Kaiju Extermination Arc

Ep# Title Original Airdate
1A Messenger from Planet Kinniku April 2, 1983
1B The Man from America
2A The Target is Nessie April 9, 1983
2B Save Planet Kinniku!
3A Space Kaiju Attack April 16, 1983
3B Kinnikuman's Great Hustle
4A Flying Natsuko April 23, 1983
4B Part-Time Jobs are Annoying
5A Kinkotsuman and the Battle of Bone and Muscle April 30, 1983
5B Kinnikuman's Broken Heart
6A Kinnikuman is Sexy!? May 7, 1983
6B The Japanese Representative is...

20th Chojin Olympics Arc

Ep# Title Original Airdate
7A The Chojin Olympics May 14, 1983
7B Kinkotsuman's Trap
8A The Space Marathon May 21, 1983
8B Showdown! The Battle Royal
9A Natsuko Becomes Giant May 28, 1983
9B The Hidden Secret
10A The Tournament Finals Begin! June 4, 1983
10B Watch Out, Terryman!
11A The Great Reversal! June 11, 1983
11B Ice-Top Death Match
12A The Deadly Camel Clutch June 18, 1983
12B Just Look at that Western Spirit!
13A Terryman's Demonic Transformation June 25, 1983
13B The Killer Boston Crab
14A Zangyaku-seijin Appears! July 2, 1983
14B Kinnikuman Advances to the Finals
15A The Secret Snowy Mountain Training July 9, 1983
15B Ramenman's Great Rage
16A Let's Go! Battle Style July 16, 1983
16B There it is! The Human Rocket
17A Robin's Dreadful Finisher! July 23, 1983
17B The Course of Death
18A The Electric Hellish Message July 30, 1983
18B Will Kinnikuman Comeback?

American Tour Arc

Ep# Title Original Airdate
19A Kinnikuman Flies the World August 6, 1983
19B Hawaii! The Mysterious Kamehame
20A The 7 Second Fall! August 13, 1983
20B The No Rope Death Match
21A Kinnikuman One-Shot Fight August 27, 1983
21B Finishing Move: Fuu Rin Ka Zan
22A The Chojin League Crumbles! September 3, 1983
22B Watch Out, Suguru
23A The Terrifying Magician Appears September 10, 1983
23B The 4th Killer Technique
24A Tendon vs. Kinnikuman September 17, 1983
24B The Secret of Skull Bozu
25A Robin Mask Appears Again September 24, 1983
25B The Great Amazon Canyon Duel!
26A The Hellish Midair Death Match October 1, 1983
26B The End of Robin Mask

21st Chojin Olympics Arc

Ep# Title Original Airdate
27A The Chojin Olympics Again October 8, 1983
27B The Insanely Strong Rikishiman Appears
28A The Chojin Sieve Drop October 15, 1983
28B Challenge of the Gasoline Pool
29A Kinniku Edition: Springtime of Love October 22, 1983
29B Knock Away the Shinkansen
30A Final Prelim: The Ravine of Falling Chojin October 29, 1983
30B The Deadly Roller Game
31A Deadly Struggle Before the Goal November 5, 1983
31B The Chojin are Pachinko Balls
32A Warsman, The Iron Claw November 12, 1983
32B Can You See It!? The Killer Wax Hold
33A Brocken Jr.'s Challenge November 19, 1983
33B And Here's Kinnikuman's Finishing Move!
34A The Concrete Death Match November 26, 1983
34B Brocken Jr.'s Fierce Assault
35A Secret Technique: Great Wall of China December 3, 1983
35B The American-Soviet Chojin Clash!
36A Benkiman's Trap December 10, 1983
36B Ramenman is a True Chojin
37A The Sumo Chojin Rikishiman December 17, 1983
37B To the Edge of the Dohyo!
38A Casket Death Match December 24, 1983
38B The Fighting Machine Chojin
39A The Deadly Bear Claws January 7, 1984
39B The Scramble Soft Reversal
40A Mask Removal Death Match! January 14, 1984
40B Ramenman's Oath
41A Defeat the Palo Special January 21, 1984
41B That's it! The Kinniku Buster
42A The Day of the Final Battle Arrives! January 28, 1984
42B What is Barracuda's True Identity!?
43A The Terrible Computer Chojin! February 4, 1984
43B The Torn Mask
44A The Crucial Kinniku Guard February 11, 1984
44B The Greatest Pitch!
45A Robin Mask's Revenge February 18, 1984
45B Burning Inner Strength!
46A 90 Brutal Minutes! The Single Round Match February 25, 1984
46B Do You Give Up, Kinnikuman!?
47A The Blazing Spirit Calls for a Miracle!! March 3, 1984
47B An Historic First! V2
TV Special Showdown! The Seven Seigi Chojin vs. The Space Bandits April 6, 1984

Seven Akuma Chojin Arc

Ep# Title Original Airdate
48A The Seven Akuma Choujin Appear!! March 10, 1984
48B Meat Is Separated
49A The Akuma Chojin Series Begins March 17, 1984
49B The Hellish SteCase King
50A The Devil's Symphony March 24, 1984
50B Secret Technique! The Three Minute Killer
51A Akuma Chojin Black Hole March 31, 1984
51B The Terrible 4D Wrestling
52A The Shadow Hitmen Clone Technique! April 7, 1984
52B Is He Alive or Dead!? The Pit of Darkness
53A I Did It! The Yellow Hole April 14, 1984
53B I Am Forever Immortal!!
54A The Idol Chojin vs. The Akuma Chojin April 21, 1984
54B Attack, Akuma Chojin!!
55A The Dreadful Devil Slinky April 28, 1984
55B The Great Underwater Tactics
56A The Dreaded Mummy Package!! May 5, 1984
56B The Finisher!! Hell Fang
57A Who is This Mysterious Chojin!? May 12, 1984
57B The Trump Blade: Bear Claws
58A Spirit of the Revived Human May 19, 1984
58B Double Bear Claws
59A Terryman Falls into the Ravine May 26, 1984
59B The Mysterious Red Spots!
60A The Akuma Chojin Blood Bind June 2, 1984
60B The Intense Saint Helens Eruption
61A Rescue Meat, Kinnikuman June 9, 1984
61B The Mysterious Chojin Mongolman
62A The Shower of Hell June 16, 1984
62B 10 Million Power at Full Throttle!
63A The Secret of the Long Horns June 23, 1984
63B Burning Reversals
64A The Ring is Torn to Shreds June 30, 1984
64B There it is! The Neo Kinniku Buster
65A The Time Limit is Just Before 1 Second!! July 7, 1984
65B Their Friendship is in the Ring
Movie 1 The Stolen Championship Belt July 13, 1984
Movie 2 Great Riot! Seigi Chojin December 21, 1984

Golden Mask Arc

Ep# Title Original Airdate
66A The Legendary Golden Mask October 6, 1984
66B The Challenge of the Devil Knights
67A The Outrageous Crocodile Hell! October 13, 1984
67B Molting Chojin Sneagator
68A The Atrocious Frill-Necked Lizard!! October 20, 1984
68B Sneagator's True Form
69A The Silver Mask Comes Like a Miracle October 27, 1984
69B The Life Giving Dohyo Entrance
70A Planetman's Space Hell November 3, 1984
70B The Seigi Chojin Annihilation?!
71A Geronimo's War Cry November 10, 1984
71B Chased to the Bottom of Hell
72A The Deadly Five Story Ring November 17, 1984
72B Junkman's Counterattack
73A Are You Looking!? Those Robin Tactics November 24, 1984
73B The Ninja's Binding Spider Web
74A There It Is! The Red Rain of Berlin December 1, 1984
74B Hellish Technique: The Ashura Buster
75A Both Arms Stolen December 8, 1984
75B Warsman is in Danger!
76A Terryman Prepares for Death December 15, 1984
76B Geronimo's Fierce Assault!
77A Killer Technique: The Hell's Pyramid December 22, 1984
77B The Immortal Chojin Spirit
78A The Mystery of the Golden Mask December 29, 1984
78B Akuma Shogun Appears
79A The Explosive Hell's Guillotine! January 8, 1985
79B Buffaloman Lives Again!
80A The Hellish Spider Nest Arrives Like a Storm January 12, 1985
80B The Kinniku Buster is Defeated!
81A The Ashura Buster is Defeated! January 19, 1985
81B Buffaloman's Treason!
82A Train Extra Hard! The New Finishing Move!! January 26, 1985
82B Direct Hit! Skull Crush
83A Akuma Shogun is a Hollow Chojin February 2, 1985
83B The Neo Kinniku Buster Explodes
84A The Explosive Diamond Power February 9, 1985
84B Burning Megaton Punch
85A Survive the Death Match February 16, 1985
85B The Chairman's Friendship
86A Kinnikuman vs. Akuma Shogun February 23, 1985
86B The Victory of Justice and Friendship
Movie 3 Seigi Chojin vs. Ancient Chojin March 16, 1985

Dream Chojin Tag Arc

Ep# Title Original Airdate
87 87A - The Dream Tag Tournament

87B - Challenge of the Three Gateways!

88 88A - Kinnikuman Great Appears

88B - Great Riot! The Hellish Combo

89 89A - The Dreadful 4D Trap!

89B - Watch Out, Kinnikuman Great!

90 90A - The Miraculous Muscle Docking

90B - The Terrible Perfect Chojins

91 91A - The Blood-Spilling Hell's Rotating Screw

91B - The Don Appears

92 92A - Big the Budo's True Form

92B - Rough Technique! The Robin Special

93 93A - Remove the Mask

93B - Robin Mask's Counterattack!

94 94A - A New Terryman is Born

94B - Take This! Hell's Tornado

95 95A - The Cursed Roller Tactic

95B - The Hellish Sand Ball

96 96A - Terryman is Back

96B - The Blood-Thirsty Devil Combo

97 97A - The Explosive Hellish Clothesline

97B - Kinnikuman Great's True Identity

98 98A - The Semi-Finals Begin!

98B - The Lumberjack Death Match

99 99A - Terryman's Anguish

99B - Kinnikuman Great Returns

100 100A - Sunshine Magnum

100B - The Critical Point! The Killer Sleeping Strategy

101 101A - The Demon Realm Prince

101B - The Dreadful Ashura Fireball Bullets

102 102A - The Cursed Roller is Defeated

102B - Akuma Shogun is Back!?

103 103A - The Demonic Spirit Burns Up

103B - Ashuraman Weeps!

104 104A - The Friendship Combination

104B - Sunshine's End

105 105A - The Brutal Steel Cage Match!

105B - Watch Out, Mongolman!

106 106A - The Long Horn is Back

106B - The Mountain Ring Crumbles!

107 107A - The Pyramid Ring Appears!

107B - Jump for the Hokkaido Sky!

108 108A - The Mystery of the Pyramid Ring

108B - The Deadly Thunder Sabers!

109 109A - Buffaloman's Friendship

109B - The Magnetic Cross Bomber

110 110A - Ramenman Will Not Die!

110B - Kinnikuman's Arm is Taken

111 111A - The Long Horn of Friendship

111B - The Finals! Sword Death Match

112 112A - The Limitless Three-Part Match

112B - The Burning Smart Play

113 113A - Mask Hunt: 30 Seconds Remain

113B - The Explosive Magnetic Crash!

114 114A - The First Defeat!

114B - Ashuraman's Friendship

115 115A - The Machineguns are Back!

115B - Mask The End

116 116A - Look! It's Kinnikuman's Real Face

116B - Neptune King Appears

117 117A - Terryman is Skewered!

117B - The Friendship Power Comes Like a Miracle

118 118A - Burning Uneven Parallel Bars

118B - The Mystery of the Apollon Window

119 119A - Lock the Ancient Graveyard

119B - The Shining Trophy!

Fourth & Fifth Movies:

Psycho Chojin Arc

Ep# Title Original airdate
120 120A - The Prince Kinniku-Maru Capsizes

120B - The Psycho Chojin Corps Appears

121 121A - The Strategist Yama Khan Appears

121B - Transforming Chojin Kareiyasu

122 122A - Kinnikuman Melts

122B - Great Melee! Where is Mari?

123 123A - It's Here! The Psycho Jaws

123B - Yama Khan's One-on-One Fight

124 124A - The Strongest Psycho Warp!

124B - The Seigi Chojin are Forever!

Sixth Movie:

Goku'aku Chojin Arc

Ep# Title Original Airdate
125 125A - The Two Kinnikumans

125B - Protect the Sword of Justice!

126 126A - The Casket Deliveryman Dirty Baron

126B - The Sparking Hellish Ring

127 127A - The Dormant Volcano Erupts!?

127B - “Night Fog” Wild Bakuto

128 128A - The Heinous Bakuto Trump!!

128B - Dirty Baron Lives

129 129A - The Dreaded 3D Trump

129B - Terryman is Tattered!

130 130A - Crash! The New Long Horns

130B - Buffaloman Becomes a Demon

131 131A - Ramenman's Determination

131B - Finishing Move: The Great Guangzhou Water Wheel

132 132A - Ramenman is Skewered!

132B - Sichuan: The Great Rising Dragon!

133 133A - Disadvantaged! The Irregular Tag Match

133B - The Giant Kaijuu Sky Devil

134 134A - Robin Mask's Desperate Situation!

134B - The Thousand-Man Bite of Bull Docky

135 135A - Brocken Jr. Gets Angry!

135B - A Threat! The Seven Tools of the Shinigami

136 136A - Watch it! The Single Biggest Match of the Century

136B - Kajiba no Kuso Djikara+α

137 137A - The Long Horn's Confused Attack!

137B - Whose Hand Wields the Sword of Justice!?

Seventh Movie:

Kinnikuman: Scramble for the Throne

Ep# Title Original airdate
1 "Disastor of the Planet Kinniku Throne Coronation!!"

Transcription: "Kinniku-sei Oui Taikanshiki no Ihen!! no maki" (Japanese: キン肉星王位戴冠式の異変!! の巻)

2 "Pick the Castle Battle Sites! The Plot of the Evil Gods!!"

Transcription: "Shiro Tori Kassen! Ja'aku na Kami no Inbou!! no maki" (Japanese: 城取り合戦! 邪悪な神の陰謀!! の巻)

3 "The Gong Rings! The 5-on-2 Showdown"

Transcription: "Gongu wa Natta! Kessen Go tai Ni no maki" (Japanese: ゴングは鳴った! 決戦5対2の巻)

4 "The Dreadful Chojin Hawkman!"

Transcription: "Osorubeshi! Chojin Hōkuman no maki" (Japanese: 恐るべし! 超人ホークマンの巻)

5 "Danger! Burning Inner Strength"

Transcription: "Aya'ushi! Kajiba no Kuso Djikara" (Japanese: 危うし! 火事場のクソ力の巻)

6 "It's a Miracle! Escape from the Chojin Graveyard"

Transcription: "Kiseki! Chojin Hakaba kara no Dasshuu no maki" (Japanese: 奇跡! 超人墓場からの脱出の巻)

7 "Meat's Great Struggle! Catch that Victory"

Transcription: "Miito Dai Fuusen! Tsukame Shouri wo no maki" (Japanese: ミート大奮戦! つかめ勝利をの巻)

8 "Is it in Time? Friendship Power at Full Throttle"

Transcription: "Mani'au ka? Yuujou Pawā Zenkai no maki" (Japanese: 間に合うか? 友情パワー全開の巻)

9 "The Dream is Alive! The Muscle Friendship Union"

Transcription: "Yume yo Todoke! Massuru Yuuhou Doumei no maki" (Japanese: 夢よ届け! マッスル友情同盟の巻)

10 "The Mysterious Light!? Burning Texas Spirit"

Transcription: "Shinpi na Hikari!? Moeru Tekisasu Tamashii no maki" (Japanese: 神秘な光!? 燃えるテキサス魂の巻)

11 "The Deadly Muscle Revenger!"

Transcription: "Hissatsu! Massuru Ribenjā no maki" (Japanese: 必殺! マッスルリベンジャーの巻)

12 "Stand up, Robin! A Cry from the Past"

Transcription: "Tate Robin! Kako kara no Sakebi no maki" (Japanese: たてロビン! 過去からの叫びの巻)

13 "Dye the White Cape in Scarlet"

Transcription: "Shinku ni Somaru Junpaku no Manto no maki" (Japanese: 真紅に染まる純白のマントの巻)

14 "The Unexpected Rival!? The Chojin Blood Brigade Appears"

Transcription: "Igai na Kataki!? Chojin Chimeigun Toujou no maki" (Japanese: 意外な敵!? 超人血盟軍登場の巻)

15 "Saving a Friend! Warsman Returns"

Transcription: "Tomo wo Sukue! Wōzuman Fukkatsu no maki" (Japanese: 友を救え! ウォーズマン復活の巻)

16 "Ah! A Rain of Blood Splatters on the Ring"

Transcription: "Aa! Ringu ni Tobichiru Chi no Arashi no maki" (Japanese: 嗚呼! リングに飛び散る血の嵐の巻)

17 "Live or Die!? The Two Friendship Powers"

Transcription: "I ka Shi ka!? Futatsu no Yuujou Pawā no maki" (Japanese: 生か死か!? 二つの友情パワーの巻)

18 "Foe or Friend!? The Two Bikemans"

Transcription: "Kataki ka Mikata ka!? Futari no Baikuman no maki" (Japanese: 敵か味方か!? 2人のバイクマンの巻)

19 "Alive Again! Ramenman Lives!!"

Transcription: "Inochi Futatabi! Ikiro Rāmenman!! no maki" (Japanese: 命再び! 生きろラーメンマン!! の巻)

20 "The Dreadful Prophecy!? March, 1992..."

Transcription: "Osorubeki Yogen!? Sen-Kyuuhyaku-Kyuujuuni-nen Sangatsu... no maki" (Japanese: 恐るべき予言!? 1992年3月...の巻)

21 "Just Like the Prophecy Said! The Deadly Battle Road"

Transcription: "Yogen Tekichuu! Shi no Nettou Rōdo no maki" (Japanese: 予言的中! 死の熱闘ロードの巻)

22 "The Evil Angel!? Split Personality Zebra"

Transcription: "Akuma Tenshi!? Nijuu-Jinkaku Zebura no maki" (Japanese: 悪魔天使!? 二重人格ゼブラの巻)

23 "Great Explosion!! Burning Friendship Power"

Transcription: "Dai Bakuhatsu!! Kajiba no Yuujou Pawā no maki" (Japanese: 大爆発!! 火事場の友情パワーの巻)

24 "Until the Bone Melts! The Capillaria Ray"

Transcription: "Hone made Tokero! Kapiraria Kousen no maki" (Japanese: 骨まで溶けろ! カピラリア光線の巻)

25 "Farewell! Brocken Burns Out"

Transcription: "Saraba! Moetsukita Burokken no maki" (Japanese: さらば! 燃え尽きたブロッケンの巻)

26 "Can You See It!? This is True Friendship Power!!"

Transcription: "Mita ka!? Kore ga Shin Yuujou Pawā da!! no maki" (Japanese: 見たか!? これが真·友情パワーだ!! の巻)

27 "That One's Life is Important! This is Friendship!!"

Transcription: "Inochi yori Taisetsu na mono! Sore ga Yuujou da!! no maki" (Japanese: 命より大切なもの! それが友情だ!! の巻)

28 "The Prophecy Page Burns! Soldier Disappears!!"

Transcription: "Moeru Yogensho! Kieru Sorujā!! no maki" (Japanese: 燃える予言書! 消えるソルジャー!! の巻)

29 "Little Brother! This is the Muscle Spark!!"

Transcription: "Ototo yo! Kore ga Massuru Supāku da!! no maki" (Japanese: 弟よ! これがマッスル·スパークだ!! の巻)

30 "The Deadly Special Training! Hurry to the Showdown at Osaka Castle!!"

Transcription: "Shi no Tokkun! Isoge Ohsaka-jou Kessen!! no maki" (Japanese: 死の特訓! 急げ大阪城決戦!! の巻)

31 "Chojin Spirit! Never Give Up!!"

Transcription: "Chojin Tamashii! Nebā Gibu Appu!! no maki" (Japanese: 超人魂! ネバー·ギブアップ!! の巻)

32 "Wisdom and Courage! The Magic Ring Death Match"

Transcription: "Chie to Yuuki! Mahoujin Desumatchi no maki" (Japanese: 知恵と勇気! 魔法陣デスマッチの巻)

33 "Is That It!? The Complete Muscle Spark"

Transcription: "Deru ka!? Kanpeki Massuru Spāku no maki" (Japanese: 出るか!? 完璧マッスルスパークの巻)

34 "The Legendary Blood! The Two Plots that Scream Death"

Transcription: "Chi no Densetsu! Shi wo Yobu Futatsu no Inbou no maki" (Japanese: 血の伝説! 死を呼ぶ二つの陰謀の巻)

35 "Four Thousand Chinese Years! Pyramid Power"

Transcription: "Chuugoku Yosen-nen! Piramiddo Pawā no maki" (Japanese: 中国四千年! ピラミッドパワーの巻)

36 "The Chojin Hunter Omegaman Appears!"

Transcription: "Chojin Hantā! Omegaman Arawaru no maki" (Japanese: 超人ハンター! オメガマン現わるの巻)

37 "Find it! The Proof of the Fake Prince!!"

Transcription: "Sagase! Nise Ouji no Shouko!! no maki" (Japanese: 探せ! 偽王子の証拠!! の巻)

38 "An Ally!? We Meet Samurai"

Transcription: "Mikata ka!? Samurai Kenzan no maki" (Japanese: 味方か!? サムライ見参の巻)

39 "Farewell, Noble Robin!"

Transcription: "Saraba! Kikoushi Robin no maki" (Japanese: さらば! 貴公子ロビンの巻)

40 "Can You See It!? The Hellish Metemorphisis Chojin"

Transcription: "Mitaka! Jigoku Henshin Chojin no maki" (Japanese: 見たか! 地獄変身超人の巻)

41 "Showdown With Master Kamehame"

Transcription: "Onshi Kamehame tono Taiketsu no maki" (Japanese: 恩師カメハメとの対決の巻)

42 "Bibinba's Confession of Love!?"

Transcription: "Bibinba, Ai no Kokuhaku!? no maki" (Japanese: ビビンバ、愛の告白!? の巻)

43 "Message of Love and Death!"

Transcription: "Ai to Shi no Messēji! no maki" (Japanese: 愛と死のメッセージ! の巻)

44 "The Final Battle! Evil or Justice?"

Transcription: "Saishuu-sen! Ja'aku ka Seigi ka no maki" (Japanese: 最終戦! 邪悪か正義かの巻)

45 "Never Give Up!!"

Transcription: "Nebā Gibu Appu!! no maki" (Japanese: ネバー·ギブアップ!! の巻)

46 "Kinnikuman is Forever!!"

Transcription: "Kinnikuman yo Eien ni!! no maki" (Japanese: キン肉マンよ永遠に!! の巻)


Tatakae!! Ramenman

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Kinnikuman Nisei

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