Life is wonderful
— Ingen

Ingen is an elder on Planet Rakka. He was just fine after taking an arrow through the head.


Ingen is an elder on the Planet Rakka, as well as the mentor of Beansman, and he takes an arrow to the head when the space-samurai attack his home-planet. He survives and dons a disguise, but later dies when he is struck through the head by a second arrow during the battle between Chojin and Space Samurai.


Ingen is an inhabitant of Planet Rakka. [1]

He is an elder on the planet, when it is attacked by space samurai, and tries to escape with his pupil: Beansman. He is struck by an arrow through his head, which prompts him to prevent Beansman from attacking the samurai and warn him to go to Earth, where he can find help from the chojin. He leads Beansman to a space-ship, but is struck unconscious by debris that strikes his head. [1]

When Beansman returns, a young man is seen on the planet and attacked by Kinnikuman, and the young man reveals that the people are within a fortress. [2] He removes a mask and shows that he is secretly Ingen, who still has the arrow through his head. The space samurai are on their lunch-break, but their lunch is now over. [2]

The space-samurai return to attack again, and Ingen goes with Beansman and Crystalman to attack the fort, but Ingen gets attacked again by a second arrow through the head. [3] This seemingly kills Ingen, whose final words are: "life is wonderful". [3]




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