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Mantaro Kinniku (キン肉万太郎) is the main character in Kinnikuman Nisei. He is known in the English dub (and VIZ manga) as Kid Muscle or Mantaro Kinnikuman.

Despite his name was changed in the English versions, he is not related to Harabote Muscle in any of the versions of Ultimate Muscle. The name 'Kid Muscle' is later revealed to be a stage name, with his real name in the dub being Mantaro Kinnikuman.


Mantaro is the son of Suguru Kinniku and Bibimba, and is the current prince of Planet Kinniku. He is spoiled and prefers to play rather than fight and train. He is a serious lecher and will often try to sneak into cabarets and enjo kōsai cafes (this aspect is toned down in the anime, as he is only fourteen). After the Hercules Factory he was stationed in Beverly Park where he lived there with Meat.

He is named after Ultraman Taro (Ultraman + Taro). Because of this, in the early episodes of the anime he is often mistakenly called Kinnikuman Taro (キン肉マン・タロウ). Because Suguru had his old fight records annulled, Mantaro never knew how great his father was until he met Meat. Mantaro uses his father's old techniques the Kinniku Buster and the Kinniku Driver until he develops his own finishing moves, the Muscle Millennium and the Muscle Gravity.


While Mantaro possess every aspect of his father's original potential and ability, he also has a lot of the negative aspects of Suguru's personality. Mantaro is very cowardly and will often hesitate to fight, but when his friends are in trouble or his opponents are fighting unfairly, he musters up the courage to fight. When the fight reaches its climax, he evokes his hereditary Fire of Inner Strength and the Niku Mark (肉マーク) appears on his forehead.


Mantaro wears a face-mask like the rest of the Kinniku Clan, which allows a tuft of brown hair to sprout from the forehead. Like most on Planet Kinniku, he also wears a fin on his head. Mantaro has blue eyes, pale skin, and is of average height for a human (but short for a chojin), but also incredibly muscular in physique. He typically wears a short-sleeved and long legged leotard, which is almost entirely dark blue, save for a yellow vertical stripe and a light blue left side; this has a "KIN" emblem on the left side of his chest. He also wears dark brown gloves and yellow boots.


Rinko Nikaido

The two initially have a very one-sided relationship, as Mantaro exhibits a crush on Rinko, while she sees the relationship as both platonic and a very casual acquaintanceship. Over time, Rinko comes to see him as a friend and tries her best to inspire and support him. The two become close, with the friendship being one closer to equals.

Jacqueline Muscle

Jacqueline is a love interest of Mantaro Kinniku. This begins one-sided on Mantaro's part, who experienced an instant attraction to Jacqueline, but her affection for him slowly develops over the course of the Chojin Olympics, as she learns the true meaning of being a Justice Chojin and seeing his bravery during the match. Jacqueline often attends his matches, and also offers emotional and physical support (such as tending to his injuries on the ring). It is unclear whether Jacqueline has romantic attraction towards Mantaro, but the two are shown to be good friends and spend a great deal of time together.

Kevin Mask

Kevin Mask is at first a rival of Mantaro Kinniku. This is one-sided, as Mantaro tries several times to begin a friendship, but Kevin Mask sees himself as a 'lone wolf'. Over time, Mantaro comes to dislike Kevin, but eventually they form a tentative truce once Kevin Mask beats Mantaro in the Chojin Olympics. This truce falls short in the Demon Seed Arc, when the two outright hate one another, and dislike each other so much that they are willing to risk the lives of others, rather than work together. It takes both the Demon Seed Arc and Ultimate Tag Tournament Arc for the two to both grow emotionally enough to forgive one another, and at this point they form a friendship and consider each other to be equals.

Chaos Avenir

Mantaro sees immediate potential in Chaos, and seeks instantly to team up with him, even while Chaos doubts his abilities. The two form a tentative friendship, with Mantaro acting in the role of a mentor to Chaos, and - over time - Mantaro helps him to gain confidence and self-worth. The two become extremely close, as they spend every waking moment together, and form a strong emotional bond that allows them to be completely honest with one another and show complete trust (such as Mantaro allowing Chaos to tie his mask). The death of Chaos is a heavy blow for Mantaro, who uses this death to motivate him to succeed in order to avenge Chaos, to whom his final match is dedicated in his honour.


(More to Come)


Kinnikuman Nisei

Mantaro is the main protagonist of the series. He is sent to Earth to fight the d.M.p, and befriends members of the Justice Chojin. He later is forced to fight in the HF First Year Replacement Matches Arc, where he wins the right for he and his friends to remain on Earth, and proceeds to fight in the Fire of Inner Strength Challenge Arc, where he learns to control his Fire of Inner Strength. This leads him to compete in the Chojin Olympics, where he succeeds in winning a place to the finals, but ultimately loses to Kevin Mask. After running away in shame, he later returns to help battle against the Demon Seed, which he wins and defeats General Devil, saving his friends.


Mantaro is born to "The Legend of All Legends" Kinnikuman, the 58th King of Planet Kinniku, and his queen Bibimba. However, because Kinnikuman had his records annulled after becoming king, Mantaro is unaware of how great his father truly is until he meets Meat. Mantaro is trained by his father for most of his early childhood, but as Kinnikuman becomes increasingly busy ruling Planet Kinniku, his old friend Ramenman is brought in to finish Mantaro's basic training. [5] Ramenman has helped bring Mantaro's grades from a 0% to a 25%, as well as how to teach him the basics of wrestling and martial arts. When Ramenman is defeated by Bone Killer, Mantaro avenges him and defeats Bone Killer in his place, thus realising his potential. [5]

Despite of all of this, Mantaro grows up into a very spoiled, lazy, and cowardly prince (however, the fact that he was raised during peace times could also be a factor, as Kinnikuman admits they did not teach him to properly fight). [5] .

Hercules Factory Arc

Kinnikuman drags Mantaro onto a ship that is set to board to the Hercules Factory. Mantaro meets Terry the Kid on board, who declares that he will not be number two (like his father), but will be number one and overtake Mantaro. [6] Mantaro injures himself during training, when Kid attacks him with a peanut to throw him off balance, and Specialman Jr. offers to take Mantaro to the infirmary. It is at this point Specialman Jr. reveals himself to be Anaconda in disguise. The Kid helps Mantaro, after Kinnikuman makes him realise that Terryman was never number two, but also a vital part of the team and a close friend. Mantaro defeats Anaconda with the Kid's help, and wins the cage match. [7]

Their final match is against the legends, whom they must defeat, and Mantaro is pitted against Kinnikuman. [8] Kinnikuman initially appears in his prime, but is revealed by Mantaro to be in bad shape, and Kinnikuman is mocked by his peers. The two engage in battle, which goes on for some time, until Mantaro gains the upper-hand and defeats his father in a fair battle. Mantaro wins the "Mask of Glory" from his father. [9] We next see Mantaro during the graduation ceremony, where all other candidates are celebrated, but we see Mantaro is very low in his grades and disrespected. He is commissioned to a Tokyo park, alongside Meat, as the best wrestler get the best turf to protect, and Mantaro feels insulted that his area of protection is a mere park. He argues with Robin Mask, but is ultimately ignored. [10]

d.M.p Arc

Mantaro meets a newly awakened Meat in the park. They train for a while, but - when he attempts to leave his park - he is confronted by Gazelleman. [11] The two bicker and a fight is threatened, but Kevin Mask appears and attacks Gazelleman, and chastises the pair for their bad behaviour, at which point Mantaro tries to prevent him from harming Gazelleman. He pulls at Kevin's shirt, which rips it from his body and reveals his tattoo. They learn about Kevin's origins. [12] Kevin leaves, and later it is revealed Gazelleman has been injured by the dMP, who challenge the New Generation to a tournament. [13]

Tel-Tel Boy challenges Mantaro; this battle follows a scene where it is revealed Kevin Mask has sided with the dMp, along with flashbacks that explain why he ran away as a child. [13] Tel-Tel Boy makes the mistake of pretending to be Kinnikuman, as he assumes all children are scared of their parents, but he underestimates the relationship between father and son. [14] Mantaro is not scared of Kinnikuman and attacks in fervour, and eventually is able to win the match by breaking the ceiling of the dome and allowing rain to fry Tel-Tel Boy. [15] Mantaro feigns being injured, which leads to Seiuchin battling his next opponent in his place, Maxman. [16]

After Seiuchin is defeated, Mantaro takes his place in the ring. [17] He fights against MAXman, who is defeated by the worst enemy of a shoe: faeces. [18] This is changes to a "stink bug" in the English dub, with a flashback from Terry to explain the dangers of stink bugs, and this is ultimately what leads to Mantaro's victory. The defeat of these three dMp members leads to Kevin realising the error of his ways; he quits the dMp, but also rejects Mantaro's offer to join the Muscle League, and he goes on to become a lone wolf. [18]

After this match, Kid receives a message from The Nightmares. [19]

Kid is enraged that they have arrived in Osaka and defeated Gorgeousman and Barbarian. [20] He realises what it means to be a Justice Chojin, but - the night before the first match against The Nightmares - is caught by their mentor/manager Sunshine in a topless bar. [21] He is blackmailed into becoming the referee for the Terry the Kid vs. Rex King match. Mantaro first is a stickler for rules, leading Terry to suffer in his match and gain fouls, but eventually he allows Terry and opening which leads to Terry's victory in battle. [22]

The second match is Mantaro vs. Check Mate.

In the match's early moments, Mantaro appears to be in control as he unleashes a barrage of nonstop attacks on the barely-resisting Check Mate. [23] It is when he applies a newly invented hold, that Check Mate reveals his attacks are ineffective, as he is impervious to pain. [24] Check Mate proceeds to dislocate own joints to escape Mantaro's submission hold. He proceeds to dominate the match, often damaging Mantaro while Sunshine cheers and supports him from the ringside. [25]

After Check Mate sees that Mantaro is of little threat, he turns against Sunshine and prepares to murder Mantaro even when Sunshine expresses horror at this turn of events. A young child runs up and starts to attack Check Mate, at which point Sunshine intervenes to save the child - Check Mate proceeds to attack Sunshine. [26] The crowd grows rowdy in their disapproval of Check Mate's actions, but Check Mate is indifferent to their protests due to a lack of emotion. Mantaro intervenes to protect Sunshine.

True to Sunshine's previous warnings, even though Check Mate could not feel Mantaro's attacks and holds, they were still taking a toll on his body. As a result, his knee spasms from the damage it had taken. [27] Check Mate activates all three of his heads, which exerts enough force that it could kill an opponent due to his sheer strength and weight, and continues to put Mantaro in a High Horse Driver hold in an attempt to finish him. Mantaro breaks free of the attack when the crowd cheers for him, attacking Check Mate's injured patella until it explodes with blood. [27] Mantaro escapes to perform his own Kinniku Buster, which knocks-out Check Mate and wins him the match. [28] Sunshine carries Check Mate away and promises to make him stronger. [28]

HF Second Year Replacement Matches


After Mantaro had defeated Checkmate and the d.M.p (along with some help of Terry the Kid), peace was restored once again. After which, Mantaro and his group had become apparently lazy and frequently took time off to relax while skipping training. [29] Harabote Muscle had become furious of the absence of the four Hercules Factory graduates and demanded why the four were repeatedly missing. [29] When Harabote found them, he had enough of their antics and had decided to have a tournament between the lazy four graduates (Mantaro Kinniku, Gazelleman, Terry the Kid, and Seiuchin) against the new graduates (Scarface, Jade, Clioneman and Dead Signal). [30]

First Rounds

Mantaro is first matched against Dead Signal. He enters Kawasaki Stadium for the Block B second fight; Mantaro starts strong, but Dead Signal plays a 'Detour' sign, changing his face-plate to a road-signal, and Mantaro is forced to swerve away. [31]

Dead Signal gains the upper-hand, even bringing in weapons to attack Mantaro, but Harabote Muscle rules that the moves are legal due to Dead Signal not leaving the ring during his attacks. [32] Mantaro gains an advantage by learning he can create road-signs in return, which must be obeyed, and he uses his blood to make these signs. [32] Dead Signal releases tar over the ring and turns the surface into concrete, after which the two exchange a series of attacks and Mantaro saves a dog from Dead Signal's wrath and worst attacks. [33] Mantaro defeats Dead Signal with a Butt Buster. [34]


On the day of the semi-finals, Clioneman is pitted against Mantaro. Clioneman arrives at the ring in a floating block of ice, from which he breaks out. [35] Their fight begins with the two of them charging at each other. Mantaro goes low and puts Clioneman in a menacing bear hug. Clioneman screams in agony, and then, as if it were an act, he slips out and jumps into the air for a Jelly Body Attack. He opens up his body and falls to engulf Mantaro, but he is repelled and Mantaro reverses suplex him on to the top of his head. [35] It is also revealed that Mantaro is immune to water attacks, due to being unable to swim and a 'land animal'. [35]

Mantaro puts Clioneman in a Scorpion Lock. Clioneman manages to break free and send a drop kick on Mantaro, sending Mantaro flying over the ropes, but his foot gets caught in one. Clioneman morphs his arms into blades and cuts the ropes, sending Mantaro to fall in the water below. [36] Clioneman brings a wet Mantaro into the ring, and Clioneman can now absorb Mantaro due to being wet. [37]

With Mantaro trapped inside Clioneman, Clioneman begins pounding on him, until Mantaro urinates. [37] Disgusted, Clioneman throws Mantaro out of him. Mantaro puts Clioneman in a headlock, launches into the air and slams Clioneman's head into the top of the ring post (Stone Cold Steiner), as Clioneman did to Seiuchin with the XYZ Crash. [37] Clioneman falls into the water. As Mantaro does his victory dance, Clioneman emerges from the water. He has morphed himself into a giant squid, and spears Mantaro in the gut. [37]

Clioneman morphs into his magnifying glass form, and erupts Mantaro in flames. Mantaro jumps into the ocean to douse the flames. [37] As Mantaro returns, he is covered in octopi that strangely look like him, and has the octopi spray ink all over Clioneman's magnifying glass. [38] After Mantaro banters about how smart he is, he sends a strong kick to the lens, breaking it to pieces. Mantaro tells Clioneman that he is going to defeat him and avenge his friends. [38]

Clioneman morphs the shards into sea shells and uses them as projectiles to fire at Mantaro. Clioneman then morphs into a giant jellyfish and uses his tentacles to slam Mantaro around. Clioneman laughs at everyone's attempts to cheer Mantaro on, saying that their support is useless. Clioneman throws Mantaro into the water and freezes it with his breath, trapping Mantaro inside a large chunk of ice. [38] Clioneman sucks the frozen Mantaro into his body, sinking Mantaro into unconsciousness.

Mantaro eventually awakens due to the support from his friends, but Clioneman traps Mantaro with his rib cage. The attack pierces Mantaro's flesh and causes him to bleed, which makes visible all of Clioneman's internal organs. [39] Clioneman decides that he must finish this fight right away, and attempts to do the XYZ Crash. With encouragement from Mantaro's friends, Mantaro gets the strength to break off a piece of Clioneman's ribs and stabs a hole in Clioneman, giving Mantaro a hole to break free. [40]

All of Mantaro's friends and the crowds begin to cheer Mantaro on, giving Mantaro the strength to have the upper hand on Clioneman. Jade attempts to support Clioneman by cheering him on, but Clioneman tells Jade to stop being such a fool, saying that he needs no help. Clioneman attempts another XYZ Crash, but Mantaro reverses the attack into the Iroha Hell Tour, defeating Clioneman. [40] As Clioneman is being taken away on a stretcher, Mantaro says he won because of Friendship. [40] [41]

During the Jade vs. Scarface match, Mantaro watches from the sidelines with Suzie and Dorothy. He is frustrated at the end by Scarface's treatment of a fellow Chojin, threatening to fight him, but Brocken Jr. stops Mantaro and gives to him Jade's skull badge. [42] Mantaro tries to show off during the Finals Eve celebrations, but instead makes a mess and embarrasses his teammates. He even goes as far as to play a game of strip rock-paper-scissors, much to the horror of Alexandria Meat. [43]


Scarface is accompanied to the finals by first term graduates Mercury, Namul, Gyro, and Gorgeousman (The Adams did not because he said Mantaro was his friend). [44] As the match gets underway, Mantaro takes advantage until Scarface knocks him out of the ring (he noticed Mantaro was hopped up on adrenaline and wanted to tire him out). As Mantaro gets back in the ring Scarface takes advantage.

He hits Mantaro with a moonsault press but it is ineffective because it just purges Mantaro's system. Mantaro then starts to taunt Scarface by telling him to jump higher and give it all he's got and when Scarface jumps up Mantaro soon follows and locks him in the Kinniku Buster. Scarface pulls his head out and hits Mantaro with a Power Bomb. He says the Kinniku Buster is an incomplete move. [44] Mantaro takes him up in the air again and locks it in tighter but Scarface rotates the move to where Mantaro gets hit with it. [45]

Kevin Mask shows up with Brocken Jr. and reveals Scarface's true name and that he is a member of the d.M.p. Mars then rips the front emblem open to reveal the d.M.p logo. As he leaves the ring Harabote Muscle tells him to get back in the ring and restart the match, as he is in the Muscle League. Mars jumps back in the ring and jumps up high and uses his Swallow Tail. [46] Mantaro rolls out of the way. Mars starts to dominate Mantaro, even taking time to mock Harabote Muscle for signing him to the league.

He goes to finish Mantaro off with the Swallow Tail but Mantaro evades it. When Mantaro gets up he appears knocked out. Brocken Jr. reveals that Jade is helping him through his skull pendant. [47] Mantaro manages to hit Mars with Red Rain of Berlin, hurting Mars. Mars knocks Mantaro down, which knocks the pendant off him and off the platform their wrestling on. [48] Kevin Mask blames himself for his involvement in Mars winning, by teaching him how to reverse the Kinniku Buster for saving him. [48]

Meat comforts him, stating someone would have figured it out eventually and he did Mantaro a favour by teaching Mars the reversal as Mantaro can prove himself a true champion by coming up with a new finisher. Mars tries to hit the Ultimate Scar Buster to finish the match but, acting on instinct alone, Mantaro reverses the technique. [48] Mantaro realises through this that he can make a new finisher to win. Eventually, Mantaro comes up with the Muscle Millennium and successfully hits it on the first try. The move is lethal, finishing Mars, and - as he's being taking away on a stretcher - Mars tells Kevin he will return one day. [49]

First Love (Filler Arc)

After being neglected by his friends, Mantaro goes to a speed-dating event. There he meets Rinko Nikaido, whom he believes he loves at first sight, but Rinko rejects his advances and departs. Mantaro leaves on a date with a girl he thinks likes him, but is actually participating in 'compensated dating', and he rejects her in turn offended by 'immoral behaviour'. He is attacked by the girl's boyfriend, which Rinko witnesses, and - taking pity and admiring his moral code - she helps him and takes him on her bike to a place to rest. [50]

They arrive at Suminoe Kindergarten; Rinko tries to break back into her home, to avoid being caught past curfew, and it is revealed she is a delinquent and the daughter of Mari Nikaido. Meat arrives and reminisces with Mari. [51] Mantaro flirts with Rinko and - from that day onward - tries to gain her attention and follows her when possible, and it is revealed a friend of Rinko's is in trouble, so Rinko drags Mantaro to help find the friend and protect her from harm. Rinko is then captured by The Rigani. [52]

Mantaro wins the match with his Muscle Millennium and saves Rinko. [53]

Fire of Inner Strength Challenge Arc


It is revealed that Mantaro's elders think his skills/techniques lacking, those that worry in particular are Kinnikuman, Mayumi Kinniku, and Harabote Muscle. [54] They summon Ataru Kinniku to announce to Mantaro that he must learn the power of the "Fire of Inner Strength". [55] This is an almost supernatural ability passed through the Kinniku bloodline that allows them to increase their strength, and can be measured through a lantern lit by three flames. Mantaro must light each flame by defeating a specific opponent in a three-round tournament devised by Ataru, at which point he will gain Ultimate Muscle. [55][56]

First Round

It is revealed that No Respect also have a lantern, made of ice, and Fork the Giant is at full power. When Mantaro runs away, Fork the Giant threatens to murder Seiuchin in his place. [57] At a ring holding 2,083 people, the Mantaro vs. Fork the Giant match finally begins. [58] It is a cage match, with both their lanterns above them ready to be claimed. They fight in earnest, with Fork the Giant having the upper-hand, until Mantaro performs a "Jumping Cross Arm Hold". [59]

It is after a series of attacks, including "Disaster Tank" and "Dangerous Fork-Lift", that Fork the Giant tries psychological tactics, as he convinces Mantaro that his opponents hate him, and he points to Check Mate in the west entrance as proof. [60] He shows off for Checkmate, who observes the match, and throws Mantaro through the steel bars, at which point he takes one of the bars and tries to beat Mantaro with it, but Checkmate stops him. [61] Checkmate cheers Mantaro onward, enough to inspire Mantaro to take Fork the Giant into a "Romero Special", but Fork the Giant breaks off his arms to break the hold and willingly dismembers himself. [62] Mantaro wins the match with a "Muscle Millennium" attack. Fork the Giant realises the error of his was and smashes his lantern after his defeat. [62]

Second Round

During Hanzo's match with Mantaro, he severs most of the ring ropes with the You'ude Katana. [63] Hanzo throws Mantaro out of the ring at one point, but Mantaro is encouraged by The Ninja's spirit to continue. [64] Mantaro eventually defeats Hanzo with the Muscle Millennium Driver (which require but a single set of ropes to perform). [65] After the match, Mantaro saves Hanzo from falling through the mat and ties The Ninja’s scarf around his head to cover his disfigured face from the crowd, gaining the flame of self-sacrifice in doing so. [66] Grateful but before his incarceration, Hanzo warns Mantaro that his final opponent, Bone Cold, far supersedes both Fork the Giant and himself in terms of strength and malice. [66]

Third Round

Bone Cold reveals he has a contract out on Mince, who is the second-most wanted Muscle League member to be killed. [67] He takes Mince hostage, taking him to Shuri Castle, Okinawa. [67] Bone Cold places Mince inside the mouth of a lion statue, which he crunches down to cause him pain any time he speaks inappropriately (or to prevent the truth of Meat's past from being revealed). [68] He reveals the Shiisa ring, shaped like a a lion in Okinawan tradition designed to ward off evil. [68][69]

The winner of the match will be the first to incapacitate their opponent and retrieve their lantern, and Bone Cold uses his visor to gauge Mantaro's strength. [69] Mantaro - after a slow start - eventually gains the upper-hand, and Bone Cold realises Mantaro is useless without his manager, thus he attacks Mice to cause Meat to become distracted, and the two continue to battle a bloody fight. [70] Mince intervenes by flustering Bone Cold by telling him that he knows about his upbringing - he threatens to reveal Bone Cold's secret, should Bone Cold reveal his secret first. [71] Bone Cold tells Meat that he was abandoned by his parents, before he shoots at Mince and pierces his heart. [72]

Mince dies, leaving Bone Cold to continue his match. [73] After a long and bloody match, Kinkotsuman finally makes his appearance at the ringside. [74] Bone Cold goes all out with his attacks, as he seeks to prove his worth to his father, but Kinkotsuman wants him to lose, as he wants Bone Cold to be redeemed as he himself found redemption. [75] Bone Cold is defeated with a Muscle Millennium attack, and willingly breaks off his hand in his defeat in order to free himself. [76]

Chojin Olympics: The Resurrection


Mantaro spends time celebrating with his friends, but they return to their home countries on the announcement of the Chojin Crown Resurrection. [77] He at first misses the chance to be the Japanese representative, by not taking part in the necessary competitions. [78] At first he nearly misses the preliminary matches for Japan, but - as The Ruralman is about to enter the final for his block - a series of mishaps harms every other competitor, which allows Mantaro the chance to compete against The Ruralman. [79] He ultimately wins the match and earns a spot as Japan's representative. [80]


These matches include a "Ha, You Looked!" and paper-rock-scissors match, followed by a 'first to the flag' style match, and lastly a three-legged race with a randomly chosen person. [81] There are extra preliminary matches, which includes toppling a mountain of daruma-style dolls, and Mantaro his erection to topple the dolls. [82] At the end of the preliminaries, there is a big event to announce match-ups for the tournament itself.

First Round

The match between Mantaro Kinniku and Wash Ass begins with a series of blows exchanged. [83] Mantaro is swallowed whole by Wash Ass, but manages to clog his drains with a pair of trousers, and this backs-up Wash Ass and temporarily incapacitates him. [84] He soon removes the pants with his Pressure Arm, before he uses his Temptation Smell once more to lure Mantaro to sit upon him. [84] Mr Sasaki helps Mantaro to snap out of his stupor by overpowering the scent with that of his favourite food. [85]

Mantaro proceeds to tie ropes around Wash Ass, to prevent him releasing his Temptation Small, but he uses his Wash Ass Shower to break the toilet lid and free himself. [86] Mantaro breaks the 'shower nozzle', sending a spray of blood into the air, and continues to break the toilet bowl and graphically defecate inside the bowl itself. [86] This act clogs the toilet, at which point Mantaro uses his Muscle Millennium to defeat Wash Ass at 19 minutes and 29 seconds. [87]


He later goes on to battle Barrierfreeman and wins. [88]


He fights Ricardo; the latter of which is revealed to be innately evil, despite his attempts to be good, and is never seen again after his defeat. [89]


Kevin Mask wears the mask of Robin Mask that was broken during the 20th Chojin Olympics. [90] Kevin refuses to shake Mantaro's hand [91] The match begins, and soon Mantaro attempts to climb upward, as he continually ignores The Ruralman, and Kevin - caught in the heat of battle - tries to attack him while he's down, which triggers Chloe to run to the ringside and command his stop. [92] The 'Mantaro Air' attack eventually follows, which cartwheels Kevin across the canvas and out of the ring. [92]

The blow from this breaks Kevin's mask. [93] The second crack in his mask enrages Kevin, and Mantaro abuses this by aiming his punches for the crack to worsen the damage. [93] Blood pours down his face. They engage in a series of blows, until Mantaro then uses a Muscle Driver. [93]

Kevin counters with a Mach Pulveriser, but struggles to control the attack and is sent hurtling out of the ring. His attack moves towards Ramenman, at which point Chloe dives in between them. [94] Kevin's attack hits Chloe. [95] Kevin soon retaliates with aiming for Mantaro's mask, and Mantaro - in fear - uses the Muscle Squeeze Drop. [96] It causes Kevin to bleed profusely, at which point Jacqueline expresses disgust and Chloe chastises her, and Kevin attempts to throw his blood at her in his disgust; Mantaro jumps between them and takes the bloody blow. [96]

Kevin tries to remove Mantaro's mask, in an attempt to force him into suicide as his face is revealed. [97] At exactly 44 minutes and 44 seconds, Chloe orders Kevin to go in for the final move, and Kevin performs the Anti-Muscle Millennium, which is the perfect counter to Mantaro's finishing move. Kevin finally uses the Olap. The three witnesses make a finger-gun motion, which signifies they believe it's a perfect move. [98] Kevin lifts Mantaro by his hair and throws him into a Big Ben Edge, which defeats Mantaro, and the match ends. [99]

Kevin thanks Mantaro for the fight, realising the importance of good competition. [99] The cracks in Kevin's mask fade away, as he worries over Mantaro's injuries. [100] Chloe reminds Kevin that the only payment - for being his trainer - is to wear the championship belt, and with Mantaro's blessing Kevin dons the belt for Chloe's sake. [101]

Demon Seed Arc


While Mantaro is recovering from his loss to Kevin Mask at the Chojin Olympics, Reborn Ashuraman and the Demon Seed separate Meat's body into six pieces. [102] Their aim is to use the parts to revive General Terror, but Mantaro can win them back by defeating the Demon Seed members. [102]

First Round

The Constellation waits inside the General Palast. [103] Buffaloman and Mantaro Kinniku enter the General Palast, where The Constellation waits in disguise, and - when six caves appear - each of the Demon Seeds beg Mantaro to fight them first. The Constellation entices Mantaro with creating the image of female buttocks, luring him into his cave and into his ring with the illusion of a woman. It is revealed the 'woman' was in fact The Constellation. [103]

A sky filled with stars appears above them, at which point The Constellation makes Sagittarius appear, which comes to life and sends a barrage of arrows down upon them. [104] Buffaloman intervenes to take the attack on Mantaro's behalf, and The Constellation chastises him for both adhering too strictly to the rules and also throwing away the General Stone. He uses the Geminal Arm Breaker to break both of Buffaloman's arms. [104]

The Constellation reveals it is his modus operandi to enrage his opponents, knock them down with martial arts, and make them beg for forgiveness. [105] He taunts Mantaro with Meat Alexandria's torso, before tossing it out of reach onto a high column. They exchange a series of blows, but Mantaro's Inner Fire begins to die out. [105]

He uses the Scorpion Prick to pierce Mantaro's cheek, where - if pulled out - it will remove his mask and expose his face, but Mantaro uses his strength - inspired by Kuan's voice - to escape. [106] Mantaro temporarily gains the upper hand, until The Constellation uses his Altair Wing. [106] After another exchange of blows, The Constellation attacks with his Constellation Microscopium to find the source of Mantaro's Inner Fire, and uses his Inject Hand to remove the power from Mantaro. [107] After Mantaro is stricken with a series of blows, it is revealed the General Stone that Buffaloman threw away landed in Mantaro's pocket by chance. [107]

Mantaro shatters the stone, which then embeds itself in The Constellation's face. [108] It forces his Microscopium to become a Telescopium, due to the shards of the stone redirecting the light and changing the shape of the constellations. Mantaro uses this to reverse the previous attack and regain his power. [108] After Buffaloman offers advice to Mantaro, The Constellation proceeds to use a shattered part of the corner-post to incapacitate Buffaloman and knock him unconscious. [109] He follows with accidentally knocking down Meat's torso. [109]

Mantaro finally defeats The Constellation with an incomplete Muscle Gravity. [110]


After the first fight Mantaro is too exhausted to continue, but luckily Hanzo, Ilioukhine, and Barrierfreeman arrive to fill in for him. [111] Mantaro watches from the sidelines (along with Rinko, Kid, Seiuchin, Gazelleman, Check, Jade, Jacqueline, and later, his father Kinnikuman) as one by one they all defeat their opponents but still end up dying (for different reasons).

During the tag between the Blood Evolutions (Kevin Mask and Scarface) and The Demolitions (Reborn Asuraman and Voltman), Mantaro watches for a way to defeat Ashuraman's Ultimate Ashura Buster. After the match ends and Scar is killed, a rematch is set with Mantaro teaming up with Kevin as The Botchan's (ザ・坊ちゃんズ). [112] They are given a few days to train for the fight, so Mantaro trains with Kid, Seiuchin, and Gazelleman. Unfortunately, he is unable to discover a way to defeat the Ultimate Ashura Buster.

Final Round

The day of the rematch comes and Kevin and Mantaro enter the Demon Womb, fighting in a ring atop hundreds of Chojin corpses, including the fallen Idol Chojin. [113] As the fight gets underway it soon becomes a handicap match against Voltman. Eventually they are able to defeat Voltman with their combo technique the Niku→Lap. [114] Kevin saves Meat's right leg but then passes out from exhaustion, falling out of the ring and to his death. [114]

Mantaro is upset that Kevin has died, but is relieved that another piece of Meat has not been added to General Terror. But then Asuraman cuts off his own leg for General Terror and is given a metal prosthetic leg. As the fight continues, Mantaro still can't find a way to defeat the Ultimate Ashura Buster, but when Ashuraman's past is revealed he becomes shaken up enough that Mantaro gains an opportunity to defeat him with a Complete Muscle Gravity.

He then puts Meat back together and revives his fallen comrades with the Reborn Diamond.

Kinnikuman Nisei (Part Two)

Kevin Mask is slowly being erased from history, due to two Time Chojin going back in time and injuring Alisa Mackintosh. This leads Mantaro to join the Time Warp 8, who go back in time to save Kevin Mask and stop the Time Chojin, and Harabote Muscle declares a new tournament to settle matters: the Ultimate Chojin Tag Tournament. He befriends a fellow chojin named Chaos Avenir, and the two of them for a tag-team called the Muscle Brothers Nouveau. They succeed during the tournament, until Chaos' death after the semi-finals, at which point Kevin Mask is healed and joins Mantaro. The two form the Young Masters, where they defeat the Time Chojin and saves the Justice Chojin.


Mantaro begins by daydreaming during training. [115]

He imagines that he is fighting alongside Kevin Mask, against two half-naked women. The dream then changes to one where he is being beaten by Kinnikuman and Terryman, before he is woken by Meat Alexandria, who reveals he is supposed to be training with his comrades. At this point, two Time Chojin arrive: Lightning and Thunder. They then go into the past and leave the New Generation behind. [115]

Later, Mantaro attends an awards ceremony for the Justice Chojin. [116] It is revealed the Time Chojin have gone back in time to kill Robin Mask, which - in turn - is erasing Kevin Mask from existence, and Mantaro volunteers to be one of the Time Warp 8 to go back in time and save Kevin Mask. [117]

He is initially made part of Barrierfreeman's Team 3, in charge of finding the Time Chojins' horns. [118]

Mantaro stumbles across the horns, after Kid smacks a dirty magazine out of his and Barrierfreeman's hands, and the horns glow as he holds them. [118] Once the time-ship is complete, Mantaro tries to smuggle toys and junk food on board, but Meat and Gazelleman reduce his luggage to the essentials. [119] On the ship, Kid puts him on trash duty, but soon sends him outside to remove a headstone that blocks the flight path. Before returning inside, Mantaro writes The Kevin Mask (ケビン・マスク号, Kebin Masuku Go) on the ship. [119]

Upon arrival in 1983, Mantaro and Terry stop Lightning and Thunder from killing Robin, but immediately arouse suspicion from Kinnikuman and the other Legends. [120] During the confusion, the Time Chojins try to kill Robin with the Death Watch Branding. [121] While rushing to save Robin, Mantaro accidentally bumps Alisa Mackintosh - Robin's wife - into the Tag Trophy, which causes her to bounce off and fall into the Death Watch Branding in Robin's place. [121] Lightning takes advantage of this and thanks Mantaro for the "support", further convincing the Legends that the New Generation are evil. [122]

When the Ultimate Chojin Tag Tournament is announced, Mantaro tries to team up with Kid as the New Century Machineguns, but Kid refuses. [123] After Seiuchin joins with Neptuneman, Mantaro is the only one without a partner. [124] With help from 20th Century Meat, he learns of a legendary hero who protected the earth from Evil Chojin, which took place while the Legends were settling into retirement. [125] This is learned through the Chojin Encyclopaedia. This man is alive and living in Japan during 1983. [125]

Before they can learn his name, Mantaro unknowingly uses the page about him as toilet paper. [125]

Mantaro first meets Chaos Avenir at an exhibition event, where Chaos is dressed as "Butanikuman". [126] Mantaro is impressed to see him perform a Double Kinniku Buster, and - when Chaos' teammates turn against him for ruining their routine - Mantaro climbs into the ring to fight alongside him. [127] They beat all other wrestlers, but their actions eventually lead to Chaos being fired from his job. [127]

Mantaro follows Chaos to his home at an orphanage, and begs Chaos to fight alongside him, believing that he is the great nameless chojin from history, but Chaos states that he merely a human and cannot be the nameless chojin saviour. [128] After getting Chaos to agree to be his partner anyway, he finds the mask of Kinnikuman Great among Chaos' collection, and they use it to create the identity of Kinnikuman Great III for Chaos to fight alongside him. [129] They then promise to join the tournament together and go together to the preliminary battle royale. [130]

Battle Royale

Mantaro Kinniku finds the Kinnikuman Great mask in Chaos' room, in Gakincho House. They decide that Chaos will wear this mask to pass as a chojin and sneak into the Ultimate Chojin Tag Tournament. [131] They enter the tournament as Entry #15. [132] Chaos is nervous and enters carrying a bag, in which he carries a video-recorder to capture the moment, and follows this by tripping on his entrance into the ring, where he falls onto the canvas. [133] Robin Mask helps him to his feet, and Chaos offers him an action figure in thanks.

Chaos - as a fan - proceeds to take autographs from various chojin, as well as take photographs with them, and finally he takes an imprint of Mongolman's face, which angers the other chojin. [133] A battle royale is then announced. [134] Chaos does not participate for a long while, and instead sits on the sidelines to make Kinkeshi of the Hell's Bears. [135] Thunder then attacks Chaos to make him stop making kinkeshi.

To everyone's surprise, Chaos manages to masterful evade every attack. Lightning and Thunder manage to leave Chaos on his knees, bleeding profusely, after a series of brutal attacks. [135] Mantaro intervenes and - while holding Chaos - manages to counter attacks and protect Chaos. [136]

Chaos tries to leave, but Mantaro begs him to stay for Kevin Mask's sake. They formulate a plan to constantly run from their opponents to avoid being attacked, and hopefully remain one of the last standing, thus winning by default. [136] Neptuneman then attacks Chaos. Chaos manages to counter, and - with Mantaro's help - commits a German Suplex against Neptuneman. [137]

Neptuneman then tries to take Chaos in an Optical Fibre Cross-Bomber, but Mantaro intervenes and saves him by throwing Seiuchin's helmet to block the attack. [138] After Mantaro accidentally scares Chaos, Chaos suffers another panic attack and faints outside the ring. [139] The battle royale is then announced to be over, and Muscle Brothers Nouveau win as one of the remaining survivors. [139]

First Round

Chaos is left bedridden from his injuries. [139]

He overhears Meat Alexandria tell Mantaro that he disbelieves Chaos is a suitable teammate, and - through his tears - Chaos abandons his mask and escapes through a window. [139] He returns to Gakincho House, but he swears that he will rejoin Mantaro's team. He sees the match-up ceremony on television, which allows him to realise that Ikemen Muscle has taken his place and where to go next. [139] Chaos resumes his place on stage and assumes again the Kinnikuman Great mask. [140]

They travel by taxi to where they think their next match is due to occur. [141] It is revealed Mantaro mistook the place of the arena, due to the time difference, and the two of them have to walk to their next match. [142] They enter the match dressed as a Japanese comedian known as "Hard Gay". [143]

In the Blue Corner, Master Carpenter makes the first attack against Chaos Avenir, which barely misses. [144]

After managing to deliver a blow, Master Carpenter hits Chaos with his Hammer Hand. Chaos is then forced to constantly evade many oncoming blows, until Mantaro Kinniku teaches Chaos to block with unusual methods. After so many blocked techniques, Master Carpenter attempts a Storm Through Norwegian Forests. [144]

Chaos hits Master Carpenter with a Palm Strike, followed by a Hard Hay-Maker. [144] Master Carpenter proceeds to tell Plastic Modelman to use his Diorama Sensation, and helps him to use the Steam Locomotive Model. [145] This allows him to achieve a Wooden Joint Hold. [145] He uses a Storm Prison Gate, by taking Chaos in a Sleeper Hold from Behind, while Plastic Modelman uses a Head Scissors from the front. [146] They then spin Chaos around and throw him into Mantaro, before they use their Resident Model to create a version of Abraham Lincoln. [146]

After a while Master Carpenter returns to the ring with a Prison Gate Hinge-Drop. [147] Chaos then counters a move by Master Carpenter, allowing Mantaro to make find some reprieve. [147] Master Carpenter takes Mantaro into a Brain-Buster, while the Lincoln Doll takes Chaos into a Brain-Buster, but the Muscle Brothers Nouveau manage to counter them. [148] They defeat the Lincoln model. [148] Master Carpenter squirts glue all over the canvas, before using his Possessed Brush to turn the ring into liquid and while Mantaro struggles to swim, the Hell's Carpenters turn into a submarine. [149]

(More to Come)


The Muscle Brothers Nouveau fight the 20 Million Powers in an Electric Cage Match. Because they are a newly formed team, they have yet to master the timing of their combo attacks and are soon overpowered by the 20 Million Powers. Chaos' memories are later restored and his aura tore apart the Great Mask and costume. He unleashed a series of attacks on Buffaloman proving he is more the he appears to be.

During the fight the 20 Million Powers used the Long horn train but, they countered also using the Long Horn Train using Chaos's legs as the horns. It caught the 20 Million Powers off guard then Chaos puts the Japanese leg roll on Mongolman, while Mantaro puts Buffaloman in the Muscle G making their new move the Muscle Evolution. The move defeats the duo and destroys the Mongol Mask.

Semi-Finals: Round One

Chaos enters the left-most ring in perfect sync with Mantaro. [150]

When Kinnikuman announces a mask versus mask match, Chaos agrees on seeing Mantaro agree, as he completely trusts Mantaro. [151] Chaos offers to go first in the ring, to protect Mantaro, but Mantaro strikes him and enters the ring first. [151] He stays on the side of the ring, where he is able to offer advice to Mantaro. [152] After a series of failed attempts to tag into the match, Chaos finally attempts to attack Terryman from behind. [153] Chaos is then sent reeling by a kick from Kinnikuman.

The two are thrown against one another, and then suffer drop-kicks to the back of the head, which sends them onto the canvas. [153] Chaos - inspired by Ramenman's spirit - attacks Terryman, and together with Mantaro, they are able to counter-attack against The Machineguns. [154] Together, they use the Man-Cha Drop. [154] Chaos manages to then inspire Mantaro, as they seemingly gain the upper-hand. [155]

Kinnikuman struggles under the Demon Hourglass; Mantaro attacks Kinnikuman, but his friends realise defeating Kinnikuman will result in him being erased from the timeline. [156] Mantaro slams into him with an Oklahoma Stampede, and - after an exchange of blows - Terryman realises that Mantaro's leg is slowly disappearing. [156] Mantaro starts to lose both legs, until Terryman helps Kinnikuman to break the Demon Hourglass and save himself. [157] Kinnikuman regains his strength and tries to remove Mantaro's mask. [158]

Mantaro tags in Chaos, who protects him from Kinnikuman's advances. [158] After Chaos takes the lead, he learns about the value of teamwork and tags Mantaro back into the match. [159] Mantaro is taken into a Kamehame Lock, but distracts Kinnikuman by undoing the strings to his mask, and takes him into a Sleeper Hold. After Kinnikuman gains the upper-hand, Mantaro breaks his finger to escape the hold and uses a Kilaeau Stretch, and proceeds to throw Mantaro from the War Cube. [159]

Kinnikuman saves him just in time, and both partners are tagged into the match. [160] The Muscle Brother Nouveau use a Double Shoulder Buster on the Machineguns. [160] The Machineguns counter with a Muscle Docking, but - due to Kinnikuman's fatigue it is not at full power. [161] Mantaro flashes back to his youth, and he uses his father's advice to break free from an attack, before using a Skull Campana with Chaos. [162]

After an exchange of blows, Mantaro saves Kinnikuman from falling out of the War-Cube. [163] They continue with an evenly matched match, until Kinnikuman attempts another Muscle Docking. [164] Mantaro unleashes his Fire of Inner Strength and successfully counters the move. [165] Despite Kinnikuman also channelling his Fire, Mantaro and Chaos defeat them using the Muscle Evolution. [166] Both teams are knocked to the mat, starting a countdown, but Mantaro and Chaos stand in time to be declared the winners. [167]

Harabote declares that Kinnikuman still must remove his mask. [167] Kinnikuman removes his mask when Mantaro refuses to remove it for him, and Mantaro uses a Kinniku Flash to blind the crowd, which allows him to switch their masks and prevent Kinnikuman's face from being seen. [168] Kinnikuman tries to commit suicide, believing it the right thing to do, but the crowd stop him with their unconditional support. [169]

Mantaro proceeds to rest, while watching the Five Disasters vs. Nova Hell Expansions. [170]

Semi-Finals: Round 2

(More to Come)


(More to Come)

Lightning escapes from Kevin Mask's royal stretch with a four-point sickle impact. [171] This knocks Kevin outside of the ring, along with Mantaro who was downed by Thunder. They gives the Young Masters time to return to the ring, before they remove their acceleration mouth-pieces, and - reversing them - use the Evolution Mouthpiece Reverse. The Young Masters attempt a Chojin Merry-go-Round, as they attempt to blow away the Exotic Matter from the Five Disasters, but the Five Disasters counter with a Body-Clock Back-Spin. This heals their wounds and they use a Disaster Merry-go-Round. [171]

(More to Come)

Thunder holds back Mantaro, while Lightning lunges for Kevin Mask. [172] Kevin Mask uses a Unicorn Head against Lightning's Boiling Sickle, which breaks off Lightning's sickle and downs him. Thunder becomes triggered by Robin Mask's attention on Kevin Mask, leading to a flashback of his youth, and he begins a series of violent blows on Mantaro. They then use a 12 o'Clock Crash. [172]

(More to Come)

Kevin Mask is inspired by the spirit of Ramenman, while Mantaro summons his Fire of Inner Strength. [173] They combine their Muscle Spark and Big Ben Edge attacks to create a Muscle Kingdom. This decides the match in favour of the Young Masters. [173] The Young Masters take the trophy, and the trophy bulbs, and toss two fragments of the bulbs to a downed Thunder and Lightning. [174] Thunder heals, but Lightning spits out the trophy bulb and proceeds to throw himself into Mount Fuji due to his defeat. [174]

The Young Masters burn the leftover trophy bulbs, only saving enough to save a few allies: Ramenman, Chaos, Buffaloman, Geronimo, and Brocken Jr. [175] They proceed to give the trophy to The Machineguns, and then say farewell to their parents, while Thunder uses the last of his Exotic Matter to send the time-ship back to the future. Thunder sacrifices his life, while the New Generation return home. [175]

Kinnikuman Nisei ~All Out Assault~

Mantaro arrives on Earth to help defeat the d.M.p. He befriends Seiuchin, Terry the Kid, and Gazelleman, and together they work to defeat the d.M.p. Later, Mantaro enters the Top Chojin Festival, where he wins at first-place.

D.M.p Arc

Mantaro arrives on Earth in a beef-bowl styled spaceship. [176]

He makes a mistake in piloting his ship and crashes at the scene of the Puripuriman match. Mantaro shows cowardice by refusing to fight Puripuriman and offering him his beef bowl, but - on seeing Puripuriman continuing to attack Seiuchin even when he's knocked out - Mantaro summons his Fire of Inner Strength. He jumps into the ring and is initially attacked, only to counter with a Cow-and-Rice Bazooka, and wins with a Kinniku Buster. [176] Meat takes Mantaro to Tokyo Tower to observe Tokyo and realises his responsibility. [177]

Mantaro makes a scene with the mannequins, as he visits a wax-works museum in Tokyo Tower, and he - and the other Justice Chojin - are nearly kicked out of the establishment. A child named Rina offers him a treat to cheer him up, only to be kidnapped by The Cyborg. [177] Mantaro is scared to fight, but does so anyway to cave Rina. [178] He initially struggles to make a single attack take effect, but Rina encourages him and he finds his Burning Inner Strength, and he wins the match with a Mantaro Neck Chancery Drop. [178]

Later on, Mantaro and Terry the Kid are due to train together; this leads to a brief fight between them, followed by a defeat of the Kaiju named Shumokun. [179] He later spies on Gazelleman, who - losing to The Fax - is inspired by Mantaro's plea to turn the match into a tag-match, and their victory together leads to their new friendship. [180]

It is revealed that Kevin Mask was once an Evil Chojin, but - after changing his ways - joined a special programme at a chojin prison that allowed him to rehabilitate within five months. [181] Mantaro and Meat are ordered to monitor him on his release. Kevin immediately attacks Mantaro on sight of him outside of the prison, but Mantaro manages to counter all of his moves. He uses a Tower Bridge, but drops Mantaro when the guards threaten to throw him back into prison. [181]

Meat is then kidnapped by the DMp. [182]

Mantaro goes with Gazelleman and Terry the Kid to the dMp headquarters. They then race through the headquarters to find Meat, with Gazelleman being captured by Yashamu and Terry the Kid being captured by Rex King. [183] After Terry the Kid wins his match, he goes with Mantaro to their third opponent: Check Mate. [184]

Sunshine hides in a far corner, where he states that he will only return Meat if they can defeat Checkmate. Checkmate proceeds to burst forth from Checkmate's body, and he lands within the ring, where he challenges Mantaro to a fight. [184] Mantaro dons his body with shogi pieces, before - after seeing how Kid is still hurt - jumping into the ring to be the one who shall fight Checkmate. Mantaro attacks him with a Drop Kick. Checkmate counters by changing into his Rook Form, which stops Mantaro's attacks from taking effect. [184]

Checkmate changes into his Knight Form and uses an Honorable Stallion Style Drop. [184]

He flashes back to his rough and abusive upbringing by Sunshine, and is overwhelmed by Sunshine's sudden praise in regards to his gaining an advantage over Mantaro. [185] When Mantaro starts to take back the advantage, Checkmate combines all three of his forms, and uses a Human Desk Bomb Drop. Mantaro summons his Friendship Power and shoves a Shogi piece inside Checkmate, which renders him immobile as it turns him into wood. Mantaro then wins with a Kinniku Buster. [185]

Mantaro finally finds Meat, but - on taking Meat down from the rope - it is revealed to be a fake Meat, which proceeds to explode. [186] After Checkmate rescues the real Meat, Sunshine self-destructs the dMp base and they all make their escape. [186] Mantaro - and the others - make their way to a secret second base, where Qilinman and Shimao have taken some kidnapped Hercules Factory graduates. [187]

They are confronted by a final tournament on an oden-style ring. [188]

Mantaro lands on the top-tier, where the ring is based on konjac, and is matched against Jade. [189] Mantaro attempts to use a German Suplex, but is countered by a Helmm Schwanz. [190] Mantaro later dodges Jade's Palm Strike and goes for a Low Tackle, but - attempting a Body Slam - is struck with another Helmm Schwanz. [191] He is hit again with a Helmm Guillotine Driver, and the impact of this blow shakes the entire tower. [192] After a series of Knee-Drops, Mantaro counters with a kick to the back of Jade's head. Jade attacks back with a Kreis Schild, which blocks Mantaro's Axe Kick, and cuts into Mantaro with a Buzzsaw Schild. [192]

When Jade turns on his comrades, he and Mantaro attack in earnest. [193] Mantaro grows more and more frustrated, but Bath the Shower and Captain Macko reveal that they are still alive, as Jade missed their vital points, and Mantaro takes this as a sign that they can have a fair match, as Jade is still himself. [193] Jade begins to fight fair; he breaks free of Mantaro's Kinniku Buster, before seemingly knocking Mantaro out, but Mantaro stands again and uses his Fire of Inner Strength. [194]

Mantaro finally wins with a Muscle Millennium. [194]

He rescues Jade, while Qilinman and Shimao are captured. [194]

Top Chojin Festival


A festival is held to decide the top chojin between the Evil Chojin and Justice Chojin. [195]

Mantaro is late to the event, due to having stayed up late playing video games, and tries to eat Tokku on entry into the arena. He participates in the first preliminary event, which is to see who can hold onto greased monkey-bars for the longest time. [195] Mantaro is nearly blown away by a blast from Fan Demon, but uses flatulence to return to the bars. [196] The Doomman proceeds to knock down Mantaro, but he pricks himself on Sabotenja Neiyo, before once again jumping up to grab the monkey-bars. [196]

First Round

When the chojin are allowed to pick their opponents for their first matches, Okan picks Mantaro Kinniku. [197] The match takes place in the basement level of the Misetan Department Store, Shinjuku, Tokyo. [198] The only main characters in attendance - as audience members - are Rinko Nikaido and Ikemen Muscle. Okan initially misses her entrance on the escalator, as she is busy shopping for groceries. [199]

Okan is forbidden from bringing her basket into the ring, so she leaves it in her corner. [200] The match begins with a Palm Rush from Okan against Mantaro's face, followed by a series of Middle Kicks and a High Kick. It is revealed she is embarrassed when Mantaro witnesses her lower undergarments, and - sensing her embarrassment - he proceeds to grope her breasts to embarrass her further. He attempts a German Suplex, but Okan counters with a Forward Roll and an Ankle Hold. [200]

Okan follows with an Okan Sheets Ring. Mantaro is nearly about to give up the fight, when his back and legs are at risk of breaking, but an alarm clock falls from Okan's basket and Kinnikuman accidentally sets if off at 10am. [200] This triggers Okan to hang up her washing on a line at the side of the ring. Kinnikuman - trying to rectify his mistake - accidentally sets the 1pm alarm, which triggers Okan to perform her aerobics. Mantaro realises that the stereotype of all mothers being the same applies to Okan, and thus he sets the clock to ring for 2pm, which triggers her into taking a nap: "the universal nap-time for mothers". [200]

Mantaro uses this opportunity to perform a Guillotine Drop. [201] He proceeds to throw her into the air, before he uses the Muscle Millennium to defeat her and end the match. The 3pm alarm rings, and - as all apparently good mothers do - Okan obediently obeys the alarm to pick her children up from school, with no animosity towards Mantaro or regret at losing the match, but does ask for a rematch when she "gets some time in [her] schedule". Okan leaves with her basket. [201]

Okan is next seen again at a supermarket. [202]

Okan is offered a selection of free samples, but soon eats them all in a single bite, and - after spotting Mantaro in disguise, trying to hide - pins him to a wall with the skewers upon which the samples came. Okan removes his disguise and holds him so that he cannot run away, and then asks him for help in picking ingredients for her stew. [202] Mantaro is surprised when she empties the cart and picks the dirty "bargain" vegetables. [203] After cleaning one off, she forces Mantaro to try a bite; to his surprise it tastes much better than the good-looking and clean vegetables. Okan says that this is a lesson true of wrestling. [203]

Mantaro may look rough, but he has pure and true talent, and The Doomman may look fancy and experienced, but he still lacks something at his core that makes him a true chojin. Okan reminds him that the important part about being a chojin is defending people from the forces of evil. This inspires Mantaro to change his ways and become a better chojin. [203]


The placement for the semi-finals are decided by rock-paper-scissors. [204] Tentakors is forced to pick 'rock' due to only having tentacles, and so Mantaro Kinniku jams chopsticks into his flesh, which allows him to use 'scissors' at last moment. Together, they choose platform one. The match will take place at Shinbashi Station, where the ring is made of a takoyaki tray. [204] A flame is lit beneath the tray, while the holes are filled with dumpling batter, and various ingredients are dropped into the batter. The losing competitor will be used for the meat in the takoyaki. [205]

Mantaro is thrown first into the batter. [206] Sunshine and Ikemen Muscle start to shake the tray, which makes it harder for Mantaro to escape, but - as the takoyaki is complete - he frees himself from eating his way out of the batter. The holes are refilled and Mantaro tries to throw Tentakors into the mixture. Tentakors uses his Mimic Body to hide as a corner-post, which then flies out to strike Mantaro. Tentakors then pretends to be beef teriyaki to get inside Mantaro's body. [206] He gets fully inside Mantaro's body via his mouth. [207] Tentakors is unable to explode outward, as it is revealed Mantaro has a layer of dirt all over his body (due to not bathing or washing within the previous six months due to a hatred of baths). [207]

Tentakors - in disgust - flees from his body. Mantaro takes this opportunity to use his Kinniku Driver, propelling Tentakors into one of the holes filled with batter. He is baked into the batter and expelled from the ring, but Mantaro stops the audience from eating Tentakors by claiming he wishes to eat him as the victor. [207] Later, due to Mantaro saving him, he is able to burst forth from his dumpling. [208]


Mantaro runs away from his match with Doomman. [209]

Okan is offered a selection of free samples, but soon eats them all in a single bite, and - after spotting Mantaro in disguise, trying to hide - pins him to a wall with the skewers upon which the samples came. Okan removes his disguise and holds him so that he cannot run away, and then asks him for help in picking ingredients for her stew. [209] Mantaro is surprised when she empties the cart and picks the dirty "bargain" vegetables. [210] After cleaning one off, she forces Mantaro to try a bite; to his surprise it tastes much better than the good-looking and clean vegetables. Okan says that this is a lesson true of wrestling. [210]

Mantaro may look rough, but he has pure and true talent, and The Doomman may look fancy and experienced, but he still lacks something at his core that makes him a true chojin. Okan reminds him that the important part about being a chojin is defending people from the forces of evil. This inspires Mantaro to change his ways and become a better chojin and to proceed in his fight against Doomman. [210]


The final match against Mantaro Kinniku is announced for two days later, in Aichi, Nagoya. [211] The ring is on top of a giant, transparent mortar, which has no canvas and only safe edges. [212]

Doomman starts strong with an upper-hand, getting in a series of blows and hurting Mantaro with a Dragon Suplex, which he follows with a Doom Ball. [212] With Okan's support, Mantaro manages to counter several of Doomman's moves. [213] It is revealed that Doomman obtained his powers from Satan, and - as he fights with his evil side - injures the cat he previously loved. He shreds the edges of the mat, creating a whirlpool structure around the edges of the mortar. [214] Doomman rolls down this structure, where he attacks with his Meteor Slice. [215] Doomman starts to gain the upper-hand again, but his brutality causes a member of the audience to throw a bottle at him; his cat jumps to protect him, which hits the cat. [216]

This brings out Doomman's humanity, as he nearly castrates the man that harmed his cat. [217] He nurses his cat and his armour parts from his body, and - after another flashback to his deal with Satan - Mantaro is able to gain an advantage. [217] This leads to an exchange of blows. [218] Doomman regains more of his humanity, as his cat starts to paw for him in sympathy and offer its support, and Doomman reneges on his pledge to Satan, removing the crosses of his Meteor Slicer as proof of his change of ways. [219] They then engage in a fair-match, which results in Mantaro nearly ending the match with his Muscle G technique. [220]

Ramenman prevents Ikemen Muscle from calling the end of the match, which leads to Doomman throwing away the rest of his anger and pledging himself to the Justice Chojin, and finally Mantaro wins with a Pile Driver technique. [221] In the epilogue, Ramenman gives Doomman his medal for second-place and Mantaro helps him to stand when he needs support. [222] A month later, Mantaro leads the New Generation - including those like Okan and Fiona - in new adventures and protecting the world, as a team. [222]

Anime Changes

Hercules Factory Arc

In the anime is shown that, despite growing with no trust or respect for his father, Mantaro cares deeply for his mother, treasuring her cooking as a sign of care for him. He also is raised by his mother and grandfather, as his father appears to have been missing for some time.

Mantaro is then accidentally transported to Earth (as opposed to travelling immediately to the Hercules Factory alongside Kinnikuman). He defeats Bone Killer, who randomly attacks him in the park where he awakes Alexandria Meat from cryogenic slumber, and then is transported - along with Meat Alexandria - to the Hercules Factory, where he is subjected to strenuous training, and where he meets his future friends: Gazelleman, Terry the Kid, and Seiuchin. He initially has an intense rivalry with Terry, but they grow to become friends steadily over time. These three friends become strong supporting characters in the anime, featuring in their own filler arc.

D.M.p Arc

The night before Mantaro's first match against The Nightmares, he is caught by their mentor/manager Sunshine in a topless bar (this was changed to him being caught skipping on a restaurant bill, in the anime, due to his age).

Poison Six Pack Arc

(N.B. This arc takes place after the preliminaries of the Chojin Olympics Resurrection).

After the Chojin Crown prelims are finished, a group of Evil Chojin, known as the Poison Six Pack, kidnap Rinko, Keiko and Tamaki. Tag Team matches are held around the base of Mount Fuji, with the girls used as hostages, held in a floating jester head.

In both matches, Mantaro plays a key role in helping his team mates. In the first one, when Terry the Kid is under Dazzle's giant eye trance, Mantaro uses faeces to cause Kid to break out of his trance. When Kid and Jade knock out Dazzle and The Protector, Mantaro makes an attempt to catch the falling Tamaki, but misses. In the second match, Mantaro uses a spanking gesture to make Gazelleman clue into Puri-Puri Man's weakness. Mantaro also makes an attempt to save Seiuchin's mother and sister, but fails after almost drowning. After the last two members of the Six Pack are revealed, Mantaro vows to rescue Rinko in the next match.

Mantaro is teamed up with Kevin Mask in the last match of the Poison Six Pack. Kevin Mask defeats The Cyborg but is twenty-one seconds out of the ring, leaving Mantaro alone to deal with Baron Maximilian. At first, due to the Baron's skinny body, Mantaro thinks the match will be a cinch, however, using magic to avoid Mantaro's attacks, the Baron gains the upper hand, until Meat tells Mantaro to catch the Baron before he reappears again. Mantaro does this, and makes the Baron turn into his second form. As Maximilian pummels Mantaro, Suguru Kinniku appears to encourage Mantaro to fight on, and uses Rinko as encouragement, such as saying she is his future wife.

Powering up, Mantaro starts to win, until Maximilian turns into his last form. After using the finishing move, Baron Tornado Bomb, Mantaro has seemed to have lost, but starts to fight again. Suguru says he's Sleep Fighting, and by reflexes, reverses Max-a-Million's moves. His teammates, Rinko, Keiko and Tamaki, along with the entire spectators, cheer on Mantaro. In Mantaro's mind, Mantaro is sitting with the spirits of The Ninja and Mince, who convince him to keep fighting. Fully powered, Mantaro defeats the Baron with the Muscle Millennium. However, the jester head explodes, sending Rinko flying over the edge of Mount Fuji's crater. Mantaro chases after her, using a massive fart to catch up to her.

With Rinko saved thanks to the help of his friends, Mantaro works up the courage to ask Rinko for a kiss. Rinko is about to kiss him, but places Nakano in front of her, making Mantaro kiss him instead. Rinko's whispering is drowned out by the jester head exploding, and Mantaro tries to make Rinko repeat herself.

Chojin Olympics: The Resurrection Arc

In the "Ultimate Muscle" version, the national preliminary matches have been tweaked, insofar as each country only has one participant, as opposed to several participants chosen by blocks of matches, and so Mantaro loses out on being the Japanese representative as the representative has been chosen. There is instead a 'Wild Card' competition, in which is a random entry assigned to any nationality that wins the matches. He fights against The Ruralman, whom he defeats and earns a spot as the Wild Card entry.

There are extra tournament preliminary matches in the manga, which includes toppling a mountain of daruma-style dolls, but these were cut from the anime. [82]

The finals are also changed so that Mantaro wins against Kevin.

Kalbi Bowl Ondo

In the anime, Mantaro will often sing the following song before eating his favourite dish, Kalbi Bowl:

Japanese Version

Karubi-don no "Ka" no Ji wa Kah-Kah-Kah (カルビ丼の「カ」の字は カッカッカ)
Karubi-don no "Ru" no Ji wa Run-Run-Run (カルビ丼の「ル」の字は ルンルンルン)
Karubi-don no "Bi" no Ji wa Bin-Bin-Bin (カルビ井の「ビ」の字は ビンビンビン)
A~ Don Don (あ~ 「丼」「丼」)

English Translation

The "Ka" in Kalbi Bowl is for Hot-Hot-Hot
The "Ru" in Kalbi Bowl is for Nice-Nice-Nice
The "Bi" in Kalbi Bowl is for Strong-Strong-Strong
Aaaaaaaahhh, Bowl-Bowl!

English Dub Version

With my rice I like to have some cow, cow, cow
It tastes so very good, I don't know how, how, how
It's my favourite form of chow, chow, chow, wow
Oooooooowww, EAT NOW!

Speech and Quotes


In the Japanese version of the anime, Mantaro has a habit of adding Muscle (マッスル, Massuru) at the end of certain words and sentences in place of the standard masu (ます). For example, Itadaki-masu (いただきます), a common Japanese phrase said before eating, becomes Itadaki-MUSCLE (いただきマッスル, Itadaki Massuru).


  • "I've got a plan, and I'm gonna whip it out!" [223][224]
  • "I’ll never give in to the power of evil! I only fight for the tears of humans!" [225]
  • "This is my will as a warrior of the Kinniku Clan!" - Kinniku Mantaro [226]


Japanese Version:

  • Mantaro: Suguru Kinniku (Kinniku Clan in general), Chojin Wrestling community
  • Nisei (Junior): Meat (commonly)
  • Mantaro-san: Kuan, 20th Century Meat, Arenanda (second movie)
  • Aniki (Brother): Seiuchin
  • Manta: Rinko and her friends
  • Kinnikuman's Child: Mainly villains
  • Baka Aho Ouji (Stupid Idiot Prince): Meat, Gazelleman, Kevin Mask, Scarface, villains

English Version:

  • Kid: friends, Meat, colleagues
  • Mantaro: Mother, Grandfather



Fire of Inner Strength (火事場のクソ力 Kajiba no Kuso Djikara)
  • Inherited from his father, it is literally a burning display of power. It is Mantaro's ability to improvise during battle despite his ignorance, last longer than a Chojin with a mere 930,000 power should, and overcome great obstacles. He also seems to be able to sense when a strong Chojin is around. Renamed The Power of Ultimate Muscle in the English dub.
Kinniku Buster (キン肉バスター Kinniku Basutā)
  • Mantaro places an opponent's neck on his shoulder and grabs their thighs. He then jumps up and lands in a sit-down position, causing damage to the neck, spine, and groin. Renamed "Butt Buster" for the first several episodes of the English dub.
  • Turn Over Kinniku Buster (ターンオーバー・キン肉バスター Tānōbā Kinniku Basutā)/ Invert Kinniku Buster (English Anime) / Kinniku Buster 2.0 (English Anime)
Mantaro grabs his opponent in a front neck-breaker hold, jumps into the air, somersaults, and then performs a standard Kinniku Buster but with the opponent's body facing in the opposite direction.
Kinniku Driver (キン肉ドライバー Kinniku Doraibā)
Mantaro runs up to his opponent and places his head between their legs. He then leaps up, flips the opponent upside down, places his feet on the underside of their arms, and drives them into the canvas.
Muscle Millennium (マッスル・ミレニアム Massuru Mireniamu)
Mantaro sends his opponent high in the air vertically, then he runs into one of the ring's ropes at a fast speed, sets himself like a slingshot, and then launches himself into his opponent's back headfirst. The front part of his opponent's body is pushed into the opposite side of the ring's ropes, which leaves noticeable marks of the ropes on the opponent's front.
  • Muscle Millennium Lengths (マッスル・ミレニアム・レングス Massuru Mireniamu Rengusu)
This modified Muscle Millennium was used originally to adapt to having only one ring rope in Mantaro's match with Hanzo. After throwing Hanzo into the air, Mantaro jumped off of the one ring rope left and flew into Hanzo's back like a normal Muscle Millennium. However, with no ropes to crash into, Mantaro tilted his body toward the ground and slammed Hanzo into the hole that he had accidentally formed with his Slaughterhouse Sawblade. The hole was just wide enough that Hanzo's head and thighs stopped the two from falling into the hole. In the anime, Mantaro angled his initial jump off of the rope to be slightly higher, so that when he was over the hole, he would be able to kick off of the rafters over the ring and launch Hanzo and himself downward with similar force as a regular Muscle Millennium. Called Muscle Millennium Crash in the English dub.
Muscle Gravity (マッスル・G(グラヴィティ))
  • Mantaro performs a standard Kinniku Buster, but right before hitting the mat he invokes the power of the Fire of Inner Strength, creating an intense increase in gravity, and flaps the opponent's body outstretched forward, causing their chin to rest on his shoulder. He then clamps their arms with his feet, causing their neck, spine, arms, and legs break and their chest to tear open upon impact.
Kinniku Clan Special Back Drop (キン肉族スペシャルバックドロップ, Kinniku-zoku Supesharu Bakku Doroppu)
Mantaro Air (マンタローエア Mantarō Ea)
  • Mantaro performs a cartwheel and uses the momentum of the rotation to deliver a powerful kick with the side of his foot.

Mantaro Bomb (万太郎ボム Mantarō Bom)

  • This technique was used to defeat Tel Tel Boy and was actually used accidentally. Mantaro started out using a high angled double-arm suplex, but couldn't manage it with the amount of blood he had lost, so instead he managed to flip around Tel Tel Boy and perform a high angle tiger bomb instead, which became known as the Mantaro Bomb.
Mantaro's Best Stretch (マンタロー一番搾り, Mantarou Ichiban Shibori)
  • The Mantaro's Best Stretch or Muscle Stretch in the English dub (or ridiculously named the Stocky Locky for the anime) is a fairly simple, yet effective submission hold which was first used against Checkmate. Mantaro starts out with an Indian death-lock, which crosses the opponent's legs so that one ankle falls into the pit of the opposite knee and has the wrestler position his own leg between them, so that he faces the opposite direction and both of the opponent's legs are stuck in those positions.
  • Next, Mantaro reaches back, as if to apply a sickle hold by simply grabbing the opponent's head. Instead of doing just that, Mantaro elevates the opponent's body by leaning forward and pulling them into a kneeling position. This technique is really more like a kneeling neck-breaker than a sickle hold, but the manner in which the two are applied are similar. It should also be noted that this move is used as a prelude to the Kinniku Buster in the match against Dead Signal and is also used as part of the Iroha Hell Tour.
Iroha Hell Tour (イ・ロ・ハ地獄巡り, I-Ro-Ha Jigoku Meguri)
  • Of the many reality-challenged moves in Kinnikuman and Kinnikuman: Nisei, this one is one of the more unbelievable ones. Mantaro created the move in order to one-up Clioneman's X-Y-Z Crash and he ultimately won with it. This technique starts with Mantaro throwing his opponent up into the air and jumping after them, crashing his head into the small of their back to form the kanji: I (seen from the two lines made by Mantaro's body and the opponent's). Then Mantaro applies his Muscle Stretch to form the kanji: Ro (seen from the slightly rounded square that the two bodies make). Lastly, Mantaro rolls backwards over his opponent while rotating his body so that his legs are draped over their shoulders and grabs their wrists, pulling them back to arch the opponent's back enough to hook his feet behind their ankles to form the kanji: Ha (seen from the upside down v formed by the opponent's legs in this hold). This entire sequence is done in mid-air and the final part is held while Mantaro drops to the ground with the opponent (called the Kid Muscle Death Drop in the English manga). This was renamed the Alphabet Soup de Loop in the English anime.
Kilaeau Stretch
  • The first of Kamehame's 52 submission holds
Octopus Ink Shower (タコ墨シャワー, Tako Sumi Shawaa)
  • A counter technique Mantaro used against Clioneman. When Clioneman was using his Convex Lens Body, Mantaro used this move by using octopi he found in the water to squirt ink into Clioneman and darken his lens.
Glass Cutter Kick (グラスカッター・キック)
  • Another counter technique Mantaro used against Clioneman. After using the Octopus Ink Shower, Mantaro used a back-flip kick to shatter Clioneman's lens-like body.
Mantaro Heel Drop
  • Mantaro delivers a powerful heel drop to his opponent's head.
Muscle German
  • First used against The Rigani, Mantaro basically performs a normal German Suplex, but into the corner post of the ring.
Muscle Armor (マッスル・アーマー)
Mantarou Gimlet (マンタロー・ギムレット)
  • A counter technique Mantaro used against Lone Bone Cold. When Bone Cold used his Nasty Gimlet, Mantaro wrapped his legs around one another and spun in the opposite direction to effectively defeat his foe's move.
Mantarou's Poop Clog Jutsu (万太郎流ウンチ停止術, Mantarou-ryuu Unchi Teishi Jutsu)
  • While being flushed down Wash Ass's toilet body, Mantaro takes off his pants to clog the drain.
Mantarou Binding Package (マンタロー小包み縛り, Mantarou Kozutsumi Shibari)
  • In his fight with Wash Ass, Mantaro used this technique by taking a cut section of rope and wrapping it around Wash Ass so that his toilet lid was wrapped closed.
M&J Shoot (M&Jシュート)
Muscle Squeeze Drop (肉絞め落とし, Niku Shime Otoshi)
  • Mantaro squeezes on his opponent's neck and slams them headfirst onto the corner-post
Stardust Savate (スターダスト・ソバット)
  • A one time move used against Constellation. Mantaro shattered Buffaloman's General Stone with a kick and knocked the pieces into Constellation's face; forcing him to change into a different constellation.
Demonic Niku Strike (魔肉の一撃, Maniku no Ichigeki)
Mantaro Octopus (マンタローオクトパス)
Mantaro Quebrada (マンタローケブラーダ)
  • A tag technique done with Kevin Mask. While Mantaro performs a Kinniku Buster on an opponent, Kevin performs an OLAP on the same opponent.
Muscle Docking (マッスル・ドッキング)
  • A tag technique done with Chaos. Mantaro and Chaos each take an opponent. While one performs a Kinniku Buster on his foe, the other performs a Kinniku Driver on his. With the one performing the Buster descending and the one performing the Driver ascending, they "dock" when the Buster performer sits on the other's shoulders. They then drive into the canvas, affecting both opponents.

Career Record


  • Hercules Factory First Year No. 10 Student
  • Hercules Factory Replacement Matches Champion
  • Fire of Inner Strength Challenge Champion
  • Chojin Olympics: The Resurrection Runner-Up (Anime: Champion)
  • 1st Kinnikuman Nisei Popularity Contest (4th Place)
  • 2nd Kinnikuman Nisei Popularity Contest (3rd Place)
  • 3rd Kinnikuman Nisei Popularity Contest (13th Place)
  • 1st Kinnikuman Nisei ~All Chojin Dai Shingeki~ Popularity Contest (2nd Place)


  • 59th Successor to the Planet Kinniku Throne (Prince of Planet Kinniku)
  • Hercules Factory First Year Student
  • Japan Stationed Chojin - Beverly Park, Ota, Tokyo
  • Team Aho
  • The 8 Time Warp Chojin


  • Mister Buster (ミスター・バスター)
  • Kinnikuman Nisei (キン肉マンII世)
  • Aniki アニキ) (Seiuchin)
  • Manta (マンタ) (Rinko)
  • Pigman-chan (ブタマンちゃん, Butaman-chan)

Win/Loss Records

Win/Loss Record (Singles)
Win/Loss Record (Anime Only)
Win/Loss Record (Tag)
The Young Masters (Kevin Mask)
  • O The Demolitions (Muscle Gravity)
Kinnikuman Manias (Chaos)
  • O Beefman, Curry Lou Thesz, Unnamed Bogus Lupin (Arm Hook Double Dropkick)
  • O Tenmusuman (Double Brainbuster)
  • O Itto Mask (Unnamed Combo Technique)
Muscle Brothers Nouveau (Kinnikuman Great III)
Win/Loss Record (Other)
  • O Mr. Gatcha (Kid and Yone Guillotine Lariat, Three-Legged Race) (with Yoneo Sasaki)
Win/Loss Record (V-Jump)



  • Theme Song: "Karubi-don Ondo" by Masaya Onosaka
  • Favourite Food: Galbi Bowl (乫飛(カルビ)丼)
  • Least Favourite Food: Konnyaku
  • Star-Sign: Leo [227]
  • Hobbies: Go-kon, video games, nanpa, making his own T-shirts [228], star-gazing [229]
  • Fears: Snakes [230]
  • Special Skills: Touch typing
  • Catch Phrase: "One in my pants, the other in my hand!" (股間にイチモツ、手にニモツ!, Kokan ni Ichimotsu, Te ni Nimotsu!)


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