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The Justice Chojin (正義超人) are Chojin who use their powers for the sake of justice.


The Justice Chojin mainly defend their home countries by battling kaijus in earlier chapters. There are said to be 1,000 of them on Earth. They were founded by Silverman, brother of Goldman.

Particularly popular Justice Chojin are referred to as Idol Chojin (Kinnikuman, Terryman, Robin Mask, Ramenman, Warsman, Buffaloman, Geronimo, Brocken Jr., Wolfman).


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Calluses of Friendship

The Justice Chojin develop calluses and corns on their hand, which are created from how often then shake hands, such as before matches and when saving friends lives. [1] The handshake affirms their bonds, and they are considered a form of proof that they are true friends. [2]


Iron Sweat

Friendship is absolute for Justice Chojins, and if for some reason a crack begins to appear in their friendship the ancient Iron Sweat (アイアン・スエット) begins to flow from their bodies. It continues to flow and weigh them down until their friendship is restored.

The ancestors of Justice Chojin had no patience for those that stood against Friendship Power, and so they would punish those who betrayed their friends with a heavy suit of armour, which must be worn at all times and would cause great discomfort. [2] In modern times, any chojin who betrays a comrade will release a sweat made of iron particles, which also proves to be magnetic in nature. [2]

Friendship Power

Friendship Power (友情パワー, Yūjō Pawaa) is the power of unity is mainly used by the justice chojin, but as Sunshine once said: "Friendship exists even among demons".



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