Character submissions that never appeared in any story content.

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Abdul the Catcher (アブドール・ザ・キャッチャー)

The Aceman (ジ・エースマン)

Apegon (エイプゴン)

Arahabaki (アラハバキ)

Aton (アトン)



The Ball

The Ball (ザ・マリー) 

  • Homeland: Russia, USSR 
  • Age: 22
  • Height: 100cm
  • Weight: 670kg
  • Chojin Kyodo: 600,000 Power
  • Favorite Technique: Spike Crash Shoot

Banded Sheik (バンデッド・シーク)

Bicorn (バイコーン)

  • Name: Bicorn (バイコーン)
  • Classification: Chojin
  • Homeland: United Kingdom 
  • Height: 232 cm
  • Weight: 157 kg
  • Submitted By: Ken Hiroshima (ケン・広島) of Hiroshima

The Big Ben (ザ・ビッグ・ベン)


Big Radial

Big Radial 

  • Gender = Male
  • Homeland = United States
  • Classification = Perfect Chōjin
  • Chojin_kyodo =780,000 Power
  • Trademark Technique(s) = Super High-Speed Lariat
  • Manga = Dream Chōjin Tag Team Chapter
  • Has a slight resemblance to the Michelin Man.

The Bonsaiman (ザ・盆栽マン)


Cutterman (カッターマン)

The Capoeira (THE・カポエラ)

Clay the Figure (クレイ・ザ・フィギュア)

Clock Wrestler (クロック・レスラー)

Clone Mummy (クローン・マミー)

Controller (コント・ローラー)

Cookingman (クッキングマン)

Crow Mask (クロウマスク)

  • Japanese Name: クロウマスク
    Crow Mask

    Crow Mask

  • Height: 179cm, 5'9
  • Weight: 68kg, 150lbs
  • Homeland: South Korea, Earth [1]
  • Classification: Seigi Chojin
  • Chojin Kyodo: 600,000


Daikoku Majin (大黒魔人)

  • Homeland: Japan 

    Daikoku Majin

  • Parody of Daikokuten.

Dangan Hammer (ダンガン・ハンマー)

Dark Hustler (ダーク・ハスラー)

Dead Bone Crusher (デッド・ボーン・クラッシャー)

  • Classification: Chojin
  • Homeland: Bulgaria Flag of Bulgaria
  • Height: 254cm
  • Weight: 102kg
  • Chojin Kyodo: 1,020,000 Power
  • Trademark Techniques: Bone Nunchaku
  • Submitted by: Shun Kaneda (金田 俊) of Kanagawa
  • A skeletal chojin with poor manners.

Death Shadowman (死神 デス・シャドウマン)

Dentaman (デンタマン)

  • Classification: Akugyo Chojin
  • Homeland: Sudan 
  • Height: 145cm
  • Weight: 88kg
  • Chojin Kyodo: 750,000 Power
  • Trademark Technique: Biting
  • First Appearance: Chojin Ittosai
  • Submitted by: Tomohiro Horii (堀井智博) of Kanagawa

Devil Artist (デビルアーティスト)

Dieman (サイコロマン)

Dino Baller (ディノ・ボーラー)

  • Homeland: USA 
  • Height: 213 cm
  • Weight: 196 kg
  • Submitted By: Munchapon Morita (森田ムンチャポン) of Saitama
  • A football chojin with triceratops shoulder pads.

Do Koha (ド・コーハ)

Doctor Bonita (ドクターボニータ)

Doctor Nurse (ドクターナース)

Don Tequila (ドン・テキーラ)

  • Classification: Chojin
  • Homeland: Mexico 
  • Height: 243cm
  • Weight: 128kg
  • Chojin Kyodo: 960,000 Power
  • Submitted by: Tsuyoshi Kadota (門田 剛) of Tokyo
  • Yet another cactus chojin.

Doppelman (ドッペルマン)

Dragray (ドラグレイ)

Dunk Gangu (ダンクガング)

Duskman (ダスクマン)


Enbu (炎舞)

Enmao (炎魔王)


The Falcon (ザ・ファルコン)

The Fencing (ザ・フェンシング)

Fisherman (フィッシャーマン)

Foxman (フォックスマン)

  • Homeland: South Pole 


  • Age: 20
  • Height: 194cm
  • Weight: 90kg
  • Choujin Kyoudo: 800,000 Power
  • Trademark Technique: Howl of the Silver Fox (銀狐の咆哮 Gingitsune no Houkou)

Freezerman (フリーザーマン)


Galaxita (ギャラシータ)

Gamer King (ゲーマー・キング)

Garaponman (ガラポンマン)

Genghis K'Hanger (チンギス・ハン・ガー)

  • Classification: Chojin
  • Homeland: Mongolia 
  • Height: 195 cm
  • Weight: 200 kg
  • Submitted By: Koji Okada (岡田浩二) of Kanagawa
  • A clothes hanger chojin named for Genghis Khan.

Ghostman (ゴーストマン)

  • Classification: Chojin
  • Homeland: Romania 
  • Height: 240 cm
  • Weight: 215 kg
  • Submitted By: Aerobi Kamen (エアロビ仮面) of Osaka

Ghost Melodian (ゴースト・メロディアン)

  • Homeland:  Austria

    Ghost Melodian

  • Age: 16
  • Height: 196 cm
  • Weight: 297 kg
  • Chojin Kyodo: 16,000,000 Power
  • Favorite Technique: Hell's Wind Music (地獄の吹奏楽 Jigoku no Suisougaku)

Giga President (ギガ・プレジデント)

Gilgein (ギルガイン)

Giraffeman (ジラフマン)

  • Classification: Chojin
  • Homeland: Kenya 
  • Height: 320 cm
  • Weight: 253 kg
  • Submitted By: Hisakazu Morimoto (森本寿和) of Osaka

Graydar (グレダー)

  • Japanese Name: グレダー
  • Classification: Chōjin
  • Homeland: West Germany 
  • Chojin Kyodo : 420,000 Power
  • Trademark Technique: Kreuz Schwarz (クロイツ・シュバルツ)
  • First Appearance: 21st Chojin Olympics Arc character submission
  • Submitted by: Koji Nishikawa (西川興治) of Miyagi
  • This character went unused in the story-line, but the design was re-purposed into the Hell Missionaries.

The Great Dolphin (ザ・グレート・ドルフィン)

The Great Temujin (ザ・グレート・テムジン)

The Greenhouse (ザ・ビニール・ハウス)

The Gun Ma (ザ・ガン魔)

  • Homeland: Detroit, Michigan, USA Flag of the United States
  • Trademark Techniques: Ninja Gun Fire
  • Submitted by: Tomoki Isomura (磯村知起) of Tokyo


Hang Killer (ハング・キラー)

  • Homeland: Spain 

    Hang Killer

  • Age: 22
  • Height: 180cm
  • Weight: 150kg
  • Choujin Kyoudo: 500,000 Power
  • Trademark Technique: Spanish Hanging Tree
  • Submitted by: Masahiko Fuchigami (渕上政彦) of Saga Prefecture
  • Believed to be the inspiration for Doctor Bombe.

Haniwaman (ハニワマン)

Hara Itaa (腹・イタ~)

  • First Appearance: dMp/Manga Chapter 12
  • Submitted by: Nippon Broadcast Radios.
  • In English his name means stomach ache.

Harkman (ハークマン)

  • Homeland: Mexico Flag of Mexico
  • Height: 199 cm
  • Weight: 102 kg
  • Submitted By: Naoki Matsushita (松下直樹) of Osaka

Heaterman (ヒーターマン)




  • Male
  • Homeland = United Kingdom Flag of the United Kingdom
  • Chojin Kyodo = 530,000 Power
  • Trademark Technique(s) = Hundred Block Attack
  • First Appearance = 21st Chojin Olympics

The Hexagon (ザ・ヘキサゴン)

High Arms (ハイアームズ)

Holeman (ホールマン)

The Hunter (ザ・ハンター) 

  • Homeland: France 

    The Hunter

  • Age: 24
  • Height: 200cm
  • Weight: 120kg
  • Chojin Kyodo: 840,000 Power
  • Trademark Attack: Sniper Attack


Hunting (ハンティング)

  • Homeland:  USA
  • Age: 25
  • Height: 200cm
  • Weight: 200kg
  • Chōjin Power: 800,000
  • Trademark Techniques: Patton Tank Cannon

Hyper Beigoman (ハイパーベーゴマン)


ICBM (アイシービーエム)

  • Homeland: USA 


  • Age: 20
  • Height: 194cm
  • Weight: 120kg
  • Chojin Kyodo: 850,000 Power
  • Trademark Technique: ICBM Kneedrop Bullet (ニードロップ弾 ICBM Kneedrop Dan)

Iron Commando (アイアン・コマンド)

  • Classification: Choujin

    Iron Commando

  • Homeland: France 
  • Age: 23
  • Height: 185cm
  • Weight: 120kg
  • Chojin Kyodo: 700,000 Power
  • Favorite Technique: Champs-Élysées Shooter Press


Jigoku Koma (地獄駒)


Kabuto King (カブトキング)

Kamender (カメンダー)

Kamuiman (カムイマン)

The Karateman (カラテマン)

Keyman (キーマン)

  • Homeland: Portugal
  • Age: 22


  • Height: 184cm
  • Weight: 690kg
  • Chojin Kyodo: 650,000 Power
  • Trademark Techniques: Dial Key Clutch
  • A Combination lock chojin.

Killer Bee (キラービー)

Killer Watermelon (キラースイカ)

  • Classification: Chojin
  • Homeland: Africa Flag of South Africa
  • Height: 201 cm
  • Weight: 133 kg
  • Submitted By: Katsuhito Matsudo (松土雄仁) of Yamanashi

Kinnikuman Shadow (キン肉マン・シャドー)

Kinnikuman Skull (キン肉マンスカル)

Koreaman (コリアマン)

Krone Acht (クローネ・アハト)

  • Classification: Robo Chojin
  • Homeland: Germany 
  • Height: 290 cm
  • Weight: 338 kg
  • Submitted By: Tatsuya Yaguchi (矢口達也) of Yamagata

Kumoraman (クモーラマン)

Homeland: Brazil Flag of Brazil

The Kuragen (ザ・クラーゲン)

Kurangar (クランガー)


Lighterman (ライターマン)

The Love Game (ザ・ラブゲーム)

Lureman (ルアーマン)

  • Submitted by: Kenji Oba (大場健史) of Kanagawa




Mach (マッハ)

  • Japanese Name: マッハ
  • Height: 221cm, 7'2"
  • Weight: 182kg, 401lbs
  • Homeland:Peru
  • Classificatio: Seigi Chojin
  • Chojin Kyodo: 2,000,000 Power

Mad Paint (マッドペイント)

Märchenboss (メルヘンボス)

Master Key (マスター・キー)

Master XO (マスターXO)

  • Classification: Chojin
  • Homeland: Taiwan 
  • Height: 168 cm
  • Weight: 72 kg
  • Submitted By: Ryuta Iizuka (飯塚竜太) of Shizuoka
  • A kung-fu master chojin. Named after XO, a grade of cognac, meaning "extra old".

Mat Kong (マットコング)

Maximum Regicide (マキシマム・レジサイド)

  • Classification: Chojin
  • Homeland: USA 
  • Height: 280 cm
  • Weight: 345 kg
  • Submitted By: Ryōjin Kino (木野椋儘) of Oita
  • A Ceratopsidae dinosaur chojin.

Medicalman (メディカルマン)

Mikey the Mikeman

Mikey the Mailman

Mikey the Mikeman (マイキー・ザ・マイクマン)

  • Classification: Chojin
  • Homeland: Osaka, Japan 
  • Birthdate: 1905
  • Length: 25m
  • Weight: Unmeasured
  • Chojin Kyodo: No Data
  • Submitted By: Hirohiko Araki (荒木飛呂彦) of Miyagi
  • A microphone chojin. He sounds like Sting.

Military Joe (ミリタリーJOE)



Missileman (ミサイルマン)

  • Homeland: North Pole
  • Choujin Kyoudo: 920,000 Power

Mr. FC

Mister F.C. (ミスターF・C)

  • Homeland: USA 
  • Age: 18
  • Height: 160cm
  • Weight: 450kg
  • Chojin Kyodo: 52,000,000 Power
  • Trademark Technique: Darkness Game (暗黒ゲーム)
  • A Nintendo Famicom chojin.

Mr. Hannya (ミスター般若)

  • Homeland: Japan Flag of Japan

Mister J.R. (ミスターJR.)

Mr. Pipokuritto (Mr.ピポクリット)

Mr. Skateboard (Mr.スケートボード)

Mister Typhoon (ミスタータイフーン)


The Monster

The Monster (ザ・モンスター)

  • Age: 26
  • Height: 265cm
  • Weight: 20kg
  • Chojin Kyodo: 65,000,000 Power
  • Trademark Technique: Balloon Attack
  • Homeland: West Germany
  • A Balloon chojin.

Morokoshi (モロッコシー)

Mosquito Coil Man (カトリセンコウマン)

Mosquitos (モスキートス)



Musashi (武三士)

  • Homeland: Japan 
  • Height: 204cm
  • Weight: 148 kg
  • Chojin Kyodo: 54,000,000 Power
  • Technique: Kaminari Ken (雷剣 Lightning Sword)
  • Submitted By: Masaharu Nakamura (中村真治) of Aomori
  • Parody of Miyamoto Musashi. He appears in the manga Yurei Kozo ga Yattekita as the Japanese monster Seidōma (青銅魔).


Namazunga (ナマズンガ)


Ochaman (お茶マン)

  • Name: Ochaman (お茶マン)
  • Chojin Kyodo: 10,000,000 Power
  • Trademark Technique: Jasmine Driver, Green Tea Drop (緑茶落とし), Oolong Buster, Shorthand (速記)
  • Submitted by: Mitsutoshi Shimabukuro [1]

Ocolede (オコルデ)

  • Homeland: Brazil 
  • Height: 175cm
  • Weight: 100kg
  • Chojin Kyodo: 830,000
  • Submitted by: Ucci

Obahan (オバハーン)

  • Classification: Chojin
  • Homeland: Osaka, Japan 
  • Height: 210cm
  • Weight: 300kg
  • Submitted By: Mikan (ミカン) of Fukuoka
  • A middle-aged woman chojin.

Old Well Man (古井戸(ふるいど)マン)

Onigawaraman (鬼瓦マン)

Orochiman (オロチマン)

Owlman (ミミズクマン)

  • Classification: Chojin
  • Homeland: Alaska, USA 
  • Height: 255 cm
  • Weight: 190 kg
  • Submitted By: Kazuhito Igarashi (五十嵐和仁) of Kanagawa

The Ozoneman (ジ・オゾンマン)


Pearlman (パールマン)

Peeler (皮むき鬼)

  • Classification: Chojin
  • Homeland: Sweden 
  • Height: 192 cm
  • Weight: 166 kg
  • Submitted By: Izuru Inubuji (犬伏出) of Osaka

Personal Computer King

Personal Computer King (パソコン・キング)

  • AKA: Personal Man (パーソナルマン)
  • Classification: Choujin
  • Homeland:  USA
  • Height: 150 cm
  • Weight: 800 kg
  • Chojin Kyodo: 600,000 Power
  • Favorite Technique: Dazzling Hacker Clutch (幻惑ハッカー固めGenwaku Hacker Katame)

Poseidon (ポセイドン)

Power Walker (パワー・ウォーカー)

  • Classification: Chojin
  • Homeland: Malaysia 
  • Height: 288cm
  • Weight: 520kg
  • Chojin Kyodo: 1,180,000 Power
  • Submitted by: Masayuki Minato (港 正幸) of Shizuoka
  • An excavator chōjin.

Psychopath (サイコパス)

Punma (ピュンマ)

  • Classification: Chojin
  • Homeland: Nicaragua 
  • Height: 243 cm
  • Weight: 165 kg
  • Submitted By: Chū (チュウ) of Tokyo
  • A black puma chojin.


Puzzleman (パズルマン)

  • Homeland: Hungary 
  • Age: 22
  • Height: 185cm
  • Weight: 90kg
  • Choujin Kyoudo: 500,000 Power
  • Trademark Technique: Jigsaw Labyrinth


Queen Bee (女王蜂)

  • Classification: Chojin
  • Homeland: Tanzania 
  • Height: 181 cm
  • Weight: Secret♥
  • Submitted By: Sachiko Tanaka (田中幸子) of Tokyo



Red Mask (far right)

Red Mask (レッドマスク)

  • Homeland: Switzerland 
  • Choujin Kyoudo: 350,000 Power
  • Special Technique: Sunset Flip
  • 1st Appearance: 21st Choujin Olympics: The Big Fightsubmission

Return Mask (リターンマスク)

  • Classification: Chojin
  • Homeland: France 
  • Height: 200 cm
  • Weight: 250 kg
  • Submitted By: Atsushi Nakura (名倉篤史) of Kanagawa

Rice King (コメキング Kome King)

  • Homeland: Thailand 
  • His name is on a list carried by Terryman in the Young Master of England Arc.

The Rock (ザ・ロック)

Rodin Cut (ロダン・カット)


Saboten Man II (サボテンマン; 2nd Kotaro Maruyama design)

Sauryman (サンマーマン)


Sawkillerman (ノコギラーマン)

  • Homeland: Canada 
  • Age: 21
  • Height: 224cm
  • Weight: 98kg
  • Choujin Kyoudo: 700,000 Power
  • Trademark Technique: Buzzsaw Palm Heel Strike (バズソー掌底打ち Buzzsaw Shōtei Uchi)

Scorpionman (蠍男)

Scopeman (スコープマン)

  • Classification: Chojin
  • Homeland: PolandFlag of Poland
  • Height: 195 cm
  • Weight: 210 kg
  • Submitted By: Chiho Fukuda (福田智帆) and Masato Hoshi (星雅人) of Mie
  • A microscope chojin.

Sentakuki (戦タク鬼 Sentakuki)

  • Classification: Chojin
  • Height: 180 cm
  • Weight: 920 kg
  • Chojin Kyodo: 2,400,000 Power
  • Submitted by: Kenichi Yamada (山田健一) of Osaka
  • A washing machine chojin.

Sewing Machine (ミシンマシン)

The Silver Accessory (ザ・シルバーアクセ)

Skiman (スキーマン)

  • Classification: Perfect Chojin
  • Homeland: Canada 
  • Height: 197cm


  • Weight: 77kg
  • Chojin Kyodo: 700,000,000 Power
  • Trademark Techniques: Hell Slalom
  • First Appearance: Kinnikuman v.26 letter column
  • Submitted by: Hideaki Ono (小野英明) of Iwaki, Fukushima
  • Chaos has a poster of Skiman.
  • He also appears on page 292 of a Street Fighter Alpha book, All About Street Fighter Zero.

Slotman (スロットマン; 2nd Hiroaki Koike design)

  • Classification: Akugyo Chojin
  • Homeland: Macau, China 
  • Height: 178cm
  • Weight: 182kg
  • Chojin Kyodo: 770,000 Power
  • First Appearance: Chojin Ittosai
  • Submitted by: Kei Kuramoto (倉本佳) of Saga
  • A slot machine chojin. When his three reels match up,he can unleash deadly attacks.

Snakeman (スネークマン)



  • Homeland: Republic of the Congo 
  • Age: 23
  • Height: 190cm
  • Weight: 95kg
  • Choujin Kyoudo: 870,000 Power
  • Trademark Techniques: Coil Cut (とぐろ胴断切り Toguro Doudan Kiri)

The Spartacus (ザ・スパルタカス)

Spinnerman (スピナーマン)

Spiralman (スパイラルマン)

Squareman (スクエアマン)

  • Classification: Chojin
  • Homeland: Unknown
  • Height: 228 cm
  • Weight: 200 kg
  • Submitted By: Shinya Kubo (久保伸也) of Osaka

Strataman (地層マン)



  • Homeland: Grand Canyon, Arizona, USA 
  • Age: 24
  • Height: 300cm
  • Weight: 1 ton
  • A stratum chōjin

Stripes (ストライプス)

The Submarine (ザ・サブマリン)

Su Man (ス・マン)

  • First Appearance: dMp/Manga Chapter 12
  • Submitted by: Nippon Broadcast Radios.
  • In English his name means "I'm sorry" or "forgive me".

Sunriser (サンライザー)


Tenryu (テンリュウ)

Tetsumenki (鉄面鬼)

Thunder Clap (サンダー・クラップ)

Trainman (トレインマン)

Trinity (トリニティー)

Tsukemonoman (漬物マン)

  • Classification: Chojin
  • Homeland: Japan 
  • Height: 176 cm
  • Weight: 680 kg
  • Submitted By: Junichi Yonetani (米谷純一) of Saitama
  • A Tsukemono-ki chojin. Has Nukazuke in his body.

Turtle Man (タートル・マン)

  • Classification: Chojin
  • Homeland: Brazil 
  • Height: 165cm
  • Weight: 180kg
  • Chojin Kyodo: 810,000 Power
  • First Appearance: Chojin Ittosai
  • Submitted by: Katsuaki Suzuki (鈴木克彰) of Tochigi
  • A turtle chojin.


Unicornman (ユニコーンマン)


Vacuum Taitei (バキューム大帝)

Versus (ヴァーサス)

The Vinyl House (ザ・ビニール・ハウス)

Virtualix (バーチャリックス)

Voyagerman (ボイジャーマン)


The Wara-Ningyo (ザ・ワラ人形)

Warsman Zwei (ウォーズマン2号(ツヴァイ))

Waterfall King (タキング)

Wooljin (ウルジン)

  • Classification: Chojin
  • Homeland: Mongolia 
  • Height: 191cm
  • Weight: 102kg
  • Chojin Kyodo: 1,120,000 Power
  • Submitted by: Seiji Ueta (上江田清次) of Okinawa
  • A sheep chōjin.


The Yamato (THE弥魔戸)

Yamatoman (大和マン)


In some of the Kinnikuman supplemental books, there are chojin profiles designed by Japanese "celebrities". These are not being included here for various reasons. Do Koha, Ochaman, Mikey the Mikeman, and Pandaman are being allowed due to their creators being established and well-respected manga artists.


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