Kinnikuman Great

The four generations of Great.

Kinnikuman Great (キン肉マングレート) is a persona shared by four characters throughout both Kinnikuman and Kinnikuman Nisei.


  • Classification: Seigi Chojin (First, Second, Fourth), Jikan Chojin (Third)
  • Homeland: Hawaii (First) Flag of the United States, Amarillo, Texas (Second) Flag of the United States, Avenir (Three) Flag of Japan, UK (Four) Flag of the United Kingdom
  • Age: Unknown
  • Choujin Kyoudo: 950,000 Power (First, Second), Unknown (Three), 1,170,000 Power (Four)
  • Trademark Techniques: Martial Arts Kick, Rolling Savate
  • First Appearance: Manga Chapter 212, Anime Episode 88

Voice Actors


Martial Arts Kick (マーシャルアーツキック)
Rolling Savate (ローリングソバット)
Texas Condor Kick (テキサス・コンドルキック)
Muscle Salt
Muscle Docking (マッスル・ドッキング)



The First Great (初代グレート, Shoudai Gureeto) was Prince Kamehame. When the Universal Choujin Tag Arc and Asuraman and Sunshine had stolen the Idol Choujin's Friendship Power, Kinnikuman was in need of a partner. Kamehame volunteered but the rules of the tournament said only Young Choujins could compete, so Kamehame donned the Great Mask and signed in as Kinnikuman Great. This version of Kinnkiuman Great is called Lord Muscle in English Dub (more to come)


The Second Great (2代目グレート, Nidaime Gureeto) was Terryman. After Kamehame was fatally injured, he asked to see Terry in private. He then asked that Terry take over as Kinnikuman Great right before he died. Terry agreed but kept it a secret from Kinnikuman, who he believed wouldn't trust him as a partner right now. Before his first match as Great, Kamehame's spirit trained him to fight like Great. This version of Kinnikuman Great is called Lord Wrangler in English Dub (more to come)


Great Three (グレート(スリー)) was Chaos. When Kinniku Mantarou needed a partner for the Ultimate Choujin Tag Arc, he found one in Choujin Otaku Chaos. However, Chaos claims to be human, which means he cannot enter the tournament. Mantarou then notices that Chaos is in possession of the Great Mask and suggests that he wear it to hide his identity. (more to come)


Great Four is Kevin Mask. After the death of Chaos, Kevin Mask took up the mantle of Kinnikuman Great to team with Mantarou against Thunder and Lightning. (more to come)

Career Information

  • Suspicious Maskedman (疑惑のマスクマン, Giwaku no Masukuman)
Win/Loss Record (Singles)
Win/Loss Record (Tag)
Muscle Brothers (Kinnikuman)
Muscle Brothers Nouveau (Kinniku Mantarou)

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