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The upcoming 2021 TV series for Kinnikuman.


The TV series is an upcoming live-action series premiering on WOWOW.[1] It is set in 2019 and features Gordon Maeda as Warsman. Tetsuaki Matsue will direct the series, and Takeshi Takemura will write the scripts.

The story is about an attempt to make a live-action movie based on Kinnikuman, which runs into production troubles, and thus the actors must go on a quest to uncover the true secrets behind the Kinnikuman series.[1]


Set during November, 2019, a fictional group sets out to make a live-action film-adaptation for Kinnikuman.[2] The general consensus among the group is that a movie will be impossible to create, but they go ahead with their intent to create a trilogy based upon the manga series. They work hard, but face many obstacles. In the meantime, actor Gordon Maeda - playing himself - is asked to perform in the movie by its producer. He accepts the offer, but soon realises there is a hidden history behind the making of this movie.[2]

Cast & Crew



  • Director: Tetsuaki Matsue
  • Screenplay: Takeshi Takemura
  • Music: Yoshitaka Fujimoto
  • Producers: Tokuji Hasegawa (WOWOW), Teruhisa Yamamoto, Hideyuki Wakuda (C & I Entertainment)
  • Production: C & I Entertainment
  • Planning: Boiled egg


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