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Kinnikuman Lady, also known as Kinniku Lady is the main character of the spin-off manga Kinnikuman Lady and is the alternate/female version Kinnikuman, the princess of Planet Kinniku and Meat's new trainee. She commonly referred to as Lady by her friends and as Princess by Meat.



Lady is tall, has quite a curvy and well-endowed frame with a childlike face. She has fair skin, red eyes and silver white hair, though she does not wear a mask her hair is in the similar style as the Kinniku masks and has a red mask strap around her chin up. As the princess of Planet Kinniku, Lady possesses the royal family Niku Mark on her forehead and possesses the hereditary Kajiba no Kuso Djikara (Burning Inner Strength), although she has yet to unleash it. Her muscles are mostly associated with her breasts, as it is strong enough to knock Meat out of the Earth's atmosphere and crash down like meteorite. Lady wears several types of outfits usually being tight, revealing or unusual and was often mistaken as a bunny due to her voluptuous appearance.


Being the female/alternate version of Kinniku Suguru, Lady is somewhat of an airhead, a little crazy and can be a bit emotional when her friends or her trainer Meat gets hurt. Unlike Suguru, Lady is not cowardly or lazy and will accept a challenge from certain opponents, but she does not tolerate unfair fights and will not hesitate to hurt her opponents. She does not like lecherous guys, especially those who touch her breasts or her buttocks and will pummel or slam any man who touches her; such as Kinkotsuman. Lady is also a bit of a klutz and at times will accidentally hurt her own friends with her antics and embrace, even smothering Meat. Lady has little to no experience in wrestling and does not know what original wrestling move she can create until she frantically tackled Meat with her chest. Lady is very emotional and childish as well as warm and affectionate towards those she is close to such as her friends. She desires to become the world wrestling champion and has Meat to be her new trainer.


Lady's story is likely to be based on Suguru's story; being brought to Planet Earth to become a wrestling champion like her mother, have Meat as her wrestling trainer, facing many rivals and forming friendships as well as taking down evil Chojin.


(More to Come)


Lady's techniques are likely the same as Kinnikuman's, although some of her moves are compromised due to her feminine physique.

Kajiba no Kuso Djikara(Burning Inner Strength)

Kinniku Buster(Kinniku Basuta)

Kinniku Driver(Kinniku Duraiba)

Fuu Rin Ka Zan

Muscle Spark

The 48 Killer Techniques