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Suguru Kinniku (キン肉スグル), or better known as Kinnikuman (キン肉マン), is the prince, and later king, of Planet Kinniku. He's the two-time winner of the Chojin Olympics and the father of Mantaro Kinniku.


Suguru begins the series as a lazy and emotional man, one that wishes to become famous. He often chases after women, while moving from job to job, until the Chojin Olympics, where he finds his purpose as a chojin wrestler. He slowly grows a more serious personality, while developing close friendships with the Justice Chojin. At the end of the series, Kinnikuman is crowned king of Planet Kinniku. In the reboot, he returns to Earth to help defeat new evil forces.

In Kinnikuman Nisei, Suguru has lost his muscles. He explains to Mantaro that old age has robbed him of most of his physical prowess, but he's still able to employ grapples and leaves, and his knowledge and coordination are unaffected. He has a lot of the characteristics of his father, such as bickering with Mantaro. Suguru has respect for Mantaro and they maintain a healthy father/son relationship. Suguru - "a child at heart" - tried to get in Mantaro's good graces by spoiling him; he hid from Mantaro every trace of his past as a champion, wishing to be no more than a mere father to him. Even when Mantaro learned of his father's past, he still treasured the memories of his goofy, caring, simple-minded father.


Suguru is a very childish character. He is also very arrogant and believes himself to be more popular than he is in reality. He complains when he does not get his way, pouts when someone gets more attention then him, and is often downright lazy.

Early in the series, he would often refuse to fight certain monsters unless he got something in return. However, underneath this childish behaviour lies a very noble heart, and when times are at their worst, Suguru's courage surpasses that of the greatest of Justice Chojins. He has been known to fight better upon how shameful or dishonourable his opponent is being. He realises honour and friendship has warmed the hearts of several an Evil Chojin. His personality is reflected in his voice in the anime, which deviates between high and screechy and low and serious.


Kinnikuman is a highly muscular man, who wears a mask that has large lips and exaggerated facial features, and the mask also combines with a 'fin' piece that runs down the back of his head. He has naturally dark brown/black hair[4] and blue eyes, with pale skin and very little clothes. If he does wear formal attire, it is usually in the form of unfashionable suits; a white suit to his wedding, a yellow suit with red swirls to dates and sometimes ceremonies. In his old age, he has a large stomach and is completely lacking in muscles.


Suguru is also lecherous and sometimes takes part in matches to impress women. Suguru often flirts with women, and has on numerous times tried to spy on his friends Mari Nikaido and Natsuko Shono. No women find him attractive except for Bibimba. However, when Bibimba first appears, it is a one-sided love on her part and he finds her more annoying than cute. By the time of the Seven Devil Chōjin Arc, he acknowledges her as his betrothed. During the Survivor Match for the Kinniku Throne Arc, he shows great concern for her and admits that he believes they are bound by the 'red string of fate'.


Terryman is the best friend of Kinnikuman. The two meet very early on in their careers, in their early twenties, and are at first antagonistic to one another, but soon they socialise on a regular basis, even with other members of each other's social circles. They form a tag-team that lasts for the entirety of their career, and - even when they temporarily argue or part - always reunite to work together and support each other. They display an unconditional trust and affection, often listening to one another when they would listen to no one else. They are shown to be friends, even into the Kinnikuman Nisei series.


Bibimba at first is antagonistic to Kinnikuman, as she attempts to take his life (as per her role as an assassin). It is Kinnikuman's kindness that drives her to see him as a complex individual, and she develops a crush on him, which is - at first - one-sided and not reciprocated. Kinnikuman views her as a nuissance and often devises ways to be rid of Bibimba. At some point during the Universal Tag Tournament, they become engaged and act on a much more intimate level.

By the time of the Surivor Match Arc, Kinnikuman and Bibimba show great affection for one another, and Bibimba is even willing to sacrifice her life in order to save Kinnikuman, who also shows unconditional love towards her (wishing to be with her, even when he thinks she may be deformed). They proceed to later be married, and have a child together: Mantaro Kinniku. The two are shown to be close in the manga, where they celebrate and support their son together at multiple points.

Robin Mask[]

After the 20th Chojin Olympics, Kinnikuman became Robin Mask's rival. He fought him during the American Tour arc, but Robin Mask was heavily injured by Kinkotsuman and Iwao. Robin Mask constantly yearns for a proper fight with Kinnikuman and never got the chance until the events of Farewell, Kinnikuman!.


In the beginning of the series, Suguru fights Kaiju by eating garlic and growing 30 meters tall. Despite his great strength and skill, Suguru is clumsy by nature. This causes most people to fear him more than the monsters he fights (due mostly to the possibility of him crashing into buildings while in his giant form). Even though a chojin's' wounds heal faster than a human's wound, it takes him longer to heal than a human.



Born to Mayumi Kinniku and Sayuri Kinniku, the king and queen of Planet Kinniku on April 1, 1960. [5] Suguru was so unattractive, even as a child, that on several occasions Mayumi would have an urge to strangle him just from looking at him. One day, the royal family went on vacation to Earth. While there, a pig sneaked aboard and got into Suguru's cradle. [6] Mayumi mistook Suguru for the pig and threw Suguru out of the ship. Suguru was left behind on Earth to raise himself.

He built his own house and tried to go to school, but he was so academically challenged that he flunked out of school and his house had only one room. As he got older, he decided to become a hero like Ultraman. But despite his muscles and strength, he was too clumsy and lacked the intelligence to make it, so he settled for just being the president of the Gyudon Lovers Club. [7]


Kinnikuman grows up alone on Earth, after being accidentally abandoned by Mayumi Kinniku. He is found by Meat Alexandria, and proceeds to mature over time with Meat as his second, leading him to befriend Terryman. Kinnikuman enters a series of tournaments, increasing his amount of friends and trophies, and finally competes in the Survivor Match for the Kinniku Throne Arc, where he proves his worth as a member of the Kinniku Clan and learns of his long-lost brother: Ataru Kinniku. This leads to him proclaiming his love for Bibimba, before assuming the throne as king of Planet Kinniku.

1st Kaiju Extermination Arc[]

Solo Life[]

At the age of 20, Kinnikuman had already become known as a worthless chojin, however he wasn't completely dismissed. When the Earth Defence Force learned of an upcoming attack by space kaiju, Kinnikuman was contacted because of the unavailability of the super heroes such as The Ultra Brothers, PP-Man, and Spider-Man. [8] While being shown images of the kaiju coming to attack (such as Okamarasu, Eraginesu, Abdullah, Sheikian, and Acrobat-Seijin), he learned that he needed to create a finishing move. [8] After a brief training session, he was able to find a technique that surpassed his Kinniku Flash, the Kinniku Beam. When the time came for the kaiju to arrive, a member of the EDF reported that, due to the embarrassment of having to fight Kinnikuman, they all turned back. [9]

At some point during this time in his life, Kinnikuman grew an infatuation with pop idol Takahara Nana, having bought many of her records. [5] In order to win Nana's heart, Kinnikuman attempted tried to impress her by showing of his muscles which only ended up angering her more. As a last resort, he called his kaiju henchman, Gorizaemon, to fake a kidnapping attempt on her in which Kinnikuman would save her. The plan backfired as Gorizaemon really did try to kidnap Nana. [5] However, Kinnikuman was able to defeat his henchman and brought Nana to safety. By a simple misunderstanding, Nana thought that her manager, Hitoshi, had saved her and thus ran into his arms, much to Kinnikuman's disappointment.[10]

Save Planet Kinniku[]

Kinnikuman received a visit from Alexandria Meat, who had been dispatched to find the Kinniku prince and bring him back. [6] Since Suguru's abandonment, the pig had taken over Planet Kinniku, and Kinnikuman was needed to defeat him. Kinnikuman, however, had no intention of going so was forced into a steel cage death match against Gouriki. He was able to win the match, thanks to the comical faces he made while he was being bear hugged, but was eventually bribed into going by Meat with a gyuudon.[11]

When the two returned to Planet Kinniku, both of Kinnikuman's parents gave him a warm welcoming, as well as telling him of his name being Suguru. [12] Kinnikuman's goal was to defeat King Tone in a three-round match of judo, boxing, and wrestling. Unfortunately, despite the confidence he displayed before the start of each match, he lost to Tone 0-3. Shortly after Tone's original owner, a butcher, chased him away from Planet Kinniku never to be seen again. [12] With the title now opened, Mayumi reclaimed his throne. Because of Suguru's disappointing match, Meat was ordered to bring him back to Earth and train him until he was a true hero.[13]

Kaiju Fights[]

Kinnikuman and Meat began settling in the small house, doing normal activities. [14] After watching a television show, Kinnikuman gets the idea to fight the Loch Ness Monster and get it broadcast to boost his ratings as a chojin. [14] After proving himself by defeating a kaiju, which was actually just a robot built by Meat, Kinnikuman was able to get the right to fight Nessie on air. Unfortunately, when Nessie finally did arrive, it turned out to be many times larger than Kinnikuman's giant form. Nessie simply licked him, which caused him to pass out. [15]

Kinnikuman was introduced to Nikaido Mari, a preschool teacher and friend of Meat. [16] Both he and Meat developed an obvious crush on Mari and would take different trips with her and her class, despite the fact that they would always beat him up. On their first trip to the preschool, the kaijuu Franky began attacking but actually gained the friendship of some of the children. [16] Kinnikuman, who was hated by the children, wasn't able to fight but, Meat was able to come up with a strategy that caused Franky to run away. [17]

After an encounter with the kaijuu Abdullah, Kinnikuman and Meat met The Terryman, an American chojin from Texas. [18] Terryman would charge for his services against kaiju, but he became increasingly popular in Japan, much to Kinnikuman's dismay. After a while, Terryman came to Kinnikuman's house to brag of becoming Japan's sole super hero. [18] An attack made Sheikian, caused a boy run to Terryman, saying he needed him to rescue his father. When Terryman kicked the boy, because he didn't have enough money, Kinnikuman, enraged, hit Terryman, gave the boy back his money, and went to rescue the boy's father. Terryman, after hearing the words of the Yamato Spirit from Kinnikuman, gave up his hero badge and went to help Kinnikuman fight Sheik-Seijin. [19]

Roots Island Arc[]

Kunta first appears in the male onsen , where she throws herself on Kinnikuman and begs for his help. [20] Natsuko introduces Kunta as the princess of Roots Island, and Kunta explains that her island has been overrun by Kaiju, as well as that many warriors have been killed by Ukon. When Terryman and Kinnikman agree to the job, she gives each of them a kiss on the cheek, before they ride on Miss Karasu to the island in order to defeat the Kaiju. [20]

As they arrive, they are greeted by Elder Yosaku, and introduces them to the last warrior of the island: Tabuchi. Kinnikuman and Terryman travel together to Roots Island to help Kunta and save the islanders. Octopus Dragon stops Kinnikuman from growing to giant size, by placing a tentacle on his head. The two then exchange blows, taking it in turns to swing one another and swapping body slams, until Octopus Dragon becomes intimidated, as he thinks Kinnikuman knows the moves of the Ultraman family. He is ultimately defeated by a Kinniku Flash. After they defeat Harigoras and Octopus King, a piece of meat appears before Kinnikuman and he eats the meat. Custom dictates whomever eats the meat must fight Ukon one-on-one in battle. It is meat thrown by Ukon in a challenge. [20]

Kinnikuman goes to a Colosseum, who has taken Kunta hostage and is attacked by the locals with various objects, as they throw things into the Colosseum. [21] Tabuchi tries to save the princess, but Ukon flicks him away with a giant finger. When Kinnikuman climbs a pole to escape, Ukon shakes it to get him down. Kinnikuman soon loses the fight, causing Ukon to rule over the people and turn them into slaves. Kinnikuman becomes his servant, but - when lighting a cigar for Ukon - he sets Ukon on fire in a blaze. [21]

The skin melts off Ukon, revealing he was a robot all along. When he kidnaps Kunta once more, the locals call upon Mammora to save them. Mammora picks Kinnikuman up on his back and flies towards Ukon, whom they smash into a wall to remove his arm. Kinnikuman uses the Kinniku Flash, but it does not work on Ukon. After several exchanges of blows, Mammora destroys Ukon and it is revealed Kinkotsuman and Iwao were working the robot the entire time, but they soon run away. When Kunta is rescued, she pays Terryman and Kinnikuman with stone money (which they cannot use). [21]

20th Chojin Olympics[]

Preliminary Rounds[]

Mayumi went to Earth to tell his son about the upcoming Chojin Olympics. Kinnikuman was convinced he was a shoe-in for the Japanese representative, due to Uldraman humiliating defeat at the hands of England's Robin Mask in the previous tournament. However, Terry informed him that Japan had decided not to compete if they could not be represented by Uldraman. Having lost all hope, Kinnikuman ran off to sulk but was confronted by Robin Mask. Robin put him in a Bow and Arrow Lock and told him to give up, but Suguru refused and persevered for several hours until Robin got tired and let go. Making last year's champion struggle caused Harabote Muscle, the chairman of the Olympics, to allow Suguru to compete.[22]

The 20th Chojin Olympics soon began, with many well known chojin, including Robin Mask, Terryman, Specialman, Canadianman, Kintaman, Skyman, Brockenman, Lupin, and Kani Base, all competing for the title. The tournament had a rocky start for Kinnikuman when Meat, who was the Olympics mascot, accidentally hit Kinnikuman with the Olympics torch, which then caused him to hit Kani Base, and a brawl broke out. After the idiotic fighting was settled, the first preliminary match was announced, Rock-Paper-Scissors. Kinnikuman was able to beat Kani Base in the round with "rock" due to Kani Base's claws being stuck on "scissors". [23]

The second preliminary was a weight lifting round with a catch, the weights are dead kaiju weighing 1 ton. The preliminaries went smoothly as many of the favourites easily lifted the kaiju. Kinnikuman, himself, was able to lift the kaijuu, albeit he sunk to the ground quite a bit. With many chojin passing, a second lift was done in which the weight was changed from 1 ton to 2 tons. While it would still seem favourable for many chojin, Kinkotsuman, Iwao, and the newly joined Kani Base had set up a trap for the chojin.

The three turned invisible thanks to Kinkotsuman's invisibility gun and begin to tickle or attack the chojin who was lifting. This would cause the chojin to lose focus and drop the kaiju, thus eliminating them. This tactic caused many chojin to fail, including Specialman, which caused Terryman to suspect their work. When it came to Kinnikuman's turn, he wasn't able to lift the kaiju up completely, but was able to withstand the tickling of Kinkotsuman. Thanks to a kick in the crotch from Kani Base, Kinnikuman was able to pass the round and expose Kinkotsuman, and the others for what they did. [24]

The third and final preliminary was a race in which the 25 remaining chojin would fly to the moon, get a doll rabbit from one of the tournament reps, and fly back to the stadium. The first eight chojin to land would be the finalists. Kinnikuman, who was in last place, was given a doll rabbit by an unknown male who was actually Kinkotsuman in disguise. Kinkotsuman had set up a bomb in the rabbit that would explode. Fortunately, when the bomb exploded, it actually caused Kinnikuman as well many other chojin to fly straight down to the stadium. While 7 of the 8 finalists had been decided, 10 chojin, including Kinnikuman, Kintaman, Sphinxman, Amazonman, Copper Bellman, had all tied for the last spot. To settle this dispute, a battle royale would decide the eighth finalist.

Kinkotsuman hypnotised the other 9 finalists into eliminating Kinnikuman from the tournament as well as impersonating the referee. While Kinkotsuman's plan seemed to succeed, Terryman was able to realise Kinkotsuman's plan and was able to free the chojin of his control. With all the chojin back to normal, they all stopped their focused on Kinnikuman and just attacked each other. In the end, the other chojin knocked each other out, leaving only Kinnikuman, thus making the eighth finalist.[25]

Quarter Finals[]

Kinnikuman had made it into the eight finalists of the 20th Chojin Olympics, which included Robin Mask, Terryman, Ramenman, Skyman, Brockenman, Canadianman, and Curry Cook. After a drawing, Kinnikuman was placed in B-Block which consisted of Curry Cook, Brockenman, and Ramenman, all known in the Planet Kinniku Grand Library for brutal fighting styles, hence them being Zangyaku chojin.[26]

Due to the brutality of the chojin, Harabote placed the B-Block matches in the small Korakuen Hall which would only be broadcast on radio, compared to the massive Korakuen Stadium in which the A-Block matches were taking place and would be broadcast on television. The A-Block match against Robin Mask and Canadianman ended quickly with Robin taking down Canadianman in only a few moments. The B-Block match between Ramenman and Brockenman began with Brockenman using fowl and cheap tricks, such as spiked-knuckles and poison gas. Ramenman was able to take the upper-hand by taking Brockenman down with his Chinese Kenpo, finishing him off with his Camel Clutch, ripping Brockenman in half and which terrified Kinnikuman, Meat, and Mayumi.[27]

After seeing the brutal death of Brockenman, Kinnikuman's fears of dying the same way at the hands of Curry Cook caused him to try to run away from the match. The only way Kinnikuman was able to get into the ring was because Meat and Mayumi dragged him back and told him that Curry Cook's face resembled that of a kappa. The match became a steel cage match and Curry Cook began the match by taking a weapon out of his curry sauce and stabbed Kinnikuman's forehead. While wallowing in pain, Kinnikuman was able to break Curry Cook's curry plate which caused Curry Cook to steal some gyuudon from the audience.

The sauce that had been stabbed into Kinnikuman's forehead caused him to act different, in which he bashed Curry Cook against the steel cage and even drank the milk that Curry Cook was originally going to use against him. Kinnikuman's insane tactics caused Curry Cook to give up the match and run away, advancing Kinnikuman to the semi-finals.

In Korakuen Stadium, Terryman's match with Skyman wasn't going well as Skyman's attacks were pushing Terry down. But Terry was able to make a comeback and defeat Skyman with an Oklahoma Stampede.[28]


The match with Ramenman takes place on a solid block of ice. [29]

Both competitors must be barefoot. Ramenman struggles to get a hold of Kinnikuman, who runs constantly away using the ropes as a tightrope. [30] Eventually, Ramenman is able to deliver a series of blows and gets Kinnikuman into a Camel Clutch position, but soon lets go when Kinnikuman unleashes a bad smell and soils himself. Ramenman allows him a break to change his tights, while Kinnikuman gets used to the ice and gains an advantage. [30]

Ramenman proceeds to use a pile-driver, but Kinnikuman gets his fin stuck in the melting ice. Ramenman kicks him across the ice and into the ropes, but the momentum allows the ropes to bounce Kinnikuman back and use an Elbow Smash. This knocks Ramenman out, which allows Kinnikuman to win the match. Unknown to Suguru, Kinkotsuman tries to shoot him, but Terryman intervenes and takes a bullet in his leg. [30]


Before Suguru's fight with Robin Mask, Terry and Ramenman had a grudge match. Ramenman was soon disqualified for dirty fighting but then demanded that Suguru fight his best against Robin Mask, saying he wanted to be proud of his fight with Suguru. He got very emotional and cried tears of blood. Motivated by Ramenman's words, Suguru was a brand new fighter when he faced Robin. However, when he proved to be too much for Robin, Robin removed his armor, which he always wore to weaken his power rather than to protect himself.

Robin Mask became too tough, so Suguru tried to run away, but Ramenman, Kinkotsuman, and Iwao convinced him to return to the ring. Robin eventually put Suguru in his trademark Tower Bridge hold and seemingly broke his back. As Robin lamented over "killing" Suguru, Suguru stood up and defeated him with a Mexican Rolling Clutch Hold. Suguru had won the Olympics and Ramenman makes the first mention of Suguru's Kajiba no Kuso Djikara.

American Tour[]

After winning the chojin Olympics, Suguru is sent to tour the American Circuit. His first stop is Hawaii, where he challenges the Hawaiian Champion Jesse Maivia to a match. Jesse agrees, but only if Suguru can beat his manservant, Prince Kamehame. Suguru loses within seven seconds, but Kamehame is so impressed with him that he offers to teach him the 48 Killer Techniques. With these techniques Suguru is able to defeat Jesse Maivia, the master of Move Reversion.

His next stop is the main continent, where he meets up with Dorlo Flairs and learns of the rivalry amongst the chojin Wrestling League chairmen. In order to disrupt the alliance between the Superhuman World Council and World Federation, he disguises himself as The Chanelman (a parody of blackface singers Chanels) and attacks the WSC's champions during their fights. Skull Boze and his manager Sheik Seijin figure out his identity and decide to set up a rematch between Suguru and Robin Mask.

Robin reappears in South America. [31] Kinnikuman confronts him when he sees Robin murder an opponent in the ring, when Robin's opponent is torn in two pieces.[32] When Kinnikuman is captured by the World Supermen Federation, Robin brings him food so that he will survive and remain strong. [33] After tearing Dynamite Piper in half at the Luck Lumber Joe, Robin was allowed the chance to regain his title from Kinnikuman and faced him in a match. [32]

The match with Kinnikuman takes place over the Grand Canyon, at 1,600 meters high. [33] Before the fight can be finished, Iwao flies an aeroplane into the ring. [34] The match is determined to be in Robin's favour, but - due to his assumed death - the belt then goes to the next in the WSF's line, which is Skull Bozu. [35] Kinnikuman is revealed to be alive, while Robin took the brunt of the aeroplane attack and is willing to let himself be sacrificed as Kinnikuman has not enough strength to remove the plane. [18]

Robin reveals that he read about Kinnikuman's activity in Hawaii and yearned to return to the life of a Justice Chojin. [35] Kinnikuman eventually manages to free Robin, but the WSF explode the ring, and only Kinnikuman can escape. Robin seemingly falls to his death. [35]

After the battle between Kinnikuman and Robin Mask, the Chojin Council are chased by Kinnikuman to a remote location. [36] The World Chojin Federation try to steal the championship belt, which creates a free-for-all battle, and God von Erich appears to command them to stop. [36] God von Erich announces a tag tournament to settle the differences between the three groups, as he says that the winner shall rule the American chojin world. [36]

In this tag tournament, Kinnikuman must engage in a round robin. [37]

He must fight the Chojin Council, Chojin Federation, Chojin Association, and the Kaiju - the winner of the four groups will gain control of America. [37] Kinnikuman finds Terryman in Amarillo, Texas; Terryman initially refuses to participate, due to the work on his ranch, and it is revealed he has lost his left leg. [38] The wound he obtained by Kinkotsuman increasingly got worse, until he was forced to amputate. [38] Kinnikuman eventually convinces him to use a prosthetic leg by winning a special bet. [39]

Over 100,000 people attend to watch the tournament in Houston, Texas. They form The Machineguns, with the theme of "The Magnificent Seven" as they make an entrance. Their first match is against Beauty Rhodes and Jean Steamboard, who form The Emperors. [40] During their match, Terryman is accidentally knocked out by Kinnikuman. Kinnikuman begins to lose, but Terryman wakes up long enough to save Kinnikuman with his own body. [41] The match ultimately ends in a draw. [42] The next few matches take place in Los Angeles. [43]

Terryman and Kinnikuman are set to win by default against Rugged Brothers, as one of their opponents lost in their previous match and is unable to compete. Kinkotsuman reveals that he is the new tag partner, and the group rename themselves Monster Master/Student Combo. [43] Kinnikuman and Terryman get trapped under a lighting rig that Kinkotsuman crashes down on them, but Kinnikuman knocks Terryman out when Terryman panics over the loss of his leg when faced with Kinkotsuman that caused his leg injury. [44] Kinnikuman wins the match in record time against both Kinkotsuman and Iwao.

The next few matches take place at Madison Square Gardens, New York. [45] The final match is against the Blood Illusions. [46] Devil Magician starts by throwing cards at Kinnikuman and Terryman, before diving at them with a dagger, but Ramenman stops him and forces him to play by the rules. Skull Bozu attacks next, using his Hedgehog Move, where his body - except his head - erupts into spikes. Kinnikuman manages to defend, and stabs Skull Bozu's head with his own spikes.

Kinnikuman then uses a Drop Kick on Skull Bozu, while Terryman uses the Brain Buster on Devil Magician. They follow with a series of other wrestler's signature moves. Iwao then steals Terry's leg. [46] Terryman - distracted by the abuse of a child - is showered in a flurry of punches by Skull Bozu. [47] Skull Bozu proceeds to throw him out of the ring, but - on retrieving his leg - Terryman uses a Calf Branding against Skull Bozu, which results in a knock-out and thus secures their victory. [47]

The Machineguns go on to win their final match against the Blood Illusions, while the New World Supermen Association - goes on to control America. [47] Kinnikuman - after winning the tournament - take a break in Guam for the day, where he witnesses a kaiju attack on Japan, while watching television. [48]

The kaiju Burugorasu is attacking children and destroying buildings, but the Earth Defence Force fails to stop him, but - on seeing the children plead for the help of Kinnikuman - Kinnikuman and Meat decide to return to Japan. He is given a wrist that will tell him the time to his next exhibition match, which is due five hours from now, and - as Olympic Champion - he is obliged to attend the match or he will forfeit his championship. Kinnikuman eventually arrives in Japan, with only 30 minutes to spare, and grows to a giant size. [48]

He struggles to use his Kinniku Flash, but succeeds after a child tosses him some garlic.

He fails to make it back in time for his match, and forfeits his championship. [48]

The Lost Three Days[]

The chapter begins with a brief recap of American Chojin politics during the 1980's, and the creation of the American Chojin Tag Tournament. [49] Kinnikuman sets his sights upon Terryman as a tag partner, but only has three days until the tournament starts to convince him of participation, and - on reaching Terry's Ranch - Kinnikuman begs him, only for Terry to rebuke him due to a lack of time. [49]

Kinnikuman strikes Terryman, which knocks him off his horse, and this reveals that he has lost his leg, which Terryman states makes him useless as a partner. He thus rides away. A ranch-hand - Buckland - reveals that he has a prosthetic leg that Terryman can use, and gives it to Kinnikuman so that Terryman may fight again. Kinnikuman waits outside the ranch, even forgoing food and rest, in hopes that Terryman will take pity on him and use the leg. [49]

The next day Terryman wakes them with water to the face, after they pass out from heatstroke. Terryman says that he will work with Kinnikuman, only if Kinnikuman can fill up his trough; he gives him two bags, and tells him the river is fifteen miles away. To do this, he lends Kinnikuman a wild horse (knowing that Kinnikuman will never tame the horse and thus make the necessary trips). The horse is named Machinegun. [49]

Kinnikuman still refuses to find another partner, and - after being attacked by the horse - manages to eventually mount Machinegun. At sunset, Kinnikuman makes the first round-trip to empty some water into the trough. While Terryman goes about his daily routine, Kinnikuman continues to fill the trough, and it is noticed that Machinegun once lost his leg in an accident, too, until he was also given a prosthetic. Kinnikuman bonds with the horse and tames him. Kinnikuman makes it back just in time to win the bet made by Terryman, and Terryman thus dons his prosthetic leg and agrees to join his team. [49]

The two go on to enter the tournament. [49]

2nd Kaiju Extermination Arc[]

Bibimba Mini-Arc[]

Yaki Horumon sends Bibimba to take revenge on Kinnikuman. [50] At first, she dives at him with a knife, but he ducks at the last moment and avoids her attack. This causes Bibimba to fall and scrape her knee, and Kinnikuman rips Meat Alexandria's to wrap her wound. Yaki - troubled by this - summons Kinnikuman to attend a duel with Bibimba, after he kidnaps Meat to force attendance. [50]

Bibimba easily strikes a blow on Kinnikuman, and proceeds to take a sword to kill him, but she hesitates after remembering his act of kindness. Kinnikuman is thus able to stop her blow, but - when he counters with a sword-attack - he slices open her leotard and reveals her in a nude state. Kinnikuman shows mercy on her, as he gives her Meat's new cape to cover her naked form. Bibimba then believes herself to be in love with Kinnikuman. [50]

Seeing how she is infatuated with Kinnikuman, Yaki Horumon introduces her to Shishkeba Boo. [51] Yaki promises the hand of Bibimba in marriage, so long as Shishkeba defeats Kinnikuman in battle. Bibimba rushes to the palace to beg Kinnikuman to flee the planet, but - just as Kinnikuman tries to make his escape - Shiskeba arrives to stop him. Kinnikuman mocks his appearance, but agrees to fight him in a series of challenges.

The first challenge is a speed-eating contest, which he wins. The second challenge is to create a tower, but - after Kinnikuman cheats - they both descend into a fist-fight. They are evenly matched, using the same techniques, but Shiskeba is able to knock him unconscious. When it seems that Shishkeba may truly kill Kinnikuman, Bibimba refuses to allow him, saying that she will die, too, and is willing to sacrifice her life. [51]

Bibimba then travels back to Earth with Meat and Kinnikuman. [51]

Without anywhere to live, Bibimba stays in Beverly Park with Kinnikuman and Meat. [52] Unable to attend on Kinnikuman as well as Meat, Bibimba flees and it is revealed that Meat and Kinnikuman are actively trying to get her to return to Planet Kinniku. On her way to find Kinnikuman to make amends, she is attacked by a Kaiju: Gonta. When Kinnikuman refuses to help her, and the Earth Defence Force arrive, Bibimba believes she is being tested on whether she can defend herself. This inspires Bibimba to join the Earth Defence Force and become independent, as she starts a life alone. [8]

Planet Rakka Mini-Arc[]

When Planet Rakka became in danger by the Uchuu Nobushi, the chojin Beansman asked Terryman and Ramenman to fight. Kinnikuman, assuming he'd automatically be chosen, went straight to Beansman and joined them without any real test. In Africa, the group found the transforming chojin Puyo-Puyo, whom Kinnikuman teased because of his appearance, only to be punched at by him. In Antarctica, the group found the ice chojin Crystalman, who had been asleep in ice for 100,000 and was bribed into going by getting all the food he could eat. The least chojin was in Berlin, Germany, Brocken Jr., the son of Brockenman. At first, it seemed as though Brocken Jr. was going to begin his revenge on Ramenman but stopped, accepted Beansman's request to join, and said he would deal with it when they returned to Earth. With Brocken Jr. now having joined, the seven chojin had been gathered.[53]

Using Puyo-Puyo as a space coaster, the group was able to reach Planet Rakka. Ingen, the elder and friend of Beansman, told the group that the survivors had built a fort and disguised it with a fog. Ingen said the only reason that the Uchu Nobushi hadn't been around was because they had gone to eat. Only moments later, the Uchu Nobushi returned, ready to take the fort. The seven chojin all gathered and began their assault. However, it seemed useless as the Uchu Nobushi would regenerate into even more members every time they were struck down.

When Crystalman found the weakness against the Uchu Nobushi as an attack to their hearts, the Uchu Nobushi all formed together into one giant creature. In order to stop the creature, Kinnikuman and the rest of the chojin combined their powers and were able to destroy the Uchu Nobushi, freeing Planet Rakka. When the chojin were going home Kinnikuman, who was driving their spaceship, was caught by the space police as an unlicensed speeding driver, much to the other chojins dismay. [54]

21st Chojin Olympics Arc[]

Preliminary Rounds[]

One morning, a black letter came into the mail for Kinnikuman. The letter turned out to be an application for the 21st chojin Olympics, nicknamed "The Big Fight". At first Kinnikuman was ready to fight until he learned that he still had to pass the prelims like everyone else. On the chojin Hour program, Yoshigai and Harabote began speaking of Kinnikuman's loss of the belt and how it was worth 10,000,000 yen. Next, they went over the favourites for the tournament, such as Terryman, Ramenman, Brocken Jr., and Benkiman, a toilet chojin who can literally flush people down his drain. The next chojin representative was also from Japan, a sumo named Wolfman, who antagonised Kinnikuman on television. Wolfman's actions caused Kinnikuman to want to compete in the tournament once more.[55]

Days passed, until the chojin Olympics: The Big Fight finally started. Over 100,000 chojin from all over the world came to compete, including many of Kinnikuman's friends and rivals from the previous chojin Olympics and his American Tour. The first preliminary was the "Terrifying chojin Sieve" in which the chojin were put into a giant sieve, shaken up, and all the chojin who were too fat or too skinny would fall through leaving only the chojin in good physical condition left. Harabote first started off with the German team, taking them directly from the stands, where only one chojin, Brocken Jr. stayed in.

Harabote soon got carried away and took all the other countries chojin at once. Fat and skinny chojin, such as Kani Base (as well as Skull Bozu and Beauty Rhodes[56]), were eliminated quickly. As the shaking continued, Kinnikuman began to fall through, leaving only his head still inside the sieve at the end of the shaking. Since Kinnikuman's head was still inside the sieve, Harabote deemed it legal and he passed the first prelim.[57]

Quarter Finals[]

Kinnikuman enters with a wacky costume, but he was stoped for entering the ring. Harabote brings some loosers from the preliminaries, and told to them that the one that manage to touch Benkiman will return to the competition. This ends with Kani Base jumping to the attack, just to be taken and flushed by Benkiman. Tileman, thinking that his great mass would be imposible to flush down, tries to touch the Incan Chojin, bu this rival manage to catch his head, and using an ancient technique, makes Tileman in the form of an ant ball, and then flushes him.

This fights make Kinnikuman freak out, so he tries to run, but he ends up been catched by Benkiman, who tries to flushed him. But Kinnikuman, breaking the fourth wall by saying that “even the authors doesn’t know what is down there”, so he luckly escapes… just to be catched again and made into a ball and then flushed.

But in a lucky move, Kinnikuman’s short got clogged inside Benkiman, making Kinnikuman and the other flushed chojin to escape. In pain, a great amount of water come out of Benkiman, making him be throw to the ski, just to fall into the canvas, knocking him down, and giving Kinnikuman another victory.


The semi-finals match takes place in Kuramae Public Arena, where Meat Alexandria acts as a guest commentator. [58] Four people surround the ring, while Kinnikuman is required to wear a fundashi. The ring is flipped over to reveal a sumo circle, and Kinnikuman starts with a Kinniku-Sumo Kick. He attempts a brain-buster, but Wolfman evades the attack. Wolfman tries to throw Kinnikuman out of the circle, as per sumo rules, but Kinnikuman holds onto him to stop being thrown. [58]

Wolfman delivers a Rubiks Cube Slap to Kinnikuman's face. [58] He manages to toss Kinnikuman out of the circle, but Mayumi Kinniku bursts the swollen blisters of his head and Kinnikuman floats back into the circle. [59] They grab each other's belts, where Kinnikuman is nearly thrown again, and he survives again an underarm throw. Wolfman tries to crush Kinnikuman into submission, but he pushes back. Wolfman distracts him by claiming his penis is visible through his fundashi, before throwing Kinnikuman down against the ring. [59]

Just as he is about to be declared the winner, they realise Wolfman is fully outside of the ring. Kinnikuman has used a suplex to throw him, and he has touched ground outside of the circle first, which disqualifies him from continuing in the tournament. [59]


Kinnikuman angers Warsman by mocking him, as he pulls back his chair and forces him to fall in public. After Kinnikuman strikes Bibimba, Warsman becomes infuriated at his actions and lunges to attack, at which point Kinnikuman uses his Bear Claw Defence to remove his clawed hand. [60] Warsman counters with the Palo Special, before Terryman saves Kinnikuman by kicking him away into the waters. This makes Kinnikuman's mask fall off, and Barracuda declares the next match will be a Mask Removal Death Match. [60]

Warsman later interferes with an exhibition match between Mayumi Kinniku and Harabote Muscle as a "training exercise". [61] He tosses the ring with them away, until Kinnikuman tosses it back. Warsman is stopped from killing a catatonic Ramenman, only for Robin Mask to reveal his true identity to the crowd and that Warsman is his chance for revenge. [61] Kinnikuman initially gains the upper hand, as Warsman essentially copies Robin's techniques, which Kinnikuman knows very well from their previous matches. [62] Warsman reverts back to his own style, then removes Kinnikuman's mask. [63]

Underneath each of Kinnikuman's masks is another mask, so Warsman struggles to unmask him. [63] Warsman starts to remove Kinnikuman's actual mask, revealing black hair, until Kinnikuman performs the Muscle Curtain. [64] Bibimba begs Warsman to stop, after he leaves Kinnikuman a bloody mess, but Robin Mask threatens to return him to the streets. [65] Kinnikuman has the chance to throw Warsman onto his own Bear Claw, but refuses as he doesn't want to become as brutal as Warsman. [66] Warsman thus changes his mind about his evil ways, but is attacked by Robin, who then proceeds to slap Bibimba. [66] Warsman attacks Robin and continues to fight fairly against Kinnikuman.

Warsman is able to overcome Kinnikuman's Burning Inner Strength with his Palo Special, proving himself stronger and with greater techniques, but Warsman overheats in battle if he fights past 30 minutes and 35 minutes have gone by in the match. [67] Kinnikuman uses the Kinniku Buster and wins the match; he is required to remove Warsman's mask, but Warsman - talking for the first time - reveals his face. [68] He is revealed to have a cybernetic face. Kinnikuman thus returns his mask. [68]

The Seven Devil Chojin Arc[]


After taking the chojin Olympics championship twice, Suguru thew a parade honouring himself as the V2 champion. Unfortunately, while being lifted in the air by his fan girls, a more heavy-set girl threw him too high into space. This caused him to hit the detonation button on a roach motel which contained the Seven Devil Chojin, seven evil chojin that were banned from Earth due to their deadly ways of fighting.

In Korakuen Hall, while participating in the "Let's Play with the chojin" Fan Appreciation Day, the Seven Devil Chojin interrupted the celebration. At first, Kinnikuman thought it was just an unscripted sketch but Warsman corrected him and began to attack one of the Devil Chojin. Immediately, the Devil Chojin, Black Hole, punched Warsman, who was then forced down into the mat by Buffaloman, the leader of the Seven Devil Chojin. Buffaloman then stated a challenge to Kinnikuman to defeat all seven of them.[69]

The Devil Chojin began challenging Kinnikuman, eager to battle him. Warsman rose up and continued to fight against Buffaloman, only for him to be attacked by SteCase King's 100,000 headphones which broke his ear drums destroyed his sensory system. While at first he was going to give it away, Kinnikuman decided to keep his belt but refused to fight the Devil Chojin after the battles that had just occurred in the chojin Olympics. In order to force Kinnikuman to fight, Buffaloman took Meat and separated him into seven pieces, each piece being taken by one of the Devil Chojin. Buffaloman set a challenge that, in order to revive Meat, Kinnikuman had to defeat all seven Devil Chojin in 10 days. Crying, Kinnikuman accepted the challenge immediately saying that Meat was like a brother to him.[70]

Kinnikuman vs. Stecasse King[]

The Devil Chojin gave Kinnikuman the opportunity to pick his first opponent. Using his own cassettes music, SteCase King was able to force Kinnikuman's body into picking him, much to the anger of the other Devil Chojin. The battle took place at Tokyo Tower, with Meat's torso at stake. The battle began with SteCase King jumping at Kinnikuman with his headphone feet to try to force him to listen to his Music of Hell.

Kinnikuman was able to dodge the attacks and even hit SteCase King, giving the impression that SteCase King was very weak, putting him into a Boston Crab Hold. SteCase King soon opened up his Miracle Backpack which contained five giant cassette tapes of the chojin Encyclopedia. Using the tapes, SteCase King was able to imitate Warsman perfectly, including Warsman's deep breathing and creepy smile, and released himself from the Boston Crab Hold. To show his strength, SteCase King then put Kinnikuman into the Palo Special, a technique that only Warsman knew.[71]

SteCase King soon showed his abilities even more showing the abilities of Ramenman's kicks and Robin Mask's Tower Bridge, all on his tapes. Buffaloman then told Terryman that SteCase King's tapes contained 1,000 entries on chojin, giving the match and 1000 vs. 1 challenge. Kinnikuman's determination was able to release him from the Tower Bridge, however SteCase King soon put Kinnikuman into his own Music Hell technique. Even though Kinnikuman's mask was able to protect him from 100,000 phones, SteCase King set the sound for 1,000,000 phones, loud enough to penetrate even the Kinniku masks.

Thanks to observation by a child, Terryman was able to conclude that SteCase King's music was the same music that came from Tokyo Tower, hence why SteCase King set the match right below it. Thanks to a mistake by SteCase King, the music program had already ended and was switched by a comedy program, which was able to keep Kinnikuman conscious.

Now free, Kinnikuman countered with a back drop and injured SteCase King. As a last resort, SteCase King used the chojin Encyclopedia once more, except he accidentally took an outdated cassette of Kinnikuman, who had indeed become a competent chojin over the years. With SteCase King weakened, Kinnikuman finished him off with the Kinniku Buster. Despite SteCase King being the weakest of the Seven Devil Chojin, he managed to give Kinnikuman many wounds, enough so that the chojin doctor said that Kinnikuman would need 10 days to heal.[71]

Kinnikuman vs. Black Hole[]

Despite initially having taken his torso, the match against Black Hole is to retrieve Meat's right arm. [72] Black Hole - after lighting a fire - realises Kinnikuman has not arrived and threatens to destroy Meat's arm, but Kinnikuman seemingly arrives in perfect health. He blocks a punch from Black Hole, which Black Hole notes is with his left hand despite being right-handed, and Black Hole also notes that his body is no longer muscular. [72]

Black Hole and his teammates reveal this is an intruder, only to beat him until he is bleeding profusely, and they show that this was Terryman. [72] The real Kinnikuman appears and challenges Black Hole to fight. [73] They fight in a Solar House Death Match at Korakuen Stadium. Kinnikuman initially thought that this was to be nice, as the Solar House made it warmer inside the ring while it was cold outside, but Black Hole's real reason was so that he could use his Shadow Travel technique. Kinnikuman begins the match with a punch, but his arm gets stuck in the hole in Black Hole's face. After a flurry of punches, Kinnikuman finally escapes, and kicks at Black Hole's chest, only to get his body stuck within the chest. [73]

Kinnikuman is soon spat out, only for Black Hole to use Shadow Travel. [73]

He uses a German Suplex upon Kinnikuman, before trapping him in a Cobra Twist. [74] He proceeds to clone his bodies and fill the ring with them, as all of them attack Kinnikuman at once, but Kinnikuman uses a Sun Muscle to dissipate the fake Black Hole clones. Kinnikuman lands a Flying Body Scissors Drop. [74] The inside of the hole on Black Hole's head then becomes a portal into space, which sucks Kinnikuman inside. [75] Kinnikuman manages to escape and breaks through the Solar Dome back into the ring. Kinnikuman smashes down on Black Hole with a Nikudan Elbow Drop, which effectively knocks out Black Hole and allows Kinnikuman to win and retrieve Meat's right arm. [75]

Kinnikuman vs. Atlantis[]

Later Kinnikuman fights against Atlantis. [76] Atlantis begins with a Water Magnum, but Kinnikuman uses Salmon Swimming Stream to swim up the beam of water, and headbutts Atlantis in his face. Kinnikuman attempts a body-press, but the spirits of his deceased opponents hold him back: The Mountain, Stecasse King, Mr Khamen, and Black Hole. He thus can't move and lands on Atlantis knees. He tries to put Atlantis in a sleeping hold, but Black Hole cuts into his neck. Mongolman reveals that this is due to a Blood Bind, and he takes Terryman and Brocken Jr. into the spirit world to defeat the spirits. [76]

Kinnikuman is thrown into the lake by Atlantis. [76] Due to his friends defeating the spirits, Kinnikuman is able to swim upwards and jump back onto the ring. [77] Atlantis jumps into the water and covers the ring in a thick fog, which enables him to trick Kinnikuman into thinking the corner-post is him and striking his head against it in the confusion. Atlantis uses a water magnum, which destroys some of the ropes, and then hits him with a Water Ball. He follows this with a St Helen's Eruption. [77]

Kinnikuman uses his Burning Inner Strength to escape the hold, and a Muscle Typhoon to get rid of the mist. [78] In order to avenge Robin Mask, Kinnikuman use a Tower Bridge attack on Atlantis, at which point Atlantis tosses Meat's right leg into the leg. Kinnikuman jumps in to save the leg, as Atlantis follows, but uses a U-Boat technique against him. [78] Buffaloman convince Kinnikuman to finish using his Kinniku Buster, which breaks Atlantis' back, neck, and hip-bones. [79] This defeats Atlantis and allows Kinnikuman to retrieve the leg. [79]

Kinnikuman vs. Buffaloman[]

Buffaloman faces Kinnikuman in a double match with Springman. There is only one hour left of the deadline, so Kinnikuman only has one hour to save Meat. The stadium is designed as a giant countdown, with bars around the edges that move for each second, and that will destroy pieces of Meat's body at the 30 minutes and 60 minute marks. Just as Kinnikuman is about to fight alone, Mongolman appears to make it a true tag-team match and join Kinnikuman in his fight against Springman and Buffaloman.

Despite it being called a tag-team match, Buffaloman's attention is focused exclusively on Kinnikuman, while Springman fights against Mongolman.  Mongolman defeats Springman and saves Meat's limb.  Buffaloman is an extremely tough opponent, and - changing colour, as he uses the full force of his 10 million Chojin Power - uses his power to reverse Kinnikuman's techniques, including his trademark finishing move: the Kinniku Buster.  During an exchange of blows, Harabote uncovers information on Buffaloman.

After Buffaloman helps fix Kinnikuman's mask, he becomes fully possessed by Satan.  When Buffaloman goes beneath the ring, shredding the canvas with his horn, Kinnikuman uses his arm to stop the horn, and tosses him back onto the ring.  Buffaloman loses control of his power when he absorbs Kinnikuman's Burning Inner Strength.  Buffaloman pierces Kinnikuman's body with his horn, before - overwhelmed by The Fire - the power returns to Kinnikuman and allows him survive.

Due to the respect Kinnikuman showed him, even though they were mortal enemies, Buffaloman changes sides at the end of the match. He cries out the key that will free Meat's head, which allows Meat to be saved just before the final countdown.  Buffaloman vows to join the Justice Chojin, if he survives Satan's punishment for defeat.  He s fatally injured by Satan, but - before he dies - he gives up his Chojin Power, bought with the blood of other heroes, to bring back to life Warsman, Robin Mask and Wolfman, who had died fighting his teammates.

Golden Mask Arc[]

Kinnikuman attends a chojin physical with his colleagues. [80]

The Chojin Power of his colleagues is halved, with only his power left intact. It is revealed that the golden mask on Planet Kinniku has been stolen, and the Silver Mask travels through space into Kinnikuman's hands, as a group of six masked men descend on Kinnikuman. [80] Only one of them has the true Golden Mask, and each says they will go to a specific location to wait for Kinnikuman; if he battles them and wins, they will give him their mask, and their tournament will end when he finds the true Golden Mask. [81]

Kinnikuman vs. Sneagator[]

The first match is against Sneagator in the Budokan Stadium. [82] The ring seems empty, until Sneagator appears to turn all the chairs into alligators and the confetti into lizards. [82] Sneagator bites through the ropes, which turn into snakes and attack Kinnikuman. [83] He then bites down onto Kinnikuman's right shoulder, before using a Hell Space Walk, which is a powerful sneaker kick.

Sneagator then bites into Kinnikuman's torso, before using another sneaker-kick and biting him in three separate places. At this point, Meat realises the animals are illusions caused by a light projector. Sneagator attempts to bite off Kinnikuman's head, but Kinnikuman stops him by holding onto the sides of his jaws, before using a Mouth-Ripping Kinniku-Buster, and covers the light projector with Sneagator's blood. [83]

Sneagtor then sheds his skin and returns in a tortoise form. [84] He uses a Strong Body Press on Kinnikuman, but Kinnikuman uses a Muscle Curtain, and Sneagator sheds his skin again. Kinnikuman gets behind Sneagator and rips the fins from his head, but Sneagator turns again into a chameleon to camouflage into his environment. Kinnikuman allows himself to be injured, so he can use his blood to force Sneagator to become visible. [84] Sneagator then turns into a dinosaur hand, but Kinnikuman gets him in a Bear Hug. [85]

This allows him to see Sneagator's true face, which is on one of his fingers.

He uses a Front Suplex to then defeat Sneagator. [85]

Kinnikuman vs. Planetman[]

Kinnikuman dies from his injuries against Sneagator. [86]

Once he is revived by Wolfman's life force, Kinnikuman heads for the Toshimaen (豊島園) amusement park to face his next opponent. Upon arrival, he and Meat find a ring and are then confronted by several planets. The planets then fuse together and become Planetman. He knocks Kinnikuman into the ring, which is then elevated several hundred feet into the air. [86]

Planetman starts out in control of the fight, slicing Kinnikuman up with his Planet Ring. [87] Kinnikuman tries to hide in a Ferris Wheel car, but Planetman is able to knock him out of there with his Ring Stone. He then freezes Kinnikuman's body with the Sub Zero Figure 4 Neck Lock and tries to shatter him with a knee drop, but Geronimo channels Wolfman's power and Kinnikuman is able to break free.

Planetman then reveals that his head is actually the legendary planet Vulcan. He also points out that Earth is nowhere on his body. [87] That is because Kinnikuman represents Earth, and with that a map of the world appears on Kinnikuman's body. [88] Planetman then begins striking the countries of specific Justice Chojins, causing their life-support bubbles to burst and their bodies to go through excruciating pain. [89]

When he tries throwing his Apollo Dynamite at Japan, Kinnikuman catches the fireball and throws it back. Planetman then uses his horrible Face Planet technique, causing the faces of Terryman, Robin Mask, Warsman, Brocken Jr., Mayumi Kinniku, Sayuri Kinniku, Bibimba, and Canadianman to appear on the planets on his body. He also dons his Golden Mask so that Kinnikuman won't attack his head. Kinnikuman pays it no mind and tries a Knee Breaker, but realises that he would hurt Bibimba if he did. Kinnikuman finds himself unable to fight back until he realises that a Kinniku Buster wouldn't hurt any of them, just Planetman. [89]

Unfortunately, Planetman transforms their surrounding into space, preventing Kinnikuman from completing the Kinniku Buster. Finally, Warsman insists that Kinnikuman punch through his face, which is directly over Planetman's heart. [89] Kinnikuman reluctantly complies and pierces Planetman's heart, putting Warsman in a coma and freeing everyone from the Face Planet technique. [90] Planetman then tries his Planet Ring one more time, but Kinnikuman gets behind him, causing the ring to decapitate Planetman. Kinnikuman then defeats him with Black Hole Suplex, throwing him through a hole in the middle of the ring. [90]

Unfortunately, Planetman's Golden Mask turns out to be a fake, just like Sneagator's. [90]

Five-Tier Ring[]

Kinnikuman then enters inside of Warsman. [91]

Inside his body, there is a five-tier ring that begins a new tournament. [92] Terryman, Geronimo, Brocken Jr., and Robin Mask fight on his behalf, so that Kinnikuman can climb the spine and reach the fifth ring, where he plans to jolt Warsman's heart to resuscitate him. [92] Kinnikuman finally reaches the fourth-tier, but the Golden Mask is not the real Golden Mask, and Akuma Shogun appears above them on the fifth tier. [93]

Kinnikuman vs. Akuma Shogun[]

Akuma Shogun first appears as the Golden Mask. [94]

He shrinks the exit inside Warsman's body, to prevent Kinnikuman and his friends - who are growing to their regular size - from leaving in time so as not to tear Warsman apart. He steals forth the power of the Devil Chojin that worked underneath him during the tournament, and announces himself as their leader. [94] Geronimo attacks Akuma Shogun, but Akuma Shogun retaliates with a Double-Arm Suplex. [95] He then uses a Spin Double Arm, and finishes with a Hell's Guillotine. This kills Geronimo, and inspires the others to distract Akuma Shogun by attacking him at once. [95]

Akuma Shogun escapes from Warsman's body, along with Asuraman. [96] Kinnikuman escapes and uses his Burning Inner Strength, as he attempts to tackle Akuma Shogun, but he is struck by a Hell's Guillotine. [97] It is revealed Akuma Shogun cannot absorb his Burning Inner Strength and injures his knee. Akuma Shogun and Asuraman go through a door to their next venue, while Kinnikuman lingers behind due to fear, but - despite his hesitation - Buffaloman holds the door open for him and allows him to carry onward. [97]

Buffaloman, on his arrival, shakes hands with Akuma Shogun; Akuma Shogun resurrected him to act as an adviser for the upcoming match. [98] After Asuraman loses in his match against Kinnikuman, he is shunned by Akuma Shogun and decapitated by him. [99] Buffaloman is thus persuaded to join the Justice Chojin, as he rejects such levels of cruelty, and holds Akuma Shogun about his waist, so that Kinnikuman may have a chance to use his Kinniku Driver. [99] Akuma Shogun attempts a Hell Super Express. [100]

This is reversed by Buffaloman, and the fight between the two allows Kinnikuman time to train with Terryman in an attempt to perfect the Kinniku Driver using logs in a nearby parkland. Buffaloman attempts a Special Hurricane Mixer, but Akuma Shogun reveals his body can feel no pain. Kinnikuman perfects his Kinniku Driver. [100] Buffaloman impales Akuma Shogun with his long horns, while Terryman warns Kinnikuman about the fatal flaw with the Kinniku Driver, and Kinnikuman manages to correct the one flaw. [101]

Kinnikuman returns and carries Buffaloman to the infirmary, after Akuma Shogun defeats Buffaloman. [102] Kinnikuman learns - in the process - that Akuma Shogun is actually Goldman. Kinnikuman returns to the ring and throws the silver mask above the ring, along with Akuma Shogun and the gold mask, and and it is decided that the winner of the match will take both masks. Kinnikuman begins the match with a German Suplex, and Akuma Shogun attacks with a chair, causing a referee to be needed. [102]

Mongolman agrees to referee the match. [103]

Kinnikuman tries to attack Akuma Shogun several times, but his skin is torn open and every time his Kinniku Driver fails. Akuma Shogun attempts a Skull Crush, but Kinnikuman counters by bashing him against the corner-post of the ring. This is followed by Kinnikuman reversing an attempted Hell's Guillotine. [103] Akuma Shogun gains the upper-hand with a Hell Windmill, and Kinnikuman - after thrown out the ring - makes it back in time for the count. [104] Kinnikuman is then hit by a Human Bullet Dive Bomb.

Kinnikuman uses a Sideways Kinniku-Buster. This strikes Akuma Shogun against a far wall, where the chest-plate of his armour breaks away and reveals he is lacking a physical body. [104] Kinnikuman attempts a Bear-Hug, but Akuma Shogun breaks free and the pieces of his body turn back into the Six Devil Knights, and Akuma Shogun reverses a Sideways Kinniku-Buster to harm Kinnikuman. [105]

After using his Muscle Curtain, after exchanging a series of blows, Kinnikuman witnesses Akuma Shogun harden his body to level seven. Akuma Shogun turns his arms into swords, and Robin Mask tosses his armour for Kinnikuman to use, but Akuma Shogun goes to Hardness Level 10. [105] He splits open Robin Mask's armour and attacks at Kinnikuman, and Kinnikuman attempts a Muscle Curtain Attack. [106]

Kinnikuman manages to scratch Akuma Shogun's body. This is followed by a Burning Megaton Punch, which opens the crack in Akuma Shogun's armour, and his body shatters into millions of diamonds, as Kinnikuman retrieves the Golden Mask. The diamond pieces destroy the Golden Mask, and it is revealed the the real Golden Mask was underneath Akuma Shogun's fake mask all along. It was a part of his head. [106] This triggers Kinnikuman into donning the Silver Mask, so that the two masks can communicate. [107]

Akuma Shogun - now revealed to be Goldman - reveals he felt humiliated by Silverman, while they were still alive, and was given power by Satan, who granted him control over the Six Devil Knights. [108] To gain the upper hand, Akuma Shogun places the ring on the bodies of Kinnikuman's Justice Chojin friends, and each attacks upon the canvas thus causes them pain. Akuma Shogun uses a Burning Bridge. [107]

The ring is transformed, as Akuma Shogun starts to sweat, and his sweat turns the canvas into a diamond. [109] After a series of serious blows, Kinnikuman turns the tides and uses the diamond canvas against Akuma Shogun, and forces his Hardness Level back to normal. [110] The Friendship Power exhibited by Kinnikuman, and the Justice Chojin beneath the ring, causes the Gold Mask to reject the armour gifted by Satan. [110] This causes a body to appear. [111] Kinnikuman then uses his Burning Inner Strength .

Akuma Shogun seals all Kinnikuman's vital points and uses a Hell Guillotine. [111]

Kinnikuman stops the move, while the spirits of his friends come to his defence. [112] The Friendship Power weakens him, before he summons the spirits of the Six Devil Knights to rip his limbs away; sacrificing his body means Kinnikuman cannot use any techniques against him. Buffaloman then intervenes to stop him from dismantling and recombining at will. [112] He dons the mask, so that Akuma Shogun will have a body, and willingly sacrifices himself to help stop Akuma Shogun. [113] Kinnikuman successfully uses the Kinniku Driver.

Akuma Shogun - now in his Golden Mask form - asks to be destroyed, but instead the Silver Mask combines with the Golden Mask and become the Perfect Mask. They revive all dead and injured Chojin, and never again will they ever be divided, which means never again can they bring harm on the people. [113]

Kinnikuman and his friends celebrate his victory. [114]

Dream Chojin Tag Arc[]


A second Mount Fuji appears in Japan. [115]

On top of this mountain, the Universal Chojin Tag Team trophy appears. Underneath, there appears a series of rings that allow for eight tag-teams to compete. Kinnikuman - along with the other justice chojin - goes to Kourakuen Hall to discuss the situation. [115] Terryman reveals he will not team up with Kinnikuman, but instead seeks to work with Geronimo and bring him back to health (since he is now in a vegetative state). [116]


The first match for them was against Pentagon and Black Hole: 4D Killer Combo. The 4D Killer Combo await in the first ring, and - as the Muscle Brothers enter - drop down upon them as a preemptive attack. [117] Kinnikuman ignores Kinnikuman Great's attempt to tag in, despite bleeding profusely, and this allows Black Hole to swap places with Pentagon. Black Hole throws Kinnikuman to the ropes; Kinnikuman Great reassures Kinnikuman they are equals, but Kinnikuman is determined to prove himself to what he considers his master. He still tags in Kinnikuman Great, despite his reservations, who uses a martial arts kick to attack Black Hole. They exchange several blows, but Kinnikuman Great temporarily incapacitates Black Hole with a Rolling Savate. [117]

The other teams leave their rings, so that they may watch the match. [118] Black Hole catches Kinnikuman Great off-guard and throws him to the ropes, in an attempt to engage in a German Suplex, but Kinnikuman Great counters with a Reverse Kick. Kinnikuman argues with Kinnikuman Great and trust breaks down, and this leads to the 4D Killer Combo gaining an advantage. As the 4D Combo use 4D Warp again, Great throws Kinnikuman out of the ring so that he may strike Pentagon midair. This fatigues both Pentagon and Great. [118]

Each move Kinnikuman uses on Black Hole becomes countered with Pentagon's Chronos Change, and - as Great comes to the defence - Pentagon uses Time Stop to freeze Great and stop with a Pile Driver. They stop Great with a 4D Cross and he is absorbed into Black Hole's body. [118] The 4D Combo tries to use a 4D Cross on Kinnikuman, but he counters with advice from the voice of Great. [119] Great tries to escape through Black Hole, grabbing his mask in the process, but Black Hole closes access to his dimension. [119]

Black Hole and Great fight within the dimension, and Great uses a Kinniku Buster to defeat Black Hole, while Kinnikuman uses the Kinniku Driver to defeat Pentagon. They combine their attacks into a Muscle Docking, which allows them to win the match. [119][120]


After Prince Kamehame's death, Terryman dons the Kinnikuman Great disguise. [121]

In a match-up lottery, the Muscle Brothers Nouveau are matched against the Stray Devil Chojin Combo. [122] The rules of the match determine that a KO'd opponent must be thrown into a cage overhead, and the non-competing semi-finalists surround the ring to stop anyone from leaving the ring before the end of the match. [122] After Terryman is hurt, Kinnikuman attacks his opponents and is knocked out of the ring, where he is struck by Buffaloman's Hurricane Mixer. [123] Kinnikuman tosses Asuraman, but the others do not harm him and allow him back into the ring, proving Kinnikuman's friendship with Buffaloman is not restored.

After Terryman fails to imitate Kinnikuman Great properly, Kinnikuman is forced to use his Burning Inner Strength to protect him. They attempt to use a Muscle Docking, but they are unable to synchronise, and instead are subject to Hell's Combination Part 1. [123] Kinnikuman is later tagged back into the match, where he gets Asuraman into a Cobra Twist. [124] Terryman and Kinnikuman are soon tossed towards the cage above, but manage to stop themselves from entering the cage.

They both use Body Attacks on the Stray Devil Chojin Combo.

Asuraman uses a Hell's Canvas, causing Kinnikuman to be attacked by the spirits of past opponents. Kinnikuman is then hit by a Sunshine Magnum. This is followed by a Sunshine Rapid Fire. A Hell's Combination Part III knocks Kinnikuman head-first into the box above. [124] The sweat from Kinnikuman's body falls down onto the ring, which banishes the spirits of his past opponents, and - at this point - he is able to free his body and escape the cage. [125] In the ensuing events, Kinnikuman realises Kinnikuman Great is not Prince Kamehame and demands to be told the person's true identity. [126]

Terryman saves Kinnikuman's life and begs him to trust him, but Kinnikuman tries to forcibly remove his mask. [127] After Terryman tries to sacrifice himself, and states his reason to fight for friendship, Kinnikuman believes that he is an ally of the Justice Chojin. Kinnikuman then throws Asuraman into Sunshine's Cursed Roller. [127] Asuraman shifts into pieces of the Devil General's body in an attempt to psychologically dissuade Kinnikuman from continuing to fight. [128] Asuraman and Sunshine succumb to Friendship Power. [129]

The Muscle Brothers win against the Stray Devil Chojin Combo with a Muscle Docking. [130]


The final match is against Hell Missionaries; the ring is surrounded by swords, which will pierce anyone thrown out of the ring or who tries to escape. [131] The match will be a three-round match, with each round lasting ten minutes until the final round, which will have no time-limit attached. [131]

During the match against Neptuneman, some of Terryman's blond hair is exposed. [132] More and more of Terryman's face is exposed, as he panics at the idea Kinnikuman may reject him on learning the truth, and thus leaves himself open to attacks. [133] With only seconds to spare, Terryman is defeated with a Cross-Bomber in the first round and his face is revealed. [134] Terryman has his stars returned to him by Asuraman, who rejects how he gave up earlier, and - thus due to not having technically quit his match - is still eligible to compete in the tournament, as he never technically lost. [135]

They gain an advantage in the second round, and Kinnikuman - now their friendship is renewed - tears his white vest to offer a makeshift bandage to Terryman. [136] They later manage to trick their opponents by switching places underneath the ring and swapping masks, and this lets them gain the upper-hand. [137] Terryman is then knocked out of the ring onto the spikes, where he is incapacitated. [138] They work together, after Terryman recovers to win with a Muscle Docking. [139]

The two of them win the third round when both opponents faint. [140]

They then continue together to retrieve their trophy. [140]

The Legend of the Miraculous Saviour[]

The story takes place at Kinniku House. [141]

Kinnikuman is seen to be asleep, while his recently washed mask hangs up on the washing line outside. A man in a spaceship lands outside Kinniku House, in Beverly Park, and another spaceship hovers overhead, where they demand the man - nicknamed "Barrack" - comes back to Planet Cupin with them. They release chojin down to capture Barrack, but he steals Kinnikuman's mask, as he's taken forcibly back in their spaceship to Planet Cupin. [141]

Terryman and Meat Alexandria return home after all-night training, and they find Kinnikuman - being so tired - mixed up his mask with his underpants when drying them, so he is now wearing underpants on his head. Meat reveals that if Kinnikuman cannot find his "given mask", he must commit suicide, and he only has 24 hours to retrieve his mask. Kinnikuman senses his mask somewhere in space, so they decide to go to Planet Cupim to find the mask. [141]

Barrack escapes from his imprisonment on Planet Cupim under an escaped prisoner named Tyrant, and - on the way to fight Tyrant - Barrack dons Kinnikuman's mask as proof that he did in fact find the Muscleman. Barrack and Tyrant fight, until Kinnikuman appears with Terryman and Meat. Tyrant unmasks Barrack and threatens to kill him, as he gains the upper-hand in battle. [141]

Kinnikuman puts his mask back on, and Terryman defeats Tyrant's henchmen, and this allows Kinnikuman to enter the ring and attack Tyrant in earnest. Tyrant thinks that he can defeat Kinnikuman, as he studied the Kinniku Clan's moves, and Meat reveals that "Muscleman" was an ancestor of Kinnikuman, who must have visited Planet Cupim in the past. Kinnikuman uses Friendship Power to use the Kinniku Buster. This defeats Tyrant and saves the people of Planet Cupim. [141]

The people cheer as Kinnikuman leaves. [141]

Survivor Match Arc[]


Kinnikuman - after his victories - is elected to be king of Planet Kinniku. [142]

He requires the approval of 105 chojin gods, but 5 evil gods refuse to give permission. They find five children born at the same time - in the same hospital - as Kinnikuman, to whom they give powers and command to compete against Kinnikuman: the winner shall ascend to the throne. [142] The gods reveal the truth at his coronation ceremony: they present him a white cape, to which he must stain it with the blood of the other five that he must defeat in battle, and only then will they accept him as king. [143] The matches will be team matches in sets of five.

Kinnikuman - distraught - find a filthy river, where he can be alone. [144] He accepts his fate that he is no longer a member of the royal family, thus remove his mask, but this action causes a Face Flash that clears the dirty waters and convinces him that he is true royalty, and so he returns to do battle. [144][145] Kinnikuman struggles to find anyone to join his team; as such, he leaves alone with Meat. He arrives in Kumamoto Castle, were he shall battle Kinnikuman Mariposa's team. [145]

Kinnikuman vs. Team Mariposa[]
Kinnikuman vs. Hawkman[]

At Kumamoto Castle, Kinnikuman and Hawkman begin their battle as the advance guards. [146] Hawkman acts confident and arrogant, as he believes it will be an easy victory, and starts the match with a Drop Kick. When Kinnikuman is not afraid, Hawkman transforms his feet into talons and preforms a Nail Crash. Listening to the sound of his flapping wings, Kinnikuman is able to avoid the next attack and uses a Spinning Toe Hold against him. When Kinnikuman is distracted, Hawkman reveals the hawk decoration on his body is a real hawk, which he uses to attack Kinnikuman. [146]

The hawk lifts Kinnikuman high and Hawkman uses a Spiral Bullet. [147] Kinnikuman catches him before the attack reaches his heart, and Hawkman back-flips away before merging again with his hawk companion, then uses a front-suplex to take him by surprise. Kinnikuman hangs onto the ceiling lights in response, until Hawkman - attacking him and taking the bait - destroys the lights with a Spiral Bullet. The lack of light blinds him, allowing Kinnikuman to attack with Drop Kicks. Hawkman uses Transformation: Owl Eyes to see again within the darkness. [147]

He uses Flying Head Scissors, followed by a Flying Cross Chop, which misses its mark and Kinnikuman evades. [148] When the lights come back on, after gaining the upper hand, Hawkman has knocked Kinnikuman outside the ring and knocked him unconscious. Kinnikuman reenters the ring, and - as Hawkman uses another Spiral Bullet - jumps into the air and attacks with a Hawk Hanging. This incapacitates Hawkman's bird. He uses a technique to blend his body in with its surroundings, becoming almost invisible. [148]

Hawkman then uses Wing Cutter. After being struck over and over by the Wing Cutter, Kinnikuman finds Hawkman and pounces, forcing him to become visible once more. He uses a Kinniku Driver to finally defeat Hawkman. [148]

Kinnikuman vs. Mister VTR []

After the defeat of Hawkman, the second-guard of Team Mariposa is called forth for the next match. [149] The cameras around the ring all merge together to form Mister VTR, who has bee watching the ring throughout the previous match to gather data on Kinnikuman. Kinnikuman starts by attempting a Muscle Run, but Mister VTR rotates his camera to follow Kinnikuman's movements, and pauses the video feed to pause Kinnikuman in real-life. [149]

He uses this opportunity to deliver a series of violent attacks to Kinnikuman, before putting a slide into his body of water, which seemingly turns the stadium into an ocean. [149] Mister VTR takes Kinnikuman into an aeroplane spin, and proceeds to toss him into the ocean. [150] Kinnikuman uses the Kinniku-style of swimming to make his way back to he ring, but a new slide inside Mister VTR's body causes whirlpools to appear, and Mister VTR kicks Kinnikuman back into the waters, where Kinnikuman appears to be sucked inside a whirlpool to drown. [150]

A Burning Big Wave allows Kinnikuman break free of the whirlpool, who uses a Jumping Knee-Pat and tries to plunge Mister VTR into the ocean with a Bull-Docking Head-Lock, but a Scene Change transforms the ocean into icebergs. This causes Kinnikuman to collide head-first into the iceberg, before being slammed into the canvas, and does considerable damage to him. Kinnikuman attempts a Bear-Hug, but Mister VTR uses a Zoom Out technique to shrink Kinnikuman and crush him due to the new size difference. After being thrown to the iceberg, Kinnikuman uses a reflective piece of ice to counter the Zoom Out. [150]

This shrinks Mister VTR's body, causing him to use a Zoom Out Release and return both men to their original sizes. [151] Due to a lack of energy, Mister VTR uses a Scene Change to create a hellish, volcanic landscape. Kinnikuman takes Mister VTR into a Neo-Kinniku Buster, and Kinnikuman realises that the landscapes are only changed to the edge of where the border of the slide would exist, and bursts out of the landscape, sending the stadium back to normal. This is followed with a Chojin Hanging, which defeats Mister VTR and leaves the match declared in Kinnikuman's favour. [151]

Kinnikuman vs. Mixer Taitei []

Mixer Taitei is his third opponent in a row, whose abilities separate Kinnikuman's power from his body, and also destroys his body in the process. [152] Kinnikuman is sent to the Chojin Graveyard; after being attacked by demons, and made to work alongside the damned, he seeks to find the Graveyard Manager. [153] He finds Warsman, who gives Kinnikuman his 'life balls', and together they help Kinnikuman escape to the world of the living. [154] Kinnikuman returns to his match with Mixer Taiti, but is incapacitated. [155]

After Meat defeats Mixer Taiti, Robin Mask and Terryman reunite with Kinnikuman. [156] Kinnikuman reveals he wrote their names on his team-list with invisible ink, and so they are allowed to compete in his team matches on his behalf (which gives Meat a chance to rest). [156] Kinnikuman's team wins against Team Mariposa, after Robin Mask wins the final match, and Kinnikuman wets his white cape red with the blood of Mariposa. [157] He is next due to fight at Himeji Castle, which is against Team Kinnikuman Zebra. [158]

Kinnikuman vs. Team Zebra []

When Warsman fights brutally against The Manriki, Kinnikuman begs him to renege on his evil ways, and - to stop him from becoming too evil - dives in front of the attack and becomes subject to The Manriki's attack in the process. [159] Kinnikuman says he would rather throw away his throne than to give up on Warsman, which is what inspires Warsman to return to his usual self. [160] After several battles, Himeji Castle and Nagoya Castle merge together. [161] When Ramenman struggles to fight against Parthenon, Kinnikuman knocks him out of the ring and takes his place to protect him from harm, and the match becomes a tag match with Robin Mask and Kinnikuman Zebra as their partners. [161]

After Robin Mask defeats Parthenon with a Robin Special, Kinnikuman fights solo against Kinnikuman Zebra. [162] Kinnikuman attacks first, where he tries his Kinniku Driver, but Zebra counters with a Goodbye Kinniku-Driver. He proceeds to offer Robin Mask and Ramenman a place on his team for $5bn. They refuse, even for higher amounts, and state that their Calluses of Friendship prove their loyalty to Kinnikuman. [163]

Zebra throws Kinnikuman out of the ring, but he is saved by Robin Mask and Ramenman, as they use a Handshake of Friendship. [163] They toss him back into the ring with their Friendship Power. [164] Zebra grabs one of the corner-posts and starts to rapidly attack Kinnikuman over and over, despite Kinnikuman being incapacitated on the canvas, but he stops as he is still affected by the power of justice that Robin Mask infected him with (during the earlier round, where he emitted light from Parthenon). [164]

Kinnikuman uses a Screw Kick, until Zebra uses the same move that he used to kill Kid: the Muscle Inferno. In the midst of the attack, Kinnikuman mentions how afraid Kid must have felt, and Zebra starts to see the spirit of Kid behind him, while Kinnikuman allows the attack to continue (possessed by Kid). Kinnikuman counters at the last moment with Rodeo Skip. He follows with an Incomplete Muscle Spark, and Kinnikuman reveals Kid sacrificed himself in the past for Zebra's sake (as opposed to the Muscle Spark being a perfect move), and - without such loyalty - Kinnikuman was able to easily counter the attack. [164]

Kinnikuman dyes his white cape with Zebra's blood, before advancing to the finals in Osaka. [164]

Interim []

After Kinnikuman learns that Soldierman is Ataru Kinniku in disguise, and his long-lost brother, he is taught half of the Muscle Spark by his brother. [165] He cradles Ataru in his arms, as Ataru dies from his battle. [166] Kinnikuman proceeds to train for his final tag-matches with Terryman and Robin Mask. [166]

Using the reflection from a pond, Kinnikuman perfect the Muscle Spark. [167]

Kinnikuman vs. Team Phoenix []

Kinnikuman arrives for his final matches with a team comprising of Robin Mask, Ramenman, Meat, and Geronimo. [168] He battles with Satan Cross, who he eventually defeats. [169] Kinnikuman - in a suit he was forced to wear for the match and - weakened by the match, is too weak to walk through a labyrinth to the next match and carried by Robin Mask. [170] He keeps track of the labyrinth and helps them to escape. [170] Kinnikuman soon starts to cough what seems like blood, along with Phoenixman, and it is suspected he may be the fake prince. [171] When Phoenixman kisses Bibimba, Kinnikuman grows jealous and finds his resolve to battle in earnest. [172]

During his match with Phoenixman, Bibimba pleads with Kinnikuman Super Phoenix to fight fair, before she jumps in tears from the stands and towards the guest seats. [173] Phoenix and Kinnikuman call a momentary truce, as she falls towards her death, but she is caught in the flag of Planet Kinniku and survives the fall. [174] After she injures her face, Phoenix loses romantic interest in her, and Kinnikuman willingly is willing to throw his match in order to go to her side and be with her as a romantic partner. Kinnikuman swears to love her - even as she considers herself disfigured, and performs the Face Flash. [174] The light from Kinnikuman's face - as well as his unconditional love - heals her wounds. [175]

Kinnikuman defeats Phoenixman and is declared the victor. [176] He uses Face Flash to bring life to his defeated friends and foes, as well as upon Phoenixman, and the arc ends with him carrying Phoenixman and crowned king, as he proceeds to carry on with his life and with his newly revived friends. [176]

Kinnikuman 2011[]

Farewell, Kinnikuman![]

This one-shot takes place during Kinnikuman's retirement ceremony. The Justice Chojin are dismayed that Kinnikuman's retiring. Wolfman's disappointed because Kinnikuman's retiring right after Wolfman's retirement, leaving Japan with no protectors. Ramenman's shocked that Kinnikuman retired before he did. Terryman promises that he'll find a stronger partner for a new tag-team. [177]

When Warsman rings the bell, he uses his Bear Claws, causing it to crack. Brocken Jr. calls out Warsman for ruining the atmosphere. Robin Mask even tells Warsman to back down before challenging Kinnikuman to one last fight. Robin Mask says the ceremony is a farce and shatters the bell with a chop, which Terryman likens to a slap to Kinnikuman's face. Robin Mask's quite angry at Kinnikuman's retirement and demands an answer from Kinnikuman. [177]

Kinnikuman says he'll explain after the ceremony, but that isn't enough for Robin Mask. Thus, Robin Mask attacks Kinnikuman. While Kinnikuman defends himself against Robin Mask's assault, he realises that the helmet Robin Mask is wearing is from the 20th Chojin Olympics tournament, more specifically the finals match after Kinnikuman caused the helmet to crack. Robin Mask wants a proper rematch since the last two matches weren't proper losses. [177]

Buffaloman and Terryman try to interfere, but Warsman tells them that Robin Mask wants a serious match against Kinnikuman. Robin Mask places Kinnikuman into a Robin Special, but Kinnikuman doesn't feel that at all. Kinnikuman counters with a Kinniku Driver. Robin Mask reverses the Kinniku Driver and places him into the Tower Bridge, causing Kinnikuman's torso to tear up. Kinnikuman escapes the Tower Bridge because the Kinniku Driver left a mark on Robin Mask. Kinnikuman uses this opportunity to land a Kinniku Buster. [177]

Robin Mask compliments both of Kinnikuman's techniques before punching Kinnikuman's face. Kinnikuman returns with a punch of his own, leading to a mighty fisticuffs exchange. Harabote tells Meat about the time Mayumi retired and reveals that he wanted a last match with Mayumi, but he didn't want to break tradition. He sheds a tear because Robin Mask did something he couldn't achieve. The other Justice Chojin cheer Robin on. Although this match is a sham in Robin's eyes, he still wants to fight. [177]

Seeing as the Chairman receiving the retirement letter is the only way Kinnikuman's retirement can be made official, Kinnikuman hands Robin Mask his retirement letter. Robin Mask crushes the letter and gives Kinnikuman a bro-fist, showing off their friendship as Justice Chojin. [177]

Kinnikuman vs. Terryman[]

After twenty-six years of service, Kinnikuman was set to return to Planet Kinniku, but Terryman challenges him to a fight for honour, and Kinnikuman is granted fives days for the match (preparation and the fight itself). [178] He announces the fight will be at 6pm Todoroki Stadium, with no press or audiences allowed. Kinnikuman trains among his friends as witnesses, and defeats every single sparring partner. Kinnikuman struggles to find the perfect outfit for the match, eventually choosing on one with a special meaning between him and Terryman. [178]

When Terryman cannot be found, Kinnikuman is one of the only people who believe he will appear. Robin Mask acts as referee and announcer, but it then begins to rain and Kinnikuman is scheduled to leave in just one hour. Terryman arrives at 6:50, just ten minutes before Kinnikuman must leave. Robin Mask intervenes at 7:00 to announce the match is a draw, and Kinnikuman and Terryman embrace. [178]

Perfect Origin Arc[]

Return of Kinnikuman[]

Initially absent from the fight as he was busy ruling over Planet Kinniku, Kinnikuman left again his royal duties to Mayumi to rush at his friend's defense.

Kinnikuman vs. Peek-a-Boo[]

Peek-a-Boo appears in Ryogoku Sumo Hall. [179] As Kinnikuman is the representative of Japan, he is designated as the opponent of Peek-a-Boo. [179] Kinnikuman and Meat Alexandria go to the stadium to fight, where Kinnikuman takes pity on a crying Peek-a-Boo, but - after making Peek-a-Boo laugh with a game of peek-a-boo - Peek-a-Boo uses the hands on his stomach to reveal a monster and scare Kinnikuman. [180] He then proceeds to attack Kinnikuman with a series of kicks. [180]

Kinnikuman eventually manages a tackle and a Waterfall Drop. [181] When Terryman criticises Kinnikuman for taking so long in his match, he exchanges a rapid series of blows with Peek-a-Boo, but Peek-a-Boo appears weak and can only cry in response to the attacks. [182] After Kinnikuman cradles him to stop the tears, and plays piggy-back, Peek-a-Boo uncovers his face and reveals he has been learning from Kinnikuman. He starts to attack in earnest. [182]

After issuing a series of attacks on Kinnikuman, he moves away the hands from his abdomen to reveal his true face of fear, which has the appearance of a demon. [183] Meat reveals that Peek-a-Boo learns with a baby's speed, which means he is assimilating all of Kinnikuman's moves. When Kinnikuman tries to use a Kinniku Buster, Peek-a-Boo counters is with ease. [183] He goes on to use a Big Baby Bomb. [184] It is revealed that Strong the Budo 'resets' Peek-a-Boo after each match, and he argues with Strong the Budo about his refusal to revert back to his old form. Kinnikuman - during the conversation - is able to Body Slam Peek-a-Boo. [184]

Kinnikuman realises that Peek-a-Boo has not assimilated his most basic moves, as he did not use them during the match, and so he gains an advantage by using them. [185] Peek-a-Boo also has evolved so quickly, that he has forgot the basics by learning so many advanced moves. Kinnikuman uses a series of attacks, culminating in the Furinkazan. [185] Peek-a-Boo - once defeated - learns about the power of the heart and Friendship Power. [186] Kinnikuman convinces him not to commit suicide in defeat, but to find Neptuneman and become stronger than he is at present. Peek-a-Boo tells Strong the Budo that he made a promise to Kinnikuman for a rematch, so he will not kill himself in shame. [186]


During the battles it is revealed that Strong the Budo's target was no one than Kinnikuman himself, as the Friendship Power was becoming a menace to the supremacy of the Perfect Chojin, granting limitless growth to Justice Chojin and Devil Chojin alike: as such, after a meeting with Silverman, who explained to Kinnikuman his legacy of Justice and Mercy, he was set to confront Nemesis, once his uncle Sadaharu Kinniku.

Kinnikuman vs. Nemesis[]

Nemesis wishes to immediately fight, but is ordered by Chojin Enma and Harabote Muscle to rest. [187] He dives through the roots of Yggdrasil, along with Kinnikuman and others, and they are taken to Koshien Stadium. [187] The match is declared to take place the following day at 12pm. [188] Kinnikuman and Nemesis enter medical suspension for the evening, in order to recover from their injuries. [189]

Just as he enters medical suspension, Kinnikuman receives encouragement from Warsman. Even though Kinnikuman claims his victory over Warsman was a fluke, Warsman says that Kinnikuman gave him a rough fight. As much as he wants to avenge Robin Mask, this match should be between the two Kinniku Clan members since Silverman decreed it. If Kinnikuman's that worried, Warsman will become Kinnikuman's second.

Later that night, Kinnikuman is about run away from his destiny, Neptuneman gives Kinnikuman a pep talk with the help of Peek-a-Boo. Kinnikuman's kindness helped out another Perfect Chojin. Kinnikuman must fight Nemesis!

Both Neptuneman and Peek-a-Boo are confident that Kinnikuman can convince Nemesis to change the Perfect Chojin world for the better. It's time for a revolution for the Perfect Chojin world. The current rules are holding the Perfect Chojin back. Neptuneman admits that Silverman was right all along. Neptuneman tried to start a revolution, but it failed miserably. An outsider like Kinnikuman could be the change that the Perfect Chojin needed.

Despite this encouragement, Kinnikuman refuses. Neptuneman brings up his victories against Ramenman and Robin Mask. However, Kinnikuman thinks that those victories were pure flukes. Kinnikuman brings up how Nemesis defeated Ramenman and Robin Mask in fair fights. Kinnikuman is just a phoney.

Irritated by Kinnikuman's self-loathing, Neptuneman places him into a choke-hold. Neptuneman asks if Kinnikuman's victory against him is a fluke. Kinnikuman says that it was. After Neptuneman slaps Kinnikuman aside, Neptuneman decides to kill Kinnikuman with a Quarrel Bomber. Kinnikuman dodges the Quarrel Bomber with ease. However, Neptuneman does another one, but with his Diamond Arm activated. In self-defense, Kinnikuman decides to charge at the Quarrel Bomber and activates his Burning Inner Strength. As Neptuneman says, "[A person] can leave the ring, but the ring can never leave [them]."

And with that, Neptuneman leaves. Kinnikuman thanks Neptuneman for the pep talk as he returns to medical suspension. Kinnikuman and Nemesis arrive at the ring the following day, with Nemesis enters the red corner of the ring with an old cape of the Kinniku Clan. [190] He announces that he has forgone a second. [190] The two start with a grapple, until Kinnikuman counters with a Full Nelson and a Dragon Suplex. [191] Nemesis breaks free and they grapple again, until Nemesis uses a Pile-Driver, after which he gains the upper hand and delivers a series of blows. He manages to knock Kinnikuman to the canvas, despite it being the start of the match. [191]

Kinnikuman then uses the Muscle Curtain. [192] This leads Kinnikuman to believe he has an advantage, but Nemesis raises the guard to his mask and uses the Muscle Curtain in turn. Each time Kinnikuman attempts a counter, Nemesis breaks them with his own counter-attack. Nemesis continues with a Perfect Assailant, which Kinnikuman evades before using a Chojin Hanging. [192] Nemesis breaks the attack with a headlock. [193]

He strikes Kinnikuman to the mat with a modified Bulldog Headlock, before concussing Kinnikuman with a back-drop and following with a Scorpion Death-Lock. Kinnikuman attempts a Kinniku Buster, but Nemesis reverses the technique with a Perfection Buster. [193] This begins a countdown. [194] Nemesis drags Kinnikuman upright, despite being still unconscious, and ends the countdown. He slaps Kinnikuman awake, at which point Mayumi Kinniku arrives and reveals Nemesis true name is Sadaharu Kinniku . [194]

Mayumi explains of the time when he once met Nemesis as a child, and that Nemesis is what inspired him to become a good king and that he believes Nemesis has a good heart. Nemesis states that he may have wished the Kinniku Clan to prosper then, but has since changed his mind. [195] Nemesis proceeds to state that the invention of the Muscle Curtain is what caused him to wish the Kinniku Clan eradicated. [196] He then offers Kinnikuman and Mayumi a chance to join him as Perfect Chojin. [196]

They refused, as Kinnikuman states that the Kinniku Clan is not the problem, but Nemesis lack of faith in them is the real problem. [197] Nemesis rushes at him with a series of punches in retaliation. Kinnikuman manages to suplex Nemesis, before using Robin Tactic No. 1, and ends with a back-drop. Nemesis sets up for his Nemesis Driver. [197] Kinnikuman - inspired by the support of his friends - breaks the technique, before using a Kinniku Driver. [198] Nemesis manages to stand, despite his injuries, and Mayumi invites him back into the Kinniku Clan, the way that Nemesis invited him to become a Perfect Chojin.

Despite his actions towards Peek-a-Boo earlier within the arc, Peek-a-Boo appears to support Nemesis and act as his second within the match, and Neptuneman appears to also offer his support. [198] Nemesis states that he will accept the views of the Justice Chojin if he loses, but that Kinnikuman must become a Perfect Chojin if Nemesis wins. [199] They exchange a series of blows and various techniques.

Kinnikuman hears the spirit of Robin Mask, which inspires him to survive the Battleship Sinker by grabbing onto a rope at the last second. [199] In exhaustion, both Nemesis and Kinnikuman collapse. [200] They both stand, while the crowd cheers evenly for both, and they both engage in a series of blows, as they strive to get in the final finishing move on the other. Nemesis attempts Silverman's secret technique: the Arrogant Spark. [200] This seemingly knocks out Kinnikuman, but Nemesis' armour cracks and he is downed. [201]

Kinnikuman proceeds to use a Muscle Spark on a severely weakened Nemesis, and uses his Burning Inner Strength. [202] This downs Nemesis, who - as the countdown begins - sees the spirit of Tatsunori. [203] He proceeds to lose by a knockout at 64 minutes and 28 seconds. It is revealed that Nemesis realised he lost at an earlier point, but continued to stand - and force Kinnikuman to attack - in order to test Kinnikuman's resolve. [203] Kinnikuman offers him again to rejoin the Kinniku Clan, but Nemesis refuses. [204]

Post Tournament[]

Kinnikuman returned then into the sidelines, witnessing the final fight between Strong the Budo and Akuma Shogun: he took action only in the end, pleading and fighting with Akuma Shogun to keep Strong the Budo alive, prevent him from taking his life and straying his hand from killing him by himself. Akuma Shogun, touched by Kinnikuman's will, complied, ordering Strong the Budo to return to his identity as Enma Chojin and return to the Chojin Graveyard, never granting immortality or meddling in chojin life again. Akuma Shogun complied, promising Kinnikuman the Devil Chojin will train and be ready for a future rematch. Also The Man was touched by Kinnikuman's mercy, promising he'd stop prosecuting the owners of the Friendship Power and praising Kinnikuman for his strong values. However, he also promised that if ever Kinnikuman would stray from his own ideals of Justice and Mercy, he'd sic Nemesis and the Perfect Large Number against him.

Omega Centauri's Six Spear Arc[]


Still on Earth after the events of the Perfect Large Numbers Arc, Kinnikuman was made aware of the Omega Centauri's Six Spears appearance, doing his best to move from Japan to Spain, where the Six Spears were fighting Wolfman and the reserve heroes. He came in time to witness Curry Cook sacrificing his life to prevent the Six Spears from learning the Friendship Power from him and every reserve save for Wolfman fail and lose their lives: he still was able to reunite with four of the Five Fated Princes (everyone but Soldierman) and fight the Six Spears. He challenges Pirateman at the Swallow's Nest in the USSR.

Kinnikuman vs. Pirateman[]

During the battle with Pirateman, Kinnikuman manages to get his opponent tell about their motives: the Six Spears were searching for the Magnet Power and the Burning Inner Strength (to whom the Friendship Power is a prerequisite) to save Omega Centauri from ruination and avenge their ancestors, driven away from Earth by a vengeful Strong the Budo. However, when Pirateman gets the upper edge on Kinnikuman (moved to pity by his story), he loses faith in his plan, and decides to execute Kinnikuman in retaliation for having led him to place his faith into the Burning Inner Strength. Kinnikuman decides to soothe his pain in the only way he know: by staging a miraculous comeback and beating him with the Muscle Spark.

Despite this, the wounds he received from Pirateman caused him to pass out. When Super Phoenix fights against Aristera, he realised that Aristera has the same infinite potential as Kinnikuman.


After Omegaman Aristera's match against Super Phoenix, Aristera claims that Super Phoenix was "a surprisingly upright Chojin to fight". He wonders if Super Phoenix was always like this and theorises that Super Phoenix changed by the fight against Kinnikuman during the finals of the Scramble for the Throne tournament. Aristera corrects himself and suggests the fight changed them both.

When Kinnikuman woke up after his post-fight nap, he is dismayed to learn that Super Phoenix would lose to Aristera. Aristera attempts to intimidate Kinnikuman by claiming that the power of the Omega Centaurians is untouchable. That just motivates Kinnikuman to get revenge for Super Phoenix's loss. Aristera tries to get Kinnikuman to join, but he refuses. Ataru shows up to stop the Six Spears from entering the portal to the Chojin Hakaba. Kinnikuman is then challenged to a tag-team match between him, Ataru, Mariquitaman and Aristera.

Ataru refuses the offer because Suguru was wounded terribly during his fight against Pirateman. Instead, Ataru uses the God of Brutality's power to destroy the barriers sealing away the three factions and picks a tag partner from one of the three factions. Brocken Jr. is Ataru's pick since he was the second-in-command for the Chojin Blood Oath Brigade.

Kinnikuman watches the Full Metal Jackets vs. The Omega Glorious tag-team match and the Justiceman vs. Satan matches from the monitor at the Swallow's Nest.

Although Satan's gone for now, there's still a problem to address. Kinnikuman needs to know what lies ahead. Ataru, the Omega Centaurians, and Brocken Jr. need to know as well. They all need to know about current events and the impending disaster that's approaching Earth. Kinnikuman assumes that Satan's behind the disaster, but Justiceman dispels that notion. Satan's responsible for manipulating the Omega Centaurians, but he's not the man behind this disaster. Satan's actions were a prelude of what's to come.

The real approaching threat is not in the same class as Satan. In fact, this threat is part of the reason why the Perfect Origin formed in the first place. The Man predicted this threat, gathering the Chojin that would become the Perfect Origin and raising them so they could fight back against this threat. Brocken Jr. realizes that the other Origin must know about this threat. Justiceman confirms this completely.

Justiceman points out how Ataru must have been given the details about this threat from the God of Brutality. Ataru confirms this, realizing that it's all been connected, even the exile of the Omega Centaurians was part of this. Aristera is shocked by this, bringing up how Super Phoenix said that The Man was Omega Centaurians' ally the whole time.

Justiceman acknowledges that they are ready to know. However, Justiceman and Ataru aren't fit to tell them what they know about this predicament. Instead, they must seek this knowledge from The Man himself. With that, Justiceman invites everyone to Mont Saint Parfait for an important meeting.

With that, Justiceman uses his power to open wormholes for the Justice Chojin and The Six Spears with the exception of Mariquitaman. Aristera will be the one to speak for the Six Spears. The future of Omega Centauri is now in Aristera's hands. Everyone enters the wormholes to Mon Saint Parfait. Posing like the Devil General before his invasion of the Chojin Graveyard, Justiceman easily opens the way after Kinnikuman's comedic struggling to swim his way to the monument.

When Justiceman invited Justice Chojin and the remaining Spears of Omega Centauri into the chambers of Chojin Enma, The Man explains the origin of the ancestors of the Omega Centauri chojin. According to The Man, these ancestors wanted to become gods, even mastering Magnet Power to further their might. However, they would be punished for having such radical thoughts.

In fact, there was a divide between the Chojin Gods: one that wanted to keep Chojin alive and one that wanted them all dead. The Man headed the faction that wanted them alive, while the God of Harmony led the faction that wanted them all dead.

The Man reminds everyone of the time the Earth was bathed in Capillaria Rays. He saved 10 Chojin that would become the Perfect Origin. The Man gave up his godhood and became a Chojin so he could lead the Perfect Origin by example. Because of how far The Man was willing to go through with his plan, the Chojin he raised would become Perfect Chojin.

When Aristera brings up the ancestors of the Omega Centaurians trying to surpass the gods, The Man notes that their unruly, brutal behavior had disrupted the peace of the Earth. And yet, he's still impressed by their progress. The Omega Centaurian ancestors were proof of the potential that Chojin had all along even if they didn't fit under The Man's standards for Perfect Chojin. In fact, the ancestors shown The Man that his choice to show Chojin mercy was the right choice all along.

Although The Man decided to purge the Omega Centaurian ancestors, per the other Gods' orders, he allowed them safe passage to the Omega Star Cluster. With that fact, Aristera realizes that The Man tried to save his ancestors. The Man says that he wanted to see the ancestors build another thriving culture. The Man states that his decisions only brought the people of Omega Centauri countless grief, and for that, he would like to apologize to Aristera. The Man's sorry for everything that he's done.

Aristera is brought to tears by that apology. Both Pirateman and Ataru note that The Man was really on Omega Centauri's side. The real enemy that all Chojin must face is the God of Harmony. The Five Evil Gods are helping out because of "the enemy of my enemy is my friend principle". Even though the Five Evil Gods tried to usurp the other gods, they knew about the potential of Chojin.

Concerned, Brocken Jr. brings up that nobody's opposing the God of Harmony. What's to stop the God of Harmony from blasting Earth with another round of Capillaria Rays. The Man reveals that the God of Harmony can't because he and the Five Evil Gods have pieces of the Capillaria Ray crystal. Before leaving heaven, The Man proposed that the Gods should carry one piece of the Capillaria Ray crystal, and to use it, they all must agree unanimously. After The Man revealing that his record player contains his piece of the Capillaria Ray crystal, his piece produces a blinding light, hurting the Chojin in the room. As long as the God of Harmony is missing a piece, he won't be able to bathe the universe in Capillaria Rays.

Satan wanted to do everything he can to get The Man's piece because he's an incomplete being that missed his chance at being a god. That's why Satan used the Omega Centaurians in his plan to retrieve The Man's piece. Satan knew their grudge hasn't subsided yet.

Proud for once, The Man notes that the mortal Chojin solved their first crisis through their own strength. That kind of conduct deserves an applause. And for that, Ataru thanks The Man and adds that Justiceman is the real reason why they're at Mon Saint Parfait in the first place. Ataru thinks they're not ready to take on the next challenge out there.

The Man still thinks they're ready, though. The mortal Chojin must face off against the gods themselves as their next challenge. Shocked by the reveal, Kinnikuman, Meat and Brocken Jr. ask if The Man if he's serious about the mortal Chojin fighting the gods themselves. Luckily, the group will only face off against the gods affiliated with the God of Harmony. The mortal Chojin ruined the gods' plans enough to the point where they've become desperate enough to try and attempt to circumvent the Man's checks he had put in place.

Kinnikuman doesn't know how he and the others will fight the gods. Will these Gods possess Chojin like the Five Evil Gods did with their Fated Princes? The Man says they wouldn't resort to that at all. Instead, they'll descend to Earth with physical forms like he did. The Gods will personally make sure that the mortal Chojin will be wiped out. And so, Kinnikuman's group must fight them!

Because of The Man's steep demands, Kinnikuman becomes worried. Seeing as The Man is tough and all, how will Kinnikuman's group fight back against the God of Harmony's faction? It's just impossible, according to Kinnikuman. The Man remains resolute and says that Kinnikuman will find a way. Neptuneman and Nemesis reveal themselves to tell that Kinnikuman must fight for the future of mortal Chojin.

Upon seeing Ataru, Nemesis exchanges a few pleasant words with his grand nephew, observing that he's just like Tatsunori Kinniku. However, Ataru corrects Nemesis. Ataru did run away from home and all. In a sense, Ataru's like Sadaharu. History does repeat itself.

The battle against the Gods isn't being waged by one group. It's being waged by all mortal Chojin. And if they lose, they will be wiped out. Neptuneman doesn't know where the Gods will strike next, but he understands that the Gods will come after the Man's Capillaria Ray crystal piece soon. The group must keep that piece out of the Gods' hands no matter the cost.

It's not as simple as that. As the Five Evil Gods still possess their pieces in some fashion, they will also be targets for the God of Harmony's faction. The God of Brutality told Ataru all about the God of Harmony's plan in advance. As a result, Meat states that the Fated Princes have become leads for Kinnikuman's group as they've survived their matches. Aristera reminds everyone of the Six Spears' quest to find Magnet Power and Friendship Power. Even if Aristera knows about Friendship Power, he and the other Six Spears can't activate it all because of their grudge towards The Man.

Kinnikuman states that Aristera can activate Friendship Power. He's seen how the Six Spears have fought and knows that he and Aristera aren't so different after all. The Six Spears only fought for the sake of their friends and their home. Kinnikuman brings up his signature catch phrase and shakes Aristera's hand, confusing the Omega Clan head in the process. Kinnikuman states that he's doing the handshake of friendship, a basic greeting of Justice Chojin. Now that Aristera's come to understand Kinnikuman, he can understand the truth behind Friendship Power.

The Man admits that he and the other Perfect Origin haven't understood Friendship Power completely and admits that Aristera can bring out Friendship Power to its limits. The Man reveals the Mortier de Pileur, explaining that it extracts power from the Earth and turns it into Chojin power. It can be reversed so that it injects Chojin power back into the planet it's resting on. The Man promises to give Aristera the Mortier de Pileur as a way to atone for his past crimes against Omega Centauri. In order to get the Omega Centaurians' help, The Man must solve their planet's problem first. In response, Aristera and Pirateman swear allegiance to The Man.

Back on Earth, the God of Harmony's faction start invading. The Fated Princes stare at the heavens at their respective arenas, already anticipated the events in advance.

Unnamed Arc[]

(More to Come)

Kinnikuman Nisei[]

Kinnikuman has aged over time, to the extent he is weakened. He requires his son, Mantaro Kinniku, to fight in his place when the Evil Chojin join forces as the d.M.p to attack Earth. Kinnikuman temporarily steps aside from his royal duties, so that he may go to the Hercules Factory with his son, and even fights against Mantaro as part of Mantaro's final graduation test. After Mantaro's graduation, Kinnikuman is infrequently seen and sometimes appears at vital moments to support his son.
In the Ultimate Chojin Tag Tournament Arc, a pair of Time Chojin go back to 1983. Kinnikuman refuses to believe the Time Chojin or the Time Warp 8 are from the future, before participating with Terryman as part of the Machineguns in the Ultimate Chojin Tag Tournament to defeat the New Generation participants. He eventually loses against the Muscle Brothers Nouveau in the semi-finals, where he realises that the New Generation were telling the truth, and goes on to support them.

Hercules Factory Arc[]

Suguru is the first character introduced. He is seen trying to recapture his youth in a muscle suit, despite being severely unfit and unwell. It is revealed that Earth is being decimated by the dMp, to which he tries to convince his son to fight, but Mantaro Kinniku refuses to fight and leaves the palace. Suguru witnesses the defeat of Terryman on camera, and is told that Ramenman is missing and Bone Killer wishes to defeat his son. [205] Suguru finds Mantaro in the nick of time, where he is with Ramenman and has defeated Bone Killer.

Suguru then attends an international Muscle League conference to discuss the issue, and - once the Hercules Factory is re-established - he forces Mantaro to attend by dragging him onto the transport ship. [206] Suguru criticises Terry the Kid at the school for being nothing like his father, while a heart-to-heart with Kid reveals that Suguru always respected and loved Terryman, and the Kid comes around and starts to support Mantaro as a response. [207]

In the final exams for the students, they must face the old generation, and Suguru is paired against Mantaro Kinniku. Mantaro wins the match and Suguru gives to him the Mask of Glory. [208] Kinnikuman continues to spoil his son, especially during his graduation ceremony, but eventually allows him to leave with some pressure from Mayumi and Bibimba, and his place in the manga is kept to a minimum from this point onward. [209]

Demon Seed Arc[]

Kinnikuman takes a larger role towards the end of this arc.

He reappears on a ship from Planet Kinniku, as he has yet to see a match of his son's at ringside since his debut match and due to fears about the match being against Asuraman. [210] He swims the ocean to catch up with Mantaro, and is overwhelmed with joy to see him, but the two quickly bicker and fight as the other Justice Chojin hold them back. They arrive together in matching battle attire, and Kinnikuman pays respect to a mother that has lost her son. [210]

Kinnikuman realises that Asuraman plans to resurrect General Terror, as he spots Sunshine about to enter the Demon Womb, and proceeds to tickle Sunshine until his stomach opens up, allowing Kinnikuman to hide inside his abdomen. Sunshine then enters the Demon Womb (unknowingly with Kinnikuman). [211] Kinnikuman bursts out of Sunshine's stomach, once inside the Demon Womb, and proceeds to offer support to The Young Masters throughout their match. [212] He proceeds to act as Mantaro's second after Kevin's death. [213]

The advice he issues fails to be useful, which turns the crowd - watching on the monitors - against him. Asuraman follows with a Guillotine of Hell; Mantaro succumbs to the attack, as he refuses to listen to Kinnikuman and loses trust in his advice. The attack severely damages Mantaro. [213]

Kinnikuman is heartbroken, as he believed that had an ironclad bond. [214] He reveals that he survived the Diabolical Strike, even though he still bears a scar, and this inspires him to believe Mantaro will survive the match in turn. [214] After learning Asuraman killed his own son, Kinnikuman is horrified and disgusted by the Devil Chojin. [215] Mantaro flashes back to being trained by Kinnikuman, who taught him humility and that sometimes the best option is to allow the opponent to overpower them. [215] After Mantaro is overwhelmed by Asuraman, he confesses he's scared, reducing Kinnikuman to tears. [216]

After General Terror is revived and destroyed, the Diamond Dust of Rebirth brings back to life the Justice Chojin defeated and killed during the tournament, and Kinnikuman sees that Kevin Mask - still weak - is unable to escape the crumbling structure of the Demon Womb. [217] Kinnikuman rescues Kevin and takes him outside to safety, as he reveals he he would not have been able to face Robin Mask had Kevin died again. [217]

Ultimate Chojin Tag Tournament Arc[]


In this arc, Kinnikuman is present alongside other Chojin.

He is seen winning the 1983 Universal Tag Tournament, alongside Terryman, and it is this point to which the Time Chojin appear, after they win with Muscle Docking at 48 minutes and 23 seconds. They are stopped from removing the Championship trophy by the Time Chojin, who Terryman suspects are ancient Chojin from the past, unaware of their current status or strength or purpose.

They attack Kinnikuman, who has been weakened by his previous battle. The Time Chojin reveal they are from 34 years in the future, setting the current arc in 2017. Robin Mask intervenes to save Terryman and Kinnikuman's lives, but dies in the process, which leads to Kevin Mask dying in 2017, as he is slowly wiped from existence. This triggers the New Generation to go back and time to change events, in an attempt to save Robin's life.

Harabote Muscle then announces a new Ultimate Chojin Tag Tournament. [218]

On television, it is revealed Kinnikuman and Terryman have reformed The Machineguns, were they are seen training and sparring together. [219] Terryman later spies on Terry the Kid and Robin Mask, as they train in an old gymnasium, but Natsuko Shono unmasks him and confronts him. [220] Terryman later arrives at the tournament itself alongside Kinnikuman as Entry #1. [221] Terryman starts an argument with Terry the Kid, when Harabote announces a battle royale to decide the tournament finalists. [222][223]

Battle Royale[]

Terryman and Kinnikuman start the battle royale by attacking Terry the Kid together. [223] Later, while Terryman attacks Neo Chopin, Kinnikuman attacks Roseman; this causes Roseman to expand his rose into full bloom. [224] Roseman uses his Vampire Rose technique against Kinnikuman, and Neo Chopin uses Sickle Note to attack Terryman. [224]

Roseman brags about his technique, as Kinnikuman's breathing starts to slow down. [225] The Adrenalines try to intervene, but The Machineguns tell them to keep back, and Kinnikuman rips his way out of Roseman's body. Terryman also wrenched the sickle from his body, and together The Machineguns use the Muscle Docking techniques against The Celebrities. The Celebrities then disqualified and dragged out of the ring by medics. [225]

After the Time Chojin fight against the Muscle Brothers Nouveau, the Machineguns intervene. [226]

They stop the Time Chojin with backspin kicks, before Terryman captures Lightning in a Pendulum Breaker, and he follows up with a synchronised attack with Kinnikuman. The Time Chojin counter and knock The Machineguns onto the mat. [226] When they struggle in battle, Barrierfreeman and Ilioukhine get involved and protect them. [227] As the other teams are weeded out, they advance to the main tournament by process of elimination. [228] Terryman then warms up with Kinnikuman for the main matches, before being pranked by Mantaro with a fart attack and adding to their rivalry. [229]


The match begins with Ortega and Kinnikuman in the ring; they lock right hands, but Kinnikuman refuses to lock with his left hand. Ortega lunges with a hip attack, and Kinnikuman tries to use a sleeper-hold, but fails. Moaidon clutches at Kinnikuman's left arm, causing him immense pain.[230] Kinnikuman breaks free, as Ortega uses a series of palm strikes.[231] Kinnikuman dodges until Ortega lands a rolling sobat to the stomach, followed by a kick to Kinnikuman's left arm (breaking his attempted Niku Curtain).

Kinnikuman uses a lariat with his right arm. Ortega seems like he may fall from the ring, but uses an Iguazu Terror at the last second and catches Kinnikuman into a neck-lock. He takes Kinnikuman's arm into a crucifixion pose, which reveals a fake skin on Kinnikuman's arm and a huge gash on his skin. Kinnikuman knocks Ortega onto the corner post, at which point Terryman tags into the match and both kick Ortega away.[231] Ortega is knocked down, at which point Kinnikuman reveals that - the night before - he returned the Long Horn in his left arm back to Buffaloman.[232]

Terryman gives Kinnikuman his bandanna to use as a tourniquet, and the two of them team up to use a set of drop-kicks against the Carpet Bombings to keep them at bay, which is followed by a pair of head-scissors. At this point, Terryman kicks Kinnikuman out of the ring to force him to take a break. Terryman appears to gain the upper-hand over Moaidon.[232] This is followed by a Bronco Fist.[233] Moaidon falls over the ropes, but grabs the top-rope at the last second. He lands back in the ring and Terryman uses a Spinning Toe Hold against him.

Moaidon uses his Brilliant Rock, which constricts his leg around Terryman's torso. He delivers a series of blows against Terryman, who refuses to touch Kinnikuman out of a desire to protect him, and Moaidon uses a Moai Doai Merikov, which is followed by an Atonement Awl. This is aimed at Kinnikuman, but Terryman jumps between Kinnikuman and Ortega.[233] Ortega uses a Somersault Grand Slam.[234] Terryman is then thrown into Moaidon's Liar's Mouth, which will close/slam down on Terryman any time he answers a question truthfully. Moaidon asks and Terryman answers:

  • Do you prefer hamburgers to gyudon? Yes.
  • Do you prefer blonde Americans to any other women? No.
  • Do you wish to usurp Kinnikuman as leader of the Machineguns? No.
  • Would you sacrifice your life for someone else? Yes.

The blows that result from truthful answers lead Terryman to be severely injured, as such Kinnikuman touches Terryman and tags into the ring.[234] Kinnikuman forces his knee into the Liar's Mouth to stop it from crushing Terryman.[235] He drags Terryman out of the Liar's Mouth, and Moaidon attempts a Rock Smash, which Kinnikuman evades. This is followed by expelling flatulence on Moaidon's face, and then a Pants Driver on Ortega. Kinnikuman delivers a set of horizontal chops to Moaidon, and the Carpet Bombings exchange a series of blows with Kinnikuman, until they force him to use his left arm, which knocks away the bandanna and reopens his wound.[235]

The open gash on Kinnikuman's arm reveals there is no bone inside.[236] The Carpet Bombings focus their attacks on Kinnikuman's left arm, as he uses the bandanna again as a tourniquet, and Moaidon uses a Iguazu Terror again. This leads them to use a Machu Pichu Crash. They place Kinnikuman into the Liar's Mouth, at which point he asks the following questions to Kinnikuman and Kinnikuman answers as follows:

  • Do you think your mask is ugly? Yes.
  • Did you wet the bed until you were eighteen? Yes.
  • Is it true you don't trust the New Generation? Yes.
  • Do you hate Mantaro most of all? Yes.

The Liar's Mouth closes on all answers except for the final question about hating Mantaro.[236] Kinnikuman continues to assert he will never recognise Mantaro as his son, to which Meat speculates the Liar's Mouth goes off the truth deep in your heart and not what you believe to be true, so - deep down - Kinnikuman does not hate Mantaro.[237] Mantaro shouts advice to Kinnikuman, which enables him to escape the Liar's Mouth, except for his left arm that is trapped inside. Orega continues to attack Kinnikuman, until the bone in his arm starts to grow back.[237]

Mantaro explains the bone is growing back due to the pressure of the Liar's Mouth acting as a form of pressurisation training, and that Kinnikuman's chojin heritage is amplifying its effects. [238] Kinnikuman uses his Burning Inner Strength to throw Moaidon to the canvas, at which point his wound closes, and Terryman tags himself into the match. Terryman takes Moaidon in a Texas Clover Hold, while Kinnikuman takes Ortega in a compact hold, but they are thrown as Moaidon uses a Moai Doai Merikov. Ortega tries an Atonement Awl, while Terryman uses a Texas Twister, and this is followed by Kinnikuman using a Muscle Lariat.

Kinnikuman uses a Kinniku Buster on Ortega, and Terryman uses a Kinniku Driver on Moaidon.[238] The Machineguns combine their techniques to use the Muscle Docking.[239] Ortega falls from the Andes ring, followed by Moaidon, and the chairperson calls the match in the Machineguns' favour. The Carpet Bombings are then taken away on stretchers.[239] Terryman and Kinnikuman celebrate with Natsuko and Bibimba respectively, until Mantaro tries to congratulate Kinnikuman. Kinnikuman rejects him, claiming that the Liar's Mouth was broken and he still hates Mantaro, and Mantaro responds by that he will never call Kinnikuman 'Father' again, as he leaves.[239]


The tug-of-war match-up occurs on the 13th of May, 1983. [240]

He stays with Kinnikuman in their waiting room, until ushered out by Bibimba. [241] Just as everyone gives up hope that Kinnikuman will make it out on time, Kinnikuman exits the waiting-room and presents Terryman with his Texan hat and seems in perfect health. [242] They perform the tug-of-war and are assigned the Muscle Brothers Nouveau as their opponents during the semi-final match. [243]

The match starts ten minutes later. [244]

Terryman enters the ring with Kinnikuman in perfect unison. [245]

When Kinnikuman announces a mask versus mask match, Chaos agrees on seeing Mantaro agree, as he completely trusts Mantaro. [246] Chaos offers to go first in the ring, to protect Mantaro, but Mantaro strikes him and enters the ring first. [246] He stays on the side of the ring, where he is able to offer advice to Mantaro. [247] After a series of failed attempts to tag into the match, Chaos finally attempts to attack Terryman from behind. [248] Chaos is then sent reeling by a kick from Kinnikuman.

The two are thrown against one another, and then suffer drop-kicks to the back of the head, which sends them onto the canvas. [248] Chaos - inspired by Ramenman's spirit - attacks Terryman, and together with Mantaro, they are able to counter-attack against The Machineguns. [249] Together, they use the Man-Cha Drop. [249] Chaos manages to then inspire Mantaro, as they seemingly gain the upper-hand. [250]

Kinnikuman struggles under the Demon Hourglass; Mantaro attacks Kinnikuman, but his friends realise defeating Kinnikuman will result in him being erased from the timeline. [251] Mantaro slams into him with an Oklahoma Stampede, and - after an exchange of blows - Terryman realises that Mantaro's leg is slowly disappearing. [251] Mantaro starts to lose both legs, until Terryman helps Kinnikuman to break the Demon Hourglass and save himself. [252] Kinnikuman regains his strength and tries to remove Mantaro's mask. [253]

Mantaro tags in Chaos, who protects him from Kinnikuman's advances. [253] After Chaos takes the lead, he learns about the value of teamwork and tags Mantaro back into the match. [254] Mantaro is taken into a Kamehame Lock, but distracts Kinnikuman by undoing the strings to his mask, and takes him into a Sleeper Hold. After Kinnikuman gains the upper-hand, Mantaro breaks his finger to escape the hold and uses a Kilaeau Stretch, and proceeds to throw Mantaro from the War Cube. [254]

Kinnikuman saves him just in time, and both partners are tagged into the match. [255] The Muscle Brother Nouveau use a Double Shoulder Buster on the Machineguns. [255] The Machineguns counter with a Muscle Docking, but - due to Kinnikuman's fatigue it is not at full power. [256] Mantaro flashes back to his youth, and he uses his father's advice to break free from an attack, before using a Skull Campana with Chaos. [257]

After an exchange of blows, Mantaro saves Kinnikuman from falling out of the War-Cube. [258] They continue with an evenly matched match, until Kinnikuman attempts another Muscle Docking. [259] Mantaro unleashes his Burning Inner Strength and successfully counters the move. [260] Despite Kinnikuman also channelling his Fire, Mantaro and Chaos defeat them using the Muscle Evolution. [261] Both teams are knocked to the mat, starting a countdown, but Mantaro and Chaos stand in time to be declared the winners. [262]

Harabote declares that Kinnikuman still must remove his mask. [262] Kinnikuman removes his mask when Mantaro refuses to remove it for him, and Mantaro uses a Kinniku Flash to blind the crowd, which allows him to switch their masks and prevent Kinnikuman's face from being seen. [263] Kinnikuman tries to commit suicide, believing it the right thing to do, but the crowd stop him with their unconditional support. [264]

Kinnikuman proceeds to rest, while watching the Five Disasters vs. Nova Hell Expansions. [265]


They are both there to witness Muscle Brothers Nouveau win the tournament, which saves Alisa's life and by extension Kevin Mask's life. This ends the arc.

Anime Changes[]

Kinnikuman Nisei[]

Suguru's role in the anime is limited, and mostly replaced by Meat in his role, but he does still fight and lose against his son, Mantaro, so that he can graduate from the Hercules Factory. There is also a flashback in the volume 9 of the manga in which Suguru and Terryman fight before he leaves to become king on Kinniku Planet. The match ends up as a draw.


Burning Inner Strength[]

See also: Burning Inner Strength

Trademark Techniques[]

Burning Bazooka (火事場のバズーカ, Kajiba no Bazuuka)

  • Used during the fight with Planetman. Planetman had put a map of the world on Kinnikuman's body, and hitting a country would harm Seigi Chojins from that country. Planetman then launched his Apollo Dynamite fireball at Kinnikuman's homeland of Japan, but Kinnikuman caught it and threw it back.

Burning Megaton Punch (火事場のメガトンパンチ, Kajiba no Megaton Panchi)

  • Used during the fight with Akuma Shogun. A super strong punch powerful enough to pierce Shogun's Diamond Armor.

Burning Bridge (火事場のブリッジ, Kajiba no Burijji)

  • Used during the fight with Akuma Shogun. Shogun used his godly powers to transport the weakened Seigi chojin's from their prison bubbles to beneath the ring, forcing them to hold it up or be crushed. Kinnikuman arched his body after being knocked down and stayed like that as Shogun beat on him, protecting the Justice Chojin from being crushed.

Burning Magnet Power (火事場のマグネット・パワー, Kajiba no Magunetto Pawaa)

  • Used during the fight with the Hell Missionaries. Kinnikuman had absorbed so much Magnet Power that he was able to use it himself.

Burning Uneven Bars (火事場の段ちがい平行棒, Kajiba no Danchigai Heikoubou)

  • Used during the fight with the Hell Missionaries. While Neptune King and Neptuneman tried to use their Magnet Power and do the Cross Bomber, Kinnikuman broke free of the magnetic hold and kicked Neptune King in the face. He then (while still in midair from the kick) backflipped and kicked Neptuneman in the face.

Burning Big Wave (火事場のビッグ・ウェーブ, Kajiba no Biggu Weebu)

  • Used during the fight with Mr. VTR. Knocked into the water around the ring, Kinnikuman surfed back to the ring on a piece of debris.

Kinniku Buster & Variations[]

See also: Kinniku Buster

Kinniku Driver[]

See also: Kinniku Driver

Muscle Spark[]

See also: Muscle Spark

The 48 Killer Techniques[]

See also: 48 Killer Techniques

48 Killer Techniques (48の殺人技, Yonjūhachi no Satsujin Waza)

  • Part One of Prince Kamehame's 100 Special Techniques, taught to Kinnikuman in order to defeat Jesse Maivia. It should be noted that the Kinniku Buster and Kinniku Driver are among these.

Fu Rin Ka Zan (風林火山)

See Also: Fu Rin Ka Zan

Space Trip (宇宙旅行 Uchū Ryokō)

  • A punch strong enough to send an opponent flying towards The Moon (though it could reach Pluto, if the moon was not in the way).

Flying Punch (フライングパンチ)

  • Kinnikuman jumps into the air and throws a punch at his opponent as he descends.

Devil Fire (デビルファイア)

  • An aura-based attack that only appears in Movie 2.

Chojin Hanging (超人絞殺刑, Chōjin Kōsatsu Kei)

  • First used on Neptuneman during the Dream Tag Tournament. With his opponent near the ropes, Kinnikuman jumps over their head. He then grabs their wrists and wraps his legs around their neck, pulling down on them and driving them into the rope. He usually uses it as a submission hold. In Nisei it is renamed the Ultimate Death Penalty (アルティメット・デスペナルティ).

The 52 Submissions[]

See also: 52 Submissions

52 Submissions (52の関節技, Gojuuni no Kansetsu Waza), Part Two of Prince Kamehame's 100 Special Techniques. He originally meant to teach Kinnikuman them during the Dream Tag Tournament but died before he could, so he used The Omegaman taking his soul and transforming into him as the perfect opportunity.

Face Flash[]

Face Flash (フェイスフラッシュ), A very special technique that can only be used by members of the Kinniku Clan. Kinnikuman lifts his mask, creating a very bright and powerful flash. It has no specific purpose as it can perform several different tasks. Kinnikuman has used it to cleanse a river (unintentionally), bend metal, shield himself and Robin Mask, attack Super Phoenix, and revive his fallen comrades.

The Niku Curtain[]

Niku Curtain (肉のカーテン, Niku no Kaaten), First used during the fight with Warsman. A special defence stance developed by Kinnikuman's grandfather Tatsunori based on Silverman's Perfect Defender technique. Kinnikuman holds his forearms in front of his face in an upside down V. Mayumi claims that it is impenetrable. In the first anime it was called the Kinniku Guard (キン肉ガード).

Niku Curtain Attack (肉のカーテンアタック, Niku no Kaaten Atakku)

  • First used during the fight with Ashuraman. Kinnikuman launches himself horizontally towards an opponent while performing the Niku Curtain.

One-Time Moves[]

Eisbahn Attack (アイスバーン・アタック)

Sun Muscle (サン・マッスル)

Niku-dan Elbow Drop (肉弾エルボードロップ)

Tower Bridge (タワーブリッジ)

U-Boat (ユーボート)

Black Hole Suplex (ブラックホールスープレックス)

Kinniku Landmine (キン肉地雷, Kinniku Jirai)

Muscle Blizzard (マッスルブリザード)

Elbow Storm (エルボーの嵐, Eruboo no Arashi)

Diamond Headbutt (ダイアモンド・ヘッドバト)

Texas Condor Kick (テキサス・コンドルキック)

Long Horn Bomber (ロングホーン・ボンバー)

Hawk Hunting (ホークハンチング)

Rodeo Skip (ロデオスキップ)

Muscle Lariat (マッスルラリアット)

Double Brainbuster of Friendship (友情のダブルブレーンバスター, Yuujou no Daburu Bureen Basutaa)

Double Camel Clutch of Friendship (友情のダブルキャメル・クラッチ, Yuujou no Daburu Kyameru Kuratchi)

Standard Pro Wrestling Holds[]

Main Article: General Wrestling Techniques

It should be noted that Kinnikuman's overall wrestling style is based on that of wrestling legend Antonio Inoki, of whom Suguru was a huge fan. The Back Drop and Neck Breaker Drop were used most frequently, the Back Drop is even considered one of his trademarks. Though only used once by Suguru, the Enzuigiri was one of Inoki's most popular finishers.

Career Information[]


  • 53rd Disco Heavyweight Champion
  • Space Chojin Heavyweight
  • 20th Chojin Olympic Champion
  • Hawaii Chojin Heavyweight (3rd)
  • WSA Chojin Champion
  • 21st Chojin Olympic Champion (First ever to win twice consecutively)
  • Chojin Olympic Champion [defeated Buffaloman to get it back]
  • Dream Tag Tournament Champion (with Terryman)
  • Survivor Match for the Kinniku Throne Champion
  • 2nd Kinnikuman Popularity Contest (7th Place)
  • 3rd Kinnikuman Popularity Contest (6th Place)
  • 4th Kinnikuman Popularity Contest (3rd Place)
  • 1st Kinnikuman Nisei Popularity Contest (8th Place)
  • 2nd Kinnikuman Nisei Popularity Contest (19th Place)
  • 3rd Kinnikuman Nisei Popularity Contest (15th Place)
  • 1st Kinnikuman Nisei ~All Chojin Dai Shingeki~ Popularity Contest (10th Place)


  • Team Kinnikuman: Advance Guard (First Round) → Commander (Semifinals)→ Advance Guard→ Commander (Finals)
  • 58th King of Planet Kinniku


  • Miraculous Comeback Fighter (奇跡の逆転ファイター/Kiseki no Gyakuten Faitaa)
  • Last 5 Seconds Comeback Fighter (ラスト5秒の逆転ファイター/Rasuto Go-byou no Gyakuten Faitaa)
  • Blazing Kinnikuman (炎のキン肉マン/Honoo no Kinnikuman)
  • Burning Champion (燃えるチャンピオン/Moeru Chanpion)
  • Blazing Hard Worker (炎の努力家/Honoo no Doryokuka)
  • Big Ears Suguru (大耳のスグル/Dai Mimi no Suguru)
  • Gyudon Fiend (牛丼野郎/Gyuudon Yarou)
  • Loser Chojin (ダメ超人/Dame chojin)
  • Clumsy Chojin(ドジ超人/Doji chojin)
  • Last Pick Chojin (おちこぼれ超人/Ochikobore chojin)
  • Pig (ブタ/Buta)
  • Pigman (ブタマン/Butaman)
  • Garlicman (ニンニク男/Ninniku-otoko)
  • Worst Hero of the '80's (80年代の最悪英雄/Hachijuu Nendai no Saiaku Eiyuu)
  • Fighting Transistor Radio (戦うのトランジスタラジオ/Tatakau no Toranzisuta Rajio)
  • Muscle Devil (マッスル・デビル)
  • Shame of Japan (日本の面汚し/Nihon no Tsurayogoshi)
  • Gossip Demon of the Chojin World

Win-Loss Record (Singles)[]


Win/Loss Record (Tag)[]

The Machineguns (Terryman)
Muscle Brothers (Kinnikuman Great)
Blue Impulse (Robin Mask)

Win/Loss Record (Anime Only)[]

Speech and Quotes[]

The majority of Suguru's dialogue is written in hiragana and most of his insults and vulgarities like Kono Yarou (コノヤロー, You bastard) were written in katakana, with hardly any kanji being used. This was probably meant to represent Suguru's lack of sophistication and intelligence. As the series progresses and he becomes more serious, more and more kanji are used in his dialogue. Suguru's typical way of saying "no" is Iya sa~! (いやさー!). He is also known for his humorous cries of pain like Owa~! (おわ~っ!), Gegee~! (ゲゲェー!), and Da ji ge de~ (だじげで~).

  • Catchphrase: I don't even need the push of my farts! (屁のツッパリはいらんですよ, He no tsuppari wa Iran desu yo!)
  • First Line: What, me? (なに わたしが, Nani, watashi ga?)
  • Gyuudon Song (Manga): Great gyuudon for eighty years! (牛丼ひとすじ八十年!, Gyuudon hitotsuji hachi-juu-nen!)
  • Gyuudon Song (Anime): (All I need is Gyudon for the next 300 years... Fast, delicious, and cheap too! (牛丼ひとすじ三百年 速いの旨いの安いの!, Gyuudon hitotsuji san-byaku-nen, hayai no umai no yasui no!)
  • Fuu Rin Ka Zan: Quick like the wind!! Silent like the forest!! Conquer like the fire... Immovable like the mountain!! (早くこと風のごとく!! しずかなること林のごとく!! 侵掠すること火のごとく... 動かざること山のごとし, Hayaku koto Kaze no gotoku!! Shizuka naru koto Hayashi no gotoku!! Shinryaku-suru koto Hi no gotoku... Ugokazaru koto Yama no gotoshi!!)



  • In the original pilot manga, Kinnikuman was the illegitimate son of Ultra Father (reference needed). Thus, he was the (illegitimate) eighth Ultra Brother. This origin was retconned when the manga was serialised.
    • He will do almost anything if he is offered just one bowl. He mostly eats gyūdon, but he also overeats a wide variety of other foods, and when he is not eating he is usually watching television. He "trained" for the 21st Chōjin Olympics by eating chips and watching TV.
  • Suguru's name comes from Yomiuri Giants pitcher: Suguru Egawa
  • Suguru appears in the Kinnikuman chapter of Super Kochikame where he has been brought to the Police Box by Reiko as a "lost child".
  • In Mattel's M.U.S.C.L.E. toy line, his name was translated as "Muscleman" and he was the leader of the heroic Thug Busters.
  • Favorite Food: Gyudon, Garlic, Morinaga Cocoa
  • Least Favorite Food: Milk, Japanese scallion (anime)
  • Hobbies: Watching professional wrestling, [267] sleeping, [267] and watching Manzai comedians on televisio.
  • Policy: Flower-pattern tights on Tuesdays
  • Favorite Celebrities: Hiromi Ōta, Ikue Sakakibara, Agnes Lum, Nana Takahara
  • Other: Karaoke repertoire contains over 500 songs, #18 being "Underwater Love Song".
  • Theme Songs: "Kiseki no Gyakuten Fighter" by Akira Kamiya, and "Moeru Champion Kinnikuman" by Akira Kamiya
  • Gyudon Lovers Club President
  • Kinniku Monster Catching Corporation Chief (Self Proclaimed)
  • Nana Takahara Fan Club Member #9,999

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