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The Kinnikuman Nisei anime was broadcasted January 9~December 25, 2002, on Wednesdays from 6:00~6:30 pm on TV Tokyo and was produced by Toei Animation. 51 episodes were made before it's cancellation. It was followed by Kinnikuman Nisei: Ultimate Muscle and Kinnikuman Nisei: Ultimate Muscle 2.


On January 9, 2002, Kinnikuman: Second Generation premiered. [1]

The 51-episode series aired until December 25 of that year, and was released on 12 DVDs from September 21, 2002 to August 8, 2003. [2][3] In 2003 a 13-episode sequel - Kinnikuman Nisei: Ultimate Muscle primarily focused on non-Japanese audiences was announced; it aired on Fox Box in North America, and from April 7 to June 30, 2004 in Japan. [4][5] Another 13-episode spin-off, Kinnikuman Second Generation: Ultimate Muscle 2, was broadcast from January 4 to March 29, 2006 in Japan. [6]

All three series were directed by Toshiaki Komura.

They were also produced by Toei Animation and broadcast by TV Tokyo.

List of Episodes

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Staff/Main Cast


(More to Come)

Main Cast 


Opening Theme

  1. HUSTLE MUSCLE by Kouno Yougo

Ending Themes

  1. Ai no Muscle by The PERMANENTS (eps. 1~26)
  2. Koi no My chop!! by Yokosuka Yumena (eps. 27~51)

Insert Song

  1. Kalbi-don Ondo by Onosaka Masaya (various episodes)

Manga Changes

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  2. Muscle Carrot Competition! The Great Chojin War (2002)



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