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Kinnikuman Zebra (キン肉マン・ゼブラ), originally Powerfulman (パワフルマン), was one of the Five Fated Princes (運命の五王子, Unmei no Go Ouji) from the final story arc in Yudetamago's manga series Kinnikuman. His name comes from the zebra-stripe pattern covering his body.


Kinnikuman Zebra was originally called Powerfulman, who was born on the same day as Kinnikuman and the other Five Fated Princes. He grew up in Africa, where - to earn his place in chojin society - he was forced to kill his best friend: a zebra named "Kid". He went on to participate in the Survivor Match for the Kinniku Throne, where he fought against Team Kinnikuman and was ultimately defeated. He would later reappear in the True Devil Chojin Arc.



Powerfulman, who would be Kinnikuman Zebra, was born in a hospital on planet Kinniku in the same day as the real Kinnikuman and four other boys, but because of a fire the children were mixed up and the true heir to the throne of their planet may have been given to the wrong family. [1] Powerfulman grew up in Africa, as part of a poor farming family with many brothers and sisters. [2] He worked as a farmer to earn money to buy his way into the Chojin Society. [2]

His only friend during this period of his life was his pet zebra Zebra Kid (縞馬キッド Shimauma Kiddo). [2] When he went to gain admission to the Chojin Association, by offering the 9,000,000,000 Chojin Dollars he had earned, he was denied. He was then offered admission if he killed Kid, so that his fur could be used as a rug for the man that offered admission. Powerfulman killed Kid and - from then on - he trusted only those who lived for money (in fact, he paid each of his team members 3,000,000,000 Chojin Dollars to fight for him). [2]



When the true Kinnikuman proved himself worthy to ascend the throne of planet Kinniku, five evil gods who feared the power he would have decided to seek out the other possible heirs and give them Chojin power in order to turn them into the Five Princes of Fate and oppose his claim to the throne. [3] The God of Technique (技巧の神, Gikou no Kami) chose Powerfulman, and turned him into Kinnikuman Zebra. [3] Unsure who truly was the proper heir, the current royal couple arranged a survivor series, with whoever won becoming the next king. [4]

Kinnikuman is granted a white cape, which must be stained with the blood of his five opponents, and each of these six potential princes - including Kinnikuman - must forge a team of five people to fight to prove their worth. [5] Zebra and his team were assigned Himeji Castle for the second round of the tournament, where - as a seeder team - they would fight the winner of the first round between Team Kinnikuman and Team Mariposa. [6] Zebra enters from the blue corner, where Team Kinnikuman enters - still not fully healed from previous matches - from the red corner. [7]

Zebra & Parthenon vs. Blue Impulse

The tournament continues until Parthenon attempts a Guillotine Drop on Ramenman. [8] Kinnikuman intervenes to stop the attack, at which point Kinnikuman and Robin Mask declare that they will fight on his behalf. Zebra agrees to turn the final match between both teams into a tag-match. He attacks with a Saint Muscle Punch, followed by a Mephisto Punch, until Kinnikuman uses a kick to make Zebra punch himself in the face. [8] Zebra and Kinnikuman continue to fight a clean fight, as they lock arms in the ring in a contest of strength. [9] Zebra attempts a bridge, before launching Kinnikuman into a corner post, which is followed by a German Suplex. This is followed by a Japanese Leg-Room and a Pile-Driver.

Robin Mask sneaks behind Zebra with a choke-hold, while Kinnikuman is incapacitated. Robin Mask and Kinnikuman proceed to use an Anglo-Japan Cross-Bomber. Parthenon then uses a drop-kick to knock away Kinnikuman, and Zebra - usually a clean fighter (White Form) - steps into Parthenon's shadow, where his stripes cover most of his body and his brutal side emerges (Black Form). [9] Zebra then reels Kinnikuman in with a rope and delivers a series of Savannah Punches, followed by a Thoroughbred Hook. [10]

It is revealed Zebra has been punching while holding iron balls, and it is explained he has two personalities within: good and evil. Kinnikuman Zebra unleashes a flying-headbutt, which is made worse by a nail placed under his mask, but - on a second attempt at a flying-headbutt - Robin Mask carries Kinnikuman safely out of harm's way. The force of Zebra's headbutt is concentrated on the ring, where he cracks open a fissure along the canvas, which divides the ring in two. He proceeds to use a Brutal Art: Canvas Presser. [10]

Kinnikuman and Robin Mask survive due to Kinnikuman's Face-Flash. [10]

Zebra throws Parthenon at Kinnikuman, who proceeds to bounce him in the air over and over with his abdominal muscles, and Kinnikuman then attempts a Muscle Spark (one of the Kinniku Clan's 3 Great Techniques). [11] This is countered by Parthenon's Destroyer technique, and Zebra states that Kinnikuman no longer has his Fire of Inner Strength; Zebra then performs the Muscle Inferno (another one of the Kinniku Clan's 3 Great Techniques) on Suguru. Kinnikuman is left incapacitated on the canvas.

Parthenon tries to petrify Kinnikuman with a Human Body Fossil Seal, but Robin Mask uses his Unicorn Head to tag into the match. This results in Robin Mask being sealed inside one of Parthenon's pillars. [11] Kinnikuman is revived by Robin Mask's support, along with the support of his friends, which invokes his Friendship Power. [12] Kinnikuman uses one of the ropes to drag fossils from the canvas, which are thrown at Parthenon, and proceeds to use a front-headlock on both Parthenon and Zebra, and uses a Double Brain-Buster of Friendship and a Double Camel-Clutch. Parthenon counters with a Temple Rubble Demolition.

Parthenon then casts a shadow on Kinnikuman, which removes his sense of justice and makes him turn on his friends, but - in the process - Zebra turns back to his "White Self" and becomes good. It is revealed Kinnikuman is merely acting evil, while Zebra is unable to return to his "Black Self", and this is due to the power of justice emanating from Robin Mask inside Parthenon. [12] Robin Mask breaks free from Parthenon, by igniting the methane gas with the Anoalo Fire, and uses a Tower Bridge on Parthenon. [13]

This snaps all six of Parthenon's pillars. [14] The top-half of Parthenon continues to live, and this prompts Robin Mask to use a Robin Special, but - on Parthenon's death - money shoots out of his corpse. Robin Mask is too fatigued to continue, and is taken out of the ring by Ramenman. This leaves Kinnikuman to attack Zebra. Kinnikuman attacks first, where he tries his Kinniku Driver, but Zebra counters with a Goodbye Kinniku-Driver. He proceeds to offer Robin Mask and Ramenman a place on his team for $5bn. They refuse, even for higher amounts, and state that their Calluses of Friendship prove their loyalty to Kinnikuman. [14]

Zebra throws Kinnikuman out of the ring, but he is saved by Robin Mask and Ramenman, as they use a Handshake of Friendship. [14] They toss him back into the ring with their Friendship Power. [15] Zebra grabs one of the corner-posts and starts to rapidly attack Kinnikuman over and over, despite Kinnikuman being incapacitated on the canvas, but he stops as he is still affected by the power of justice that Robin Mask infected him with (during the earlier round, where he emitted light from Parthenon). [15]

Kinnikuman uses a Screw Kick, until Zebra uses the same move that he used to kill Kid: the Muscle Inferno. In the midst of the attack, Kinnikuman mentions how afraid Kid must have felt, and Zebra starts to see the spirit of Kid behind him, while Kinnikuman allows the attack to continue (possessed by Kid). Kinnikuman counters at the last moment with Rodeo Skip. He follows with an Incomplete Muscle Spark, and Kinnikuman reveals Kid sacrificed himself in the past for Zebra's sake (as opposed to the Muscle Spark being a perfect move), and - without such loyalty - Kinnikuman was able to easily counter the attack. [15]

Kinnikuman dyes his white cape with Zebra's blood, before advancing to the finals in Osaka. [15]

Although Zebra survives the fight, as he is being carried away on a stretcher, Kinnikuman Super Phoenix's teammate Prisman blasted him with his Rainbow Shower attack, and Zebra is disintegrated to his skeleton. [16]

Kinnikuman (2011)

Omega Centauri's Six Spears Arc

At the National Chojin Museum, in Tokyo, Kinnikuman Zebra breaks in after hours with Phoenix, Big Body, and Mariposa. [17] They retrieve their old masks, which were encased as part of an exhibit, and proceed to arive in Barcelona, at the location of the battle between the Justice Chojin and Omega Centauri's Six Spears. [18] They declare themselves envoys of the gods, and - believing the Six Spears to be furthering Satan's plans - they challenge them to fight to the death, while refusing to explain the situation to Kinnikuman. [19]

Phoenix reveals that he has picked five castles for their fights, which are known to the Six Spears. [20] The Four Fated Princes - and Kinnikuman - ascend to the sky, where five ropes appear, to go towards to one of the five castles each. [20] Zebra arrives at Castel del Monte, Italy, and his opponent is Mariquitaman. [21] The two begin with a series of punches, before Zebra delivers a punch directly to Mariquitaman's face, which is matched by a face punch from Mariquitaman to Zebra. [22]

When Mariquitaman tries a flying-body press, which is matched by a flying-body press by Zebra. The two then also use matching drop-kicks, and then try a flurry of punches, which both evade. [22] Mariquitaman states that he always fights in an octagon ring, and that he likes to drink the blood of his opponents, as he proclaims he shall win the match. [23] After attempting a moonsault on Zebra, Zebra counters with reverse brain-buster. Zebra attempts a drop-kick, but moves into a Zebra Thunderbolt Crash. He then uses a Zebra Hell's Submission, but Mariquitaman breaks free.

Zebra uses the eight sides of the ring to run about, gathering intense speed, and uses a Muscle Inferno. A Mariquita Wing allows Mariquitaman to break free just before he hit the wall of the castle, and uses an Executioner Suplex on Zebra. [23] Zebra attempts to retaliate with a toehold face-lock, but Mariquitaman breaks free by using his Mariquita wing to cut into Zebra's torso. [24] Mariquitaman states that he idolises Omegaman Aristera, as no one else has ever beaten him, and fights in hopes of impressing Aristera. Zebra then attempts a German Suplex, but is stopped by a Mimic Needle, and attempts instead a chicken-wing suplex, which is stopped in turn by a Mariquita Picturesque Guillotine.

Mariquitaman states he knows Zebra has been hiding back, as he has not unleashed his Black State, and uses his Rorshach Dot to form the crest of a zebra on his chest, which shows him what is holding Zebra back. [24] Zebra states that the image is that of his friend "Kid", and he eradicated his Black State in order to honour kid and not as he is not simply repressing that state. [25] Mariquitaman then covers his body in stripes, before using a Coccinelli Twister on Zebra (Zebra's own signature move). This is followed by a Rorschach Influence, as he transfers his stripes onto Zebra and forces him to assume his Black State. Zebra starts to fight in earnest, before using a True Muscle Inferno on Mariquitaman. [25]

Zebra follows by a Zebra Bloody Driver. [26] He delivers a series of punches, bloodying Mariquitaman, but Mariquitaman mocks him before using a Sheltering Pupa. This covers him in armour and renders Zebra's punches to be ineffective, before using a Mariquita Moulting and then a Mariquita Twofold Kill. This is followed by a Mariquita Wing, Mariquita Wing Wrapping-Sheet, and a Wing-Wrapping Brain-Crusher. Mariquitaman reveals he brought out Zebra's dark side, as it made him more predictable and his attacks easier to counter. [26]

Mariquitaman knocks the back of Zebra's head with a double-knee strike. [27] This leads to the Black and White parts of Zebra to manifest and discuss how they are both two halves of one whole, and they notice their Zebra Medal on the ring, which was dislodged by Mariquitaman. The Black and White halves become one again, in honour of Kid, and the two exchange blows, until Mariquitaman uses a Mariquita Helicopter. [27] Zebra grabs his medal and makes amends to the spirit of Kid, before Zebra uses his True Muscle Inferno. [28]

Mariquitaman uses a Mariquita Wing to throw them both off-course at the last minute, and follows by a Ladybird Wing-Blade. After a further series of blows, Mariquitaman ends the match with a signature move that he had only used once before (on Aristera): Mariquita Deadly Ride. [28] This breaks Zebra's arms and legs. [29] The bell is rung and the match is declared in Mariquitaman's favour, and Zebra warns Mariquitaman to never trust Satan before losing consciousness. [29]

Unnamed Arc

(More to Come)

Anime Changes

  • It is interesting to note that in the anime, Kinnikuman Zebra is not disintegrated into a skeleton at the end of his match. Zebra simply disappears after his fight with Kinnikuman and then reappears at the end, along with all of the other characters of the Throne Arc.


Muscle Inferno (マッスル・インフェルノ)

  • One of the Three Great Secrets techniques of the Kinniku Family, Zebra confuses the enemy with his speed, swoops in on him and surfs his opponent into a wall or corner post. Has a variant known as the True Muscle Inferno where Zebra places his enemy's arm in a leg lock and twists his opponent's leg with his arm.

Saint Muscle Punch (セイント・マッスルパンチ)

  • One of Zebra's punching techniques, Zebra throws a flurry of punches at high speed.

Mephisto Punch (メフィスト・パンチ)

  • A powerful punch that releases a gust of air. It's never fully seen in the manga as it was countered by Kinnikuman's Superkick

Savanna Punch (サバンナ・パンチ)

  • Used in his brutal form, it's a flurry of brutal punches while holding iron balls.

Thoroughbred Punch (サラブレッド・パンチ)

  • Used in his brutal form, it's a powerful hook and uppercut while holding iron balls.

Goodbye Kinniku Driver (グッバイキン肉ドライバー)

  • Used to counter Kinnikuman's KKD-less Kinniku Driver. Zebra frees his legs and powerbombs Kinnikuman into a corner post.

Canvas Presser (キャンバス・プレッサ)

  • A tag technique with Parthenon, Zebra cracks the ring in 2, both fighters leave the ring, lift their side of it and land Dropkicks on the bottom, squashing anyone left in the ring.

Zebra Thunderbolt Crash

  • Hooks his legs beneath his opponent's armpits, and holds onto his opponent's legs, before slamming them headfirst into the canvas

Zebra Hell's Submission

Concinelli Twister

True Muscle Inferno

Zebra Bloody Driver

Career Information

  • Chojin Boxing Super Heavyweight [8]
  • 4th Kinnikuman Popularity Contest (12th Place)
  • Team Zebra: Commander
  • Planet Kinniku Throne Successor Candidate
Win/Loss Record (Singles)



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