Jean Steamboard (ジャンヌ・スティムボード) is a chojin in the American Tour Arc, that is named after Ricky Steamboat.


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World Tour Arc

When God Von Erich announced a tag tournament between the World Supermen Association, Council, and Federation for control of the American Chojin world, Jean Steamboat was called in from France to be Beauty Rhodes' tag partner on The Emperors' tag team. In the first round of tournament, the Emperors fought against The Machineguns, Kinnikuman and Terryman of the WSA. Despite having the advantage at first, mainly due to Kin's lack of experience in tag matches, the match ended in a draw. In the second round, he and Rhodes fought against the Blood Illusions, Skull Bozu and Devil Magician. The Emperors were hospitalized when Most Violent Combo began to cheat, starting with Rhodes being set on fire by Skull, and Devil Magician stabbing Steamboat with a hidden knife. They were able to recover in time to give Terryman his artificial leg back when he lost it during the Machineguns' match against the Blood Illusions.


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Career Information

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  • He never appeared in the anime,because the American Tag Tournament was completly scrapped for the anime.



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