Jesse Maivia is a character from Yudetamago's manga and anime series Kinnikuman and its sequel Kinnikuman Nisei. He wears a Mahiole and ʻAhu ʻula.


Jesse Maivia is a champion of the Hawaiian Chojin world and a master of Move Reversion. He was so powerful he defeated the great Prince Kamehame to become the Hawaiian Champion, and is the only character in the series to defeat him in a singles match. However his power and skill make him arrogant and he never learns his own techniques, instead relying only on his Move Reversion. This leads him to lose the belt to Kinnikuman, but he regains it later from Kamehame.

He returns during the 21st Chojin Olympics and again more prominently during the Survivor Match for the Kinniku Throne. By this time he has lost his arrogance and is depicted as a more level-headed character. He appears in Kinnikuman Nisei as a trainer at the Hercules Factory.


Kinnikuman arrives in Hawaii for his championship tour, where Jesse Maivia appears astride an artificial sun above the ocean. [1] Kinnikuman is disallowed a match with Jesse Maivia, and is expected to fight Prince Kamehame instead, who is Jesse Maivia's attendant and takes Jesse Maivia's possessions to his dressing room. Jesse states that he is willing to fight in a double-crown match against Kinnikuman, so long as Kinnikuman wins against Prince Kamehame. [1]

Jesse Maivia attends at the mountain auditorium to witness the match, but Kinnikuman loses in seven seconds and Jesse Maivia leaves with Duke Kamata. [2] After extensive training with Prince Kamehame after the match, Kinnikuman successfully shows Jesse Maivia that he has mastered the 48 Killer Techniques. [3] Kinnikuman challenges Jesse Maivia to a fight, which is to take place at Kapiolani Park, but Jessie Maivia asks that the ropes of the ring be removed in a no-rope death-match. [3]

Kinnikuman shows off within the ring, but struggles without ropes for his attacks. [4] He tries to use a German Suplex on Jesse Maivia, but Jesse Maivia counters with a double-leg hold, and - as Kinnikuman attempts a bear-hold - Jesse Maivia uses a front suplex. Kinnikuman is knocked from the ring, but returns before the end of the countdown. [4] The two engage in a series of blows, until Kinnikuman gains the upper-hand and finally defeats Jesse Maivia with a Romero Special. [5]

Career Record

  • Hawaiian Championship (2nd, 4th)
  • Big Mountain
  • Master of Move Reversion (返し技の名手, Kaeshiwaza no Meishu)

Win/Loss Record (Singles)



Counter (返し技 Kaeshi Waza)

Double Leg Roll Hold (ダブルレッグ・ロール・ホールド)

Front Suplex (フロント・スープレックス)

Bridge (ブリッジ) Win/Loss Record (Singles)




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