Kinnikuman Generations (キン肉マン ジェネレーションズ), known in the United States as Galactic Wrestling: Featuring Ultimate Muscle, is a PlayStation 2 game produced by Bandai and sold on April 22, 2004.

Kinnikuman Generations is an expansion of the Game Cube game Kinnikuman Nisei New Generation vs. Legends (キン肉マンII世 新世代超人VS伝説超人), sold November 22, 2002. The game's name, in Japan, is often abbreviated as Niku Gene (肉ジェネ).

The game itself has an expansion called Kinnikuman Muscle Generations (キン肉マン マッスルジェネレーションズ), sold February 2, 2006 for the PlayStation Portable. This article contains explanations on the Game Cube and PSP versions as well.

A professional wrestling game, The Choujins from the first Kinnikuman (Legends) reappear via 3D Polygon and compete against the Nisei Choujins (New Generation) in their younger bodies.


Kinnikuman Nisei: New Generation vs. Legends (Nintendo Game Cube, November 22, 2002, Bandai)

The first in the series. The characters are presented with cel-shaded animation, looking almost identical to their manga counterparts.

Kinnikuman Generations / Galactic Wrestling: Featuring Ultimate Muscle (PlayStation 2, April 22, 2004, Bandai)

An expansion of "Kinnikuman Nisei: New Generation vs. Legends". Sold on the 25th Anniversary of Kinnikuman. The Story Mode and Choujin Creation Mode from the first game are removed. Features tag matches and additional characters. The slow loading time and Toshio Furukawa's portrayal of Kinnikuman (replacing Akira Kamiya from the first game) caused the game to disappointment many fans.
Advertising Slogan: Stand Up! Kinnikuman Generations!! (立ち上がれ!キン肉マン世代(ジェネレーションズ)よ!! Tachiagare! Kinnikuman Jenereeshonzu yo!!)

Kinnikuman Muscle Generations (PlayStation Portable, February 23, 2006, Bandai)

An expansion of "Kinnikuman Generations". Contains more characters and Story Modes. Akira Kamiya returns as the voice of Kinnikuman. Tag Team names from the Ultimate Choujin Tag Arc are used.

Game Modes

Kinnikuman Nisei: New Generation vs. Legends

  • 1P vs. CP
  • 1P vs. 2P
  • CP vs. CP
Story Mode
Choujin Creation

Control the game difficulty and contoller configuration.

Kinnikuman Generations

Versus Mode
  • Single (with or without Second)
  • 1P vs. CP
  • 1P vs. 2P
  • Tag (Regular Tag or No Touch Tag)
Battle Royal (3-4 Players)
Tournament Mode
  • Single Tournament (4-8 Players)
  • Tag Team Tournament (4-8 Teams)
Team Battle Mode
  • 1P vs. CP
  • 1P vs. 2P
  • CP vs. CP
Survival Mode
  • Shoot Survivor
  • Musk Hunt
Spectator Mode
Kinkeshi Collection Mode

Kinnikuman Muscle Generations

Victory Mode
Dream Choujin Tag Tournament


Kinnikuman Nisei: New Generation vs. Legends


  • Finishing Hold: Muscle Spark
  • Finishing Hold: Robin Special
  • Finishing Hold: Texas Condor Kick→ Spinning Toe Hold
  • Finishing Hold: Red Rain of Berlin
  • Finishing Hold: Chojin Cross Slam
  • Finishing Hold: Sand Hell Tour
  • Finishing Hold: Shooting Rifle
  • Finishing Hold: Binding Spider Web
  • Finishing Hold: Double Claw Screw Driver

New Generation

  • Finishing Hold: Muscle Millennium
  • Finishing Hold: Big Ben Edge
  • Finishing Hold: Kid's Triangle Choke→ Texas Clover Hold
  • Finishing Hold: Red Rain of Berlin
  • Finishing Hold: Ice Rock Driver
  • Finishing Hold: Savannah Heat
  • Finishing Hold: Stallion Style Honorable Driver
  • Finishing Hold: Shooting Arrow
  • Finishing Hold: Tsurigane Wari (Temple Bell Splitter)
  • Finishing Hold: Ultimate Scar Buster

Hidden Creatable Characters

  • Finishing Hold: Shadow of Death
  • Finishing Hold: Dazzle Spider Thread
  • Finishing Hold: Implant Bomber
  • Finishing Hold: Ultimate Crash
  • Finishing Hold: Mad Crash Hammer
  • Finishing Hold: Yeti Screw Hammer
  • Finishing Hold: Super Coconut Drop
  • Finishing Hold: Crescent Shadow
  • Finishing Hold: Special Chihuahua Bomber
  • Finishing Hold: Bamboo Leaf Panda Drop

Kinnikuman Generations

In addition to all characters from the previous game (excluding the Hidden Creatable Characters), the game includes 48 characters. Many characters with alternate costumes appear as two different characters (ex: Ramenman and Mongolman).


  • Finishing Hold: Triple Beefcake
  • Finishing Hold: Space Rush
  • Finishing Hold: Rubik's Cube Twist→ Gasshou Hineri
  • Finishing Hold: Maple Death Lock→ Canadian Backbreaker
  • Finishing Hold: Touchdown of Glory
  • Finishing Hold: Apache War Cry
  • Finishing Hold: Iron Claw
  • Finishing Hold: Killer Key Lock
  • Finishing Hold: Absorption
  • Finishing Hold: Long Horn Special
  • Finishing Hold: Cursed Roller
  • Finishing Hold: Improved Asura Buster
  • Finishing Hold: Hell's Nine Point Seal
  • Finishing Hold: Quarrel Bomber→ Double Leg Suplex
  • Finishing Hold: Megaton King Drop

New Generation

  • Finishing Hold: The Turbulence
  • Finishing Hold: Torture Slash

Kinnikuman Muscle Generations

  • Finishing Hold: Napalm Stretch
  • Finishing Hold: Kendaman Headbutt
  • Finishing Hold: Four-Point Screw Torture

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