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Kinnikuman (2011) is a direct continuation from Yudetamago's Kinnikuman. It begins from volume 38 and is currently ongoing, and published first in 2011 in Shū Play News. Its place in the canon timeline is to be debated, but - as of 2020 - it seems to take place between Kinnikuman and Kinnikuman Nisei (which serves as its sequel).


A revival of the original series, suppously placed in a time between the end of Kinnikuman and the start of Kinnikuman Nisei. Set some time after the events of the Survivor Match for the Kinniku Throne, where Kinnikuman and his friends, alongside former enemies, like General Devil or Neptuneman, will have to face against new menaces, including the true Perfect Chojin, the Devil Chojin from Omega Centauri or the Gods themselves. The series is still ongoing until this day.


Perfect Origin Arc (001-209; Online (Shū-Play Website), 2011-2017)

A peace treaty between the three Chojin factions (Idol, Perfect and Devil chojin, represented by Terryman, Neptuneman and Ashuraman respectively) had been signed after Kinnikuman became king of his home planet. However, a new threat arrives in an era of peace: The "Perfect Large Numbers." Led by Strong The Budo, they claim that Neptuneman doesn't represent the Perfect chojin anymore, destroying the paper. After a battle between one of the Large Numbers (Max Radial) and Terryman, the other Perfect chojin challenge Kinnikuman and the remaining Idol chojin, the latter of which are in medical suspension after their matches in the Kinniku Throne arc, to a single combat survival match. However, while Kinnikuman accepts the challenge, the original Seven Devil chojin, following the orders of an unknown leader, enter the competition, and they are not fighting on the side of the Idol Chojin...

Omega Centauri's Six Spears Arc (Chapters: 210-317, Years: 2017-2020)

But just when each of the three factions were against in peace, a new evil raise: following Satan's orders, The Six Spears of Omega Centauri descend upon Earth, to steal the mysterious "Friendship Energy" to try to heal their dying planet. And since Satan has locked the three factions in their respective HQ, is up to Wolfman and the reserve chojin to face against this new menace. Out of the five, only Wolfman manage to defeat his oponent. Then, Kinnikuman is reunite with the other Fated Princes, who were sent by the Five Evil Gods to defeat this new menace, since a bigger danger was approaching. The new matches are set, and in the end, Omegaman Aristera and Mariquitaman are the only Spears standing, so is up to Ataru Kinniku and his partner, Brocken Jr., to face against them in a tag match. Finally, when the Omegas are defeated, Satan enters the scene, revealing his evil plan, just as the same time were Justiceman, one of the remaining Perfect Origin, appears to challenge him.

Unnamed Arc (Chapters: 318-, Years: 2020 -)

After Omegaman Aristera has talked to The Man, he announce that their real enemies and new rivals will be the Gods of Heaven themselves. And as that exact time, the Gods descent upon Earth, intercepting Kinnikuman Big Body. One of the Gods, Rampageman, decides to fight them, but Big Body's former team appears to save him. rampageman defeats all of them with ease, and then, Leopardon try to fight him in a 1-on-1 match, and despite loosing, he pride himself for enduring more than 0.1 seconds. Now, Kinnikuman Super Phoenix indicates them were the remaing of the capillar pieces are, sending the gods to fight against his team. After the matches, that with the exception of one, ends in the death of the gods, the apparent leader of them, The God of Harmony, decide to fight the strongest chojins out there, so he opens the Babel Tower, and challenge the chojin to chose eight members to enter. Once this members are choosen, the eight enter to start a series of fights.

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