King Cobra (キングコブラ) is a candle chojin.


Although King Cobra appears to be a snake chojin, he is actually a candle chojin and the snake on his head is a separate entity. The wick on his head was set on fire by Kinnikuman in the first round, and while looking for help putting it out, Benkiman flushed him.


King Cobra is first seen at the Japanese Budokan, for the opening ceremony of the 21st Chojin Olympics: The Big Fight. [1] In the preliminary match-ups, he is paired against Kinnikuman in the B Block first round. [1] The match is scheduled to take place in Koshien Stadium, in a far corner behind a baseball field. [2] Kinnikuman starts the match by throwing King Cobra in a circle by his head.

King Cobra begins to sweat in response, and flicks some sweat to Kinnikuman, which is revealed to be wax. [2] He uses his Wax Attack to immobilise Kinnikuman, by trapping him in the waxy substance. [3] King Cobra dances around the ring as he mocks Kinnikuman, and he dives for Kinnikuman with the mouth of his cobra-headpiece opened wide to eat Kinnikuman. The headpiece falls off his head.

Kinnikuman falls over and the wax cracks, allowing him to break free from his restraints. He takes King Cobra in a headlock, before running him down the ropes and using friction to catch his wick on fire, and this results in a victory, as King Cobra flees the ring and arena. He sees Benkiman and pleads for help, but Benkiman swallows him within his urinal and flushes him away. [3]


Wax Attack

  • Tosses sweat made of wax at his opponent

Career Information

Win/Loss Record (Singles)



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