Higanteman is a Brutal Chojin and antagonist.


Higanteman is a competitor in the Peruvian preliminaries for the 21st Chojin Olympics, in which he hopes to win in order to booster his reputation, and - with no intent of entering the main Olympics - seeks to develop land over the sacred Nazca Lines, turning them into a business estate to attract tourists. He has a second named Marco, whom he regularly abuses and beats.


Higanteman wins his match against Copper Bellman. [1]

He is the most popular contender of the Peruvian preliminaries to the 21st Chojin Olympics, and he is attended to by his second: Marco. After Marco gets wrong the colour of towels, he strikes Marco and makes him eat leftovers for dinner, as well as threatens to replace him with another child. He then turns back to the crowds. [1]

Higanteman reveals he plans to retire after the Olympics, where he will become the first chojin president, and that he plans to build over the Nazca Lines with a recreational facility that would destroy them. This enrages Marco, who refuses to deliver the documents to make this happen, and he beats Marco badly and abuses him for his disobedience. [1]

The next day, he attends his match against Benkiman. Benkiman attempts a Drop Kick, which is useless against Higanteman, who uses a Giant Swing to strike him against the corner-post. He then boots Benkiman in the face and knocks him out of the ring, beginning a countdown. After seeing Marco so hurt, Benkiman goes in for a tackle and is inspired to carry on in their fight. Higanteman attempts a Higante Crush, but Benkiman defeats him with a Benki Flush. [1]

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