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A Perfect Chojin that ended the conflict between Goldman and Silverman.


A Perfect Origin from the days of old known as the God of Judgement (裁きの神 Sabaki no Kami) who offered Goldman and Silverman swords to put a decisive end to their conflict. In actuality the deaths of the two rebellious brothers from the battle was intentionally set up by The Man. In his first appearance, he's known simply as Justice and bears a striking resemblance to Ramenman in silhouette. However, this is retconned in his appearance within the Perfect Origin Arc as being a helmet with a long chain draped behind his head that connects to a Scales of Justice.



Justiceman was once known as the "God of Judgement". [1] He was good friends with Silverman and Goldman, and used his knowledge of them to manipulate them into battle, which resulted in the decapitation of both chojin. At some unknown point, he also adopted a protege named Milosman, who was later killed by an ancestor of the Asura Clan and had his arms removed by them. [1]

Perfect Origin Arc

Justiceman vs. Ashuraman

(More to Come)

Ashuraman appears within a cave in the Demon World. [2]

A voice calls to him and compliments his composure, where the Sixth Origin appears: Justiceman. [2] Justiceman tells the story of Milosman, whose statue adorns the arena of Ashuraman's world, and that Milosman had his arms stolen by Ashuraman's ancestors. [1] Ashuraman clicks his fingers and makes four screens appear about the ring within the arena, which enables them to speak to the chojin in other rings across the world, as the others also continue to participate within the tournament. [1]

After Justiceman puts his scales on a corner-post, Ashuraman dives forward to attack. [3] Justiceman counters before an attack can land, as he drops a high-kick to Ashuraman's upper arms. This knocks off Ashuraman's armlets, and it lands upon the scales, which strikes a balance that shows he is neither evil or good. Asuraman proceeds to use an Ashura Six-Realm Lotus. Justiceman counters with a palm-press and a spin-kick. Ashuraman attempts an Ashura Torpedo, which is countered with a Chancery Drop.

Justiceman continues to perfectly counter Ashuraman's attacks, culminating in a double-arm suplex. [3] Ashuraman attempts a Paramita Lariat, but this is countered with a Large Three-Arm Lock. [4] Justiceman is able to predict with set of arms Ashuraman will use at any moment, which is due to the genetics of Milosman 'speaking' to Justiceman, and Justiceman uses a Judgement Crash. This wrenches off one of Ashuraman's arms, and a Judgement Twist removes another. [4]

A Judgement Avalanche removes two more arms, leaving him with two arms. [4] Ashuraman attempts an Ashura Izuna Drop, as his knees turn into hooks and hold onto Justiceman's feet, but Justiceman counters with a handstand. [5] Justiceman attacks with a knee-strike. Buffaloman encourages Ashuraman to continue, who attempts a Lariat that misses and lands on a ring-post. This slices off Ashuraman's remaining left arm.

Ashuraman attempts a hand blow, but his arm gets entangled in the ropes. This slices off his right arm. He proceeds to grow six new arms, borrowed from various Devil Chojin. [5] He proceeds to use a Revived Tornado Hell, which finally lands a blow on Justiceman. [6] This is followed by an Ashura Face-Change and a Tornado Hell and an Ashura Six Realm Lotus. He lands a series of blows against Justiceman, as he leaves no openings, and follows with an Angry Suplex. This is broken by Justiceman with a Judgement Windmill.

After the attack, Ashuraman takes two corner-posts and slices indents in them. They attach to the top two ropes on each side of the ring, as he slips between them on one side to use an Ashura Flaming Bullet. [6] Te two incessantly try to counter each other's attacks during the fall, until Ashuraman uses his Ashura Buster. [7] This is soon turned into a Blood Unit Ashura Buster. It fails to impact Justiceman, and - in anger - Ashuraman attacks Justiceman with a series of blows, but Justiceman dodges every single attack. [7]

Justiceman proceeds to break off several of Ashuraman's arms, and destroys his various faces, until only one is left. He follows this with a Judgement Penalty. [8] This destroys the rest of Ashuraman's arms and the final face. [9] Justiceman is declared the victor. Despite this victory, the scales on the side of the ring declare Ashuraman innocent and Justiceman tosses back his armlet to him. [9]

(More to Come)

Justiceman vs. Terryman

Justiceman fights Terryman on the 3rd floor of Yggdrasil. [10]

Terryman grabs Justiceman's head with a Texas Bulldozer, but Justiceman counters with a back-drop. While Terryman writhes in pain, Justiceman attacks again with a Moonsault Drop, and Terryman uses this as an opportunity for a knee-crusher. The attack fails and Justiceman knocks him back. [10] Justiceman announces that he will accept the Perfect Chojin are wrong, if Terryman can best him in battle. [11] He also states that he intended to fight to the death. Terryman accepts and attempts a series of blows, but none work.

Justiceman tries to stomp on a downed Terryman, but Terryman attempts to knocks him down with a sliding kick. The kick misses, but Terryman manages to grab Justiceman's other leg and knock him to the canvas, before using a Spinning Toe Hold. [11] The crowd cheers for Terryman, but Justiceman kicks him away and counters with a triangle-hold. [12] He then uses a shoulder-throw to toss Terryman across the ring.

After flinging Terryman around the ring, but Terryman realises that Justiceman has a pattern to how he fights: he always uses "logical" movements. Terryman feigns a Condor Kick, which Justiceman raises his arms to counter, but Terryman changes to a double-somersault kick. He then uses a German Suplex, followed by a full-weight moonsault (aerial moves he would never usually move, so an opponent would not logically expect). Terryman uses a King Kong Drop, but Justiceman evades and uses a Judgement Crash. [12]

The move does vast damage to Terryman's arms, but the stars on his arms begin to glow. [13] Terryman proceeds to use continual middle-kicks with his left leg, despite seeming to have injured his left knee, but Justiceman blocks every kick. It is revealed that Buckland created Terryman a new artificial leg, almost as good as an organic leg, but the leg cannot be replaced if it is broken (especially due to Buckland's death. [13]

Justiceman counters by attacking Terryman's right leg, before Terryman attempts a Texas Clover-Hold. [14] The move is countered by Justiceman, who uses a knee-bar on the right leg, but Terryman breaks from the hold. Terryman accuses Justiceman of taking pity by not attacking his left leg, but Justiceman states he wants to leave Terryman no excuse for having lost the match. He follows this with a Judgement Twist, which destroys enough bones and tendons to make Terryman's left arm useless. [14]

Terryman tears out two corners of the ring, which creates a Texas Twister. [14] This knocks Justiceman to the canvas, allowing Terryman a chance to use the Texas Twister once again, but this time Justiceman is able to counter with a chop. [15] Terryman follows with a Calf Branding. It fails to damage Justiceman, who uses an ankle-lock on Terryman's right leg and breaks his leg. A Judgement Avalanche follows, which causes the light on Terryman's stars to diminish. Even without working limbs, Terryman headbutts Justiceman.

Justiceman attacks back with a Justice Penalty. [15] The light returns to Terryman's stars, as he regains his Texan Spirit. [16] The force of the Judgement Penalty knocks Terryman's prosthetic leg from his body, and - despite his extensive injuries - Terryman crawls towards Justiceman. He tries to fight, but Justiceman declares that he already found him "guilty" when he used his Judgement Penalty, and he cannot judge a person twice; as Terryman survived the move and Justiceman cannot continue to fight (due to having given judgement), Terryman wins as the match is effectively forfeited. He gifts Terryman his dumbbell. [16]

Justiceman proceeds to compliment Terryman's Fighting Spirit (what Terryman dubs his 'Texan Spirit'). [17]


After General Devil fought and beat The Man; he - along with Peek-a-Boo and Nemesis - helped The Man to reach the Chojin Graveyard and take back his role as Chojin Enma.

Omega Centauri's Six Spears Arc

Justiceman vs. Satan

Justiceman later shows up after the tag-team match between the Full Metal Jackets and the Omega Glorious, interfering against Satan's attack against Ataru and Omegaman Aristera. Although Justiceman can't fight against current-day Chojin, he can fight against relics like Satan. Justiceman forgives the current-day Omega Centaurians, as the sins of the ancestors aren't the sins of their descendants. Justiceman even mentions his match against Terryman. Aristera will talk with Justiceman after his fight against Satan. Satan tries attacking again, but Justiceman stops him with an armlock.

In response, Satan throws him aside, slamming Justiceman against the turnbuckle. As Ataru escapes the floating ring with Mariquitaman and Aristera, he yells Justiceman's name. Luckily, Justiceman calmly gets up.

Satan thinks that Justiceman's got a swollen ego for saying that he'll fight Satan in the name of justice. Satan admits that he would have some trouble fighting against The Man, but fighting against a lackey of his will be a piece of cake. Satan will shatter Justiceman's misguided confidence into pieces with his new body. Justiceman will be the first offering to him.

Justiceman asks Satan why he would grow a new body. Justiceman notes that Satan always seeks out new hosts because he's so paranoid. Creating a new body is not like Satan at all. To Justiceman, Satan's already revealed his hand. Justiceman theorizes that this contradiction is connected to the recent chaos going on lately.

Satan orders Justiceman to be silent, but Justiceman retorts that Satan might be upset after getting elbowed in the face by him. Justiceman corrects him and properly introduces himself as the Perfect Sixth of the Perfect Origin. Justiceman has lived for countless aeons and he will beat threats like Satan through the teachings of The Man. After all, Justiceman's here to protect the Chojin world's promising future!

With that, Justiceman grabs Satan by the arm and throws him, but Satan reverses that and knees Justiceman in the gut. Satan thinks that there's no hope for the Chojin world. The only thing that exists is dark despair. The more despair exists in this world, the stronger Satan becomes. Satan slams Justiceman's head into the mat and elbows him in the neck.

Satan thinks that Justiceman's pathetic and that he'll never protect the Chojin world in a state like this. It shouldn't be a problem for Satan to change things for the worse. Satan grabs Justiceman's legs and slams his face into the turnbuckle. Satan's not done yet, though. There's more pain on the way.

As Satan delivers a beat-down on Justiceman, Satan announces that he will destroy Justiceman until his pride and face are completely gone. Seeing as the match has barely lasted for five minutes, Satan decides to check on Justiceman's barely damaged mug. Clearly upset, Satan proclaims that he cannot stand Justiceman's kind at all. Justiceman makes Satan bubble with rage. Justiceman can keep up the act all he wants, but Satan's through with playing around. It's time for one of Satan's finishers, the Satanic Soul Branding! Anyone who stands in Satan's way will get a one way trip into oblivion!

And thus, Satan does that move on Justiceman, but Justiceman doesn't flinch at all. He asks Satan if that was his strongest move. Justiceman breaks free, coughing up blood when he's finished. Satan boasts that the Satanic Soul Branding had an effect on Justiceman after all. Justiceman praises Satan for hurting him enough to the point where he coughs up blood. This is far as Satan will go in Justiceman's eyes.

Satan repeats that he can't stand Justiceman's attitude while unleashing another beat-down on Justiceman. He doesn't like that Justiceman acts like he's invincible. Satan will reveal Justiceman's act is all faked. To do that, he'll use Justiceman's own scales. Satan's belt buckle weighs less than Justiceman's item, making Satan think that he's right about Justiceman being all talk.

Satan notes the irony of Justiceman's scales turning against him and exposed Justiceman's own fear of Satan. That earlier act was all a bluff. Satan goes for a kick, but Justiceman catches it and easily reverses it with a tug. Satan thinks that Justiceman's resistance is annoying.

However, Justiceman announces that he's stopped playing around. He will use his Justice moves for this fight, performing the Justice Crash on Satan to prove his point. A crack forms on Satan's body, causing him to yell that his defeat can't be happening! Justiceman explains Satan's plan of possessing a powerful vessel in order to defeat The Man. When Satan's plan failed, he decided to create his own body. Justiceman believes that Satan's in a rush to do something and realizes what that is.

Satan retorts and orders Justiceman to stop his theorizing. Justiceman ignores that and does a Judgement Twist. Justiceman asks if Satan can feel the impermanence of Earth. Satan's body can deal with normal Chojin, but it can't deal with a Perfect Origin. Giving up on a physical body for so long has made Satan weak. If Satan is struggling to beat Justiceman in combat, he has no chance at beating The Man. When his plan to possess Aristera failed, everything began to unravel for Satan.

There's a reason for Satan not giving up and adapting a physical body, according to Justiceman. Satan calls Justiceman an insolent brat and asks if he could dare to critique Satan, the great Demon King like that. Justiceman retorts with a pair of his own questions, saying that Satan's title doesn't even matter at all to him. Satan's time has passed. The Perfect Origin's time has passed as well, which is why Justiceman and The Man stopped interfering. Justiceman adds that an unneeded relic like Satan needs to stop interfering with Chojin lives, placing him in the Justice Avalanche finishing hold to accentuate his point.

A crack appears on Satan's arm. Ominously, Satan warns Justiceman that he still has a plan even if he's outmatched by Justiceman. Justiceman asks about the plan, which is revealed to be Satan's ace up his sleeve. It is the one thing Justiceman isn't prepared for. Justiceman says that Satan has nothing at all and slams him into the canvas.

Satan recovers with an upward kick to Justiceman's face and boasts of his own power. Justiceman shouldn't underestimate Satan since Satan's the Demon King and all. Justiceman goes for a kick, slamming Satan into a ring turnbuckle. Satan doesn't like that Justiceman's messing around with him and admits that Justiceman hasn't beaten him, not by a long shot. Satan can't lose at all. With this, Satan attempts to possess Justiceman's body.

Today is the birth of a new demon king, and the start of a bloody Sabbath! Justiceman manages to prevent Satan's possession and rejects Satan. While kicking Satan in the face, Justiceman asks, "What on Earth are you thinking?" Satan obviously didn't think things through.

Satan's plan is clearly half-baked because Justiceman doesn't have the needed evil heart that Satan desires at all. This is the reason Satan gave up on possessing Aristera, since Aristera made an attempt to reform. Satan brings up the scales tipping in his favor, but the scales suddenly tip in Justiceman's favor. Satan has a nervous breakdown upon seeing that.

Justiceman explains that his earlier guilt came about because he let Satan roam around on Earth. That guilt has faded away since Justiceman can now enact his most prized finisher on Satan, the Justice Penalty, without impunity. And thus, Justiceman has deemed Satan guilty! Justiceman leaps into the air and performs his finisher move, marking Satan guilty for his many crimes!

His face still gripped by Justiceman's hand, Satan can't believe he's being wiped out with no mercy. With this finisher, Justiceman causes Satan's body to shatter. Satan's spirit flees, threatening to come back as long as there's evil in the hearts of mankind. The cube ring, drained of energy, crashes into the ground.


Although Satan's gone for now, there's still a problem to address. Kinnikuman needs to know what lies ahead. Ataru, the Omega Centaurians, and Brocken Jr. need to know as well. They all need to know about current events and the impending disaster that's approaching Earth. Kinnikuman assumes that Satan's behind the disaster, but Justiceman dispels that notion. Satan's responsible for manipulating the Omega Centaurians, but he's not the man behind this disaster. Satan's actions were a prelude of what's to come.

The real approaching threat is not in the same class as Satan. In fact, this threat is part of the reason why the Perfect Origin formed in the first place. The Man predicted this threat, gathering the Chojin that would become the Perfect Origin and raising them so they could fight back against this threat. Brocken Jr. realizes that the other Origin must know about this threat. Justiceman confirms this completely.

Justiceman points out how Ataru must have been given the details about this threat from the God of Brutality. Ataru confirms this, realizing that it's all been connected, even the exile of the Omega Centaurians was part of this. Aristera is shocked by this, bringing up how Super Phoenix said that The Man was Omega Centaurians' ally the whole time.

Justiceman acknowledges that they are ready to know. However, Justiceman and Ataru aren't fit to tell them what they know about this predicament. Instead, they must seek this knowledge from The Man himself. With that, Justiceman invites everyone to Mon Saint Parfait for an important meeting with The Man to learn about this threat in person. Justiceman will also use this meeting to talk with The Man personally. Kinnikuman brings up how Justiceman rebelled against The Man during the Perfect Origin arc, but Justiceman notes that his bond between The Man cannot be easily severed. Besides, The Man's thinking was changed after his loss to Goldman.

With that, Justiceman uses his power to open wormholes for the Justice Chojin and The Six Spears with the exception of Mariquitaman. Aristera will be the one to speak for the Six Spears. The future of Omega Centauri is now in Aristera's hands. Everyone enters the wormholes to Mon Saint Parfait. Posing like the Devil General before his invasion of the Chojin Graveyard, Justiceman easily opens the way after Kinnikuman's comedic struggling to swim his way to the monument.

Luckily, the Graveyard Demons respect Justiceman and follow his orders to let the living Chojin into the graveyard. Despite their obedience, Kinnikuman is still afraid of them because of the time he was sent there during the match against Mixer Taitei. Upon spotting the corpses of the fallen Perfect Origin, Justiceman requests that they should be given proper burials. He leads the group into the chambers of Chojin Enma, where he explains the cause behind this incident. There was a divide between the Chojin Gods: one that wanted to keep Chojin alive and one that wanted them all dead. The Man headed the faction that wanted them alive, while the God of Harmony led the faction that wanted them all dead.

The Man reminds everyone of the time the Earth was bathed in Capillaria Rays. He saved 10 Chojin that would become the Perfect Origin. The Man gave up his godhood and became a Chojin so he could lead the Perfect Origin by example. Because of how far The Man was willing to go through with his plan, the Chojin he raised would become Perfect Chojin.

When Aristera brings up the ancestors of the Omega Centaurians trying to surpass the gods, The Man notes that their unruly, brutal behavior had disrupted the peace of the Earth. And yet, he's still impressed by their progress. The Omega Centaurian ancestors were proof of the potential that Chojin had all along even if they didn't fit under The Man's standards for Perfect Chojin. In fact, the ancestors shown The Man that his choice to show Chojin mercy was the right choice all along.

Although The Man decided to purge the Omega Centaurian ancestors, per the other Gods' orders, he allowed them safe passage to the Omega Star Cluster. With that fact, Aristera realizes that The Man tried to save his ancestors. The Man says that he wanted to see the ancestors build another thriving culture. The Man states that his decisions only brought the people of Omega Centauri countless grief, and for that, he would like to apologize to Aristera. The Man's sorry for everything that he's done.

Aristera is brought to tears by that apology. Both Pirateman and Ataru note that The Man was really on Omega Centauri's side. The real enemy that all Chojin must face is the God of Harmony. The Five Evil Gods are helping out because of "the enemy of my enemy is my friend principle". Even though the Five Evil Gods tried to usurp the other gods, they knew about the potential of Chojin.

Concerned, Brocken Jr. brings up that nobody's opposing the God of Harmony. What's to stop the God of Harmony from blasting Earth with another round of Capillaria Rays. The Man reveals that the God of Harmony can't because he and the Five Evil Gods have pieces of the Capillaria Ray crystal. Before leaving heaven, The Man proposed that the Gods should carry one piece of the Capillaria Ray crystal, and to use it, they all must agree unanimously. After The Man revealing that his record player contains his piece of the Capillaria Ray crystal, his piece produces a blinding light, hurting the Chojin in the room. As long as the God of Harmony is missing a piece, he won't be able to bathe the universe in Capillaria Rays.

Satan wanted to do everything he can to get The Man's piece because he's an incomplete being that missed his chance at being a god. That's why Satan used the Omega Centaurians in his plan to retrieve The Man's piece. Satan knew their grudge hasn't subsided yet.

Proud for once, The Man notes that the mortal Chojin solved their first crisis through their own strength. That kind of conduct deserves an applause. And for that, Ataru thanks The Man and adds that Justiceman is the real reason why they're at Mon Saint Parfait in the first place. Ataru thinks they're not ready to take on the next challenge out there.

The Man still thinks they're ready, though. The mortal Chojin must face off against the gods themselves as their next challenge. Shocked by the reveal, Kinnikuman, Meat and Brocken Jr. ask if The Man if he's serious about the mortal Chojin fighting the gods themselves. Luckily, the group will only face off against the gods affiliated with the God of Harmony. The mortal Chojin ruined the gods' plans enough to the point where they've become desperate enough to try and attempt to circumvent the Man's checks he had put in place.

Kinnikuman doesn't know how he and the others will fight the gods. Will these Gods possess Chojin like the Five Evil Gods did with their Fated Princes? The Man says they wouldn't resort to that at all. Instead, they'll descend to Earth with physical forms like he did. The Gods will personally make sure that the mortal Chojin will be wiped out. And so, Kinnikuman's group must fight them!

Because of The Man's steep demands, Kinnikuman becomes worried. Seeing as The Man is tough and all, how will Kinnikuman's group fight back against the God of Harmony's faction? It's just impossible, according to Kinnikuman. The Man remains resolute and says that Kinnikuman will find a way. Neptuneman and Nemesis reveal themselves to tell that Kinnikuman must fight for the future of mortal Chojin.

Upon seeing Ataru, Nemesis exchanges a few pleasant words with his grand nephew, observing that he's just like Tatsunori Kinniku. However, Ataru corrects Nemesis. Ataru did run away from home and all. In a sense, Ataru's like Sadaharu. History does repeat itself.

The battle against the Gods isn't being waged by one group. It's being waged by all mortal Chojin. And if they lose, they will be wiped out. Neptuneman doesn't know where the Gods will strike next, but he understands that the Gods will come after the Man's Capillaria Ray crystal piece soon. The group must keep that piece out of the Gods' hands no matter the cost.

It's not as simple as that. As the Five Evil Gods still possess their pieces in some fashion, they will also be targets for the God of Harmony's faction. The God of Brutality told Ataru all about the God of Harmony's plan in advance. As a result, Meat states that the Fated Princes have become leads for Kinnikuman's group as they've survived their matches. Aristera reminds everyone of the Six Spears' quest to find Magnet Power and Friendship Power. Even if Aristera knows about Friendship Power, he and the other Six Spears can't activate it all because of their grudge towards The Man.

Kinnikuman states that Aristera can activate Friendship Power. He's seen how the Six Spears have fought and knows that he and Aristera aren't so different after all. The Six Spears only fought for the sake of their friends and their home. Kinnikuman brings up his signature catch phrase and shakes Aristera's hand, confusing the Omega Clan head in the process. Kinnikuman states that he's doing the handshake of friendship, a basic greeting of Justice Chojin. Now that Aristera's come to understand Kinnikuman, he can understand the truth behind Friendship Power.

The Man admits that he and the other Perfect Origin haven't understood Friendship Power completely and admits that Aristera can bring out Friendship Power to its limits. The Man reveals the Mortier de Pileur, explaining that it extracts power from the Earth and turns it into Chojin power. It can be reversed so that it injects Chojin power back into the planet it's resting on. The Man promises to give Aristera the Mortier de Pileur as a way to atone for his past crimes against Omega Centauri. In order to get the Omega Centaurians' help, The Man must solve their planet's problem first. In response, Aristera and Pirateman swear allegiance to The Man.

Back on Earth, the God of Harmony's faction start invading. The Fated Princes stare at the heavens at their respective arenas, already anticipated the events in advance.


Turbine Storm

  • Justiceman swings his arm, creating a small tornado right at his opponent. Similar to Ashuraman's Tornado Hell because Milosman's own arms were used as the basis for the Ashura Clan's rise in power.

Judgement Crash

  • After twisting his opponent's arms, Justiceman tugs on them and slams his opponent face-first into the canvas.

Judgement Avalanche

  • While midair, Justiceman clutches onto his opponent's arms and slams into the canvas with them.

Judgement Twist

  • Justiceman places his opponent's arm into a standing leg lock while grappling his opponent's face. He then pulls hard on his opponent's arm, twisting it in the process.

Judgement Windmill

  • Justiceman places his opponent in a double chicken wing lock and follows up with a suplex.

Ōki Armlock (大木腕固め),

Judgement Penalty

  • Catching his opponent in a Front Indian Death-Lock mid-air, Justiceman follows up with a claw-hold to the face. Justiceman then slams his opponent into the canvas.

Career Information

Win/Loss Record (Singles)



  • Submitted by: Kenichi Ishii (石井健一) of Nagano


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