A Perfect Chojin that ended the conflict between Goldman and Silverman.



"Justice" mask

A Perfect Origin from the days of old known as the God of Judgement (裁きの神 Sabaki no Kami) who offered Goldman and Silverman swords to put a decisive end to their conflict. In actuality the deaths of the two rebellious brothers from the battle was intentionally set up by The Man. In his first appearance, he's known simply as Justice and bears a striking resemblance to Ramenman in silhouette. However, this is retconned in his appearance within the Perfect Origin Arc as being a helmet with a long chain draped behind his head that connects to a Scales of Justice.


During the Perfect Origin Arc he grieviously injured Asuraman (who was shown still bandaged in the later story arc) and fought with Terryman.

However, during the latter fight he gave up: made aware that Terryman was wearing an advanced prosthetic left leg made by Backlund, too advanced to be fixed and replaced, and seeing how he willingly took enough punishment to wreck it beyond repair (thus giving up his career as a wrestler for friendship) he choose to surrender, but also to bear witness to the Seigi Chojin actions from then on.

After Akuma Shogun fought and beat The Man, he, Peeka Boo and Nemesis helped The Man to reach the Chojin Hakaba and take back is role as Enma Chojin.


Turbine Storm,

Justice's silhouette

Judgement Crash,

Judgement Avalanche,

Judgement Twist,

Judgement Windmill,

Ōki Armlock (大木腕固め),

Judgement Penalty

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