Kinnikuman Mariposa (キン肉マン・マリポーサ), originally named Thief George, was one of the Five Fated Princes from the final story arc in Yudetamago's manga series Kinnikuman.


Kinnikuman Mariposa was born on the same day as Kinnikuman and the Five Fated Princes, and was later picked by the God of Flight to fight in the Survivor Match for the Kinniku Throne. He lived as a thief and stole the Analo Staff from the Robin Clan, before later coming up against Robin Mask in the tournament and losing to him.

He would later appear in the True Devil Chojin Arc, where his opponent would be Hailman. He wins this match with an Aztec Cemetery technique.



The future Kinnikuman Mariposa was born on the same day and in the same hospital as Kinnikuman and four other young boys, but because of a fire the children were mixed up and the true heir of their home planet may have been misplaced. [2] He grew up in poverty with very little possessions, which left him with a bitter resentment to chojin with more prestigious backgrounds. [3] He thus became a thief targeting only those rich families. [3]

His family moved to Planet Moctezuma (モクテスマ星, Mokutesuma-sei), a planet with an atmosphere so thin its inhabitants were forced to wear oxygen masks. [1] Because of this, he grew up with a tough heart and amazing jumping abilities, and because he also grew up poor, he soon turned to a life of theft. [1]

While living as a thief, he stole the Robin Family heirloom the Anoalo Sceptre (アノアロの杖). [4] It was stolen from Robin Mask's hand,- as he played in the garden as a child, because Mariposa believed he would get more use from it, than would be served by it remaining a decorative heirloom. [3]


Survivor Match for the Kinniku Throne Arc


After Kinnikuman had proven himself worthy to become the next king of his home planet, five evil gods sought out the other potential heirs and gave them great chojin power to become the Five Fated Princes, who all claimed to be the true heir. [2] Mariposa was chosen by the God of Flight (飛翔の神, Hishou no Kami). [5] A tournament is organized to determine who is worthy of ascending the throne.

Kinnikuman is granted a white cape, which must be stained with the blood of his five opponents, and each of these six potential princes - including Kinnikuman - must forge a team of five people to fight to prove their worth. [6] Mariposa is assigned Kumamoto Castle in the first round, where his team is set to fight against Kinnikuman's team. [7] He reveals his teammates: Hawkman, King the 100-Ton, Mixer Taitei, and Mister VTR. Kinnikuman's team will presently consist of simply himself and Meat Alexandria. [7]

Mariposa watches the matches between Kinnikuman and Hawkman, Mister VTR, and Mixer Taitei. [8]

Kinnikuman Mariposa vs. Robin Mask

After Meat fights against Mixer Taitei, Robin Mask and Terryman arrive to stop him in the middle of his proceeding match against King the 100-Ton. [9] Kinnikuman reveals to Mariposa that Robin Mask and Terryman were always a part of his team, as he wrote their names with invisible ink on his team-list, and this allows the tournament to continue. [9] After Terryman defeats King the 100-Ton, Mariposa is matched against Robin Mask; Mariposa attacks Meat and Kinnikuman - who try to stop him - and enters the ring. [1] He kicks Robin Mask from behind before the gong has been officially rung, before using a Senton Gebradora.

Mariposa tries to attack again, but Robin counters with a Spinning Lobster Defence and an overhead throw. He attempts to skewer Robin Mask on his horn, but Mariposa stops himself from falling with a simple finger on the horn of Robin Mask' helmet, and uses what appears to be a Muscle Revenger to drill Robin Mask into the canvas. [1] Robin Mask pulls himself halfway from the canvas, before attempting a Tower Bridge. [4] Mariposa rotates rapidly, which breaks him free from the hold, but this action helps pull Robin free.

Mariposa uses a Moctezuma Defence, which ignites his body and sets fire to the ropes. Robin Mask takes a hold of Mariposa's legs, which are the only part of him not aflame, and swings him until the flames are extinguished, which enables him to notice the Analo Staff. Mariposa leaps upon Robin mask, and delivers a series of fiery headbutts. [4] It is revealed Mariposa stole the Analo Staff in Robin Mask's youth. [3] Robin attempts to counter with a Flying Sausage, but Mariposa breaks the fall with his hands and throws Robin against the corner-post, before using an Iron Post Binding.

Mariposa attempts to use a Moctezuma Defence again, and uses an Aztec Drop on Robin Mask. Robin Mask faints from the burns obtained from the attacks, before using a Muscle Revenger to drive Robin Mask into the canvas once more. Terryman motivates Robin Mask, who summons the analo staff back to him, and this allows him to use the Unicorn Head technique. [3] Mariposa is stunned by a beam from a temple on Planet Kinniku, when he tries to use what is revealed to be a fake Muscle Revenger, a sacred technique used by the Kinniku Royal family, At this point, Mariposa is revealed not be the true prince. [10]

Robin Mask follows with a Fire Turbine and finishes with a Robin Special. This defeats Mariposa, who falls to the mat with a knock-out, and Robin Mask is declared the winner of the match. Kinnikuman dyes his white cape red with the blood of Mariposa, before removing his mask (as per the rules of the tournament). [10]

Kinnikuman (2011)

Omega Centauri's Six Spear Arc

Kinnikuman Mariposa vs. Hailman

Mariposa would later make a reappearance with the other Fated Princes in the True Devil Chojin arc. His opponent would be Hailman, fresh off his victory against Teapackman. Their match would take place in Bram Castle. Even though the Anoalo Sceptre is off-limits, Mariposa would figure out a way to set himself on fire: building up friction by spinning against the corner post. Hailman figured this out and froze the post to prevent this from happening again. After a beating, Hailman decides to finish off Mariposa by freezing him to death. Somehow, Hailman's body turned into magnifying lens, setting off a spark in the process. Mariposa takes advantage of this and breaks free. Mariposa would finish off Hailman with an improved version of the Phoney Muscle Revenger, the Aztec Cemetery.


Once the God of Harmony's faction arrives on Earth, Kinnikuman Mariposa stares off into the heavens in anticipation as the God of Flight told him everything he needs to know about the invasion


Senton Gebradora

  • Flips over the ropes and slams his buttocks down on his opponent's chest

Iron Post Binding

  • Uses the four corner-posts to impale his opponent's limbs into the canvas

Moctezuma Defence

  • Uses the Analo Staff to set his body and the ropes on fire

Aztec Drop

  • An elbow-drop that is used while making us of the Moctezuma Defence

Aztec Senton

  • A senton that is used while making us of the Moctezuma Defence

Aztec Headbutt

  • A headbutt that is used while making us of the Moctezuma Defence

Muscle Revenger

  • Mariposa's Muscle Revenger is a reverse of the actual Muscle Revenger. In it, Mariposa jumps high into the air with his jumping ability and comes down on his opponent with a headbutt (thus resembling a vertical Muscle Millennium). The weakness of this version was that it could easily be destroyed by distracting Mariposa, causing him to look away from his target.

Aztec Cemetery

  • A modified version of the Fake Muscle Revenger. Once he's done headbutting his opponent into the canvas, Kinnikuman Mariposa pulls them out with his legs before building up momentum mid-air. He then slams his opponent's head right into the canvas.

Career Information

Team Mariposa
  • Commander
  • Planet Kinniku Throne Successor Candidate




  • Mariposa is Spanish for butterfly.
  • In 2009, Japanese media reported that someone calling himself "Kinnikuman Mariposa" donated at least 10,000 yen (90 US dollars) for maintenance of the real-life Kumamoto Castle, presumably because Mariposa and Robin Mask blew a hole in the ceiling of the 400 year old castle keep during the battle. "Mariposa" reportedly donated at least 10,000 yen again in 2016, after an earthquake dealt heavy damage to the castle.


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