Jyro (ジャイロ) is a Chojin in charge of the Chūgoku region. He also appeared in the first Nisei movie, getting easily defeated by The Cyborg. He was killed by Bone Cold.


Jyro is a Hercules Factory graduate, who is part of the second generation of chojin. He is often seen offering support to his teammates, although he is rarely seen as a main character or given much focus, and he is ultimately killed by Bone Cold, after which he is not seen again. He is a member of the Muscle League.


He is seen siding with Scarface during the Hercules Factory Second Year Replacement Matches, alongside his teammates Mercury, Namul and Gorgeousman, and it ultimately punished by Harabote Muscle for having supported a villain. [1]

We later see him alongside Terry the Kid, where he is in Okinawa to protect political leaders in an international summit, and he acts as a bodyguard dressed in a suit. [2] He attends a party with his teammates, but engages in a fight with Bone Cold, who then proceeds to murder Jyro. [3]


  • Gyro Stretch 

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