A Perfect Chojin that ended the conflict between Goldman and Silverman.


A Perfect Origin from the days of old known as the God of Judgement (裁きの神 Sabaki no Kami) who offered Goldman and Silverman swords to put a decisive end to their conflict. In actuality the deaths of the two rebellious brothers from the battle was intentionally set up by The Man. In his first appearance, he's known simply as Justice and bears a striking resemblance to Ramenman in silhouette. However, this is retconned in his appearance within the Perfect Origin Arc as being a helmet with a long chain draped behind his head that connects to a Scales of Justice.


During the Perfect Origin Arc he grieviously injured Asuraman (who was shown still bandaged in the later story arc) and fought with Terryman.

However, during the latter fight he gave up: made aware that Terryman was wearing an advanced prosthetic left leg made by Backlund, too advanced to be fixed and replaced, and seeing how he willingly took enough punishment to wreck it beyond repair (thus giving up his career as a wrestler for friendship) he choose to surrender, but also to bear witness to the Seigi Chojin actions from then on.

After Akuma Shogun fought and beat The Man; he - along with Peeka Boo and Nemesis - helped The Man to reach the Chojin Hakaba and take back is role as Enma Chojin.

Justiceman later shows up after the tag-team match between the Full Metal Jackets and the Omega Glorious, interfering against Satan's attack against Ataru and Omegaman Aristera. Although Justiceman can't fight against current-day Chojin, he can fight against relics like Satan. Justiceman forgives the current-day Omega Centaurians, as the sins of the ancestors aren't the sins of their descendants. Justiceman even mentions his match against Terryman. Aristera will talk with Justiceman after his fight against Satan. Satan tries attacking again, but Justiceman stops him with an armlock.

In response, Satan throws him aside, slamming Justiceman against the turnbuckle. As Ataru escapes the floating ring with Mariquitaman and Aristera, he yells Justiceman's name. Luckily, Justiceman calmly gets up.

Satan thinks that Justiceman's got a swollen ego for saying that he'll fight Satan in the name of justice. Satan admits that he would have some trouble fighting against The Man, but fighting against a lackey of his will be a piece of cake. Satan will shatter Justiceman's misguided confidence into pieces with his new body. Justiceman will be the first offering to him.

Justiceman asks Satan why he would grow a new body. Justiceman notes that Satan always seeks out new hosts because he's so paranoid. Creating a new body is not like Satan at all. To Justiceman, Satan's already revealed his hand. Justiceman theorizes that this contradiction is connected to the recent chaos going on lately.

Satan orders Justiceman to be silent, but Justiceman retorts that Satan might be upset after getting elbowed in the face by him. Justiceman corrects him and properly introduces himself as the Perfect Sixth of the Perfect Origin. Justiceman has lived for countless eons and he will beat threats like Satan through the teachings of The Man. After all, Justiceman's here to protect the Chojin world's promising future!

With that, Justiceman grabs Satan by the arm and throws him, but Satan reverses that and knees Justiceman in the gut. Satan thinks that there's no hope for the Chojin world. The only thing that exists is dark despair. The more despair exists in this world, the stronger Satan becomes. Satan slams Justiceman's head into the mat and elbows him in the neck.

Satan thinks that Justiceman's pathetic and that he'll never protect the Chojin world in a state like this. It shouldn't be a problem for Satan to change things for the worse. Satan grabs Justiceman's legs and slams his face into the turnbuckle. Satan's not done yet, though. There's more pain on the way.

As Satan delivers a beatdown on Justiceman, Satan announces that he will destroy Justiceman until his pride and face are completely gone. Seeing as the match has barely lasted for five minutes, Satan decides to check on Justiceman's barely damaged mug. Clearly upset, Satan proclaims that he cannot stand Justiceman's kind at all. Justiceman makes Satan bubble with rage. Justiceman can keep up the act all he wants, but Satan's through with playing around. It's time for one of Satan's finishers, the Satanic Soul Branding! Anyone who stands in Satan's way will get a one way trip into oblivion!

And thus, Satan does that move on Justiceman, but Justiceman doesn't flinch at all. He asks Satan if that was his strongest move. Justiceman breaks free, coughing up blood when he's finished. Satan boasts that the Satanic Soul Branding had an effect on Justiceman after all. Justiceman praises Satan for hurting him enough to the point where he coughs up blood. This is far as Satan will go in Justiceman's eyes.

Satan repeats that he can't stand Justiceman's attitude while unleashing another beatdown on Justiceman. He doesn't like that Justiceman acts like he's invincible. Satan will reveal Justiceman's act is all faked. To do that, he'll use Justiceman's own scales. Satan's belt buckle weighs less than Justiceman's item, making Satan think that he's right about Justiceman being all talk.

Satan notes the irony of Justiceman's scales turning against him and exposed Justiceman's own fear of Satan. That earlier act was all a bluff. Satan goes for a kick, but Justiceman catches it and easily reverses it with a tug. Satan thinks that Justiceman's resistance is annoying.

However, Justiceman announces that he's stopped playing around. He will use his Justice moves for this fight, performing the Justice Crash on Satan to prove his point. A crack forms on Satan's body, causing him to yell that his defeat can't be happening! Justiceman explains Satan's plan of possessing a powerful vessel in order to defeat The Man. When Satan's plan failed, he decided to create his own body. Justiceman believes that Satan's in a rush to do something and realizes what that is.

Satan retorts and orders Justiceman to stop his theorizing. Justiceman ignores that and does a Judgement Twist. Justiceman asks if Satan can feel the impermanence of Earth. Satan's body can deal with normal Chojin, but it can't deal with a Perfect Origin. Giving up on a physical body for so long has made Satan weak. If Satan is struggling to beat Justiceman in combat, he has no chance at beating The Man. When his plan to possess Aristera failed, everything began to unravel for Satan.

There's a reason for Satan not giving up and adapting a physical body, according to Justiceman. Satan calls Justiceman an insolent brat and asks if he could dare to critique Satan, the great Demon King like that. Justiceman retorts with a pair of his own questions, saying that Satan's title doesn't even matter at all to him. Satan's time has passed. The Perfect Origin's time has passed as well, which is why Justiceman and The Man stopped interfering. Justiceman adds that an unneeded relic like Satan needs to stop interfering with Chojin lives, placing him in the Justice Avalanche finishing hold to accentuate his point.

A crack appears on Satan's arm. Ominously, Satan warns Justiceman. He still has a plan even if he's outmatched by Justiceman.


Turbine Storm

Justiceman swings his arm, creating a small tornado right at his opponent. Similar to Asuraman's Tornado Hell because Milosman's own arms were used as the basis for the Asura Clan's rise in power.

Judgement Crash

After twisting his opponent's arms, Justiceman tugs on them and slams his opponent face-first into the canvas.

Judgement Avalanche

While midair, Justiceman clutches onto his opponent's arms and slams into the canvas with them.

Judgement Twist

Justiceman places his opponent's arm into a standing leg lock while grappling his opponent's face. He then pulls hard on his opponent's arm, twisting it in the process.

Judgement Windmill

Justiceman places his opponent in a double chicken wing lock and follows up with a suplex.

Ōki Armlock (大木腕固め),

Judgement Penalty

Catching his opponent in a Front Indian Deathlock mid-air, Justiceman follows up with a clawhold to the face. Justiceman then slams his opponent into the canvas.

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  • Submitted by: Kenichi Ishii (石井健一) of Nagano


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