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Lunaight ( ルナイト) is a werewolf-knight chojin.


Lunaight is a member of the Omega Centauri's Six Spears. Based off of a werewolf, he tends to act like a wolf, too: wild, merciless, somewhat brutal. However, his defeat against Wolfman in the early stages of the True Akuma Chojin Arc leads to his allies looking down on him somewhat.


The Six Spears attack the Sagrada Familia, killing the young chojin training on its newly built ring, and Wolfman announces he will come out of retirement to deal with the threat they pose. [1] Due to the Devil Chojin and Justice Chojin being trapped by Satan's force-fields, only Wolfman is able to fight against them. [2] He strikes Lunaight, holding him about his waist, before Lunaight bites down onto his shoulder. He is then attacked by Mariquitaman and Pirateman, but returns to grab Lunaight again, only to realise he cannot hold all six chojin back.

This leads to the arrival of Teapackman, Curry Cook, Benkiman, and Canadianman. Together they challenge the Six Spears. [2] Five of the Six Spears assume a individual position on the training rings that were placed on the Sagrada Familia, and Wolfman lands in Lunaight's ring in order to battle him. [3] Lunaight begins with a series of palm punches, which is then returned by Wolfman. [3] Wolfman spots Kinnikuman on the giant screens, but - while goading Kinnikuman (who was stranded on Earth, thus avoiding the force-fields) - is bitten again by Lunaight. [4] Wolfman forces back Lunaight's head, which rips skin from his shoulder. The sight of Wolfman willing to risk his life to save Earth inspires Kinnikuman, who heads to Spain in order to help them fight. [4]

Omegaman Aristera asks that Lunaight sacrifice his life in battle, but Lunaight instead throws Wolfman against the ropes. [5] Wolfman proceeds to headbutt Lunaight, and the two are locked almost evenly in the centre of the ring. [5] Wolfman uses a right overhand throw, followed by an izori drop. [6] Lunaight tries to bite Wolfman's right shoulder, but bites through the rope of the ring, and Wolfman counters with an underarm grab. [7] Wolfman proceeds to ask Kinnikuman why Kinnikuman never asked him for help in his Survivor Match for the Kinniku Throne. Wolfman believes Kinnikuman pitied him due to his injury.

Lunaight uses a Metal Bite, which Wolfman counters with a slap. Wolfman uses a series of slaps and headbutts, and Wolfman and Kinnikuman antagonise each other, which fuels Wolfman's motivation in battle, and culminates in a Shumokuzori throw. Lunaight uses a Wolf Claw Attack, and proceeds to alter his for, before cutting him with his clawed feet and then entering a stand-off. He then transforms into a large beast. [7] The two are evenly matched, until Lunaight throws Wolfman from the ring and Wolfman is forced to hold onto the top rope to stop from leaving the ring. [8]

Lunaight attacks with a Wolf-Tail Iron-Whip, followed with a Lunaight Bomb. A sumo-stomp is added to insult Wolfman, who is being beaten with his own sport, and Kinnikuman is reminded of their own match during the Olympics. Wolfman uses a Dragon Leg Screw, but is struck again by another Wolf-Tail Iron-Whip and a Wolfgang Spiral, as the tail wraps around him much as Springman once did in battle. [8][9] Lunaight asks Wolfman to tag out with Kinnikuman, which angers Wolfman enough to wrench off Lunaight's tail and uses a headbutt against him, but this is countered by a Metal Bite to the leg. [9] Kinnikuman offers to tag out with Wolfman, but - inspired by their friendship - Wolfman uses a Rubik's Cube Slap. [9]

A Metal Bite is delivered to Wolfman's arm, which he is unable to dodge due to the damage on his leg. [10] Lunaight knocks him down with a choke-slam, but Kinnikuman uses their friendly rivalry to antagonise Wolfman into standing up, where he glows with new power, and Wolfman breaks Lunaight's jaw with a single slap, before resuming with his Rubik's Cube Slap. Wolfman attempts a Clasped Hand Twist, when - as Lunaight seems to be losing - Omegaman Aristera tells Lunaight that he cannot lose now that he has drawn out Wolfman's true power. To stop from being thrown, Lunaight digs his claws into the ring, and he starts to glow with a newfound power, in the same manner that Wolfman also glowed with power. [10]

Wolfman is downed and sees the spirits of Canadianman, Curry Cook, Teapackman, and Benkiman. [11] The two are evenly matched, until Wolfman summons his Friendship Power to use a Shiranui Unryu Drop. [11] This knocks Lunaight out of the ring, who returns to his previous form, and the match is declared in Wolfman's favour. [12] Lunaight tries to stand, but falls from the edge of the tower upon which the ring is placed, but Wolfman grabs at his arm and stops him from falling to his death. To save his pride at being saved by someone from Earth, Lunaight slashes at Wolfman's hand and chooses to fall to his death. [12]


Metal Bite

  • Lunaight attempts to take a bite out of his opponent.

Wolf Claw Strike (狼爪の一撃)

  • Lunaight strikes his opponent with one of his claws.

Bergmann's Rule

  • The ability to grow to a massive size based on the ecological rule of endotherms growing larger in cold, harsh environments. This ability has been passed on within Lunaight's genetics.

Wolf Tail Iron Whip (狼尾鉄鞭)

  • Lunaight whips his opponent around with his strong tail.

Lunaight Bomb

  • Lunaight throws his opponent into the air with a shoulder throw, flipping them upside down. He then grabs his opponent's legs while clamping unto their head with his legs. He proceeds to slam them into the canvas.

Wolfgang Spiral

  • Lunaight turns his tail into a spiral and attempts to constrict his opponent to death. However, Wolfman had already experienced a similar technique in Springman's Devil Tomboy and reverses it.

Okite-Yaburi no Gasshō Hineri (掟破りの合掌ひねり)

  • After taking on Friendship Power, Lunaight counters Wolfman's Gasshō Hineri with a Gasshō Hineri of his own.

Career Record

Win/Loss Record (Single)


  • Laugh: "Gau Gau"


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