Kuan (クァン) is a wild chojin that befriends Mantaro Kinniku.


A wild boy Chojin that befriends Mantaro Kinniku after his devastating loss against Kevin Mask in the Chojin Crown Finals. He is also shown in the Muscle Returns story as a friend and sidekick of Kinnikuman.


Kinnikuman: Muscle Returns

Kuan is first seen visiting Kinnikuman in the Southern Alps, Nagano Prefecture. [1] They eat together over a camp-fire, where Kuan explains that Kinnikuman essentially adopted him and helped him to act in a civilised manner. Kuan has made a friend named Hiroshi. When Kinnikuman later refuses to help Kevin Mask, Kuan goes to Kinnikuman's training shed and convinces him to help his old friends. [1]

Kuan slashes Kinnikuman's fake body-suit, revealing that Kinnikuman still trains and still cares about being a Seigi Chojin, and also explains he has watched Kinnikuman train in secret every night. He reminds Kinnikuman of the invaluable Yuujo Power. This inspires Kinnikuman to go to the Tokyo Dome to defeat Buki Boy at Kevin's request, thus saving his friends from certain defeat, while Kuan watches from the ring-side and offers support. [1]

Kinnikuman Nisei

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