The tag-team partner of The Alphabet.


Master Shuffle is featured within the preliminary battle royale of the Ultimate Chojin Tag Tournament in Kinnikuman Nisei. He is the partner of The Alphabet, forming the team Illusions. He fights several teams within the match, but is ultimately defeated by the Five Disasters and is disqualified from the main tournament.


He is introduced with Master Shuffle in Team #9. [1]

A battle royale is announced to whittle down the teams to those that will participate in the main tournament. [2] After Robin Mask is attacked by the Carpet Bombings, his team - The Illusions - decide to take advantage of Robin's distraction and attack him in turn. [3] He delivers a series of kicks to Robin, who huddles on the floor, but one of Master Shuffle's attacks knocks Robin into the sub ring. [3]

Master Shuffle disassembles his body, which allows him to line up his cards like a bridge between the two rings, and uses a Big Card Wave to allow The Alphabet to cross between the two rings and engage in a Big Wave Attack. [3] Master Shuffle attacks Robin Mask with a Big Foot attack, but Robin dodges and counters with a Flying Neck Breaker. [4] Later during the battle royale, the Illusions fight against the Hell's Bears with a seeming advantage over them. [5]

The Illusions then attack the Five Disasters. [6]

They throw the Five Disasters into the sub ring, before Master Shuffle uses Shuffle Body and follows with a Big Card Wave to help the Alphabet switch rings once again, but Lightning climbs on the card-bridge from the opposite end at the same time as the Alphabet. This causes a Reverse Big Card Wave, and knocks the Illusions onto the canvas. Thunder attacks Master Shuffle with a German Suplex, while Lightning Power-Bombs the Alphabet onto Master Shuffle's chest at the same time. This causes Master Shuffle to catch on fire. [6] Master Shuffle's charred corpse lies prone on the canvas. [6]


Shuffle Body

  • Rearranges his cards into a new form

Big Card Wave

  • Lines up his cards in a line, before collapsing them as his partner lies on them, and this allows his partner to traverse large distances

Big Foot

  • Kicks his opponent with his large feet

Career Record

Win/Loss Record (Tag-Team)


  • Submitted by: Ken Hiroshima (30) of Hiroshima [7]


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