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Marlinman is Perfect Chojin styled after a marlin, and a member of the Perfect Large Numbers.


Marlinman is an aquatic Perfect Chojin, who appears during the Perfect Large Numbers Arc in hopes of defeating both the Devil Chojin and Justice Chojin. He is set to battle against Atlantis in the River Thames, but both die simultaneously in battle and the match is thus declared a draw.


Like the rest of the Perfect Chojin, he looks down on the Justice and Devil Chojins, and acts in a mocking way against them. He seems to get nervious in difficult situations, but at the same time, he a tricky oponents that knows how to use the surroundings for his techniques. He could he consider the "Atlantis" of the Large Numbers, since both are brutal fighters, experst in underwater battles.


He is a humanoid marlin, laking any kinds of clothes. He has fins at his back and his forearms, and his head is shaped after a marlin fish, and that's why he got that name. He has a blue coloration, with his chest and parts of his legs been on a patron of white and black.


Kinnikuman 2011

Perfect Origin Arc

The match between Marlinman and Atlantis takes place on the River Thames, where the ring to fight is centre of the river by the Tower Bridge. [1] Marlinman tries to escape a tight headlock by countering with a back-drop, but Atlantis escapes and throws him face-down onto the canvas. Atlantis attacks him without mercy, using a Bow-and-Arrow attack, until Marlinman uses a Fin Saw attack. Marlinman attempts a brain-buster, but is thwarted with a Saint Helen's Eruption. [1] Marlinman starts to lose a lot of blood. [2]

They exchange a series of blows, before Marlinman attacks with a Flying Swordfish. Atlantis soon covers the ring in his Atlantis Mist, to reduce visibility, and this catches Marlinman off-guard, but his learning ability allows him to learn this technique and fend it off the second time. Marlinman eventually jumps into the Thames, before sawing through the canvas, and he pulls Atlantis into the waters. Marlinman tries to slice his throat, but the skin from Robin Mask's attack has scarred Atlantis' skin and makes it impossible to penetrate. [2]

Atlantis counters the attacks and uses a Neck Cutter Drop Kick. [3] They continue to exchange attacks, including a Piranha Shoot and Flying Spiral Sword from Marlinman, and ends up using Spear Fishing. [3] The impact of the attack breaks the underwater camera. [4] Marlinman jumps out of the water with Atlantis' impaled form, but Atlantis - still alive - removes himself from the spike. Marlinman attacks again using Spear Fishing, but Atlantis is reinvigorated by the cheers of a child in the crowd, and he forces them back into the river again. Atlantis soon reemerges, but with Marlinman trapped in a Tower Bridge. [4] This kills Marlinman, but Atlantis also stops breathing: they both die locked in the hold. [4]


Flying Sword Fish

  • Launches himself with his spike aimed at opponent, which he uses to impale and slash at them

Fin Saw (鰭ノコギリ)

  • Turns his fins into a saw to cut into opponent's flesh

Sword Fish Cutter

  • Uses his spike to cut through obstacles

Marlin Airbag

  • Spits out his bladder to block attacks

Flying Sword Spiral

  • Turns his spike into a spiral to cushion falls

Piranha Shoot

  • Smashes his opponent's head onto the ground

Spear Fishing

  • Impales his opponent on his spike

Career Record


  • "Perfect Spike"

Win/Loss Record (Singles)



  • Laugh: "Pyo-Pyō" (ピョピョー)


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