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Kinnikuman and Terryman struggle to arrange a personal match.


The story begins in the Kinnikuman Nisei timeline. [1]

Mantaro Kinniku and Terry the Kid argue over a young woman, to the extent that they threaten to physically fight over whom she should date. Meat Alexandria discovers the argument, at which point he leads them back to Beverly Park to issue forth a lecture. He explains heroes only fight to stop evil, or when allowed by the Muscle League, and that their fathers would be ashamed of their behaviours. [1]

He tells them about Terryman and Kinnikuman's match from 29 years previous.

It was an unofficial match, so it was never entered into official records. After Kinnikuman defeated Super Phoenix, he was due to leave home and was met by a large crowd. Just as he's about to enter his ship to depart, Terryman issues a challenge to him to fight, and Kinnikuman delays his return by five days to allow for the match to take place. The match will occur in Todoroki Stadium, Kanagawa at 6pm until 7pm. [1]

The Kinnikuman clan builds a training facility overnight, and Kinnikuman trains with Robin Mask, Brocken Jr. and Ramenman present as support. Terryman - in Amarillo, Texas - take the opportunity to propose to Natsuko Shono. At that moment, Buffaloman and Warsman appear to offer their support to train. Both Terryman and Kinnikuman train, both weak at first and slowly improving over the four days, and it is then that Natsuko goes on a night-run to deliver milk (as she seeks to save money to finance their wedding). [1]

Natsuko crashes her car, as she strives to dodge a moose in the road. Terryman rushes to the hospital, missing his flight to Japan, and he finds she is placed in an intensive trauma ward, as she is in a life-threatening condition. Meanwhile, Kinnikuman tries to find the perfect outfit, before he settles - not on fancy attire offered to him, but - simple rags worn from his time in a tag-match with Terryman. [1]

Natsuko awakens just long enough to tell Terryman it is okay to leave.

Robin Mask acts as the referee, and they wait for the very late Terryman to arrive. He arrives in the midst of a bad storm, just ten minutes before 7pm and the end of the match. At 7pm, Robin Mask intervenes and stops the match at the ascribed time; he announces the match is a draw. The crowd of Seigi Chojin cheer, as they shake hands and find closure at finally knowing their strength. To prove the match took place, Kinnikuman and Terryman give their tank top and knee-pads respectively to Meat. In present day, he prepares to show Mantaro and Kid. [1]

Mantaro and Kid have fallen asleep, but Meat has faith in them.

He believes they will be as great as their fathers. [1]


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