Lunaight ( ルナイト) is a werewolf knight chojin.


Lunaight is a member of the Omega Centauri's Six Spears. Based off of a werewolf, he tends to act like a wolf, too: wild, merciless, somewhat brutal. However, his defeat against Wolfman in the early stages of the True Akuma Chojin Arc leads to his allies looking down on him somewhat.


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Metal Bite: Lunaight attempts to take a bite out of his opponent.

Wolf Claw Strike (狼爪の一撃): Lunaight strikes his opponent with one of his claws.

Bergmann's Rule: The ability to grow to a massive size based on the ecological rule of endotherms growing larger in cold, harsh environments. This ability has been passed on within Lunaight's genetics.

Wolf Tail Iron Whip (狼尾鉄鞭): Lunaight whips his opponent around with his strong tail.

Lunaight Bomb: Lunaight throws his opponent into the air with a shoulder throw, flipping them upside down. He then grabs his opponent's legs while clamping unto their head with his legs. He proceeds to slam them into the canvas.

Wolfgang Spiral: Lunaight turns his tail into a spiral and attempts to constrict his opponent to death. However, Wolfman had already experienced a similar technique in Springman's Devil Tomboy and reverses it.

Okite-Yaburi no Gasshō Hineri (掟破りの合掌ひねり): After taking on Friendship Power, Lunaight counters Wolfman's Gasshō Hineri with a Gasshō Hineri of his own.

Career Record

Win/Loss Record (Single)

  • X Wolfman (Shiranui - Unryū Nage)


  • Laugh: "Gau Gau"



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