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Mariquitaman (マリキータマン) is a Ladybug chojin.


Mariquitaman is a member of the Omega Centauri's Six Spears. He is extremely prideful in his strength, but respects Omegaman Aristera, as he is the only Chojin (in the past) who was able to beat him. He is has shown to have a sort of forceful curiosity, using his Rorschach's Dot to look into what is bothering his opponent the most. However, he does show some compassion, as he respects and heeds the advice of Kinnikuman Zebra, reassuring him that they will stay wary of Satan's plans.



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Mariquitaman vs. Curry Cook

The Omega Centauri Six Spears arrive at the Sagrada Familia. [1]

They seek to access the 'treasure' beneath the monument, and together they kill the Justice Chojin guards that are protecting the area. [1] Mariquitaman reveals himself, as he proceeds to attack the young chojin training on five rings atop the monument, and decapitates a chojin known as Haroldman. [2] Wolfman attempts to take on all Six Spears at the same time, at which point Curry Cook arrives with Canadianman, Teapackman, and Benkiman.[3] Mariquitaman is taken in a hold by Curry Cook, as a battle is declared between both factions. [3]

Mariquitaman enters one of the rings in which the young chojin were training, in Special Ring D, and Curry Cook follows to challenge him to a one-on-one fight, while their teammates battle. [4] Curry Cook begins with a series of low-kicks, until he realises Teapackman has been killed by Hailman. [5] Mariquitaman eventually counters with two high-kicks. [6] He takes flight to slam into Curry Cook with a lariat, before using a Marquita Flip. This downs Curry Cook, who uses an All-Spice Shield to temporarily get behind Mariquitaman.

Curry Cook uses a Garam Masala Thumbing, switching to a triangle-lock hold, and - channelling his Brutal Chojin nature - unleashes a barrages of elbow drops. [6] Mariquitaman uses a Mariquita Flying to break free, and - as he attempts a pile-driver - Curry Cook avoids the blow by bracing his hands on the canvas.[7] After kicking Mariquitaman away, Curry Cook uses a Mandala Fireball. This is follows by a double-armed suplex, along with a Curry Roux. [7] He rips open a hole in Mariquitaman's abdomen, before using a Ganges Back-Breaker, but Mariquitaman leans into the attack - despite adding to the damage - so that he can break free. [8]

Mariquitaman kicks the back of Curry Cook's head, and uses his Rorschach Dot. He reveals Curry Cook is not fighting purely brutal fight, but to avenge his friends, and that this motivation is not enough to defeat the Six Spears. He uses a Cochineal Twister. Curry Cook breaks out and climbs the corner-post to attack again, but Mariquitaman uses a Mimic Needle, which pierces into Curry Cook as he falls onto Mariquitaman from his attempted body-press. [8] Curry Cook breaks free, but is thrown to the corner-post, and Curry Cook uses another Garam Masala Thumbing. [9]

After a series of blows, Mariquitaman gains the upper-hand and dives for Curry Cook, but Curry Cook realises - despite the spikes on Mariquitaman's back - there's an exposed part free from spikes on his opponent's back/wings. This allows him to get in a blow, but Mariquitaman opens up his wings in response, and uses a Wing Bookend to break Curry Cook's foot. [9] Kinnikuman arrives and shouts support to Curry Cook, and Curry Cook reveals to Kinnikuman that the Six Spears are trying to uncover how their Friendship Power works.[10] Curry Cook then uses a Curry Roux and grinds Mariquitaman against the ropes, before using a Chakra Sting, but Mariquitaman catches his kick.

Mariquitaman breaks Curry Cook's left leg, and proceeds to use a Cochineal Twist. Kinnikuman tells Curry Cook to use his Friendship Power, even though it is what the Six Spears want, so that he will not be torn in two, but Curry Cook refuses lest it help the Six Spears in their cause. He is torn partially open, before being thrown into the air, and is finally killed with a Ladybird Wing Blade. [10] The match is thus decided in Mariquitaman's favour, and Curry Cook thanks Kinnikuman for his friendship before his death.[11]

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Mariquitaman vs. Zebra

At the National Chojin Museum, in Tokyo, Kinnikuman Zebra breaks in after hours with Phoenix, Big Body, and Mariposa. [12] They retrieve their old masks, which were encased as part of an exhibit, and proceed to arive in Barcelona, at the location of the battle between the Justice Chojin and Omega Centauri's Six Spears. [13] They declare themselves envoys of the gods, and - believing the Six Spears to be furthering Satan's plans - they challenge them to fight to the death, while refusing to explain the situation to Kinnikuman. [14]

Phoenix reveals that he has picked five castles for their fights, which are known to the Six Spears. [15] The Four Fated Princes - and Kinnikuman - ascend to the sky, where five ropes appear, to go towards to one of the five castles each. [15] Zebra arrives at Castel del Monte, Italy, and his opponent is Mariquitaman. [16] The two begin with a series of punches, before Zebra delivers a punch directly to Mariquitaman's face, which is matched by a face punch from Mariquitaman to Zebra. [17]

When Mariquitaman tries a flying-body press, which is matched by a flying-body press by Zebra. The two then also use matching drop-kicks, and then try a flurry of punches, which both evade. [17] Mariquitaman states that he always fights in an octagon ring, and that he likes to drink the blood of his opponents, as he proclaims he shall win the match. [18] After attempting a moonsault on Zebra, Zebra counters with reverse brain-buster. Zebra attempts a drop-kick, but moves into a Zebra Thunderbolt Crash. He then uses a Zebra Hell's Submission, but Mariquitaman breaks free.

Zebra uses the eight sides of the ring to run about, gathering intense speed, and uses a Muscle Inferno. A Mariquita Wing allows Mariquitaman to break free just before he hit the wall of the castle, and uses an Executioner Suplex on Zebra. [18] Zebra attempts to retaliate with a toehold face-lock, but Mariquitaman breaks free by using his Mariquita wing to cut into Zebra's torso. [19] Mariquitaman states that he idolises Omegaman Aristera, as no one else has ever beaten him, and fights in hopes of impressing Aristera. Zebra then attempts a German Suplex, but is stopped by a Mimic Needle, and attempts instead a chicken-wing suplex, which is stopped in turn by a Mariquita Picturesque Guillotine.

Mariquitaman states he knows Zebra has been hiding back, as he has not unleashed his Black State, and uses his Rorshach Dot to form the crest of a zebra on his chest, which shows him what is holding Zebra back. [19] Zebra states that the image is that of his friend "Kid", and he eradicated his Black State in order to honour kid and not as he is not simply repressing that state. [20] Mariquitaman then covers his body in stripes, before using a Coccinelli Twister on Zebra (Zebra's own signature move). This is followed by a Rorschach Influence, as he transfers his stripes onto Zebra and forces him to assume his Black State. Zebra starts to fight in earnest, before using a True Muscle Inferno on Mariquitaman. [20]

Zebra follows by a Zebra Bloody Driver. [21] He delivers a series of punches, bloodying Mariquitaman, but Mariquitaman mocks him before using a Sheltering Pupa. This covers him in armour and renders Zebra's punches to be ineffective, before using a Mariquita Moulting and then a Mariquita Twofold Kill. This is followed by a Mariquita Wing, Mariquita Wing Wrapping-Sheet, and a Wing-Wrapping Brain-Crusher. Mariquitaman reveals he brought out Zebra's dark side, as it made him more predictable and his attacks easier to counter. [21]

Mariquitaman knocks the back of Zebra's head with a double-knee strike. [22] This leads to the Black and White parts of Zebra to manifest and discuss how they are both two halves of one whole, and they notice their Zebra Medal on the ring, which was dislodged by Mariquitaman. The Black and White halves become one again, in honour of Kid, and the two exchange blows, until Mariquitaman uses a Mariquita Helicopter. [22] Zebra grabs his medal and makes amends to the spirit of Kid, before Zebra uses his True Muscle Inferno. [23]

Mariquitaman uses a Mariquita Wing to throw them both off-course at the last minute, and follows by a Ladybird Wing-Blade. After a further series of blows, Mariquitaman ends the match with a signature move that he had only used once before (on Aristera): Mariquita Deadly Ride. [23] This breaks Zebra's arms and legs. [24] The bell is rung and the match is declared in Mariquitaman's favour, and Zebra warns Mariquitaman to never trust Satan before losing consciousness. [24]

Omega Glorious vs. Full Metal Jackets

Just as he is about to enter the portal to the Chojin Hakaba with Mariquitaman, Kinnikuman Soldier blocks their path. As it turns out, it's Ataru Kinniku doing a favor for the God of Brutality. To make things simpler, Aristera challenges Ataru and Kinnikuman to a tag-team match with Mariquitaman.

Ataru refuses the offer because Suguru was wounded terribly during his fight against Pirateman. Instead, Ataru uses the God of Brutality's power to destroy the barriers sealing away the three factions and picks a tag partner from one of the three factions. Brocken Jr. is Ataru's pick because they were on a team together. The match is between the Omega Glorious and the newly-formed Full Metal Jackets.

Aristera doubts Brocken Jr.'s capabilities and asks Ataru why he picked Brocken Jr. over the likes of Buffaloman, Asuraman, and the Ninja. Ataru stands by his choice. He even asks Aristera if he's truly prepared to fight against them.

Seeing as the Azuchi Castle ring is damaged beyond repair, the next match needs a new ring. Luckily, Super Phoenix reveals that he still has the remote for the six-way Anti-Gravity match from the Scramble for the Throne tournament. He activates the arena, giving the Full Metal Jackets and the Six Spears a suitable ring to fight in.

When Mariquitaman is losing against the Full Metal Jackets, Aristera tags in. He wants to see Ataru's Burning Inner Strength because of Kinnikuman's heavy wounds. Despite their deadlock when they first grappled, Ataru succeeds with his Grenade Suplex. Aristera starts a Four Finger Splash assault, forcing Ataru into the Niku Curtain stance.

Eventually, Aristera breaks the Niku Curtain and brags about his Chojin Strength given to him by the people of Omega Centauri. After demanding to see the Burning Inner Strength, Aristera places Ataru into a Powerbomb. Ataru reverses the move and counters a brand-new Niku Supression. Ataru explains that the Kinniku clan's power doesn't just come from the Burning Inner Strength. It comes from the "righteous wrestling used by kings and based on solid moves and techniques".

In fact, Ataru will be glad to teach Aristera those techniques. Aristera retorts that Ataru abandoned his family and goes for a big boot kick. Ataru grabs Aristera and puts him into the Niku Downpour technique. Ataru and Aristera charge at each other again, but Aristera slips out of the way. Mariquitaman does a powerful Tiger Feint Kick.

Aristera explains that he isn't here for Ataru's mastery of wrestling techniques. He wants to see Ataru's Burning Inner Strength! The Omega Gloriouses place Ataru into a variant of the Mariquita Pupa Two-Fold Kill, the Glorious Sanction Crash!

Aristera and Mariquita wail on Ataru for a bit, but Brocken Jr. steps in. Aristera reveals that this was his plan all along. Brocken Jr. is Ataru's most trusted teammate, thus the Omega Glorious will beat up Brocken Jr. in order to force Ataru to activate his Burning Inner Strength. The Omega Glorious threaten Brocken Jr. with the Ascension Gimlet, but Brocken Jr. confronts his fears head-on and defeats the attack with ease. Aristera places Brocken Jr. in a chokehold, but Ataru steps in, activating his Burning Inner Strength in the process.

As it turns out, Dexia was born with his 86,000,000 Chojin Power while Aristera started off with 950,000 Chojin Power, leading to Aristera getting mocked by his own people behind his back. However, Aristera has a specific mutation that makes him rapidly increase his Chojin Power by connecting and matching whatever opponents he fought. Because of this, Aristera became the hope of the Omega Centaurians.

While doing a lockup with Ataru, Aristera reveals that he sympathizes with Suguru because he was given similar treatment as Aristera. They were both seen as useless Chojin, but they climbed to the top through pure determination. Pirateman agrees with Aristera, but hopes that Kinnikuman can change Aristera for the better. Kinnikuman hopes he can change Aristera as well. Aristera wants to absorb Ataru's Hellfire Inner Strength in order to beat the Chojin Gods' 100,000,000 Chojin Power once and for all. Super Phoenix's power was temporary, but Ataru's Hellfire Inner Strength is permanent.

Ataru knocks Aristera down and mounts him. He proceeds to unleash a flurry of elbow blows on Aristera, but Aristera's unaffected. In an attempt at knocking him out, Ataru goes for a tight rear naked choke. A concerned Mariquitaman demands that Aristera should tag out with him. Aristera refuses because he wants to absorb Ataru's power. He needs it to become the Omegas' greatest asset.

Ataru lets go, forcing Aristera to use the Omega Hand Sting technique on him, but Ataru grabs onto the middle and pinky fingers of Aristera's back hand and attempts a Napalm Stretch on him. Mariquitaman steps into the ring to catch Aristera, but Aristera tells him that he'll get crushed by his body. Mariquitaman retorts by telling Aristera that he's only doing his job. Mariquitaman doesn't care. As long as Aristera can achieve his goal, nothing matters. The Omegas all count on Aristera, causing him to realize that he's the hope of the Omega Centaurians. As a result, Aristera achieves his own Omega Inner Strength and reverses the Napalm Stretch. This power can beat the Gods, so Mariquitaman suggests that Aristera can finish off Ataru. Ataru is still determined to fight back despite the odds heavily stacked in his favor.

Now that Aristera's achieved this new power, it's time to beat the master of Inner Strength in combat. With that said, Aristera pulls off a devastating Giant Glove Cutter. However, Ataru claims that this Omega Inner Strength compared his Hellfire Inner Strength is weak because it's full of hatred and anger towards The Man. He adds that the Hellfire Inner Strength is mighty because it has the Kinniku Clan's heart of mercy behind it before turning the tables with a suplex of his own. Aristera is asked to give up his grudge towards The Man, but Aristera stubbornly refuses.

Even though the Omega Gloriouses display rather brutal techniques on the Full Metal Jackets, they still manage to stand because of Friendship Power. When Mariquitaman uses his Rorscharch Dot technique on Brocken Jr., the dots form the letter L, a sign that Ataru believes that Brocken Jr. should never give up in the face of adversity.

Aristera is forced to witness Mariquitaman's defeat at the hands of the Full Metal Jackets and their Napalm Combination technique.


Mariquita Flip

  • Mariquitaman first fly up into the sky with his wing. Then he flip into a nosedive and perform a powerful headbutt onto the opponent.

Mariquita Flying

  • By using his wing, Mariquitaman can fly into the sky and escape from ground attack or perform powerful aerial attacks. If the opponent grab onto him, he can rapidly spin himself to escape.

Rorschach Dot

  • Mariquitaman can control the splotches on his body to combine into an image that reveal his opponent's innermost thought. Such as a Black Flame for Curry Cook (representing the anger for losing his friends), the face of Kinnikuman Zebra's best friend, Zebra Kid, or Kinnikuman Soldier's face (representing Brocken Jr.'s inability to win a match without relying upon someone else for motivation).

Coccinelli Twister

  • A standing submission hold. Mariquitaman first climb on the opponent's back and use his leg to hold on to it. Then he put one of the opponent's arm into an armlock. Mariquitaman the pull the opponent's upper body to damage it. In the battle with Curry Cook, Mariquitaman pull it so hard that he nearly tear open Curry Cook's left side.

Mimic Needle

  • Mariquitaman can sprout spike out of his back to attack the opponent. But the center of his back in completely bare, so the opponent can attack there.

Hadda Beetle Crusher

  • Mariquitaman perform a Reverse Body Slam onto the opponent, his Mimic Needle help him cause more damage to his opponent.

Wing Bookend

  • When the opponent tries to attack the spikeless place of his Mimic Needle, Mariquitaman opens his wing then closes wing to damage his opponent similar to a bear trap.

Ladybug Wing Sword (天道羽根抜刀)

  • Using the sharp end of his wing, Mariquitaman use it to cut the opponent. In the battle with Curry Cook, Mariquitaman use this technique to finish him, cut him in half.

Mariquita Wing

  • By open his wing, Mariquitaman can easily escape from any attacks that happen on his back or on air such as Muscle Inferno. In the battle with Zebra, by using this technique, Mariquitaman easily changed the course of Muscle Inferno and escape. When Zebra use the S.T.F, Mariquitaman open his wing and cut Zebra's torso to escape

Executioner Suplex

  • An aerial move. On the air, Mariquitaman flown around to the opponent's back, then he grab both their arm and perform a Cross-arm Suplex.

Mariquita Picaresque Guillotine

  • An escape technique, when the opponent's perform a suplex-like attack, Mariquitaman flips himself back-to-back to his opponent's. Then he grabs both their arm and slam into the canvas. In the battle with Zebra, he uses this technique to escape from Zebra's Chickenwing Suplex.

Rorschach Influence

  • By using his Rorschach Dot, Mariquitaman can spread his dot on the opponent for different effect. Such as when fighting Zebra, Mariquitaman spread his dot onto Zebra's body, bring out Dark Zebra.

Sheltering Pupa

  • Mariquitaman cover his entire body with armor that look like pupa. The armor is very tough: when Dark Zebra punches it, his fist bounces off and damage himself.

Mariquita Molting

  • After using Sheltering Pupa, Mariquitaman can shed and slip out of his Pupa armor.

Mariquita Pupa Two-Fold Kill

  • A combination technique. First, Mariquitaman uses Sheltering Pupa to grab the opponent in a double overhook hold. Then, using Mariquita Molting, he slip out of his armor. Finally, Mariquitaman holds the shell that hold on the opponent then fly up and perform a suplex to both the opponent and the discarded shell.

Wing Wrapping Shut

  • A counter technique. When the opponent attack Mariquitaman's back, he can release a thin, transparent film behind his wing to envelop the opponent, preventing them from attacking.

Wing Wrapping Brain Crusher

  • After using Wing Wrapping Shut onto the opponent, Mariquitaman proceed to fly up, carrying his opponent behind then proceed to slam the opponent's head to the corner pole.

Mariquita Helicoptero

  • Mariquitaman firsts get behind the opponent's back, then grabs both their arm and leg. Then using his Mariquita Wing to fly up, Mariquitaman proceed to dive into ground, slam the opponent's chest to the canvas.

Mariquita Deadly Ride

  • Mariquitaman's strongest move. First, Mariquitaman grabs both the opponent's arm then take them into the sky. In the air, Mariquitaman use his legs to grab and fold the opponent. Finally, Mariquitaman drives him and the opponent's into the canvas, broke both their arm and femurs.

Glorious Sanction Crash

  • A double suplex done with Mariquitaman's assistance. A modified version of the Mariquita Pupa Two-Fold Kill. Omegaman Aristera does a suplex hold on Mariquitaman, who's already locked down the opponent's arms with a double overhook hold.

Ascension Gimlet

  • Omegaman Aristera and Mariquitaman enter a drill-like formation, with Omegaman Aristera's back hand acting as the drill itself.

Glorious Graveyard Splash

  • Mariquitaman swings Aristera with his Omega Hand fully extended. A two-person version of Aristera's Four Finger Splash technique.

Glorious Eventail

  • While on their opponent's back, Aristera and Marquitaman place their opponent into a leg lock and tug on their opponent's arms, making a full body submission tag attack.

Grudge Mimic Needle

  • Aristera chucks Mariquitaman back first, hoping to impale their opponent with Mariquitaman's mimic needles.

Brains Shutdown Bomber

  • Mariquitaman holds his opponent in place, while Aristera does a powerful lariat to the head.

Career Information

Win/Loss Record (Single)
Win/Loss Record (Tag-Team)
  • X Full Metal Jackets (Napalm Combination on Mariquitaman, followed by Ataru's Muscle Spark on Omegaman Aristera


  • Laugh: "Kyami Kyami"


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