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Kevin Mask (ケビンマスク) is the son of Robin Mask. He begins as an antagonist in Kinnikuman Nisei, but later becomes a leading protagonist and supporting character. Kevin is known for his dislike of his father, along with his lone wolf nature, and is currently the champion of the latest Chojin Crown.


Kevin Mask is the son of British super-wrestler Robin Mask and Alisa Mackintosh. He hated his father's strict upbringing, so he ran away when he was 8 and joined the d.M.p (although their relationship has gotten better since the Chojin Olympics). [1] He refers to his father as Daddy (ダディ). During Mantaro Kinniku's first two matches on Earth, he showed that he cared deeply about honour and that he had a soft spot inside him which was rarely shown. He is sometimes known as 'every girl's knight in shining armour'; this was particularly because of his mask which was a bluish-grey knight-like helmet. Kevin's English accent is one of the traits that girls find attractive about him.

He harbours a complicated love-hate relationship with his Daddy Robin. During the Chojin Olympics, he trains under Robin's former student Warsman (under the guise of Croè). [2] He usually has a silent and stoic personality, but he does occasionally display a comical side. He has been known to perform Keiji Mutou's "Puroresu Love" pose.


Kevin Mask displays a rather aggressive and assertive personality, often refusing to display weakness or emotion. He is known to push himself past his limits, and is slow to trust others, as well as preferring to work as a 'lone wolf'. He is civil and polite to rare few individuals, and outright mocking and insulting to his opponents. He can be described as 'childish', but is incredibly loyal to his friends once trust has been built. He is also highly competitive.


Typically, he wears blue armour in the manga, however he does on occasion wear black armour, usually in rebellion against his father's white armour. [3] He also wears a helmet, with street clothes of various colours and types. In the anime, he wears blue armour, and his street clothes feature pink accents and accessories (and often a pink t-shirt). He likes leather attire and rides a motorcycle.

Kevin has blond hair in the manga, but a blondish-brown shade in the anime, which reaches his mid-back. He also has yellow eyes when seen through his mask. He is 7'2" and 155kg.

On his back is a Spider Nest Tattoo which was added during his Brutal Chojin days. [4] The image of each chojin he defeats is added to the tattoo. This continues even after he leaves the d.M.p. Kevin also possesses his own version of the Kinniku Clan's Fire of Inner Strength called Maelstrom Power. [5]


Robin Mask

Kevin Mask displays a complex relationship with his father, who he refer to as "Daddy". Kevin Mask ran away from home as a child, due to his strict upbringing, and eventually joined the d.M.p to spite his father, before becoming a lone wolf. He is often inspired by the notion of surpassing his father, while mentioning his father can recall enough trauma to distract him in battle. The relationship seems to improve with each progressing arc, until the two greet each other warmly in the finale, and Kevin Mask even accepts advice from his father, while freely using some of his techniques. Robin Mask also shows support of Kevin Mask.


It is unknown whether Warsman knew Kevin Mask as a child. Warsman assumed the identity of "Chloe" to act as Kevin Mask's trainer during the Chojin Olympics: The Resurrection Arc, where the two formed a close bond. Chloe was one of the few people that Kevin Mask trusted, with the two almost always together, and their close bond remained even when Chloe was revealed to be Warsman. Warsman has watched over Kevin since then, from a distance; such as saving him from harsh training in the snow during the Demon Seed Arc, and going back in time to fight for Kevin Mask in the Ultimate Chojin Tag Tournament Arc.

Mantaro Kinniku

Kevin Mask is at first a rival of Mantaro Kinniku. This is one-sided, as Mantaro tries several times to begin a friendship, but Kevin Mask sees himself as a 'lone wolf'. Over time, Mantaro comes to dislike Kevin, but eventually they form a tentative truce once Kevin Mask beats Mantaro in the Chojin Olympics. This truce falls short in the Demon Seed Arc, when the two outright hate one another, and dislike each other so much that they are willing to risk the lives of others, rather than work together. It takes both the Demon Seed Arc and Ultimate Tag Tournament Arc for the two to both grow emotionally enough to forgive one another, and at this point they form a friendship and consider each other to be equals.


Kevin Mask has inherited a technique synonymous to the Fire of Inner Strength, called Maelstrom power.


Kinnikuman Nisei

Kevin Mask initially appears as an antagonist. He is a member of the d.M.p, which he joined after running away from home. Kevin Mask abandons the Evil Chojin after the d.M.p Arc, choosing to become a lone wolf, and later meets Chloe in England. Chloe trains Kevin Mask as his coach, which enables Kevin Mask to win the Chojin Olympics. Kevin Mask spends time recuperating from the Olympics, before forming a team to battle the Demon Seed. At end of this arc, he is saved by Kinnikuman from the collapsing structure in which the battles were held.

d.M.p Arc

Kevin Mask makes his appearance right after the Second Generations have been deployed on Japan. During an argument between Mantaro Kinniku and Gazelleman, Kevin comes in between them and begins a quick fight with Gazelleman. He twists Gazelleman's arms and throws him upward, before catching him with his foot. After being found out to be the son of Robin Mask, and asked why he wasn't at the Hercules Factory, Kevin Mask leaves. [6]

He returns later that night with Tel Tel Boy and MAXman, wearing a hooded disguise. They go to assault Mantaro whilst his guard is down, but Gazelleman stops them. Kevin and his team beat up Gazelleman. [7]

The next day, the three of them interrupt a match between Justice Chojin and killing a tag-team. They declare that Mantaro will fight them. Kevin is found out to be a member of the d.M.p., and he explains that his father put him through hellish training, keeping him away from a normal life, which led Kevin to ran away from home and live on the streets. [8] Kevin was later asked to join the d.M.p. [8] During Tel Tel Boy's match against Mantaro, Tel Tel Boy is using a technique where he calls in the help of Mantaro's fears. Kevin tells him to stop hiding behind others and fight for real, though Tel Tel Boy ignores him. MAXman begins calling Kevin a traitor. [9]

After Tel Tel's defeat, MAXman steps up to finish off Mantaro, but Kevin convinces him to fight another Justice Chojin, so Mantaro can rest. [10] After witnessing MAXman in his fights, Kevin Mask realises that the d.M.p. does not fight for honour or teamwork. Leaving the d.M.p., Kevin Mask states that he is now a lone wolf. [11]

Hercules Factory Arc

Kevin returns during Terry the Kid's match against Scarface. He is seen often spilling soda and popcorn on other audience members, while commenting on the match throughout. [12][13] Kevin Mask is also seen again during the Jade vs. Scarface match; he watches from the side-lines, and - after the match is won by Scarface - Kevin hints that knows Scarface's knows true identity. [14]

Kevin later disguises himself as a park worker, and reveals Mars' name in an attempt to gauge Mars' reaction. [15] There follows a dinner party after the semi-finals, where Kevin Mask disguises himself as a waiter and lures Scarface away from the crowd (by dirtying his clothes "by accident" and offering a change of clothes as a remedy). He lets slip the name "Mars" and Mars retaliates by forcibly removing his disguise. Kevin surprise attacks Scarface, putting him in a Tower Bridge. [14] A flashback reveals that Kevin and Scarface were old allies during their dMp days, and that Scarface saved Kevin's life, at which point the Legends arrive, which forces Kevin Mask to escape. [16]

Kevin watches the Mantaro Kinniku vs. Scarface match, where he is confronted by Brocken Jr. who compares him to Robin Mask and accuses him of being conflicted. [17] Brocken Jr. forces Kevin to go to tournament headquarters to reveal what he knows; once the match goes badly - and Kevin cannot hide his concerns any longer - he realises that he must reveal what he knows. He explains that Scarface is actually Mars of the d.M.p. [18]Kevin explains that Mars saved his life, in return Kevin betrayed the Justice Chojin by revealing secret techniques. [19] He wishes that Mantaro to defeat Scarface, because Kevin Mask no longer wants to be indebted to him, and - after Mantaro defeats Scarface - Kevin Mask leaves again. [20]

Chojin Olympics: The Resurrection


During the first round of the British preliminary matches, Kevin Mask defeats Big Bone with the Big Ben Edge. [21] He earns his place as the British champion by defeating the Assassin, also with his signature move: the Big Ben Edge. [22] He is next seen during the opening ceremony, where he is presented alongside four other chojin representing the United Kingdom, but - while the other chojin wear their sash in a traditional manner - Kevin carries his sash in his hand. [23] It is then that Mantaro makes a scene, dressed in a controversial outside, and is attacked by Mean Marine, but Kevin Mask intervenes and tells them to wait until the matches themselves, so that they are not disqualified before the main competition. [24]

The first event is "Look Over There", which Kevin wins with ease. [25] The second event is the "Daruma Otoshibam". [26] Arriving at the daruma statues, Kevin wishes to see Terry's 'Texas Spirit' and allows him to go first. [26] After Terry completes the challenge, Kevin begins his turn by kicking the blocks with precise kicks, and completes the challenge with all four blocks stacked sideways on top of each other. [26] The third event was "Beach Flags", where Kevin won by catching the falling girl first. [27]

The final event is the "Three-Legged Race". The chojin had to chose a partner from the stands; Kevin chose Chloe, by whom he was currently being trained, and Mantaro questioned whether Kevin was gay for not choosing a woman [28] During the race, Kevin and his partner faced many obstacles. The first obstacle was a steep hill. [29] The second obstacle was to cross a spinning log. Chloe told Kevin to spin with the log so they would not fall. [30]

Near to the finish-line, Kevin and Chloe are attacked by King Castle. [31] Chloe is in the air, with their ankle strap twisted, and kicks at King Castle's face. [31] The ankle strap untwists and Kevin kicks King Castle in the back of his head. King Castle head explodes, and Kevin shoves Jade out of his path. [32] Kaiser Moon tries to attack Kevin and Chloe, but they sweep under Kaiser's feet and shoulder drop his head, which incapacitates him. Kevin and Chloe come in first place. [33]

After the preliminaries, a pachinko event is used to determine match placements. [34] Kevin - along with other contestants - are placed into transparent balls, while Chloe watches from the stands, and is placed into the machine; he purposely changes the course of his ball, so that he will have the most matches to fight in the tournament. [34] He is matched against Jijimman in the Fukuoka Dome.

First Round

Kevin is ten minutes late to his match, when Chloe grows worried. [35] Chloe eventually seeks out Kevin, who has spent thirty minutes fully clothed in a sauna whose heat was turned to maximum, and proceeded to stand on one finger until he lost consciousness. [36] He is nearly disqualified when he is thirty minutes late for his match, but is half-carried to the ring by Chloe. [37] Kevin collapses while trying to enter the ring, and - as he is stripped of his street clothes by Chloe - it is revealed he has lost a great deal of weight, which leaves him at a seeming disadvantage for battle. [37] He is attacked relentlessly and close to a loss.

The match continues, and for five minutes Kevin does not land a single hit. [38] Kevin eventually taps into his maelstrom power and finally counters with a Royal Stretch, and descends with a Big Ben Edge. [38] Jijimman loses the match at 7 minutes and 29 seconds. Kevin proceeds to mock Jijimman by going to him in his weakened and prone state, so that he may memorise his face to add his visage to add to his tattoo. [39] Kevin proceeds to his next match with Chloe at his side on a private aeroplane, as they bond and discuss tactics. [40]


At Kansai National Airport, four planes are arranged to form stands for fans, and a ring is placed centre of them for the Kevin Mask vs. Legox match. [41] Kevin Mask trains with Chloe inside the airport terminal. [41] He enters the ring to his match with Elgar's "Pomp and Circumstance" playing, but - as he jumps into the ring - Jacqueline Muscle tries to touch his exposed tattoo and he swats her away. [42] He dons black armour for the match, as an act of rebellion against his father's white armour, and fights Legox in an intense battle that alternates in which has the advantage. [43] Kevin attacks a vulnerable spot and destroys what is effectively Legox's brain, and destroys Legox with a Big Ben Edge. [44] In an act of mockery towards Jacqueline, he ends the match by pouring the bloodied remains of Legox into her hands. [44]

Kevin is next due to fight against Ilioukhine. The match is due to take place in the Sapporo Dome in Hokkaido, Japan, at 3pm. [45] A parade is thrown the day before, in Odori Park, where Keven Mask - as a semi-finalist - is forced to participate, but he becomes frustrated as it is time he could spend training for the match. He thus engages in a fake fight with Chloe, which they use as a distraction to escape the parade. [45] He then proceeds to train with Chloe in Najima Park. [46]


In his match with Ilioukhine, 52,300 fans are in attendance to watch the match. [46] They fight inside due to the snow. [47] Kevin enters to his theme of "Pomp and Circumstance" again, and the odds for the match are set at 50:50. [47] There match is set in the Sky-Cube Ring, which has five sides and is elevated 100 feet high above the ground, and is dressed in his armour by Chloe. [48] Kevin unleashes a rush of close-range palm-punches, as the first to make a move, and Ilioukhine spins out of range and issues a roundhouse kick to his head. [48] Kevin counters with a Shining Wizard to the face, followed with a Suplex, but Ilioukhine hovers a few inches from the canvas, until Kevin attempts a side-suplex in response. Ilioukhine manages to reverse their positions, before he is thrown from the ring. [48]

Ilioukhine stops from falling mid-air, and stands on the side canvas of the cube despite gravity. [49] He proceeds to deliver an Axe Bomber and then a Sleeper Hold on Kevin, before throwing Kevin from the ring, but Kevin manages to grab a hold of the ropes last minute. Kevin uses a Rocket Attack to propel them back into the main ring. [49] Kevin manages to gain the upper-hand, delivering a rain of punches that sends blood spraying down onto the crowd below. Kevin delivers a Step-Over Toe Hold and a Full Nelson, until Ilioukhine uses Aircraft Genetics to slice into Kevin's arms and force him to break his hold. [49]

Kevin attempts a Big Ben Edge, but Ilioukhine reverses and turns the attack into a Big Ben Collapse. [50] Ilioukhine attacks until Kevin's blood is finally spilled; he continues with a Virtalyot Genetics, then a Siberian Tarurana that forces the blades of his rotor into Kevin's back. Kevin is then slammed from mat to mat and dropped, but this time uses his foot to cut into the canvas and save himself from falling, and Kevin is advised by Chloe, who helps him to regain his edge and get back into the fight. [50]

The continue with an exchange of blows, until Kevin realises the secret behind his attacks: his gyro-compass. [51] He tears a hole in Ilioukhine's chest, revealing the gyro-compass, and disables it with a Rolling Cradle by countering its rotation. [51] Kevin uses a German Suplex, but Ilioukhine manages to manually turn his gyro-compass enough to temporarily regain the upper-hand. [52] Kevin falls and tears the rest of the side-canvas, which was previously torn, and uses it to brutally crush Ilioukhine, before ending the match with his Big Ben Edge. Chloe tells Kevin to finish him off, which leads Kevin to use the Olap technique. [52]

Kevin ends the match in 17 minutes and 32 seconds; he proceeds to throw Ilioukhine's body down before the Russian fans, where it is caught by Meat (which incapacitates Meat). He insults Meat, at which point Mantaro refuses to shake his hand in anticipation for the next match and punches him across his face. [53]

He next trains in preparation for his match with Mantaro. He injures himself trying to find a way to stop the Muscle Millennium attack, so Chloe tends to his wounds with the sleeve from his ripped shirt, and a flashback uncovers they met three months previous, when Chloe asked to be Kevin's trainer with only honour as payment. [54] In a second flashback, Kevin reveals he continues to strive to set himself apart from Robin Mask, but Chloe strikes him and appeals to his pride, by encouraging him to take his father's move and make them his own, surpassing his father. [55]


Kevin Mask wears the mask of Robin Mask that was broken during the 20th Chojin Olympics. [56] Kevin initially falls into the ring, caught by Chloe, and require help to be undressed and redressed in his armour, due to sheer exhaustion. [56] Kevin refuses to shake Mantaro's hand. [57] Kevin asks Chloe to reveal why he became his trainer, so that he can focus in his match, and Chloe reveals he did so as a favour to Robin. [57]

Mantaro attempts to climb upward, still ignoring The Ruralman, and Kevin - caught in the heat of battle - tries to attack him while he's down, which triggers Chloe to run to the ringside and command his stop. [58] The 'Mantaro Air' attack eventually follows, which cartwheels Kevin across the canvas and out of the ring. [58] The blow from this breaks Kevin's mask. [59] The second crack in his mask enrages Kevin, and Mantaro abuses this by aiming his punches for the crack to worsen the damage. [59] Blood pours down his face. They engage in a series of blows, until Mantaro then uses a Muscle Driver. [59]

Kevin eventually counters with a Mach Pulveriser, but struggles to control the attack and is sent hurtling out of the ring. His attack moves towards Ramenman, at which point Chloe dives in between them. [60] Kevin's attack hits Chloe. [61] Kevin soon retaliates with aiming for Mantaro's mask, and Mantaro - in fear - uses the Muscle Squeeze Drop. [62] It causes Kevin to bleed profusely, at which point Jacqueline expresses disgust and Chloe chastises her, and Kevin attempts to throw his blood at her in his disgust; Mantaro jumps between them and takes the bloody blow. [62]

Kevin tries to remove Mantaro's mask, in an attempt to force him into suicide as his face is revealed. [63] At exactly 44 minutes and 44 seconds, Chloe orders Kevin to go in for the final move, and Kevin performs the Anti-Muscle Millennium, which is the perfect counter to Mantaro's finishing move. Kevin finally uses the Olap. The three witnesses make a finger-gun motion, which signifies they believe it's a perfect move. [64] Kevin lifts Mantaro by his hair and throws him into a Big Ben Edge, which decimates Mantaro, and the match ends at 58 minutes and 28 seconds (in the English translation). [65] Kevin thanks Mantaro for the fight, realising the importance of good competition. [65]

The cracks in Kevin's mask fade away, as he worries over Mantaro's injuries. [66] Chloe reminds Kevin that the only payment - for being his trainer - is to wear the championship belt, and with Mantaro's blessing Kevin dons the belt for Chloe's sake. Chloe makes to walk away, as Kevin shows off to the crowds, but he collapses from sheer exhaustion. [66] Chloe runs to catch Kevin, but the impact breaks his disguise and he is revealed to be Warsman. Warsman flees, even as Kevin calls out to him. [66]

It takes Kevin three weeks to recover. [67] He participates in a victory parade, at London, before visiting the prime minister and queen - he carries with him the mask of Chloe that he has pieced back together with tape. The mask is placed where Chloe would sit beside him in previous parades, as a prominent piece. Kevin whispers his name. [67]

Demon Seed Arc

The Demon Seed reveal there are General Palasts across Japan, and - after using tentacles to kidnap the Army of Idols - take their individual opponents to their specific Palasts. [68] The General Palast breaks into five pieces, with each Death-Match Room going to the new locations. [69]

Kevin awakens in Karato Wharf in Yamaguchi , as Checkmate explains to Kevin the results of the previous matches against the Demon Seed. [70] The right leg of Meat floats down, covered in the blood of Barrierfreeman, and Kevin takes the leg and tosses it to Checkmate, as what he assumes to be a Demon Seed appears. He attacks them, only to realise the person is Mars. The two pieces of General Palast – to which Mars and Kevin were dragged – both landed in the same place on Ganryu Island.

Kevin and Mars use their ‘Ultimate Eyes’ to see two Demon Seed standing on Ganryu Island. [71] The two Palasts form General Rib, and the two remaining Demon Seed create a ring that is covered by a rib-like structure made of stone. It is announced the match will be a tag-team match – Kevin Mask and Mars are rowed to General Rib by Checkmate and Gazelleman respectively.

They are due to fight Voltman in the tag-team of Demolition. [72] Kevin reveals he still has Meat’s leg and asks Mantaro permission to keep it for a while longer, as it inspires him due to Barrierfreeman’s sacrifice. Kevin and Mars name themselves the Blood Evolutions ((ブラッド)-エボリューションズ) . They engage in a series of blows with Voltman in perfect synchronicity. They engage in further attacks, until Mantaro warns them to watch out for the partner, but Voltman seemingly gains the upper-hand, until Mars performs the swallow-tail. At that point Asuraman appears. [73]

Kevin attacks Ashuraman with a Sudden Impact. [74] They engage in a series of blows, but Ashuraman ultimately gains an advantage with his many arms. [74] Ashuraman starts to apply psychological pressure to Kevin, using his father as a weapon, and Kevin forgets his training in the process, as he rebels against what Robin taught to use inappropriate counters. [75] Kevin loses the advantage, until he is hit with a Double-Layered German Suplex. [76] Kevin eventually tags in Mars, as - unable to fight further - he takes time to recover from the attack. [76] He leaps back into the ring, before being caught by Ashuraman. [77] After a combination move, he collapses against the mat. [78] Kevin is kicked out of the ring by Mars, who refuses to tag out of the match. [79]

After a hellish battle, Scarface is placed inside Voltman's oven body and burnt to a crisp. [80] A rematch is scheduled, but this time Kevin teams up with Mantaro as The Young Masters (ザ・坊ちゃんズ The Botchans). They are given a few days to train for the match, but instead of sparring with Check Mate and Jade like suggested, Kevin goes off on his own.

Kevin trains to defeat Voltman in Toyama Power-Plant, Warsman - still ever watching over Kevin - finds Kevin fainted upon the snow. [81] He gathers his old mask, which Kevin has kept all this time and brought with him to various parades and matches, and then carries Kevin bridal style through the snowy wilderness. [81] He personally nurses Kevin back to health in an old shrine, where - yet again - he is in disguise; this time as an elderly monk. [82] Kevin shows disappointment that it wasn't Warsman who rescued him, as he dismisses his memory of being carried as a dream in his weakened state.

Warsman reignites Kevin's spirit with an inspirational speech, before showing him the news of recent events, and reveals that Kevin has slept for four days, at which point - as Kevin gathers his most treasured possessions, including Warsman's old mask - Kevin flees to the final match against Asuraman. Warsman finally removes his disguise and watches with an impassive expression as Kevin leaves. [82]

The day of the rematch comes and Kevin and Mantaro enter the Demon Womb, fighting in a ring atop hundreds of Chojin corpses, including the fallen Idol Chojin. [83] Kevin dedicates the fight to Mars and focuses mainly on Voltman, after Kevin and Mantaro fight amongst themselves and refuse to cooperate. [84] As the fight gets underway it soon becomes a handicap match against Voltman, with Kevin receiving more damage than Mantaro, especially after he sacrifices himself to protect Mantaro from an attack, which leads to him receiving substantial damage. [85] This leads them to work as a team, as they regain trust in one another. [85]

Kevin soon struggles to win, as he tries to fight alone, while Voltman works in a team with Asuraman. [86] Voltman tries to microwaves Kevin, as he did with Mars, but Kevin allows him to do this with the knowledge that his armour is made of steel. [86] Even though the steel could destroy Voltman, he reuses to tag in Asuraman and decides to fight alone. [87] Voltman uses the Full Power Electric Coil to surprise Kevin, who did not train for such an unexpected surge of power. It melts the steel armour around his body. [87]

The Fatale Square is employed again, which Voltman uses to melt Kevin's mask and boil his skin. [88] Kevin realises that Voltman's Tesla Coil is in the pond water, next to Sunshine, who is made of gold; Kevin uses this to gold-plate his body. [88] Kevin not only defeats the microwave, but drills a hole through Voltman's chest. [89] Even as Voltman's body begins to melt, but he still finds strength to fight back. Voltman - in desperation - rips off his remaining Tesla Coil and uses it to hold Mantaro hostage, threatening to murder him. Together, Mantaro and Kevin use the OLAP Buster as a new finishing move. [89]

Kevin grows exhausted and faints, which leads him to falling from the ring. [90] He crashes against the floor at the base of the column that holds the ring, and Meat's right leg flies into his grip, finally saved from his sacrifice. Kevin then disappears and becomes a part of the Demon Womb's Spinal Column. Even in death, he tries to protect Meat by keeping his leg within his hand. [90]

Later, when Mantaro falls from the ring, Kevin's soul helps him back to the ring.

After Mantaro defeats Asuraman and Meat is revived, Kevin and the others are revived by the Reborn Diamond. However, as the Demon Womb collapses, Kevin is the only one too exhausted to make it out in time. Kinnikuman then runs it at the last second and saves Kevin, saying that he'd never be able to face Robin Mask again if he let his son die twice (the complete rescue is never depicted, as it is used to segue into the Young Master of London Arc).

Kinnikuman Nisei (Part Two)

A pair of Time Chojin go back to 1983, where Alisa Mackintosh is injured. This leads to Kevin Mask slowly disappearing, as history is altered and his mother is on the verge of death, but Kevin Mask uses what is left of his blood to save Alisa with a transfusion. The revival of Alisa allows Kevin Mask to return to full health, where he escapes from the Time Chojin and is trained by Robin Mask, Kinnikuman, and Terryman. He teams with Mantaro Kinniku to fight against the Time Chojin, and eventually wins the match, before returning to the future.


Kevin Mask spars with Mars, as the New Generation train. [91] After this, Kevin knocks past Seiuchin and Barrierfreeman on his way to an awards ceremony, where he makes mention that his arm is injured. [92] He wins the "MVP" award, but the certificate falls through his fingers due to his hands disappearing. [92] The tattoos on his back disappear, as he begins the process of being wiped from existence, because of the death of Robin Mask in the past by Thunder and Lightning, affecting the course of history. [93]

Kevin is placed in a hydro-bed in the shape of an 'X', which is full sealed and comes with an oxygen mask, and he remains in there as doctors attempt to help him to a full recovery. [94] The New Generation, led by Terry the Kid, form a time-machine created by Meat Alexandria and named by Mantaro Kinniku as 'Time-Ship Kevin', travel back into the past to save Robin Mask and thus Kevin Mask by extension. [95] Kevin is placed primarily under the care of Jacqueline Muscle, Rinko Nikaido and Ikemen Muscle. [96]

Main Tournament

The two Time Chojin are foiled by the New Generation, but - in Mantaro's error - Alisa was injured and placed in a life-threatening situation that led to Kevin still disappearing from time and existence. [97] Harabote Muscle - of that era - declares a new Tag Team match, which will determine who can remove the Trophy that contains magical roots that can cure any person and make one the ultimate chojin. [98] Kevin remains in a precarious state throughout, and is kidnapped by the Five Disasters when Ikemen Muscle fails to watch over him in the time-ship. [99] Kevin is paraded at several matches of Robin Mask, as a psychological torment and distraction, such as the battle royale. [99]

During the battle between The Adrenalines and the Wailing Ghost Gang, Alisa becomes in need of an emergency blood transfusion, but - due to the rarity of her blood - it is impossible for her to receive a transfusion. [100] Kevin Mask breaks through his clear-bed and stabs into his arm with a shard of glass, which allows doctors to remove his blood to transfuse into Alisa. [101]

In a later match between The Adrenalines and the Five Disasters, Kevin is thrown into the sea, where he remains until Robin Mask struggles and is thrown into the waters. Robin Mask uses Kevin's mask - which comes with an underwater breathing apparatus - to survive and continue his match.

Later, when Alisa is saved through the efforts of Robin and Warsman, Kevin fully recovers and breaks free of his medical hydro-bed, and escapes from Thunder and Lightning. [102] He is forced to crawl away due to muscular atrophy, and left alone by the Five Disasters, who do not assume him a threat. [102] Robin Mask, Terryman, and Kinnikuman later find Kevin Mask in Aokigahara Forest. [103] They take Kevin away to train, and provide him with the Kinnikuman Great mask, which allows him to fight in the finals.


(More to Come)

Lightning escapes from Kevin Mask's royal stretch with a four-point sickle impact. [104] This knocks Kevin outside of the ring, along with Mantaro who was downed by Thunder. They gives the Young Masters time to return to the ring, before they remove their acceleration mouth-pieces, and - reversing them - use the Evolution Mouthpiece Reverse. The Young Masters attempt a Chojin Merry-go-Round, as they attempt to blow away the Exotic Matter from the Five Disasters, but the Five Disasters counter with a Body-Clock Back-Spin. This heals their wounds and they use a Disaster Merry-go-Round. [104]

(More to Come)

Thunder holds back Mantaro, while Lightning lunges for Kevin Mask. [105] Kevin Mask uses a Unicorn Head against Lightning's Boiling Sickle, which breaks off Lightning's sickle and downs him. Thunder becomes triggered by Robin Mask's attention on Kevin Mask, leading to a flashback of his youth, and he begins a series of violent blows on Mantaro. They then use a 12 o'Clock Crash. [105]

(More to Come)

Kevin Mask is inspired by the spirit of Ramenman, while Mantaro summons his Fire of Inner Strength. [106] They combine their Muscle Spark and Big Ben Edge attacks to create a Muscle Kingdom. This decides the match in favour of the Young Masters. [106] The Young Masters take the trophy, and the trophy bulbs, and toss two fragments of the bulbs to a downed Thunder and Lightning. [107] Thunder heals, but Lightning spits out the trophy bulb and proceeds to throw himself into Mount Fuji due to his defeat. [107]

The Young Masters burn the leftover trophy bulbs, only saving enough to save a few allies: Ramenman, Chaos, Buffaloman, Geronimo, and Brocken Jr. [108] They proceed to give the trophy to The Machineguns, and then say farewell to their parents, while Thunder uses the last of his Exotic Matter to send the time-ship back to the future. Thunder sacrifices his life, while the New Generation return home. [108]

Kinnikuman Nisei ~All Out Assault~

After spending time in Chojin Prison, Kevin Mask is released into Justice Chojin society. He participates in the Top Chojin Festival, but ultimately loses when facing against the Doomman. He becomes an ally of Mantaro.

= D.M.p Arc

It is revealed that Kevin Mask was once an Akugyo Chojin, but - after changing his ways - joined a special programme at a chojin prison that allowed him to rehabilitate within five months. [109] Mantaro and Meat are ordered to monitor him on his release. Kevin immediately attacks Mantaro on sight of him outside of the prison, but Mantaro manages to counter all of his moves. He uses a Tower Bridge, but drops Mantaro when the guards threaten to throw him back into prison. [109] Kevin next reappears after the Hercules Factory Tournament, where he captures Kirinman and Shimao, and promises to send them to prison. [110]

Top Chojin Festival

Kevin is seen next competing in the preliminaries for the "Top Chojin Festival", as Yokohama International Stadium. [111] The first test of the preliminary stage is a set of monkey-bars elevated very high, which are greased to make it difficult to stay in place, and - during this - he is attacked by Fan Demon and retaliates by attacking him from behind and easily defeating him. [112] At the next day, in a Tokyo amusement park, the eight finalists are revealed: Kevin Mask is a finalist. [113]

He is set against Naankeeman in the second-match of the A-Block semi-finals. [114] After Kevin shows sympathy to Fiona, by covering her naked body with his coat, Naankeeman mocks him and they begin their match. [115] The match takes place on the top floor of a department store. [116] They exchange a series of blows, with Naankeeman using his spoon to blow attacks and prevent himself from being injured. Naankeeman uses his Gram Masala attack, but Kevin counters it with a basic hold, but Naankeeman counters in turn by jabbing his spoon into Kevin's abdomen. He then uses a Naan Bread Wrap to trap Kevin Mask. [116]

Naankeeman continues with a Chilli Pepper Tornado, at which point Fiona is led out on a stretcher and her trainer thanks Kevin for his help and kindness. Kevin is reinvigorated when Fiona gives him a V-sign, and breaks out of the Naan Wrap. Kevin uses a Rolling Savate, followed with an Olap Technique. [116] Kevin Mask proceeds to rip off Naankeeman's arms with a spray of blood. [117] Naankeeman is thus defeated, as Kevin Mask wields his arms in the air as a mockery of his loss. [117]

When it comes to the semi-finals placements, Kevin Mask loses at rock-paper-scissors with Tentacles. [118]

During the semi-finals, Kevin Mask and Doomman take a train to their match. [119] They arrive at Tokyo Station, where the match will be a "trampoline death-match", and the match begins to a slow start, as Kevin struggles to get a proper footing on the trampoline. [120] Doomman takes advantage of the trampoline to increase the power of his Doom Ball. [120] He manages to get Kevin at a disadvantage, which allows him to gain the upper-hand. [121] Kevin attempts a signature move, but the canvas stops the momentum, and allows Doomman to counter with a series of blows, until Kevin attempts a Big Ben Edge.

Doomman uses a Meteor Slicer, which follows with Kevin using his Maelstrom Power. [121] One of the metal posts melts from Kevin's Maelstrom Power, and Doomman spreads the iron around the ring, which makes it into a metallic surface. [122] Kevin tries a Reverse Tower Bridge, and Doomman tries to damage his armour with a Meteor Slice, which angers him, as it was made from all the armour of his ancestors. [122] Doomman sends all the other iron posts of the ring flying around in the air, which he uses to attack the audience, and Kevin declares he does not care if humans get hurt. [123] When Doomman continues to try to hurt Kevin's armour, Kevin throws it away, declaring he will win without the armour. [123]

Kevin throws his armour onto broken train tracks, saving the people on the train. [124] This allows Doomman's Meteor Slice to pierce his flesh and force him to lose consciousness from blood loss. [124] Kevin - after a month of recovery - then joins the New Generation as part of a new team in saving the world. [125]

Anime Changes

Poison Six Pack Arc

(This arc takes place in between the Chojin Olympics Preliminaries and Finals)

Kevin Mask volunteers to help out the Seigi Chojins as they go to rescue Rinko, Tamaki, and Keiko from the Poison Six Pack. After the defeat of the first four members, Kevin Mask goes up against The Cyborg, while fighting on Mt. Fuji, which has a wrestling ring implanted on it. Their fight begins with a test of strength, grasping each other's arms. Kevin proves to be far stronger, and begins sending The Cyborg a fury or punches and kicks. With Kevin having the upper hand, The Cyborg uses a technique of his named the Great Cyclone, where he spins in mid-air like a sharp wheel.

He begins slicing Kevin with this technique, and gets Kevin knocked to the ground. Giving Kevin some time to recuperate, the two of them battle some more, as The Cyborg uses his Great Cyclone again. But this time Kevin Mask knows how to defeat the attack, and sends a smashing kick into The Cyborg's centre area, knocking him down.

Kevin then performs the Tower Bridge on The Cyborg. Kevin taunts The Cyborg, as the The Cyborg fires his arms at Kevin. The arms knock Kevin around, as the Cyborg rockets himself at Kevin, knocking Kevin out of the ring and hitting the hard ground. As Kevin Mask and The Cyborg stand outside the ring, a countdown begins, giving them twenty seconds to return to the ring or be disqualified. The Cyborg fires his arms at Kevin again, but this time Kevin destroys them. Grabbing the armless Cyborg, Kevin jumps into the air, and performs the Big Ben Edge, slamming Cyborg into the ring and destroying him. Kevin wins the round.

Unfortunately, Kevin Mask was out of the ring for twenty-one, which disqualifies him and leaves Mantaro for the final battle to rescue Rinko. Kevin Mask walks away, battered. At the very end of this arc Kevin Mask is seen driving a motorcycle, mentioning that Mantaro's next big battle will begin soon.

The Chojin Olympic Resurrection

In the manga, Kevin is allowed to pick a random person from the crowd during the three-legged race in the preliminary matches, choosing Chloe, but - in the anime - it is implied/stated that Ikemen has chosen the matches, which creates many issues, such as why Ikemen would knowingly pair student/teacher together. In the Poison Six-Pack Arc, Chloe is also entirely absent (this contradicts events later in the anime, as it is later revealed Chloe is his mentor and their relationship extremely close). Chloe is also absent during Kevin's training, where Kevin strangely is seen training with the 'Muscle League' Chojin, and this also provides odd inconsistencies, due to the aforementioned relationship with Chloe and Kevin's current "lone wolf" status, as he is not affiliated with the Muscle League at that point in the anime or the manga.

Speech and Quotes


Kevin Mask speaks British English as his first language; even when speaking Japanese, he refers to his mother as "Mum" and his father as "Daddy".


  • "You’re an incredible man, Kevin!" – Warsman/Chloe [126]
  • "In a fight, the desire to win determines who will win the battle!" – Kevin [127]
  • "I won’t give up! I’m here to win; […] you… won’t break me…" - Kevin [128]
  • "We came from Hell. We’ll go to hell. We’re all in the same boat" – Kevin [129]
  • "Justice Chojin … Evil Chojin … I’m torn between two totally opposing chojin worlds, and I won my way to the top of society by shedding blood. There’s no way I’d succumb to your evil atrocities!" - Kevin Mask



Maelstrom Power (大渦(メールストローム)パワー Meirusutorōmu Pawā)

Big Ben Edge (ビッグベン・エッジ)

  • This is Kevin's trademark move. He starts by grabbing his opponent's right wrist with his right hand and their left with his. Then he twists his opponents arms around each other to the point where their right hand is once again on the right side and the left hand on the left side. Next, Kevin releases the hold by uncrossing his own arms and the force of breaking the hold flings the opponent into the air, spinning in various directions. To finish the move, Kevin jumps up after the opponent and grabs their near arm under his own (so that the opponent is upside down and Kevin is sideways with his stomach against their back), reaches between their legs to hook their far thigh with his other arm, wraps his legs around their head and far arm, and falls to the ground so that the opponent lands head first.


  • This was one of the many techniques taught to Kevin by Croe, Tactics No. The End. It is quite clear by the name and the positioning of the move that it is a backwards Palo Special (has the same name but in reverse look: PALO = OLAP). Kevin starts by facing the back of his opponent, but then quickly manoeuvres himself so that he is back-to-back with them and has his legs wrapped around their body. Kevin then sticks his legs between his opponent's and hooks his feet against his opponent's knees. While he does that, he also grabs the opponent's wrists and bends their arms back over their head, putting all of his weight into breaking their arms.

Tower Bridge (タワー・ブリッジ)

  • This was his father Robin Mask's trademark move. He puts his opponent face-up across his shoulders and then grabs their head with one hand and a leg with the other and pulls down on both sides.

Robin Special (ロビンスペシャル)

  • This is another technique that Kevin borrowed from his father, Robin Mask. With his opponent falling headfirst towards the ring, Kevin jumps up and catches their head with his feet. He then extends his arms so that he lands on his palms. Right before they hit the canvas, he briefly lets go of their head only to capture it in a Triangle Choke as they touch down.

Royal Stretch (ロイヤルストレッチ)

  • For this technique, Kevin uses the ropes to perform a submission-like hold. With his opponent against the ropes and face-to-face with Kevin, he jumps up and over the opponent and wraps his legs around their arms and the top rope and grabs their ankles with his hands. Kevin in then upside down, on the outside of the ropes, facing the back of the opponent. From there, he pulls his legs and arms back, causing the opponent to be stretched across the bottom and middle ropes.

Curtain Call Kick (カーテンコール・キック)

  • This move sees Kevin performing repeated kicks to his opponents face, kicking off with each one to stay airborne.

Big Problem Suplex (ビッグプロブレムスープレックス)

Tornado Fisherman's Suplex (トルネードフィッシャーマンズスープレックス)

  • Kevin performs a normal fisherman suplex, but during the bridging part of the slam, he spins his opponent and himself around rapidly to add to the force.

Kevin Tornado (ケビントルネード)

Chōjin Pressed Flower (超人押し花, Chōjin Oshibana)

Romero Suplex (ロメロスープレックス)

Heart Attack Stinger (ハートアタックスティンガー)

  • A technique in which Kevin kicks off of his opponent's chest and performs a backflip in mid-air and finally lands a knee drop over the opponent's heart.

Scarface Revenge (スカーフェイス・リベンジ)

Tactics No. 9 (戦術No.9(タクティクスナンバーナイン))

Storm Elbow (暴風雨(ストーム)エルボー)

  • Tactics #10. Another move taught to Kevin by Croe, in which Kevin jumps onto his opponent's shoulders from behind and applies a triangle choke and then repeatedly elbows them to the ground.

Noble Form (高貴な構え(ノーブルフォーム))

  • Tactics #32

Beast Form (野獣構え(ビーストフォーム))

  • Tactics #33

Mach Pulveriser (超人削岩機(マッハ・パルバライザー))

  • Tactics #38. This is another technique that was taught to Kevin by Chloe. Similar to the Screwdriver, Kevin makes a spinning jump towards his opponent and drills into them with his fingers.

Career Information


  • Chojin Olympics The Resurrection Champion (Anime: Runner-Up)
  • Intergalactic Chojin MVP
  • 1st Kinnikuman Nisei Popularity Contest (1st Place)
  • 2nd Kinnikuman Nisei Popularity Contest (1st Place)
  • 3rd Kinnikuman Nisei Popularity Contest (1st Place)
  • 1st Kinnikuman Nisei ~All Chojin Dai Shingeki~ Popularity Contest (1st Place)



  • Iron-Faced Oni Noble (鉄面の鬼公子, Tetsu-men no Oni Koushi)
  • Impregnable Iron Cavalry (難攻不落の鉄騎兵, Nankoufuraku no Tetsu Kihei)
  • Beckham of the Choujin World (超人界のベッカム, Choujin-kai no Bekkamu)

Win/Loss Record

Win/Loss Record (Single)
Win/Loss Record (Tag)
Blood Evolutions (Scarface)
The Young Masters (Mantaro Kinniku)
Win/Loss Record (Other)
  • O King Castle (Synchronised Kicks, Three-Legged Race) (with Warsman)
  • O Kaiser Moon (Double Stunner, Three-Legged Race) (with Warsman)).



  • Favourite Food: Fried fish
  • Theme Song: "God Save The Queen" by Ryoutarou Okiayu
  • Kevin frequently ranks-in at No. 1 in Kinnikuman Nisei character polls. [131]
  • At Pro Wrestling NOAH's "HALLOWEEN WITH NOAH" card in 2002, every match featured the wrestlers in Halloween costumes. The main event was a 6-man tag team match which featured Kotaro Suzuki in a Kevin Mask costume. Suzuki had used many of Kevin's signature moves throughout the match, including the OLAP, a top-rope Robin Special, and a modified Big Ben Edge.
  • At a martial arts championship "Pride", Ryan and Rodrigo Gracie fought in Robin and Kevin Mask's masks. When Kevin Mask stepped into the ring, the theme song "Kinnikuman Go Fight" played [132]


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