Lady Robin also known as Robin is a character from the spin-off manga Kinnikuman Lady. She is alternate/female version of Robin Mask. She is last champion of the Chojin Olympics as well as the self-former director of the 20th Chojin Olympics tournament.



She's a tall woman with blonde hair, blue piercing eyes and elfin ears. She wears a metallic bikini, told to be of hardness 9 (sapphire) in the Chojin hardness scale. While her male counterpart, Robin Mask never shows his face, she openly shows hers, wearing only a tiara shaped as the grilled forehead protector of Robin and Kevin's helmet. However, as she rarely smiles and she wears always a cold, bored and expressionless face she was nicknamed "Robin Mask", as her unfeeling face feels as a mask.


She acts as a serious, no-nonsense young woman, almost unable to show her expressions and fed-up with Kinkotsuman's bungling way to handle the Committee. She's prone to use her influence as a champion and, despite her cold demeanour and icy composure, she seems to have been taken by Kinnikuman Lady's naivete and cheerful personality, granting her the ability to compete in the Chojin Olympics after speaking with her once. Similar to her male counterpart, Robin appears slightly older than most of the heroines and since joining Lady's group had come up with plans to defeat their opponents.


(More to Come)


  • Tower Bridge
  • Robin Special
  • Chojin Rocket
  • Pendulum Back Breaker
  • Boston Crab
  • German Suplex
  • Bow and Arrow Lock
  • Course of Death
  • Unicorn Head
  • Fire Turbine
  • Backdrop



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