II's identity - Kinnikuman and Terryman start to fight among themselves, with Kinnikuman demanding to see his face. [20]

When Terryman sacrifices himself for Kinnikuman, it reignites their Friendship Power. [20] The two then manage to win the match, after a series of events and some flashbacks to Ashuraman's childhood, with a Muscle Docking technique. [21] The final match is against Hell Missionaries; the ring is surrounded by swords, which will pierce anyone thrown out of the ring or who tries to escape. [22] The match will be a three-round match, with each round lasting ten minutes until the final round, which will have no time-limit attached. [22]

During the match against Neptuneman, some of Terryman's blond hair is exposed. [23] More and more of Terryman's face is exposed, as he panics at the idea Kinnikuman may reject him on learning the truth, and thus leaves himself open to attacks. [24] With only seconds to spare, Terryman is defeated with a Cross-Bomber in the first round and his face is revealed. [25] Terryman has his stars returned to him by Asuraman, who rejects how he gave up earlier, and - thus due to not having technically quit his match - is still eligible to compete in the tournament, as he never technically lost. [26]

They gain an advantage in the second round, and Kinnikuman - now their friendship is renewed - tears his white vest to offer a makeshift bandage to Terryman. [27] They later manage to trick their opponents by switching places underneath the ring and swapping masks, and this lets them gain the upper-hand. [28] Terryman is then knocked out of the ring onto the spikes, where he is incapacitated. [29] They work together, after Terryman recovers to win with a Muscle Docking. [30]

The Machineguns win the third round when both opponents faint. [31]


Cross Bomber (クロス・ボンバー)
  • The trademark technique of the Hell Missionaries. First used on Warsman during the fight with the Chojin Master/Student Combo. Two simultaneous Quarrel Bombers on a single opponent, Neptuneman from the front and Big the Budo from behind. It is strong enough to knock an opponent's mask off. He also does this technique with Kinnikuman. This move was inspired by Psychoman's Magnetica Bomber technique.
Magnetic Storm Crash (磁気嵐クラッシュ, Jiki Arashi Kurasshu)
  • Budo jumps in the air and prepares to do a pile driver with one enemy using his magnet power to draw them back to Earth, while Neptuneman grabs the other opponent in a bear hug and jumps up so that both opponents head's crash together.
Mask The End (マスク・ジ・エンド)
  • A tag technique used during the fight with the Machineguns. A Magnet Power technique where both Neptuneman and Big the Budo launch themselves in a dropkick position towards opposite sides of an opponents head. They then begin spinning around, causing the opponent's mask to peel off (in a similar manner that you would peel an apple).
Thunder Saber (サンダーサーベル)
Hell's Triple Sentence (地獄の三実刑, Jigoku no San Juukei)
  • A tag techniques used during the fight with The Machineguns. Neptuneman performs a Sleeper Suplex on an opponent, then spins the mask around backwards, and finally Big the Budo hits the opponent with a Body Splash.

Career Record


  • Submitted by: Koji Nishikawa (西川興治) of Miyagi


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