The two presenters that announce the Chojin Popularity results.


Norika and Kaori are a conventionally attractive pair of presenters, who often announce popularity polls or the results of matches. They are gradually phased out throughout the course of the series, with characters like Jacqueline Muscle announcing poll results and Ikemen Muscle announcing match results. They are popular within the franchise universe.


The duo first appear at Kintetsu Dome, Osaka. [1]

They appear on a large television screen in the lobby, after Terry the Kid's match against Rex King, and showcase a popularity poll show. [2] They announce that Terry the Kid is the most popular wrestler with 36,000 votes, followed by the following in order: Kevin Mask, Gazelleman, MAXman, and Sunshine. At eight, ninth, and tenth are Rex King, Seiuchin, and Tel-Tel Boy. [2] Mantaro is upset to realise he had zero votes, which is made worse when Check Mate takes the lead with 100,000 votes. [2]

The two of them next appear after the Mars vs, Jade match. [3] They stand on a stage with a board of the tournament so far, where they announce that the finals will be Mars vs. Kinniku Mantaro. [3]


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