Jijimman (チヂミマン) is a Korean chojin set to fight Kevin Mask.


A Korean chojin nicknamed the "Blue Chili Pepper" that used Taekwondo. He was defeated by Kevin Mask in the second match of the first round of "A" block in the Choujin Olympics: The Resurrection. He was defeated within 7 minutes and 29 seconds. Named after the Korean cuisine jijim (찌짐). Has the character on his forehead.


Jijiman is assigned to fight Kevin Mask when they are allotted places in the Chojin Olympics: The Resurrection Arc, via the usage of a giant pachinko machine. [1] The fight will be in Kyushu's Fukuoka Dome. [1] It is revealed their match was heavily advertised in the run-up to the fight. [2] Jijiman grows impatient when Kevin is over ten minutes late for their match, enough to accuse him of cowardice. [3]

Jijimman grows frustrated and does not hide his emotion well, as Kevin Mask risks being disqualified. [4] He mocks Kevin when he enters the ring, for his weak and sickly state, and proceeds to attack with a series of relentless hits. [5] Jijimman attacks for five minutes straight without any counter-attacks from Kevin, but Kevin retaliates with a Royal Stretch and finally a Big Ben Edge. [6] The match is won at 7 minutes 29 seconds, while Kevin mocks Jijimman by memorising his visage to add to his tattoo, which will mark his defeat for eternity. [7]


Ti Chagi

  • A donkey kick [5]

Dolsot Split

  • A kick that smashes into one's face, while another leg traps one in place; named after a Korean clay-pot rice-dish [5]

Seolleong-Tang Flip

  • A slam named after a Korean beef stew [6]

Career Information

Win/Loss Record (Singles)

  • X Kevin Mask (Big Ben Edge) (7 minutes, 29 seconds) [7]



  • Submitted by: Manabu Kimura (24) of Aichi.


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