A Time Chojin that goes back in time to kill Robin Mask


Time Choujin No. 1 and leader of the Five Disasters. He has a calm and sly personality and focuses on technique and finesse. He possesses the ability to travel a few seconds in time when he puts in his mouth piece. He calls this technique Acceleration


Thunder first appears alongside Lightning, during the Ultimate Chojin Tag Tournament. He can be seen reversing the clock, while the Seigi Chojin train, and both snap off their horns in order to travel through time. [2] They appear in 1983 at the end of the Dream Chojin Tag Arc, and reveal themselves to be Jikan Chojin, who then attack Terryman - they proceed to defeat Terryman and Kinnikuman. [3]

They reveal that the New Generation have defeated all Akugyo Chojin, and even converted many to become Seigi Chojin, and they blame the defeat of the older generation of Akugyo Chojin for the weakness of the new generation. [4] They seek to thus defeat the old Idol Chojin, so that the Akugyo Chojin of old will survive and prosper, and in turn the Akugyo of the New Generation will thrive. They ring the Legendary Destruction Bell, forcing the old generation to relive their worst traumas. [4]

It is revealed - due to not wearing his mask - that Robin Mask was not recognised by the bell, thus immune to the attack, and both attack Robin. [4] They then use Death Watch Branding to murder Robin Mask. [5] In the present day, Kevin Mask is slowly disappearing through time - it is revealed that Lightning and Thunder dropped their horns on the riverbank, which can be used to travel through time. [6] The Time Warp 8 arrive just at the moment of Robin's demise, and pry Lightning and Thunder away before they can complete their murder of him. [7] While the Old Generation are distracted and distrustful of the Time Warp 8, Lightning and Thunder try again to implement a Death Watch Branding.

Mantaro Kinniku runs to Robin's defence, but accidentally knocks Alisa Mackintosh into their attack, and Thunder and Lightning thus strike her with the Death Watch Branding. [7] Lightning and Thunder declare that the Time Warp 8 are their comrades, to further divide the Old Generation from the New Generation. [8] The Machineguns are unable to remove the trophy, at which point Thunder and Lightning declare that they should hold a new Tag Team Tournament. [9] They try to force the trophy from its place, but are severely injured, and they reveal that - when Harabote Muscle announces a new tag team tournament - was their intention from the start. [10]

The teams part ways to begin training for the new tournament. [11]

(More to Come)


Acceleration (アクセレイシヨン)

  • After putting in his mouth the Evolution Mouthpiece (エヴオリユ-シヨン マウスピ-ス), Lightning can travel a few seconds in time. Also, he can use this ability to manipulate his body structure, like splitting it (to avoid Brocken Jr's Red Rain of Berlin) or twisting it (to counter Robin Mask's Tower Bridge).

Knockout Headbutt (ノ-スサウス ヘッドバッド)

  • After using the Acceleration, Lighting hits the opponent's back with a diving headbutt. First used against Robin Mask during the fight with The Adrenalines.

Boiling Sickle (ボイリング シックル)

Lightning slashes the opponente using the Lightning Cutter on his right arm.

Tic-Toc Bone (チックトック ボン)

  •  Same as Boiling Sickle, but performed with the Lightning Cutter on his left arm.

Triangle Thunder Choke

  • Uses his legs - along with Thunder - to choke-hole his opponent

Career Record

Win/Loss Record (Singles)

  • O Robin Mask (Death Watch Branding)


  • Laugh: Jowajowajowa.[1]


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