John Bullman (ジョンブルマン) Flag of the United Kingdom 

A friend of Robin Mask and a member of Scotland Yard's Chojin Branch. Named for John Bull.


John Bullman is a friend of Robin Mask; they used to train together, and are seen to be on good speaking terms. [1][2] He seeks for a career change, as he moves from Scotland Yard into a wrestling career, and he enters the English preliminary matches for the 19th Chojin Olympics. [3] He unfortunately dies during these matches, but his death inspires Robin to become a wrestler. [4]


After Robin Mask engages in a bar-fight, John Bullman appears - in uniform as a police officer - to break up the fight and keep the peace. [1] It is revealed he works for Scotland Yard, in the Superhuman Division. He pays for Robin's drinks, and he reveals that he's planning on competing in the upcoming 19th Chojin Olympics, where - two weeks from now - he hopes to fight Robin Mask. [1]

It is revealed that John Bullman and Robin Mask used to train together, and that he is doing well in the English preliminaries, where he defeats Maximilian with a Beefeaer Suplex. [3] Everyone is positive about John Bullman's chances to compete in the finals, until he comes across Guillotine King. He is taunted by Guillotine King, and John Bullman's techniques have no seeming effect on him, while Guillotine's counters leave him fatigued. [3]

He is then decapitated by Guillotine King. John Bullman's last words are "Robin", and his death inspires Robin Mask to follow a career as a Seigi Chojin; without John's sacrifice, Robin would have remained a human and would not have been an integral character within "Kinnikuman". [2]


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  • Submitted by Ken Hiroshima, 30, from Hiroshima [3]


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